Trianarö-Galactyan First Contact (1 BBT)

33rd of Lakretö, Hour 12
Empire of Hemmerhaldia, Katan System
Fleet Captain Alteran Anderhold

“Sir, The radars of one of our frigs have picked up an… alien vessel.”

FC Anderhold was a human Fleet Captain- a commonality in the Hemmerhaldian system. His Assistant commander was a Kanareö woman- Kanareö didn’t breathe oxygen or even gas, so they had to wear special pressurized suits- however, as was traditional for high-ranking Kanareö, she wore a specially made suit that allowed you to see her face. She looked perturbed- This was the first time Trianar had had contact with non Trianarö for hundreds of years- in actuality, the first time in the modern Imperium’s history, and they just appeared in the middle of a Hemmerhaldian system.

“Are you sure they aren’t pirates or other illegal vessels?”

She shook her head. “Impossible. Pirates haven’t had the capability to build their own vessels in 200 years. A Patrol Fleet would have noticed and arrested or destroyed them already.”

He grimaced. He hoped the Aliens weren’t violent.

The Assistant Commander looked at him. “Do you want us to contact a Base fleet or…”
"No. We’re going in. We can’t risk it. Tell the rest of the fleet to jump in. "

“As you wish. I will notify the Imperium and the Imperö herself as well.”

Within minutes, the Alien vessal was surrounded by a Elite Defense Fleet. They didn’t know it, but this meant the Trianarö were truly taking them seriously- An EDF was commanded by a Battleship rather than a Destroyer, and had-

2 Battleships (1 is the lead ship)
4 Destroyers
5 Frigates
4 Corvettes, which immediately started circling the ship.

FC Anderhold transmitted a message to the alien ship. He knew they probably couldn’t understand it, but it was worth a shot in case they had some sort of technology the Trianarö didn’t know of that let them translate it.

“Alien Vessel, you are trespassing on Trianarö space, which is owned by the Imperium and by extension the Imperö. You have disrupted Civilian activities. If you try to escape or try to fire, we will be forced to fire upon you as you will be committing an offense against Imperö Penma Alkatrition which is punishable by death. You have been warned. I repeat. Do not try to escape or aggres us, or you will be blown to pieces. This is your first warning.”

It was now in Alien hands to react to the situation- they would have to tread carefully, as the Trianarö had no qualms about destroying them- even if it meant war, they would likely win, in their eyes.


Regional Galactyan Date: 57/5/6000 P.E.
Region: Unknown
Star System: Unknown
In the depths of Interstellar space

A couple of days ago, the Imperial Conqueror- Class Warship “Celestial Nova” departed from one of Galactya’s SpacePorts, outfitted with a brand new Warp-Drive, gifted by the Empire of Calerost in honor of their newly established alliance, that would allow it to enter Mirial Space. The destination was one of the Calerostian colonies near the capital Ilanor, where the ship would rest after the test trip.

But something went wrong. A miscalculation in the gifted drive made it so that the Warship took an angular trajectory, passing through Calerost and stopping far, far beyond it. And without a beacon, exactly like the Edhelerim had warned them, the ship was unable to brake, releasing all of it’s energy in one big energetic blast. This allowed an unknown alien species to detect them, and soon, they found themselves surrounded, with a large fleet transmitting a warning message.

Luckily though, the Emeraldians had gifted them projects to Universal Translators, and now actually understanding the message wan no longer a problem. Regardless, they had no idea what to do.

“I told them we shouldn’t use it, I told them! But no, I’m not a scientist, so I never know what I’m talking about! If only they’d listen to me once every year or so, we wouldn’t be in this mess! Ugh…”

As general Fertinnix Arminiaon listened to the message hailing from the alien fleet, he tried to conjure up a plan of action. It was one of their first trips outside of their Region, and it being a complete and utter failure wouldn’t make the Galactyans more adamant to reveal themselves more to the Galactic Community.
As he thought to himself, one of his assistants, Elwimik Siriuqay arrived next to him. She belonged to the Mantixes subspecies: humanoid insects that resembled a preying mantis with large tentacles as their upper limbs. In hers she held a damage report list, as the general had ordered her to compile one previously.

“What’s the status of the ship, Elwimik?”

