State of the Assembly — February 2024



Code Title Result
CN2402A Cabinet Appointments — MoFA Confirmed
CN2402B Cabinet Appointments — MoC Confirmed
CN2402C Cabinet Appointments — MoR Confirmed
CN2402D Cabinet Appointments — MoOSE Confirmed
A2402.01 Military Code and Charter Changes Failed
A2402.02 Military Code Changes (Original Proposal) Failed


Code Title Result
[2406.AB] IRV Amendment Ongoing
[2407.CN] Cabinet Appointments Confirmed
[2408.AP] Activities of Assembly Leadership Ongoing
[2409.AP] private topic Ongoing
[2410.AB] Accomplice Liability Ongoing



According to the Legislator Act, legislators fail the voting requirement if they were absent for more than one-third of the votes in the previous calendar month, legislators are also required to maintain citizenship in the South Pacific in order to keep their role. If your legislator status has been revoked, you can always re-apply.

Since 6 votes finished this month, legislators needed to both vote in at least 2 votes, as cabinet appointments are all counted as one vote, for legislatorship purposes, and maintain citizenship to keep their status.


The list of legislators whom the Chair revokes/revoked the legislator statuses of is detailed in the table below:

Forum Username Nation in TSP Reason
@king.fenik Petea Failure to maintain citizenship & voting requirement
@KpFavrisko Favrisko Failure to maintain citizenship & voting requirement
@maluhia Port Edwards Failure to maintain citizenship
@nijan0 The Crescenia Failure to maintain citizenship
@ripperzeta Zeta Del Norte Failure to maintain citizenship & voting requirement

The following legislators were warned:

Forum Username Nation in TSP Reason
@Amerion Amerion Failed voting requirement — warned (NEW)
@Kimaeus Kimaeus Failed voting requirement — warned (NEW)
@tsunamy Tsunamy Failed voting requirement — warned (NEW)

TSP Legislative Activity - February 2024.pdf (52.7 KB)