State of the Assembly — August 2023



Code Title Result
CN2305F Cabinet Appointments — DOWL Passed
A2308.01 Voter Registration Failed


Code Title Status
[2333․AB] Voter Registration Failed
[2335․AB] Amendment to Article VIII of the Charter Ongoing
[2336․AP] [private topic] Ongoing
[2337․AB] Voting Period-Based Activity Requirements Ongoing
[2338․AP] [private topic] Ongoing
[2339․AB] Amended Voter Registration Bill Ongoing
[2340․AP] [private topic] Ongoing
[2341․AB] Change to the Elections Act Ongoing
[2342․CN] Appointment of Pronoun to the Legislator Committee Ongoing



According to the Legislator Committee Act, legislators must’ve voted in at least half of all votes in each month and maintain a nation in the South Pacific to maintain their position. If your legislator status has been revoked, you can always re-apply.

Since 2 votes finished this month, legislators needed to have voted in at least 1 of them to keep their status.


The list of legislators whom the Chair recommends the Legislator Committee to revoke the legislator statuses of is in the table below:

Forum Username Nation in TSP Reason
@abc Libertarian Right Nation CTE’d
@albasian Prudential Albasian Cortlando Failed voting requirement
@EagerHazahmkong Duck Flock Failed voting requirement
@Juice North Kanuckistan Failed voting requirement
@Keys The Kies Nation CTE’d
@king.fenik Petea Failed voting requirement
@MagnaScientia Magna-Arcis Nation CTE’d
@Mc_Elmancapod09 Balarians Nation CTE’d
@Osheiga Osheiga Nation moved out
@Sean Traeton Failed voting requirement
@Sovie German Zeuntre Nation CTE’d
@TGA Reformed Malsiesefiren Nation CTE’d
@The_Weirdo The Weirdo Failed voting requirement

The following legislators were warned:

Forum Username Nation in TSP Reason Warning
@flowerpetal Purple Hyacinth Failed voting requirement Usually compliant — warned
@Klysevia Klysevia Nation CTE’d Made voting requirement and only CTE’d for 4 days — warned
@Sandaoguo Sandaoguo Failed voting requirement Usually compliant — warned

TSP Legislative Activity — August 2023.pdf (70.1 KB)

All legislators recommended for removal by the chair were removed

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