Trianarö-Galactyan First Contact (1 BBT)

“Expect only worse as you do worse. As you’ve done all I’ve asked for, I have no other special requests for you. If you yourselves need nothing else, you’d best get on your way- I need to get back on the ground soon. We still have much to do at the Imperial Palace.”

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”As you wish, dear Ruler. We’ll be on our way. We hope a prosperous friendship can flourish between our Empires.”

”Come on everyone, let’s get going!”

After they got back on the Celestial Nova, everyone returned to their position. Fertinnix went, together with Elwimik, to the Control Bay. He opened the ship’s intercom.

”everyone get ready! We’ll depart in 30 seconds!”

The ship’s normal Warp Drives started charging up, space time bending along their edges. After setting a direct trajectory towards the Capital and giving a last look towards the Imperö’s ship, Fertinnix pressed turned the Speed Controllers to max and activated the Warp Drives.

In the blink of an eye, the Celestial Nova warped away at 1 light year per hour, a swarming tunnel of colorful and chaotic lights surrounding the ship. It would take around 20 days to reach the Capital from where they were, so Fertinnix could finally relax a bit and take his time to think about what was next. Usually Galactyans were personally awarded in grand ceremonies at the Capital whenever they discovered and maintained a sufficiently peaceful relation with Alien StarNations, so it was probably going to happen to him as well. He would probably go down in Galactyan History!

As the ship got farther and farther away from the Alien Kingdom, Elwimik brought him a Nebula Brew. As he sipped from the swirling and delicious liquid, full of shimmering luminescent stars, he said to himself that this day, was the best day ever.

Meanwhile, on the Imperö’s Spaceship…

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Imperö Penma Alkatrition dismissed FC Anderhold as she and the rest of her crew prepared to land on Narûs.

On the MS Sarakar

FC Anderhold had a hard time bringing about his thoughts. He had just met the Imperö in person, and she had personally considered giving him a promotion. He had just nonviolently contacted an alien ship that had been using technology that he couldn’t really fathom. Technology reminiscent of legends about Safarkran and Mosarkran. It was all a lot to take in. His Assistant Commander sat next to him. The 129th Elite Defense Fleet was surely going to be famous among the members of the Space Force.

On Narûs

Imperö Penma Alkatrition walked in the halls of the Imperium Palace on Narûs, people walking around frantically. They had analyzed all data given to them by the Galactyans. It was shocking. At least 5 other nations in the immediate area, all seemingly a similar size to Trianar… and maybe of a similar power level? it was impossible to know, at the moment. Penma had to think about the consequences- Should they establish friendly relations? Should they conquer… could they? The implications were startling, but Penma knew one thing above else; she could not falter in this new age. 27 trillion Trianarö depended on her.


Regional Galactyan Date: 03/6/6000 P.E.
Region: 18
Star System: Crus-Lux
Planet: Galactya
In the halls of the Imperial Palace
Five days after the first contact with the Holy Imperium Of Trianar

A view of Galactya, the shining biological Ecumenopolis and Capital of the Galactyan Empire, seen from one of it’s public gardens.

Since the first accidental contact with the Imperium Of Trianar five days ago, the entirety of the main governing body of the Empire had been working ever so hard, preparing the StarNation for both a trade route and a war. Meanwhile, scientists were formulating theories on the new specie’s DNA, anatomical structure, technologies and environments, Historians were speculating about the new Empire’s history and the meaning behind their title of “Imperium”, members of the Ministry Of Foreign Relations were debating on whether the Trianarö would become their newest friends or their newest foes and the Imperial Starlight News was busy interviewing each and every member on top of the Celestial Nova. General Fertinnix had even become quite of a celebrity in less than a day, such was the speed at which the Galactyan Empire grew and changed.

