The Young and The Old (Galactya-Union Of Emerald first contact)

Regional Galactyan Date: 21/3/6000 P.E.
Star System: Rhimus
Orbital Rhimusian Surveillance Station

Oylminux Rettnis had been sifting through the documents sent by the Empire’s Ministry of Defense for three hours now. Not only it was incredibly boring, but it was also harrowing to have to read through all of the safety inspections reports, mission requests and exploration logs. But, as Rhimus’s Surveillance Supervisor, it was what she had to do, unless she wanted to get fired from her very well-paying job that put her right under this System’s Governor. And anyways, the absolute boredom of this position was balanced not only by it’s high place in the hierarchical pyramid of the Empire, but also by the first-class invites it always assured her to the Governor’s parties, so it was absolutely worth it.

She decided to call the Radar Depertment Supervisor, Qurnium Yirnis, which was currently occupied in re-mapping an area of the Altay Cygnus Nebula under orders of the Exploration Commitee.

“Good day Supervisor Rettnis. How may I help you?”

“Hello to you too Qurnium. I wanted to know how the mapping process was going along.”

“It’s going perfectly, albeit a bit boringly. We already mapped that part of the Nebulae before, so we probably won’t discover anything new if not for new stars to catalogue.”

“Oh yeah, I totally understand. I’m kind of bored too, sifting through all these documents. But we gotta do what we gotta do! Also, I told you to call me Oylminux. You know I don’t really like all this formality.”

“Yeah, I know, sor-”

After a good fifteen seconds of sudden silence, Rettnis started to get worried.

“Hey Qurnium? You there?”

“I’m sorry Supervisor, it’s just that… the radars are picking up a strange signal. It’s very weird… it doesn’t appear to be Galactyan, nor Calerostian…”

“Wait, what? Where is it coming from?”

"It’s… far out Ouraniea’s orbit, at around 10 Cosmic Units from Rhinus. Wait, let us connect to the RangerShuttle nearest to the signal. -Markilon, Exras, connect to ORS-223!-"

As Rettnis waited for the Radar Department to connect to the Shuttle, she pulled up a direct connection channel with the department’s cameras. And in little time, the screens came to life. In the depth of space, the RangerShuttle was heading towards a large ship, piloted by the scientists at the radar department. It didn’t look like any other ship she had seen before. No protruding wings meant that it wasn’t Calerostian, and no rings or domes meant that it wasn’t Galactyan Either.

“Hey Yirnis?”

“Yes, Supervisor Rettnis?”

“Did either the Empire or Calerost start using new models for their spacecraft?”

“Not… not that I know of, no.”

“Okay… okay. Tell your colleagues to get closer to the ship.”

As the Shuttle grew closer to the alien craft, