[2346.AP] Application Process Updates


In light of the passage of 2339.AB, I think it’s safe to say that we need some updates to the way we receive and process applications for citizenship and legislatorship. I’m posting this publicly because I think it’s relevant for members of the public both to see and to discuss, but I’ve cc’ed specific offiials above who I think are more directly concerned with taking action on this matter.

These are the open questions that I can think of:

  • In consultation with the Citizenship Committee, I’ve proposed some updates to our forum wizards to receive citizenship applications, as opposed to legislator applications, via the Get Involved wizard. Do others have thoughts on those changes?
  • Does the Citizenship Committee have a timeline for processing citizenship applications while the wizard remains out-of-date?
  • Does the Chair of the Assembly have a timeline for establishing a process for citizens to apply for legislatorship, pursuant to the Legislator Act?
  • Does the Minister of Integration have a timeline for updating our integration materials?
  • Does the Delegate have a timeline for updating our welcome telegram?

In my capacity as a member of the Citizenship Committee, I think it’d be prudent to inform current legislator applicants that our system has recently changed, and that pending any updates to the wizard, they can apply for citizenship instead by informing the Committee.

In my capacity as Minister of Integration, I’m currently leaning towards keeping our current integration materials until we have the process for citizenship applications figured out. I’m working towards updating our integration materials, but in the meantime, I don’t think it actually makes things clearer for newcomers to encourage them to apply for citizenship, then direct them towards wizards which still contain applications for legislatorship instead and which in fact use the term “citizen” the same way that our Discord server still does, referring to all residents. That remains the wizard for SPSF applications as well.

Chair of the Assembly

I’m currently working on a topic where legislator applications can be received, and I’ll release a draft of it (probably) tomorrow for comment.

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Yes! My plan was to update the Welcome Telegram when I do my fortnightly regional TG to the region. (In the next 60 hours or so)

This way I can report to the region at large the change, while also giving the relevant bodies time to adjust (such as creating a citizen role on the forums, changing the @citizen to @member role on discord and then recreating the citizen role, creating a legislator application, formally changing the name/code for the Citizenship committee, etc).

The welcome TG will be updated as soon as what I say in the Welcome TG is true :slight_smile:

Right, I put together an admin request for the wizards after discussion with the Citizenship Committee — and touched up the intro wizard a bit as well since it was the same file, which I figured would fall to me sooner or later as Minister of Integration — but it’s sounding like we might want to also put together a more comprehensive request of what needs to be changed on the moderator/admin side. Here’s what I’m picking up so far?

  • Citizen group on the forums
  • CitComm given group ownership for masking purposes
  • Legislator group ownership transferred to the Chair
  • LegComm group renamed to CitComm
  • Update Discord roles
    • Citizen should have access to citizens-only areas
    • Rename the role for residents
    • Rename Legislator Committee role
    • Create a way for the Chair to assign the Legislator role
  • Update Discord channels
    • Rename #legislator-committee
    • Update various channel descriptions
    • Discuss possible changes for citizens’/legislators’/residents’ channels
  • Tangentially, remove Great Council maskings

It seems like we should probably have a discussion about how to update our Discord channels (e.g. do we want to keep #legislators-lounge for legislators? do we want a Citizens’ lounge?) but I think that’s more of an OOC community discussion than an IC Assembly one.

Fair enough, but I’ll briefly post my idea here:

#executive-planning#government-discussion (residents, citizens, legislators can post)
#government-discussion#citizens-lounge (citizens, legislators can post)
#legislators-lounge → no change (legislators can post)

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We may also want to throw in removing the Great Council Maskings while we are at it.

Also, Legislator Applications should be renamed. I suppose it could also be moved to Election Central (or wherever) instead of the Assembly?

Maybe under Cabinet, instead?