And in the Grand Imperial Palace on Galactya, Empress Karheismas and Emperor Nixhoeils were waiting in fervor for the grand event that was soon going to happen: the first direct communication between the two Empires was upon them! Even though the wound from what happened all those years ago was still fresh and wide open, making new friends between the stars was something the Galactyans were literally born (and in a lot of cases made) to be excited about.

“Are you ready Nix?”

“Of course Honey.”

Sat on the crystalline black and white thrones of the Imperial Control Room, the two gigantic Royals looked at the large holographic interface of the National Control Interface, excitement clearly showing on their faces.
Suddenly Nixhoeils started slightly crying, a soft smile on his face.

“Oh. Are you alright darling? What’s the matter?”

“Sorry honey, it’s just that she… she would have loved this so much. I still remember when we did this with the Edhelerim… her smile, I… I miss that so much.”

“Yeah… I know darling. But let’s not be sad. Let’s do this for her. It’s what she would have wanted.”

“Ye-yeah, you’re right honey. It’s what she would have wanted. I’m ready now.”

Besides the Empress’ throne stood a humanoid machine called an “Autonomous Statistics A.I. Bot”, shortly called ASAIB, whose sole purpose was helping the two Rulers administrate the Empire by planning projects and maneuvers through statistics and a very powerful calculator matrix., as well as doing the regular bidding of a biological assistant.

“Perfect then. Let’s do this! ASAIB, open the communication line.”


In the shine of a star, the large interface stretched in both directions and it’s many windows and indicators moved to the sides, a large communication screen now appearing in the center, ready to display both auditory and visual information.



For not the first time in her career, Penma was very nervous. Trianar had not made contact with another civilization, ever. There was the potential for there to be more Higher Races outside of the nation- There was also the possibility of states led by demonic species or (hopefully) just by the Lower Races- She knew now that there was at least one state led by the Lower Races from what the Galactyan captain had said- one led by humans. Human states weren’t all that bad- Hemmerhaldia had only gotten worse in its latter years before the Trianarö annexed it. But most of these states would be made of species that the Trianarö had never met before. There existed the possibility of a Demon State that existed to destroy the Ikaranareans and potentially other Higher Races… which would spiral the region out of control if it happened, sending the Lower Races into turmoil. It was a lot to deal with, but Ikaranareans and by extension Trianarö had prevailed against both equal states and stronger states for all of their history- Hopefully they could prevail again.

She sat in the communications room in the Imperial Palace on Narus. Another woman sat in the room, albeit out of view of the transmission. She was the same woman who had been fixing Penma’s robe before she had met with that Galactyan captain. Her name was Daitya Êmansia- She was Penma’s most trusted Advisor- She was the only person in Trianar who could disagree with her on something. After the last Imperö had been corrupted by demons and led astray, Penma thought it made sense to have a person capable of warding them off in her staff. She would not go the same way. Daitya was one of the most powerful demon warders in the entire Ikaranarean Cluster. What’s more, Penma had already known her before her ascension to Imperö. But that was a story for another day. What mattered now was the task at hand.

“Accept transmission from the Empire of Galactya.”


In a flash, the communication screen came to life. For a brief moment there were only colorful dashes of abstract shapes and swirls, but in no time a fully formed image image appeared. On the other side of the screen could be seen a large room, full with elegant and complex machinery that they assumed were terminals. In the middle of the screen, a little figure stood up right and still, watching the Galactyan Emperors in awe. It took them some time to realize that it, or better, she, was the Imperö of Trianar, the ruler of the “Sacred Imperium”. She was so… small. Unbelievably small for being a ruler! She was probably a seventh of their size! But things worked differently for alien cultures they assumed. She was humanoid, a little less than two meters tall it seemed. She had dark smooth skin and black hair on top of her head. What an unusual lifeform. Anyways, after the initial… confusion, Empress Karheismas started talking.

“Greetings Penma Alkatrition, Imperö of the Sacred Imperium Of Trianar. We are the two rulers of the Celestial Empire Of Galactya, Empress Karheismas and Emperor Nixhoeils. We have been waiting to speak with you formally since our first and rather… unplanned contact between our military ships that took place within your borders.”

