Valencia International Airport

Cadisian Air-Traffic Authority: Valencia International Airport

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Valencia International Airport (VIA)is the largest airport in Cadiz. It services hundreds to thousands of daily flights with six terminals holding a whopping total of 132 gates. Hence the name, VIA services aircrafts under airlines which fly internationally. However, most are domestic flights.

Next Five Flights:

Destination Airline Flight Number
Huelva Astra 3349
Huelva CadizAir 1841
Bealz Shirakami 2912
Rioja Luxor 3953
Kailua, Lile Ulie Islands CadizAir 9945


In 2019, Pedro Areces Garcia, a then-candidate for Prime Minister and now the official officeholder, promised to “revamp” Cadiz’s largest airport “in its entirety.” José Artur Embajadoras International Airport, commonly known simply as “Embajadoras”, was the current standing airport at the time with history dating back before the Great War.

To preserve Embajadoras, a building known nationally for its stunning architecture, Areces Garcia launched a plan to completely renovate the inside of airport but keep the exterior look. The project was officially implemented in 2019 after Areces Garcia took office as Prime Minster. The project was marked complete in March 2023. The first serviced flight out of the newly-renovated airport was a domestic carrier en route to Huelva. The flight duration was short, but it marked a history and started a new beginning.

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Interested in having service from one of your major airports to Valencia? Please either DM me on the forums here or chat with me on Discord (Stratton#0001) and supply me the city name and preferred airline. Astra, Luxor, and CadizAir are Cadisian airlines but they can fly to your country too!


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