[2408.AP] Activities of Assembly Leadership


Would each member of Assembly leadership be able to report on their activities since assuming office?

This is primarily directed towards the Deputy Chair and the Clerk, but I would not say no to details of the Chair’s work, setting aside the processes of opening/closing votes and assigning tags and codes to Assembly discussions.

As for myself, I’ve been primarily working on the implementation of bi-weekly (that’s once every two weeks) Assembly briefings alongside Penguin, as it appears likely Penguin will be leaving office shortly in order to assume their role as MoC (subject to their confirmation of course), I will be taking over the final stages of implementation. I’m hoping to get a first briefing out on the 15th. I’m also toying with the idea of a potential voting/discussion tracker for specific proposals, displaying their current status, who introduced the proposal, etc. Something similar to this, the Parliamentary Bills tracker currently utilised by the UK Parliament, or something like this, used by the U.S Congress. I’m considering different ways in which I would implement such a system. I’ll let both @Welly & @Penguin provide an update on their own independent work.