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Falconer Group announces film studio

September 23, 2022

| Austral | Alman |

Schellenberg - Following the success of their latest TV show, Love from a bow, the Falconer Group announces plans to adapt the show into a movie. Just 3 days after the announcement, the Group officially confirmed that they would produce the film independently from other studios, and planned on establishing their own film studio to accommodate any new films.

Falconer Group logo

The Falconer Group are most well-known for their successful TV series and soap operas, however now, they might also become known for their movies. This move marked the first time in 10 years where the Falconer Group opened a new subsidiary. They had done this 10 years before by establishing Falconer Publishing and FalconerMag for publishing novelizations and an online entertainment magazine respectively.

While there is visible excitement towards the move, some Weissersteiner remain skeptical. Movie director Otto Kurtz claims that “…while their works in TV are decent, I’m not sure they can produce it into a film without a professional movie director on board. They’ve only been producing TV shows and soap operas, and film isn’t like those two.” Indeed, the Falconer Group is currently looking to hire any semi-professional director to help with their upcoming movie.

Friedrich List

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Biscuit manufacturer TOPS opens to the public

September 24, 2022

| Austral | Alman |

Lindenau - Biscuit manufacturer TOPS recently announced that they would be opening to the public following a press conference held by the company’s current president, Joachim Peer, just yesterday. “I hope that the company, now available to the public, can continue to see tremendous in the near future.” he states.


The company has been known as one of the largest biscuit manufacturers in Weisserstein, and their stock price on the market has skyrocketed, with the price being noted as going as high as 79 Kronemarks, and currently prices are still going up. TOPS claims that the success of their entry into a public company is hoped to draw in investors into the company.

TOPS Headquarters in Lindenau

Despite the current heights, many remain skeptical in buying shares of the company. The company was at the center of a 1989 scandal, known as the TOPS Affair, when the company, then known as TopUps, was imvestigated for embezzlement and tax evasion, amidst other scandals, which saw the people’s trust in the company deteriorate. While the company had worked on fixing their public image in recent years, many still pointed at their scandalous past.

“I don’t mind buying their products,” states a local man, “but investing in that? Yeah… no…” he made no further comment regarding the situation.

The company is still trying to rebrand itself, far away from the scandals that haunt the company since the 90s.

Friedrich List

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Weisserstein and Snolland discusses cooperation

September 26, 2022

| Austral | Alman | Snovian |

Snovian Minister of Economy, Mr. Pororr (left), alongsise his Weissersteiner counterpart, Karl August Schmidt (right)

Larasin - This morning, Weisserstein Minister of Economy, Karl August Schmidt, and his Snovian counterpart, Mr. Pororr, announced that they have concluded an economic agreement.

The two discussed in detail regarding possible strengthening of economic ties between the two countries, especially in light of the situation in Hazelia. Items of significant importance that were discussed included easing visa regulations and easing of trade between the two countries.

Discussions immediately began on September 24, when Minister Schmidt arrived in Larasin International Airport. He was greeted by Mr. Pororr, who represented the Snovian government, who at the time were negotiating with Hazelian separatists in Government Island.

The announcement was made just 2 hours after the confirmation that Snolland and Hazelia had successfully concluded negotiations with the separatists for the first time since the crisis.

Minister Schmidt and Mr. Pororr shook hands following the announcement, announing together that Weisserstein-Snolland cooperation had merely begun. Minister Schmidt is scheduled to return to Weisserstein later today.

Fritz Kurt

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Weisserstein strengthens anti-terror capabilities amidst rising terrorist attacks

September 27, 2022

| Austral | Alman | Snovian |

Kaiserslicht - Weisserstein security forces have been aggressively organizing anti-terrorist drills amidst rising terrorist attacks in nearby countries.

Throughout the week, the Reichsheer (Army) and the Polizei (Police) conducted constant drills and training in the event of a sudden terror attack happening in Weisserstein soil.

Weissersteiner police in Kaiserslicht

Besides the army and police, the Reichsmarine (Navy) and Luftwaffe (Air Force) have also been placed on high alert in order to patrol Weisserstein’s maritime and aerial borders.

The Grenzschutz (Border Guards) are also placed on high alert, and travel restrictions have been placed on nations experiencing recent terror attacks or are suspected terrorist backers.

It remains to be seen whether Weisserstein would place an all out travel ban towards countries with recent and high terrorist activities, alongside countries and regimes that support those groups.

Weissersteiner Border Guard

Besides being placed in high alert, the government had also made plans to expand Weisserstein’s security force extensively, hoping to equip them with the most recent and state-of-the-art technology and equipment to be able to counter any threats, as well as bolstering the size of the security forces significantly.