“It is always a great pleasure for us to encounter new StarNations and develop new friendships between the stars of the Galaxy. We hope this meeting of ours doesn’t cause you any sort of bother or discomfort. We know from experience that seeing us the first time can be… challenging for homogenous species.”

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Penma wasn’t really all that surprised at how these Galactyan rulers looked- Her dreams caused by the Safarkran and Mosarkran connected to her body were more terrifying. But she had certainly not seen a sapient creature this big before. “It’s no problem. I’m only glad our meeting did not facilitate a war. Although such things are certainly not beyond us, I would rather not deal with that at the moment.” She paused for a second. “I am certainly hoping for a friendship between our civilizations. It would be dissuading if the first other civilization we met was hostile. Luckily you seem to be peaceful- or at least reasonable- seeing as your general did not attack my fleet.”


“Of course, dear Imperö. While we Galactyans are very emotional by nature compared to other species, we try to put logic and reason above our feelings the most we possibly can, especially in cases like this. empathy is essential for every Empire to hold it’s citizens together, but reason and logic are what keeps Empires out of wars and rebellions.”

"We of course understand that a kind of trespassing this serious would only warrant a reasonable defensive reaction from most Empires, so our Generals, well trained in diplomacy, know to humor and reason with the alien species as much as possible, only intervening with force or with escapism when truly necessary.

“Again, we are truly sorry for what happened. It’s a bit of an embarrassment for both the Empire of Calerost and Galactya. Regardless of this, we were truly glad of your treatment of the Celestial Nova and it’s crew. It’s not to take for granted a reaction so well executed.”

“Indeed Karhesimas. But I’ll also be happy to inform you, Imperö, that all the other empires general Fertinnix informed you about are very reasonable as well. Ferristia is a StarNation devoted to absolute pacifism, the Drakari have great respect for non-hostile alien life, the Emeraldians are defensive but indeed curious and the Edhelerim would never dare to attack our allies, lest they want our alliance gone.”

“Speaking of this, I wanted to ask you a question, dear Imperö: were you already aware of at least some other powers in the Region, or were we not only your first, but also the ones to introduce all the others? We’re admittedly curious to know this, since for most of our history we believed to be alone outside of our Great Nebulae, until around 200 years ago, and since then a great deal of Empires made contact with us.”


“We knew of no outsider civilizations before our first contact either- although we suspected they existed, as both Hemmerhaldian humans and Ikaranareans originated from the same planet, and we knew that some had to exist due to an… incedent which occurred a few years ago when one of our military vessels rescued a ship of a species that identified themselves as Zeltrex. Many soldiers had to be disciplined after that one… ah, but that’s beyond this conversation. Trianar hasn’t interacted with another state since the Hemmerhaldian War and the annexation of Mekagrûl.”


“Uh. Then it really is like we suspected. Every civilization we met has had an unnaturally sharp increase in extra-regional contacts, starting at around 200 years ago. We still have no idea if this is an event caused by something we currently don’t know or if it is just a great deal of coincidences caused by the ever lasting chaos of the Universe, but our scientists and historians in the Ministry Of Science are working on it, and have been for the past century. The results might even turn out to be useful, for everyone involved.”

“It is rather strange, but if we do discover anything of note and our relations don’t sour over time, we’ll be sure to contact you and send you anything we find. But this is not what we came to discuss today. We are here to discover each other’s cultures, societies and perhaps even history, if we have the time to do so. Therefore, the question to be made is rather simple: could you tell us some things about your Imperium that are worthy of note? We’ll do the same for you afterwards, if you are interested, of course.”