“Well, my general, we are in good conditions. Apart from some slight damage to the rear hull and a couple of missing cover panels, shields are up, weapons are operational and motors are running and undamaged.”

“Good… good. Everyone, go back to your positions and await for further orders. And Elwimik -he said to his assistant- open a direct communication line with the vessel and activate the on-board Universal Translator.”

“Immediately, my general.”

He cleared his voice and and opened the communication panel.

"Alien vessel, this is the Galactyan Warship Celestial Nova. We are sorry to trespass in your territory, but an incident mid travel accidentally stranded us here. We ask you not to attack us, as we have no hostile intentions. We will do whatever you deem necessary to maintain inhostility. "

After this, he briefly turned around to Elwimik and asked her, in a low tone of voice:

“How was that? Too much… too little?”

“No, I think you did great. As always.”


As they got the response, the crews of the Elite Defense Fleet calmed down a little. FC Anderhold gave some orders; “Corvettes, keep circling. Capital ships- do not fire. I repeat. Do not fire. The Alien Vessel is not currently hostile. We will not ruin diplomacy for the Imperö. However, keep weapons and shields up in case the situation degrades. I will attempt to speak with them personally.”

He then began transmitting another message to the Alien ship- Galactyan, they called themselves. “Galactyans of the Celestial Nova warship, we are pleased to see that you have taken the diplomatic option- you value your lives. What do you breathe? If it is gaseous oxygen, I will personally board- if it is not, then i will require a visual transmission of some sort so we can talk face to face. Keep in mind that if you attempt to break away at any point while we talk, i will consider you hostile and my fleet will destroy you- whether I’m on board or not.”

He awaited a response. While he didn’t neccesarily assume these Galactyans would try to escape, he wanted to make clear that they had no such option. While he wanted to assume diplomatic relations, he would not have this system endangered by a foreign enemy- The Imperö would demote him to ensign if something bad happened to this system under his command.

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“We thank you for your understanding. And yes, we do breathe gaseous oxygen, so you will be able to board the ship. We’ll prepare the main hangar for your arrival.”

Okay. Good. Things were going smoothly, thought Fertinnix. It was strange actually being on the other side of the situation for once. Usually aliens trespassed their borders, not the contrary.

“Although we have to warn you, our appearances can be quite… unusual for other species. We hope that won’t be a problem for you though.”


“Whatever you look like, I’ve seen worse.” on that note, he ended the transmission.

“You heard them. Prepare to board, now!”

Immediately, he began making preparations. He left with 5 armed guards- 2 Kanareö, who as soldiers didn’t have faces one could see, and three Sycriûn, a large, reptilian-like species. They were armed with both plasma Rifles and Safenrenka spears- the spears glowed with a brilliant white light.

Soldiers in tow, his Battleship flew down and a small pod took them to dock in the hanger. He hoped these Galactyans were as peaceful as they claimed to be.

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He opened the Spaceship’s intercom.

”SpacePort personnel, open Docking Hangar 1. Units 3 and 5 deploy yourself in attached line formation in Hangar 1. Automatic Attack Units 12 and 18, deploy at the sides of the main corridor.

”In the meantime, do you want me to prepare the Central Meeting Room, my general?“

”Yes, of course. Thank you Elwimik.”

”As always, you’re welcome, my general.“

Fertinnix put on the most formal suit he could find and decided to change his eyes’ color to a less intimidating baby blue.

He made his way to Hangar 1, taking with him on the way a couple of scientists and the on board diplomat.

As the Hangar doors opened, the alien shuttle made its way inside. Fertinnix hoped that the aliens wouldn’t be too put off by the fact that it was hard to spot two members of the crew that belonged to the same subspecies. Regardless they seemed nice enough for now, so he had pretty high hopes.

As the Landing Multitool Arms held the landed shuttle in place, the doors of the vessel opened. And out of them, came a human, accompanied by other 5 beings.

”Uh. Maybe this time they won’t be as scared as the others. They all look humanoid though.” - he thought to himself.

After the aliens fully descend from the craft, he greeted them.

”Welcome on board. My name is Fertinnix Arminiaon, and I am the captain of the Celestial Nova. I hope we can mediate without hostility.”


When he saw the Aliens, he was admittedly taken aback- they looked like they had grabbed species from every part of the galaxy and stuffed them in this ship. They didn’t even look like they could come from the same species like the different races of Kanareö or Sycriûn.

Still, FC anderhold kept a mostly straight face. He certainly wouldn’t let them have the impression that Trianarö Captains were weak-willed. His guards walked alongside him in perfect form, the professionalism of the Trianarö military.

“Hello, Galactyans. I am Fleet Commander Alteran Anderhold of the 129th Elite Defense Fleet. We were notified of your presence and rushed to intercept you- There is little protocol on contacting outsiders. Still, I’m pleased that you chose the nonviolent route- otherwise, we would have had to destroy you. I have to ask- How did you even get here? Normally a ship like yours would have been intercepted near the border, but… We aren’t even that far from Hemmûldus.”


”Well…one of our allied StarNations, the Empire of Calerost, gifted us a new type of warp drive that uses another dimension to carry out FTL travel. But, as we discovered at our expense and your annoyance, there was a miscalculation in one of it’s chips.”

As Fertinnix looked at one of the scientists beside him, she chimed in.

“Yes, exactly my Captain. The Automatic Trajectory Module had a miscalculation in it’s algorithm, so when the Mirial Drives activated, we took a curved trajectory in Mirial Space, stranding us here. That’s also why the blast happened. Without a beacon, we couldn’t brake when exiting the other dimension, hence the energy pulse.”

”Thanks Guylmiq. So yeah, that’s… why. As I said before, there were and there aren’t any hostile intentions from our part, just a stupid accident. We hope you can understand.”

”Would you perhaps like going to the Meeting Room to discuss things more… properly? You can take your guards with you, of course.”


“Mirial space… It sounds similar to…” He faltered. It sounded similar to an ancient Hemmerhaldian legend that predated the Sycriûn and Kanareö in history. The history of Safarkran and Mosarkran, unique materials of Trianar that also proved the godhood of the Ikaranareans. “Nevermind. Yes, I can come with you to this ‘meeting room,’ and I of course will keep my guards with me. We will have much to talk about.”


”Perfect then. Follow me!”

As Fertinnix led the Alien captain through the large corridors of the Celestial Nova towards the Meeting Room, the rest of the personnel on the Warship were looking amazed and, admittedly, entertained at the alien crew through windows and balconies. Occasionally, Fertinnix would turn around to look at the other captain, who was looking more and more taken aback for every new member of the Nova’s personnel they saw. Even though he managed to hid it well, the Galactyan general found all of this rather… entertaining. Perhaps now he finally understood the Emperors.

After two minutes, they arrived to the Meeting Room. It was a large, oval room, with walls ornate by symbols of Galactyan culture and power. In the middle of the room, a large holopad table with lots of chairs surrounding it. Normally the chairs would all be different, but thanks to Elwimik, six of the chairs now were all for humanoid lifeforms.

"Welcome to the Meeting Room. Please, sit down. All of you.”

After the aliens, still slightly suspicious of the Galactyans, all sat down, the Nova Crew sat on the opposite side of the table. Then, Fertinnix asked:

”So, do you have any questions about us or anything you may want to discuss?”

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“The first thing would be to ask you if you can communicate with your home nation. I’m afraid you’ll have to tell them that there will be delays in your mission. This is an unprecedented moment in our nation’s history, and as members of the TIF we will have to act upon the Imperö’s orders in a situation like this. Luckily, as you didn’t harm any civilians or resist against us, it’s likely that she will allow you to get back on your way when she decides on what to do. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this causes you, but I, as a member of the military cannot simply send you on your way- this is something that the Imperium itself must mediate.”


”We understand, if we were in your place we would have done the same. And I can be sure of that cause we have actually done it before Anyways…”

Fertinnix stood up and, after touching a button on a device embedded in his wrist, notified everyone in the Warship to resume their original activities. He also sent away the couple of scientists he had brought with him. Instead, he called for his assistant, Elwimik. In less than 20 seconds, she arrived in the Meeting Room.

“Have you called for me, my general?”

“Yes Elwimik, thank you for coming here. I need you to bring us to the Communication Room and open a direct communication line with the Capital. I fear we’ll have to directly contact the Palace.”

“Oh my! What calls for such a request?”

“Our alien…friends here asked us to do so.”

“As you wish then, my general. Follow me if you may.”

“Mr. Anderhold, if you could follow us, We’re going to open a direct contact line with the Capital. You can introduce yourself to the Emperors directly if you want to.”

Fertinnix and Elwimik started walking towards the Communication Room, the alien crew following behind.

It didn’t take long to reach the Communication Room, situated close to the control bay. While short and medium range communication lines could be accessed from every terminal on the ship, longer distance connections needed stronger machinery. And now that they were so far away from home, a line with the Capital could only be accessed from there.

“Here we are. If you may, Elwimik…”

“Of course my general. Okay… Galactya… Galactya… where are you… Ah! There it is. Perfect. Direct communication line with the Capital Palace opening!”

As a viewing slate rose from behind the main terminal of the Control Room, it’s screen buzzed to life. A member of the Royal Court started talking.

“This is the Capital Controll Hall. Who is thi- GENERAL ARMINIAON! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN WE’VE BEEN WORRIED SICK!”

“Well, I’m contacting you to let you know that-”

“The Capital is in chaos! You should have contacted us 18 hours ago, after you arrived on Ilanor! Did something happen?”

“Yes. There was a miscalculation in the Mirial Drive’s trajectory module, so we took a curved trajectory in Mirial Space and got stranded around 450 light years from Ilanor.”

“Oh my, this is bad. Well, at least you’re not hurt. Then take your time and come back to the Capital without rush, we’ll inform the Edhelerim of why you never showed up in the first place.”

“Thank you, but there’s another thing I need to talk to you about…”

“Oh, what is it? I think you’re gonna have to be quick, because there’s a council meeting in 20 minu-”

“We ended up in an Alien Empire’s territories and right now their captain is on board.” He said in an anxious tone.


“Okay, I’ve heard enough. I’m taking it from here. Go to the Council Meeting Huinnidar.”
Said an imposing voice from above the other side of the screen.


“I said. Go. To the Council. Meeting. Huinnidar.”

“O-of course, m-my Empress.”

As a big, humanoid hand with skin as white as starlight lifted the screen that the Courtsman was talking through, Empress Karheismas’ entirety came into view. She was sat down on her throne, her four arms writing and moving sliders on holoscreens in front of her, while her floating, crystalline head’s many faces glowed with different colors.

“Hello Arminiaon.”

“E-empress Karheismas! I’m sorry for what happene-”

“I’ve heard you’ve got a new friend for our Empire to play with on your ship. Mind introducing them to me?”

“A-as you wish, m-my Empress.”

He motioned the alien captain to come in front of the screen.


FC Anderhold had at this point gotten used to the aliens looking insanely different, but was still surprised by this Empress’s height. But she was only an Empress, which made sense, he supposed, since few nations would have gone through the intense struggle that warranted the Imperium’s title ranking above that of an empire. Still, he humored her.

“Empress, that was your title? I am Fleet Captain Alteran Anderhold, Captain of the MS Sarakar, and overall commander of the 129th Elite Defense Fleet. You, however, can just call me FC Anderhold, as is proper in the Imperium’s Forces. I’m afraid your subjects on this ship will be staying for a while- probably not more than a day or two, and the latter only if the Imperö judges that they need to stay for such a time.” FC Anderhold of course didn’t know that a standard day in Trianar was different from anywhere else- while a standard day may have been 24 hours, a Trianarö day was 30, meaning that 2 days would be 60 hours rather than 48. He didn’t mention this at all. “Luckily, he made the wise decision not to try to attack or escape from us when we surrounded his ship, so we will just need to bring them to the Imperö, unless of course she says otherwise.”


”Hm. Another human. The amount of human based Empires in this Sector in starting to worry me. At least you’re always entertaining, all fixed up on finding that Earth Planet you come from.

The Empress stopped talking for a second, instead focusing on a holoscreen beside her.

”Regardless, captain Anderhold, I was certain that our trusted Generals would never attack if unprovoked. Bring them to your… Imperö, as you call her, and let her decide what she wants to do. I hope she is a ruler of reason, otherwise things might get… Icky, for everyone involved.”

”Oh and a reminder to my little general: don’t be a partypooper and don’t make us lose a potential playmate. You know what would happen to you if that wasn’t the case, do you?”

”O-of course my Empress. I w-won’t let you down.

”Good, good. I’ll personally inform princess Esgariel of the reason of your absence on Ilanor. Now though, I have to get going. I need to oversee the production reports of the Orbital Stations in Star System Hawulquion. Be careful and behave Fertinnis! Don’t anger the hosts!”

As the connection started to cut away, a deep laughter could be heard on the other part of the screen.

”Oh Comet…”

FC Anderhold only raised an eyebrow at that comment about Earth. Earth was a name for the planet that humans- and Ikaranareans by extension- came from. At least he thought so from the context clues. Apparently there were predominantly human civilizations in unknown space. Humans sure did get around, although no Hemmerhaldian cared about earth- Hemmûldus was the most important planet to a Hemmerhaldian as Kûl-Vagrö was to a Sycriûn- neither originated from it, but its historical importance outweighed that by a long shot. Besides, Hemmerhaldians had been here for thousands of years, longer than even the Ikaranareans. Who cared about some stupid planet probably an incomprehensible distance away? They had left it for a reason, and the Hemmerhaldian planets were their home now, as were all Trianarö planets for the rest of the Trianarö.

“Good that your government now knows where you are, now I just need to get a response from my-”
As if on cue, his communicator beeped. All he said was “Affirmative.”

He looked at Fertinnix. “The Imperö wants to speak to you personally. You should be happy- she does not give such an honor to just anyone. We will make preparations at once to depart for Imperium Territory, outside of the Belt of Centrus. I’ll be returning to my ship for the trip, but we will both meet on the Imperö’s ship. I’m surprised that she’s meeting you at all- ah, but as they say, as she wills it, it is. I will see you again shortly.”

Anderhold arrived back on the Sarakar and announced to the fleet- “We’re heading for Imperium Territory, outside of the Atrisia system, and travelling to meet the Imperö. Our Alien friends will be following us. Corvettes, stop circling and open up a S-Gate with your Safarkran reserves.”

In minutes, a massive portal opened up as the corvettes sent out some kind of pulse into the darkness ahead. The fleet traveled through, with the Alien ship following closely.


”I hope that too, captain Anderhold.”

After Anderhold’s crew went back on their ship, the Celestial Nova followed the alien fleet through the strange portal that opened in front of them. It was a surely weird method of FTL Travel, but then again, they had a malfunction FTL drive in theirs that could access another dimension, so they were in no position to judge.

It didn’t take long to arrive on the other side of the tunnel. Even though it was weird, it was admittedly efficient.

As they got out from the other portal, they found themselves near a large spaceship, slightly bigger than the Celestial Nova. It was this StarNation’s leader’s spaceship, apparently. As Fertinnis thought, it was a clear and admittedly strange habit for Alien Rulers to confine themselves on spaceships, rather than staying on planets.

Mimicking the Aliens, Fertinnis took a small shuttle and reached the Imperö Ship’s StarPort. After landing, he saw and headed towards Anderhold, who also got put of the shuttle.

”Hi captain. So, where to go now?”

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Anderhold nodded at Fertinnix. “Just follow me. They truly got on this ship quickly… They must have departed the moment they got the transmission from my crew.” Anderhold only had two soldiers with him- one Sycriûn and one Kanareö. He also brought his Assistant with him this time. She walked by his side. They all looked nervous.

Soon, as they walked through the ship, they encountered a door with two human-looking guards, but their irises were blood red, a color not generally natural for humans. They wielded powerful-looking plasma rifles. They opened it, and inside was a large room, with more dark-skinned humans walking around- and again, their eye colors weren’t very natural looking- there seemed to be three. Red, yellow, and orange. They looked at the oncoming guests, quieted down, and parted ways. In the middle, there were two women- one had white hair and a diamond-like symbol on her forehead, and she was fixing the other’s white robe. As the crowd parted, the white-haired one looked at them and nodded. She disappeared into the crowd, leaving only one- with yellow eyes, dark black hair, and a white robe. She smiled at them, and though there was little physical difference between her and the others, she radiated with some kind of power.