Alexander Schwartz

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Hazelia - what we know so far

October 1, 2022

| Austral | Alman | Snovian |

Kaiserslicht - In the beginning of September, Hazelian separatists took the capital of Jofutu and held the governor of Hazelia hostage, sparking a long, diplomatic battle regarding Hazelian independence.

The crisis is a part of a long standing diplomatic, and sometimes military, battle between Snolland and Hazelia. This article will discuss everything regarding the situation that happened in September.

Hazelian commander reviewing his army

The situation began on September 9, when 20 minutes after the kick-off of the first IUFA MFWC game, the Snovian government convenves in an emergency meeting after shots were allegedly exchanged at Hazelia’s northern border to Brodlancia.

Situation remained silent until September 12, when shots were heard near the residence of Hazelia’s first governor, Honninn, which was followed by videos of tanks entering Jufutu city center shared on Stream and other social media sites.

A tank rolling into Jufutu City Square

The Snovian army would later send emergency signals from the Northern border, confirming 12 of their men dead within the last 24 hours by Izaakian soldiers or partisans. However, this information is not verified by neutral sources.

This would heat up when on September 13, Hazelian separatist leader Laro Hausklav announced that he has Governor Honninn hostage which was broadcasted in a local Hazelian TV.

This would be followed in September 14-15 by several responses and condemnations from several foreign ministers, including, but not limited too, Eflad, Kliegme, Sedunn, Valkyria, and Viliakmon’s Founder, Iakov Xhuglini, who made a comment regarding the situation personally in an interview with The Communion of Press (TCP).

The Snovian government would accept negotiations with the secessionists on neutral ground with help of the Sedunnic state. This saw governor Honninn released from the separatists hands as a compromise.

At this time, the Ryccian Junta gave warnings to Izaakia regarding any provocation, possibly referring to Izaakian support for Hazelia.

September 16 saw the Snovian military, much to the shock of several foreign and domestic observers, lost several of their military bases in North Hazelia, as well as the supposed to be Ryccian air base to the separatists. At this moment, the Junta offered aid towards Snolland.

The 18th of September saw the Reizen Independence Movement, an international terrorist organization, claims responsibility in helping Hazelian separatist. This declaration sparked condemnation, one of which is from Ikaranara.

Sedunn would remain quite regarding this prospect, and as the Snovian government calls for a ceasefire, the Weisserstein government announced their full support towards Snolland.

Hazelian separatists after securing a military base

Around September 20, a Weissersteiner naval officer wrongly accuses Hazelian separatists of smuggling weapons through Weisserstein waters. This claim would be denied by the Hazelian, RIM, and later disconfirmed by Weisserstein intelligence. Around this date as well, Besern Police launches operations against suspected RIM supporters within its borders. This would also be followed on the next day by the IAID in Past, when 50 suspected RIM supporters were arrested. This move would be criticized by the RIM.

Around this day as well, Izaakia calls for a peaceful transition of powerpower, which was called out by the Snovian government as “hypocritical”.

In September 22, the Frost Empire begins to closely monitor the situation in Hazelia, while not giving any official comment regarding it. RIM also warned Snolland to not “drag their feet in the negotiation table” on the same day.

On September 23, the Termina Commerce Confederacy would be divided amongst pro-Entente and pro-Independence factions. Governor Honninn would be kidnapped once again as RIM reports “clear skies”.

Around September 24, countries such as Huawan and Ikaranara would ban travel to and from Hazelia. Valkyria froze several bank accounts belonging to suspected Hazelian separatists and supporters. And peace talks between Hazelia and Snolland amount to nothing. By this point, many other countries placed Hazelia as part of a travel ban bundle, alongside other countries facing internal strife.

September 26 would see, for the first time since the crisis began, successful talks between Snolland and Hazelia. This moved was praised by nations like Ikaranara, who also warned RIM regarding intervention

As of the day of this article being published, no further progress has been made. However, putting into perspective the recent success in peace talks, many believe the crisis will finally see its final pages.

Fritz Kurt

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Interview with Joachim Peer

October 12, 2022

| Austral | Alman | Snovian |

Lindenau - On September 24, the TOPS Group, a major biscuit manufacturer, opened the company to the public. Despite the high enthusiasm, many in Weisserstein remain skeptical with the company, specifically with the company’s past.

The TOPS Group has been plagued by scandals, one of the more well-known one being the 1989 TOPS affair, when the company’s original founder, Jakob and Arno Denzel, were arrested for embezzlement, tax evasion, poor working conditions, nepotism, and other charges. Following the arrest of the Denzel brothers, the company elected Joachim Peer to the seat of President, which he holds from 1989 till today.

Joachim Peer in 1992

Joachim had attempted to reshape the company’s image following the 1989 affair. His efforts included the improvement of working conditions in TOPS factories as well as quelling nepotism, particularly towards anyone related to the Denzel brothers.

