[2403.CN] Resolution Adopting BlockBuster2K43 as Chair of the Assembly

Given that passage of the Election Act reforms is imminent, the Assembly will soon be charged with selecting its Chair by resolution. To be clear, I do not believe that, as a legal matter, the Assembly need take immediate action on this issue. I would interpret the reforms as applying prospectively, such that BlockBuster could continue serving the remainder of the term to which he was elected under the prior electoral system. But I recognize that reasonable minds could differ over that interpretation. Thus, in the interest of avoiding any legal challenges to the Chair’s authority, I am bringing forward this resolution to adopt BlockBuster as Chair of the Assembly.

Pursuant to (soon to be) Article 2, Section 2 of the Legislative Procedure Act, I move that the Assembly adopt the following resolution: That @BlockBuster2K43 (a/k/a Great Lothian) shall serve as Chair of the Assembly until 2024-10-31T23:59:00Z.

I selected this term of office for two reasons: (1) it extends BlockBuster’s term by approximately the same length of time as if he were to run for re-election under the previous system, a campaign which I would entirely support; and (2) it sets the Chair’s term to expire at the same time as the outgoing Prime Minister / Cabinet, rather than the odd previous system where the Chair would be elected on the same timeline but take office earlier than the PM / Cabinet.

BlockBuster has already accomplished a significant amount in his short time as Chair, most notably creating the Assembly Concourse, a new, centralized hub for information about the Assembly. I look forward to seeing that work continue.


I agree that just to cover our bases, we should put a resolution up.

However, I think the resolution should look more official rather than a one-sentence statement.

I’m certainly open to that, but what did you have in mind? I didn’t imagine this being presented in legislative language like a bill, given that it is just a resolution. Are there historical Assembly resolutions on which it could be based?

Edit: I’ve found examples in the law archive. Some I agree are more formal (e.g., Resolution on the Cancelation of the May 2023 Prime Minister Election), but some are pretty informal and short (e,g., Assembly Resolution on Delegate Elections). Were you thinking something more like the former?

Somewhere in the middle of the two, I imagine.

Perhaps including:

  • Something about the previous chair and the need for the resolution being made (previous chair recalled, resigned, etc.)
  • Who we choose as the new chair, and for how long
  • A couple of reasons why we support the appointment
  • Other relevant details

Here’s my rough draft, for what it’s worth:

Yup, exactly like that lol

Love this. The only small change I might propose would be to modify the first sentence so that it doesn’t state categorically that the Chair has been vacated. As discussed above, I’m not sure that it has. So I might propose a first line like: Whereas, as a result of the passage of A2401.01, the Assembly has been empowered to adopt its Chair by motion.

That said, I also acknowledge this could be a contested legal question. So if folks prefer to take the position that the Chair has been vacated, I don’t think I would push back too hard. We are about to resolve the situation either way.

I don’t mind either way, but I edited the draft to include the change.


I move that this resolution be brought to a vote.

Can I just say, the use of the term “adopt” is so curious.

I agree; perhaps installed or empaneled

I used it because that’s what was used in the Leg. Proc. Act:

I know, I’m not calling you out on anything. I just think it sounds curious, as if the Assembly was adopting you in that sense of the word.

Second the motion to vote.

We are now at a vote!