[2343.CN] Appointment of Pronoun to the Legislator Committee

Greetings to the Assembly.

In accordance with Article 1, Section 2 of the Legislator Committee Act, the Prime Minister appoints @pronoun to the Legislator Committee, and presents this to the Assembly for their approval.

A long time member of the Coalition, having served in a variety of roles to include General of the Special Forces, Associate Justice of the High Court, multiple terms as various Ministers to include Engagement, Integration, Foreign Affairs, and Defense, as well being an active Legislator, Pronoun has demonstrated the many skills and competencies that serve a member of the Committee well. Pronoun is over 18.

We are standing by for any questions.


A sensible move. I applaude the Prime Minister on their wise choice. I also applauded Pronoun for being willing to step up and perform such a vital roll in the region.

One question for Pronoun: Under the proposed voter reforms, the incumbent LegComm members would be automatically transferred into the new citizenship committee position. When accepting your nomination, did you consider this? Will you accept your seat on the citizenship committee should the voter reform pass?

Another question, just so it’s on the record: Cake or pie?

I’d be happy to join CitComm if that’s what the Assembly ends up deciding.

I think my proud love of ice cream is well known by now :stuck_out_tongue:

Very reasonable choice

I move the appointment of Pronoun be brought to a vote.

I’ll second it

CN2306 | Appointment of Pronoun to the Legislator Committee

The move to vote has been recognised, and legislators may cast their vote here.