Today, Weissersteiner Welle was able to secure an exclusive interview with Joachim Peer, including his views regarding the past, the present, and the future of the company.

Joachim Peer during interview

Thank you, Mr. Peer, for accepting this interview.

Of course, I’m more than honored to be interviewed by the esteemed Weissersteiner Welle.

Alright, let us begin with something easy to digest. How is TOPS doing as of currently?

It is doing quite well, I must say. We saw our stocks rising higher than we could’ve possibly ever imagined. Our company ratings have been at its highest ever since the affair, and the people’s trust is once again handed to our company. We are more than honored, especially with all the scandals of the past, that people still believe and trust us, the good working people in TOPS.

Very well, and how would you envision the company in the next 10, 20 years or so? And how do you view the problems that still haunts the company after the affair?

Well, if the current growth remains for the next decade or two, we could see our company once again being one of the largest companies in Weisserstein, perhaps rivaling Kommerz and other food manufacturers once again on a more even field. The problems with the company would still exist, especially the lack of trust from the public. This is to be expected and we completely understand the frustration of the public back in 1989. With that note, we will nevertheless work tirelessly to shift the public image of our company far, far away from those years.

I see, speaking of the affair, how do you view the affair itself?

The affair back in 1989 is a stain on the company’s otherwise clean record. The amount of wealth stolen by the Denzel brothers from the company, and by extension everyone in the company, from janitors to factory workers to management, is unbelievable. Our hope is those wealth stealing is far in the past for our company. The affair however is, if you look at it from a macro perspective, is ultimately good for the company, as it rid the corrupt Denzel brothers and ultimately saved our company.

Very well, while on the subject, what are your views regarding the Denzel brothers?

The Denzel brothers are perhaps best described by the proverb, “the road to hell is paved with good intention”. In the beginning, the Denzel brothers built the company in order to create quality products. However, as time went on, their goals and intentions begins to be blinded by wealth and greed. Unfortunately, by that point, both can no longer be saved. The greed consumed them, and thanks to that, the company was beared to pay the price. Their greed is their own, and our, undoing. Luckily for us, the arrest warrant was only for them, and not the rest of the company. They have honor, respect, and the trust of the people, and by 1989, they lost all 3.

Alright, and now, let’s turn our attention to you. There has been rumors circulating that you were behind the 1989 affair and the fall of the Denzel brothers to gain power, and that you also misuse the position of president to commit crimes that were believed to be conducted by the Denzel brothers, such as embezzlement, tax evasion, and such. How are your views regarding these rumors?

These rumors are nothing more than people who do not understand the situation trying to make themselves seem knowledgeable. These people act like they are trustworthy to spread false information, believing that anonymity would save them. These are the types of people who write hocus pocus on the internet, spreading conspiracy theories like how the world is flat or how UFOs exist, from the safety of their apartments and hotels. These people are looking to profit through the amount of clicks generated by their false, flashy journalism. Some, I believe, are made with good intention, as criticism to the company in general, and to me as president in particular. However, the rest are made, if you look closely, to turn the public against our company. They believe that they’re fake news could sway the people against us, erasing and editing factual information and events to further their agenda, while deepening their pockets. Unfortunately, rats like them plague our news and media. Rats like them continue to push their agenda because either they feel powerful doing it, or they can pocket a Kronemark or two.

I see. Thank you once again Mr. Peer for your time.

Of course

Friedrich List

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Sugovia deploy troops in Ryccian border

October 13, 2022

| Austral | Alman | Snovian |

Westcliff - With the ongoing conflict between the Ryccian Junta and an international coalition, the government of Sugovia had begin deploying troops in the mountainous Rycco-Sugovian border.

Sugovian soldier near the Rycco-Sugovian border

Troops were deployed into the area following the intensification of combat between the coalition and the Junta. Made worse by the Junta’s use of chemical weapons against military personnel and civilians. The deployment of troops was announced by President Muhammad Wilkinson hours after the use of chemical weapons on Huawan, and soon followed by the Weisserstein garrison situated in the town of Newshire, 12 km from Westcliff.

Despite the deployment of troops, the likelihood of Sugovian involvement into the conflict is low. In the same announcement of the deployment of troops, President Wilkinson claims that these troops are merely “…to protect [Sugovia] from a sudden invasion [by the Junta]…”

The Rycco-Sugovian border currently houses up to 5,000 Sugovian soldiers, with another 900 Weisserstein soldiers also situated there as support. This number is complemented by several light tanks and other military vehicles of the Sugovian Defense Forces and several vehicles from the Weissersteiner forces. The combined force have also been conducting drills in preparation of a Junta invasion, which, while unlikely, remains a possible threat.

