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Kaiser Wilhelm II and Kronprinz Wilhelm III visits Kliegmean Almans

April 15, 2023

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Phönixberg - This Friday, His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Kaiser Wilhelm II von Lichtenburg-Hohenzollern and the Crown Prince, Wilhelm III, visited Kliegmean Almans as part of a series of visits towards local Alman communities in Southern Cordilia and Crabry.

Kaiser Wilhelm II in Phönixberg. (Source: Weissersteiner Welle)

The visit began with the Kaiser and Kronprinz arriving in the Alman Autonomous Oblast of Kliegme. Both royals were greeted by members of the local government of the AAO, including governor Rausenbach.

The Kaiser and Kronprinz started their visit with a quick visit to the Phönixplatz, the city square. The two then went to the University of Phönixberg, where the Kaiser was given an honorary PhD in Alman Culture Studies. Following their visit to the University of Phönixberg, the two then visited the Natural History Museum.

kliegme collage visit

Collage of locations the Kaiser and The Kronprinz visited, clockwise from top left: the Phönixplatz, the Natural History Museum in Phönixberg, Sanktmikhaicherkov, and Anastasiasky Sobor. (Source: Weissersteiner Welle)

The two then visited the Sanktmikhaicherkov (St. Mikhail Kirche), the largest Catholic church in the city. And afterwards, they visited Anastasiasky Sobor, the largest Orthodox church in Phönixberg. The visit was meant to symbolize the spiritual brotherhood between the mostly Catholic Weissersteiners and the mostly Orthodox Kliegmeans, and symbolize Christian (and to an extent, Abrahamic) unity amongst the people’s of the South Pacific.

After the visit to the two churches, the Kaiser and Kronprinz visited a local children’s hospital in the city, before returning to Mumeia International Airport to make their trip to the Alman community in Jakub. Before departing, the Kronprinz was gifted the title Tourism Ambassador of Phönixberg by the Oblast’s government.

Matteo Ahrendt

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New steps taken at the Triple Alliance summit

September 17, 2023

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Riverion - A joint statement by the leaders of Weisserstein, Sugovia, and Clashonia during the Triple Alliance summit in the Sugovian capital of Riverion gained international attention as the three nations declare that they will pursue even closer diplomatic, economic, and military cooperation amidst the growing instability in the region. This also brought the socio-political-economic and military alliance between the three nations that was established in 1996, to the center-stage of the international spotlight.

Leaders of the Triple Alliance, from left to right: Muhammad Malik of Sugovia, Friedrich Müller of Weisserstein, and Pankrâtz Bûš of Clashonia. (Source: Weissersteiner Welle)

In a joint declaration, the three nations have reiterated their commitment to the security and independence of each other, and agreed to deepen their diplomatic and economic ties, as well as pushing for closer military coordination amongst their respective militaries. The three leaders have also set major goals for the future of the Triple Alliance during the summit, namely working to eventually integrate the economies of all three nations, and easing access between each other.

Another point of interest brought up during the summit was the rise of regional instability and conflicts throughout the South Pacific. Fears that these conflicts might expand further, the three nations have agreed to intensify joint military training and cooperation between them. All three nations expect a rise in spending to increase the capabilities of their respective militaries. Alongside this, a unified foreign outlook and policy is also planned to support consistency between the three states’ international relations.

Ferdinand Wendin

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