“While I can’t give you any critically sensitive information, I can start with an overview. Trianar’s population is roughly 27 trillion. About 30 years ago, we annexed the state of Mekagrûl with little resistance. I am, obviously, the ruler of the Imperium, the Imperö. While I have absolute control over the affairs of the government, I can’t attend to everywhere and everything at once, so the Empires under the Imperium act relatively autonomously under my guidelines, though direct intervention is sometimes necessary in economic and political sectors. About a year ago, during my first year, I had to enact military measures against pirates plaguing Hemmerhaldia, the region your ship ended up in.”


“Interesting, interesting. Did you get all of that down ASAIB?”


“Oh, right, I forgot about that. Anyways, dear Imperö, Galactya’s population is currently around 81 trillion, and our Empire has existed for 9700 years. Me and my husband, Emperor Nixhoeils, rule the Empire in totality, each of us overseeing different aspects, even though there are some that are overseen by both of us. For example, I coordinate Expansion, the Military and the Defense System, while Nix coordinates Terraformation, Genetic Manipulation and Welfare.”

Exactly dear. As a matter of fact, we have been in charge of the Empire since our Imperial Coronation about 1600 years ago. Even though many Galactyan, us included, look vastly different from each other, we’re all actually the same species. It’s just because Genetic Manipulation has been a great pillar of our culture for around 4000 years now. We were admittedly slightly taken… aback to discover that this wasn’t the case for any civilization we met, yours included.


“Genetic manipulation is prohibited in most areas, as it’s seen as trying to upset what the Gods have put in place- The one exception to this is because of Mekanakûl, seeing as they don’t generally have reproductive systems, They’re allowed to splice the genes of each other or create genetic clones of themselves to somewhat mimic biological reproduction.”

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That was an unexpectedly cold reaction. Oh Stars, did they say something wrong? Regardless of the Imperö’s strangely crude response, they kept on going.

Oh. Uhm… well, we don’t believe in higher entities, so we don’t really believe that what we do is upsetting anyone higher up. And we don’t force it on anyone, so it would be quite strange if someone was upset because of it, admittedly."

“Yeah, religion isn’t really our… thing. If this makes it any better for you, just know that we don’t allow modifications that cause pain, in any shape or form. At least what we do is… ethical, on a personal standpoint.”

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Penma nearly physically shuddered at the response. It hadn’t occurred to her that irreligious societies could have even existed. She wondered if there were Irreligious Higher Races that didn’t know their true purpose. She hoped the Gods would guide them as they had guided the Ikaranareans.

“I… See. At least these practices are restricted somewhat. I suppose it’s okay on a limited level.”


Limited. Galactyans were all but limited with Genetic Manipulation. They remade plants, animals, planets… themselves. You don’t really get hundreds or perhaps thousands of types of “Galactyan” by having limited Genetic Manipulation. But now the Imperö did NOT need to know that. She really didn’t. At all.

“Anyways, moving on from this… topic, what relations do you hope to install between our Empires? For now we could just limit it to some sort of public acknowledgement, but further down the road we could perhaps start trading, if you feel comfortable with it.”

“In fact, since we understand that you are most probably curious to at least meet the other Empires we talked to you about, we could arrange some sort of contact between you and one of our friends of your choosing.”


“For now, I would like to limit it to a public announcement. You have to understand; Trianar is not so well-versed in this situation- I’ll have to appoint diplomats and potentially have some sort of meeting station created since non-Ikaranareans aren’t allowed inside the Belt of Centrus. I won’t throw Trianar into these incidents unprepared.”


”Of course, of course. The Galactyan people already knew of your existence, so we’ll just have to tell them that you aren’t our foe, and we hope you never will be. We wouldn’t want to be the ones to turn you into xenophobes, after all.”

”Oh, and another thing, I almost forgot! To repay for for the intrusion and for your understanding, especially considering it’s your first time, we wanted to send you a small shuttle with some Galactyan goods we thought you might enjoy. Do you perhaps accept this gift of ours?”

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“I will gladly accept a gift. I hope it symbols peace between our two nations.”


We hope that as well.
We hope that as well.