Sugovian troops conducting drills

In an interview with WW, Sergeant David Abdullah views the deployment as, “…a necessary measure to ensure the sovereignty and independence of Sugovia [from the Junta]”.

The 900 Weissersteiner troops deployed alongside the SDF remain high spirited, with Corporal Kaspar Katterfeld commenting that, “…[the Weissersteiner forces in the Rycco-Sugovian border] are more than ready to push back the Junta…”, he also later stated that, “…if [the Junta] invaded Sugovia, we’d push them all the way back to Castiana, God willing.”

When asked about his view regarding the possibility of an invasion by the Junta, Sergeant David Abdullah replied that, “…while it seems very unlikely in their current predicament, the possibility, and therefore threat of an invasion, remains.”

Dirk Reinhart

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Mawlid in Weisserstein

October 23, 2022

| Austral | Alman | Snovian | Pelinese Hinomoto |

Willemstadt - Every year, Weissersteiner Muslims all over the country celebrates Mawlid, or the day of birth of Prophet Muhammad. These celebrations and observations usually last through the whole month of Rabi’il Awwal, with the government holding the 12th of Rabi’il Awwal as a holiday in calendars.

Weissersteiner Muslims in Kurzweise observing Mawlid

Weissersteiner Muslims, which makes up 40% of the general population, celebrate the Mawlid in any day of the Islamic month. With most local mosques holding observations during weekends when people have free time. The younger generation of Muslims have been noted to be very active, with many going to as much observations in as many mosques as they can.

The Weissersteiner Christian community has also been noted to observe the month, albeit not in the same manner as Muslims. Many Christians in Weisserstein see prophet Muhammad as an example and they see him with great respect. One priest noting that “…[Prophet Muhammad] is someone you could look up to, which is why we observe the Mawlid alongside our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters…”

Grand Mosque of Qadr Nacht celebrating Mawlid

The government has held state-sanctioned Mawlid celebrations from as early as Islam entering into the Weissersteiner political system. The earliest known celebration was from the 14th century, in the territories of the small Sultanate of Qadr Nacht, which is today the only Imperial State with a Muslim majority. Both the Imperial and Federal governments held celebrations, with the most colorful of these being in the Imperial State of Lichtenburg, the Imperial State of Qadr Nacht, the Imperial State of Steidland, and the capital city Kaiserslicht, among others.

Muhammad Al-Fatih

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Weisserstein celebrates 207 years of unification

October 25, 2022

| Austral | Alman | Snovian | Pelinese Hinomoto |

Kaiserslicht - Weisserstein holds nationwide celebrations of Unification Day on Tuesday, October 25, marking the 207th year of the Declaration of Unification and the Proclamation of the Weissersteiner Empire following the Unification War, also known as the Triangular-Weissersteiner War, which lasted from 1810 to 1815.

Celebrations began with the singing of the national anthem, a flag hoisting ceremony in several major places, including the Imperial Palace of the Kaiser in Kaiserslicht, followed by a grand parade by the Weissersteiner Reichswehr throughout the country.

The Reichsheer in ceremonial uniform during the parade. (Source: Reichswehr)

The parading troops adorn the uniform of the Weisserstein Imperial Army during the Unification War. Followed by units parading as forces of the individual kingdoms, duchies, counties, principalities, and others which were later unified into Weisserstein. A notable exception was the unit parading as the Sunland Confederation Forces, which later became part of Sugovia. This was later followed with parades by the Reichsheer adorned in modern uniform.

Weissersteiner Reichsheer parading in the streets of Kaiserslicht. (Source: Reichswehr)

Besides in Kaiserslicht, other major cities held parades of their own. Usually parading as the forces of their respective Imperial State. Besides the Reichsheer, the Reichsmarine and Luftwaffe also held parading forces in the form of the Marine Corps, the Airborne Corps, and the Air Cavalry Corps, among others. The parades were accompanied by several military marches, and nasheeds in the Imperial State of Qadr-Nacht.

Reichswehr parading in Waldbrücken. (Source: Reichswehr)

The celebrations were held all-day, and is observed by several delegates from other countries, including, but not limited to: Sugovia, Pelinai, and Fatiniyya. The parades continued from around 8 am till 12 pm.

At around 3 pm, the Kaiser, Wilhelm IV, alongside the current government cabinet, arrived in the Imperial Palace of the Victors in Waldbrücken, dressed in traditional Imperial clothing, recreating the Proclamation of the Weissersteiner Empire. The recreation of this page in Weissersteiner history has been tradition since the end of the Civil War in 1945, when national unity became the priority of the government during the reign of Kaiser Franz Wilhelm II.