They walked a little bit closer, and all of the soldiers and other members of the TIF knelt, bowing their heads and putting their fist over their hearts,

They said, in unision; “Hail, Hail the Imperö Penma Alkatrition.” The other Ikaranareans in the room repeated it. “Hail.”

The woman in the middle, obviously Penma Alkatrition, Imperö of the Holy Imperium of Trianar, looked at the Aliens. “Hello, Galactyans. Welcome to Trianar. I couldn’t meet you on the ground as it’s illegal for non-Ikaranareans to come within the Belt of Centrus. Still, I decided it was fitting to meet you here. This is the first time since the Ikaranarean Colonies some thousands of years ago that we have had the… well, in your case, pleasure, of meeting a new star nation…”

The Sycriûn guard seemed to bow his head a little more.

“Fleet Captain Anderhold, I thank you for your level-headed service. We could use you as a High Captain.”

He rose. “Thank you, my Imperö.”

She nodded. She then looked at the Galactyans again. Even though she had obviously never seen them before, she showed no signs of reacting to their physical look. Rather, she looked almost unsurprised. “Do you have anything you need to ask before I give my orders?”
Imperö Penma Alkatrition

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As Fertinnix and the rest of the crew stood in front of the mysterious figure, who was apparently the ruler of this StaNation, they were all… confused. By the standards of a Galactyan Ruler, this alien being was exceptionally little. Being used to the 14 meters tall behemoths that were the two Galactyan Emperors, the Imperö of Trianar was rather… unexpected.
Fertinnis motioned the others to stay silent, and then started talking.

”Greetings ruler. It’s an honor to be considered a pleasure by the likes of you. On my crew’s behalf, I wish to apologize for the intrusion within your borders, even though I’m sure you already knew of our in-hostility.”

”Regardless of that though, I do have one question.”

Fertinnis looked at the rest of his diversified crew for a second, to then look back at the Imperö.

”What would happen if you decided to not let us leave?”


“Well, seeing as you have not yet committed a transgression against me or my kin, you would simply have to stay on your ship for a little while longer… Of course, if you had done such a thing anyways, you wouldn’t be standing before me right now. I trust the judgments of my Fleet Captain. But that’s already behind us.” She stepped forward. “I already know what I want from you. Firstly, I want information and coordinates for all Star Nations you currently know of, including, obviously, your own. I would also like you to give us signatures for your ships, that way we can more easily identify you in the case that you… magically end up in our territory again. Lastly, I want to establish communications with your government, formally. We’ll have to renovate the communications room,” she said, looking at an Ikaranarean man in the parted crowd with orange eyes. “That should be all I need of you. I also hope your ship isn’t too damaged, but I understand that you were well enough off to follow our Elite Defense Fleet without needing a tow. If you don’t need anything yourself, we can have you off after we have this information.”

FC Anderhold looked almost relieved- Penma had only been Imperö for a little over a year, but she came in after an Imperö corrupted by demons- people were still on edge from his reign. She had no violent or frivolous streak like him, but it was hard to forget. It seemed that she would stay that way long term- after all, a few years ago they would have killed the aliens on sight.


”Oh. I expected much worse! Well, then, I’ll tell you all I know. Killoar, come here!”

Fertinnis motioned one of the scientists of the Galactyan crew to come to him.

”Can you show me a map of our known StarNations?”

“Of course my Captain.”

As the scientist touched a watch-like device on his wrist, a colorful holographic projection appeared in the air.

”Alright. So, in the center is the Empire Of Galactya, of course. Then right next to it is the Empire of Calerost, above it the Union Of Emerald and next to it Ferristia and the Drakari Celestial Imperium. That’s all StarNations we know of. As for your StarNation, ruler, it should be around… here.”

”As for your other request, here’s a special communication chip. You just need to install it into a long-range terminal and it will connect you directly to the Capital. Although, I’ll have to warn you, in the last 1000 years the Emperors haven’t been too emotionally…stable. Something bad happened a long time ago and they can’t really get over it. So please, be gentle. Especially with the black one.”

”By the way, thanks Killoar.”

“As always, you are most welcome my captain. It’s a pleasure to help.”

”So yeah… that should be all you need. Any other request, dear ruler?”