What are you listening to?

Took this from the old forums. You just post the name of a song you’re listening to and the artist that made it. I’ll start:

When I come around - Green Day

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Put this on a loop throughout the entire day by accident, can’t complain to be honest.

“Hold on, I know that picture from somewhere”

Ghost - Dreamnote
The chorus is constantly stuck in my head, I wish more k-pop songs had this fun of choruses, I love horror concepts.

This is basically any song I’ve liked (and remembered) since I was in middle school like 13 years ago. No song has ever come off, but new songs occasionally make it on.

S&M by Rihanna

Karma Police by Radiohead

“you are all you got”

Set Fire to the Rain by Adele

I don’t know but there’s a song on the radio right now that’s good.

What’s the beat?

Bless Spotify Discover.

Going back to classics

Square by Yerin Baek, either my favorite or second favorite english k-pop song of all time.

A few days ago I woke up with this playing in my head

Inspired by Griffindor’s playlist, I just made this playlist of some songs that I like

encrypted 19th century slang