Proclamation of the Weissersteiner Empire in the Imperial Palace of the Victors in Waldbrücken (Source: Imperial Museum of History and Arts)

As the sun sets, the celebrations turns towards the traditional torchlighting ceremony of the Reichswehr known as the Großbrand (great fire). The history of the Großbrand ceremony dates to the Triangular-Weissersteiner War, when a ceasefire was declared following the victory of the Coalition. Weissersteiner troops celebrated by burning torches and raising them to the sky. In reference to the fiery spirit of defiance of the Weissersteiner people.

Großbrand ceremony in Willemstadt (Source: Reichswehr)

The ceremony is held in major government buildings in Weisserstein, and major Imperial State government buildings. Most of the celebrations were marked with mourning of the lives lost during the war. The Großbrand ceremony lasted from 7 to 10 pm.

Alexander Schwartz

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Joint Weisserstein-Pelinai military exercises in Zholtiya

October 26, 2022

| Austral | Alman | Snovian | Pelinese Hinomoto |

Zholtograd - Weisserstein and Pelinai have been holding joint military drills, focusing on a simulated maritime and amphibious conflict. The joint drills are held in the eastern parts of the Pelinese island of Zholtiya Zemla. Weissersteiner forces involved includes elements of the Kaisersliche Seekorps (Imperial Marine Corps), the Kaisersliche Luftkavalleriekorps (Imperial Air Cavalry Corps), Carrier Air Group of the SMS Franz Ferdinand, and elements of the Reichsmarine (Imperial Navy)'s Second Fleet.

Weissersteiner troops in Zholtiya. (Source: Reichswehr)

These exercises, dubbed Operation Eastern Shield, are held with the goal of maintaining troop readiness alongside field testing several new equipments. One of these new equipment from the Weisserstein side is the Weissersteiner prototype combat boat Prinz Louis-class, dubbed Tank Boat (Alman: Panzerboot) by Weissersteiner media.

The Prinz Louis-class Combat Boat. (Source: Reichswehr)

Weisserstein’s main procedures during these tests includes carrier operations within contested water and airspace, opposing amphibious landings, anti-submarine warfare, suppression of enemy air defense, naval damage control, as well as testing Blitz-based naval and air mobile tactics.

Pelinese marines planning out their strategy. (Source: Royal Pelinese Marine Corps)

The combat performance of both sides during these exercises have been overwhelmingly positive according to preliminary evaluations. With both sides excelling in several major key areas and finds units from both sides maintain sufficient combat readiness, skill, and combat ability to perform effectively. Outstanding performances from Weisserstein includes the Blitz-based tactics used by the Seekorps and Luftkavalleriekorps, which utilizes a mix of shock and awe and blitzkrieg tactics to dominate the battlefield. It was also noted that the Prinz Louis-class combat boat performed effectively, noting that the use of the Prinz Louis-class gave units, especially during landing operations, an upper hand against ground-based defenses. However, it had been noted that the Prinz Louis-class remain at the mercy of enemy air units, putting it at risk in a naval-air combat scenario. With that note, both the RPN and the RPMC have shown interest in the Prinz Louis-class, and will also closely observe and assess the Prinz-Louis’ performance during Eastern Shield for possible procurement of the vessel in the near future.

The Pelinese carrier KPF Korolyeviya. (Source: Royal Pelinese Navy)

The Weisserstein government had informed the press that they were delighted with the results of the tests. The government plans on further strengthening Weissersteiner-Pelinese relations to help safeguard both nations’ sovereignty.

Fritz Kurt

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Sugovia spends 50 billion dollars in military modernization

October 30, 2022

| Austral | Alman | Arabic | Pelinese Hinomoto |

Argenport - Following the bloody Rycco-Cordilian war, the Sugovian government has been working on modernizing it’s armed forces’ defense capabilities and maintaining troop readiness in the event of a sudden conflict within its borders.

Troops of the Sugovian Defense Forces marching in Riverion during Sugovian Unification Day. (Source: Sugovian Ministry of Defense)

In line with plans of modernization, the Sugovian president Muhammad Wilkinson has announced a 50 billion plan to modernize the army’s armored capabilities. This 50 billion dollar plan would include upgrading it’s current fleet of armored units as well as purchasing new armored vehicles for it’s armed forces.

This plan was in line with this year’s WeSFA summit, when the president promises that “…[Sugovia] and Weisserstein would work together for the modernization of both militaries to defend against foreign aggression.”

Sugovian TRV80 “Crossbow”. (Source: Sugovian Defense Force)

Amongst plans for modernization included the purchase of several Weissersteiner main battle tanks to boost the Sugovian Defense Forces’ tank force. Other plans included using 500 million dollars to expand the Sugovian military industry.

The army had also lobbied for the Sugovian government to replace their old T47 “Spear” medium/main battle tank, which remains in usage since it’s introduction in 1947. There are currently around 150 T47 in Sugovian service.

The Sugovian T47 “Spear” main battle tank. (Source: Sugovian Defense Forces)

Besides the army, the Sugovian Air Force had also lobbied to update their aging arsenal of fighter crafts, helicopters, as well as possibly procuring unmanned aerial vehicles to boost their arsenal.

The Sugovian Naval Force plans on expanding its fleet of corvettes and frigates to protect its naval territories and has also shown interest in possibly procuring the Weissersteiner Prinz Louis-class Combat Boat, which was recently tested in a joint Weisserstein-Pelinai military exercise in Zholtiya.

Dirk Reinhart

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Weisserstein and Hazelia normalizes relations

October 31, 2022

| Austral | Alman | Arabic | Pelinese Hinomoto |

Jufutu - After a bloody 68 year conflict, the Bailtemmic nation of Hazelia had secured it’s independence from Snolland. The conflict saw it’s last shots fired around late September and early October, when the Snovian and Hazelian governments agreed on a ceasefire, which led to independence.

Wartorn Jufutu after the conflict. (Source: local Hazelian media)

Despite tensions, Weisserstein has worked to begin warming relations with Hazelia. While Weisserstein had been very hesitant to fully recognize the independence of Hazelia in the past, especially after the government pledged it’s support to Larasin, it does recognize the necessity of aid to the wartorn nation.

Weissersteiner Chancellor Friedrich Müller alongside several other delegates arrived in Jufutu to discuss sending aid and a possible economic agreement with the current spokesperson for Hazelia, Laro Hausklav, as Hazelia has no determined leader as of right now.

Chancellor Müller (left) and Laro Hausklav (right) after the diplomatic meeting. (Source: Weissersteiner Welle)

During the meeting, Weisserstein had agreed to send economic and development aid to help in Hazelian reconstruction, especially in rebuilding several key infrastructure like Hazelia’s major harbors. Weisserstein had also pledged to help Hazelia in rebuilding it’s economy.

A major victory for Hazelia during this meeting was Weisserstein recognizing Hazelian independence, agreeing to open up diplomatic channels, and working on possibly strengthening Weisserstein-Hazelia bilateral relations.

Matteo Ahrendt

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TOPS holds press conference amidst allegations

November 1, 2022

| Austral | Alman | Arabic | Pelinese Hinomoto |

Lindenau - Weissersteiner food-based manufacturer TOPS held a press conference on Tuesday, September 1 2022, amidst rising allegations of poor working conditions within TOPS factories. Current president of TOPS, Joachim Peer, held the press conference personally to dissuade any allegations.

Joachim Peer during press conference. (Source: TOPS Group)

Allegations came against TOPS, as well as against the current president Joachim Peer, ever since his rise to power as president following the 1989 TOPS Affair, which where he was accused of masterminding the entire affair to gain power within the company. TOPS under Peer have been accused of tax evasion, poor working conditions, embezzlement, and nepotism, which TOPS was also accused of during the 1989 TOPS Affair, as well as mudding the reputation of the original founders of the company, the brothers Jakob and Arno Denzel.

Joachim Peer after the press conference. (Source: Weissersteiner Welle)

Many had noted that Peer was very defensive against any accusations made against him and TOPS. He stated that “…we will work tirelessly to clear any dirt staining our name.” and these accusations “…only exacerbate the concerns the public has regarding the company. None [of the accusations] have been confirmed by neutral, third party sources, and yet people went with it anyway.”

TOPS stocks took a noticeable hit following the accusations and the value fell to only 33 Kronemarks (around $99) after a full month of comfortably valued at around 70 Kronemarks (around $210) per share.

TOPS have aggressively pushed its rebranding projects under Joachim Peer to try to bring back public trust in the company since the TOPS Affair in 1989. Many believed this rebranding project had been the reason why Joachim Peer and others within TOPS have been very defensive about these accusations. The Weissersteiner police plan to investigate these accusations further.

Friedrich List

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Weisserstein and Pelinai announce joint cooperation in Jakub

December 15, 2022

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Friedrichsdorf - Escalation of the conflict in the Crabryan state of Jakub, exacerbated by terrorist attacks by the group Prawdziwy Przód Molic, sees increase support of the Jakubian government by Weisserstein, and saw cooperation amongst Weissersteiner and Pelinese forces within the Eastern Jakub theatre.

Before the recent escalation, the two nations had pledged support to the Jakubian government, with Weisserstein’s involvement due to the threat the insurgency casted on the local descendants of Weissersteiner settlers in Küstenstadt Island. This saw two battalions of the renowned Weissersteiner Kaiserliche Luftkavalleriekorps deployed into Jakub, one to protect Küstenstadt Island, and one to help train Jakubian forces in eastern Jakub, which would be followed by the Kaiserliche Seekorps. Besides this, Weisserstein had also sent materiel and humanitarian aid to Jakub.

Weissersteiner Kaiserliche Luftkavalleriekorps operating near eastern Jakub. (Source: Weissersteiner Welle)

Recently, Weissersteiner troops have began engaging the Molician insurgents, following terrorist attacks that killed several innocents. Concentrated mostly in Eastern Jakub, the Luftkavalleriekorps began directly supporting the counter-insurgency effort of the Jakubian Armed Forces, in hopes of dealing a blow against Prawdziwy Przód Molic. This was further aided when elements of the Kaiserliche Luftwaffe began tactical air strikes against the Molicians in eastern and northern Jakub.

The deployment of Pelinese troops into the conflict would see both Pelinai and Weisserstein coordinate efforts against the insurgency and had been welcomed by the Jakubian government.

Weissersteiner Kaiserliche Luftkavalleriekorps in Küstenstadt. (Source: Reichswehr)

Besides the influx of troops into the frontlines, Weisserstein had also began sending both humanitarian and military aid towards Jakub. Large stockpiles of small arms and ammunition, alongside several humanitarian aid, mostly medical, were sent towards Jakub as part of an aid package when the war started. Only intensifying as the war escalated.

Support for the Jakubian government had remain high in Weissersteiner society. Many citizens are sympathetic towards the Jakubian government and what little support Prawdziwy Przód Molic had in Weisserstein disappeared overnight after the terrorist attacks. The announcement of joint Weisserstein-Pelinese efforts in Jakub was also met with support from the Weissersteiner populace

Matteo Ahrendt

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Fears of instability in Elbonia - possible Weisserstein intervention

January 30, 2023

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Boffendorpe - With the ongoing protests in Elbonia, many fear that the tensions could turn into another bloody conflict in Elbonia, akin to the Elbonian Crisis in 1985-1987.

This fear that the tensions might see a repeat of the crisis saw several prominent Weissersteiner politicians calling to deploy forces in joint effort with Sugovia should any intensification to the point of another war occur. Sugovian politicians echoed this call, stating that a quick joint Weissersteiner-Sugovian military operation could, at the very least, help bring a quick end to any sort of violent fighting.

Weissersteiner Air Cavalry forces during joint training in Sugovia, November 2022. (Source: Reichswehr)

However, many have also feared that any Weissersteiner efforts in Sugovia might cause backlash, especially from nationalist Elbonians. These concerns however are overshadowed by the fact that another war in Elbonia might push the region into even further violence.

These fears have been exacerbated by the recent violence, specifically during the protests in Tosalinn, which saw heavily armed police deployed in the city. Many have criticized both sides for escalating the tensions, and there are fears that even hints of Weissersteiner-Sugovian military operations in South Elbonia might push the region into further chaos and instability as organizations such as the Free Elbonia Movement (FEM) and the Elbonian National Army (ENA) would use such attempts to inflame further violence and instability in the region.

Sugovian forces near the Sugovian-Losavral border. (Source: Sugovian Defense Forces)

Besides Elbonia, there had also been words that Weisserstein and Sugovia might intensify operations near the Sugovian-Losavral border over concerns of spillover from the ongoing low intensity conflict in southern Losavra.

Dirk Reinhart

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Weisserstein and Sugovia works in strengthening joint military capabilities amidst rising tensions

Feburary 14, 2023

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Goldennekappe - With the rise of uncertainty over 2023, from the ongoing protests in Elbonia to the nationalist coup d’etat in Ludville, Weisserstein and Sugovia announced that they will intensify joint military capabilities in order better prepare both states to combat the rising wave of conflicts.

SDF soldier during joint military training in Sankt Martin. (Source: Sugovian Defense Forces)

Weissersteiner Reichskanzler Friedrich Müller and Sugovian President Mohammad Malik announced in a press conference in early February that both nations would work together to maintain regional stability and security. A major goal stated during the press conference was to quell the spillover from neighboring Losavra’s ongoing instability, and hinted on possible coordination with the Ikaranarean military to achieve this.

As early as October 2022, the Sugovian government had worked extensively to modernize the Sugovian Defense Forces, which was driven primarily by the sudden Rycco-Cordilian War, which saw a massive armed conflict occur right in Sugovia’s doorstep. The extensive modernization plan included purchasing new armored vehicles from Weisserstein as well as expanding the Sugovian domestic military industry.

Weissersteiner Reichswehr during joint military training in Sankt Martin. (Source: Reichswehr)

In January, Weisserstein and Sugovia held joint military training in the Weissersteiner island of Sankt Martin, with the goal of maintaining high military readiness in the event of a sudden conflict in their borders. The training in Sankt Martin was also used to test Sugovia’s new SPW Tiger, a development of the earlier SPW Gepaard, in a combat situation. Besides the joint military training, Sugovia aims to upgrade their existing stock of tanks, namely retrofitting the existing Panzer 65 “König Tiger”, which remains the most numerous Main Battle Tank in Sugovian storage. Alongside this, plans to purchase more Panzer 89 “König Panthers” had also been announced, with plans of having the Panther be the Main Battle Tank of the SDF by as early as April 2023.

Ferdinand Werdin

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Weisserstein and Kliegme to strengthen relations amidst rising global tensions

Feburary 28, 2023

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Mumiea - The recent nuclear attack on Emerald-Denver by members of the Ludvillian Junta had shocked the international community, with the world unanimously condemning the attack. In the midst of this rising tide of uncertainty, leaders of the Weissersteiner Empire and the Federal Republic of Kliegme met in Mumeia to strengthen the relations between the two states.

Before the nuclear attack, the governor of the Alman Autonomous Oblast, Boris Rausenbach, had inquired for the Weissersteiner Imperial Government on opening a culture center to educate Kliegmeans of Almannic culture, which was accepted with open arms by the Weissersteiner government. However, a few hours later, WMDs were used by the Ludvillian Junta, turning the international community’s attention to the Barelandic state.

President Boroshilov (left) and Chancellor Müller (right) during the meeting. (Source: Weissersteiner Welle)

In February 28, Reichskanzler Müller of Weisserstein met with President Boroshilov of Kliegme in the Kliegmean capital of Mumiea to discuss strengthening the ties between the two states, especially in the fields of economic, military, and research and development. Other topics discussed included discussions regarding the planned culture center in the Alman Autonomous Oblast, as well as allowing Weissersteiner military ships to dock in Kliegme to help support the Weissersteiner effort against the Molician insurgency. During the visit, Kliegme had also agreed to help with humanitarian efforts in Jakub.

Matteo Ahrendt

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Weissersteiner forces in Fatiniyya placed on high alert

March 4, 2023

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Darussalam - As the situation in Ludville continues to escalate further, Weissersteiner forces stationed in the East have been placed on high alert, one of which is the Weissersteiner forces in Fatiniyya.

In March 3, the Weissersteiner government had announced that it will deploy more forces to bases in the East, in order to safeguard it’s allies in the region. While it had announced that it would refrain from being involved directly in the conflict, the Weissersteiner Imperial Government had told the media that if any Weissersteiner allies were attacked directly by the Ludvillian junta, Weisserstein would not hesitate to get involved into the conflict.

Weissersteiner Reichswehr forces in Port Obadiah. (Source: Reichswehr)

Following the announcement, the government of the Sultanate of Fatiniyya was informed that more troops would be deployed into the Weissersteiner base in Port Obadiah (Obadjashaven; ميناء عبيد الله). Before the announcement, Fatiniyya housed around 12,000 Weissersteiner forces, which is expected to increase further following the announcement. Joint military drills between the Reichswehr and the Royal Sultanate Armed Forces are also expected to increase as the conflict in Ludville continues. Elements of the Reichsmarine are also planned on being deployed alongside the new wave of forces in Fatiniyya, most likely also being stationed in Port Obadiah.

Umar Abdullah

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Marriage of Queen Sofia and Prince Karl Joseph

March 7, 2023

| Austral | Alman | Arabic | Sugovian | Luxemburgish | Frisian | Other |

Huelva - While the political situation in Pacifica remains turbulent, it hadn’t stopped the royalties of Pacifica to steal the limelight with two royal marriages occurring at the first days of March. Today, another marriage between Cordilia’s nobilities adds a third royal marriage to the first week of March.

Queen Sofia of Cadiz, the youngest queen in the nation’s history, married Prince Karl Joseph, a member of the Imperial House of Lichtenburg-Hohenzollern. The ceremony was held at the Palace of Borbón, in the Cadisian capital of Huelva.

The Royal Couple during the wedding. (Source: Cadisian Royal Family)

Queen Sofia ascended the throne after the abdication of his father, then-King Marco of Cadiz. She is the youngest monarch to ascend the Cadisian throne, at the age of 18. Her partner, Prince Karl Joseph von Lichtenburg-Hohenzollern, is the grandson of Kaiser Wilhelm II from his second son, Prince Ludwig Wilhelm.

The Palace of Borbón, Huelva, Cadiz. (Source: Cadisian Royal Family)

The marriage ceremony was held at the Palace of Borbón, attended from the Cadisian side by Prince Marco and the Cadisian Royal Family. Kaiser Wilhelm II and Prince Ludwig Wilhelm, alongside the Imperial Family, attended the ceremony from the Weissersteiner side. Besides the two dynasties, the ceremony was also attended by at least 4000 guests, including other important guests.

Matteo Ahrendt

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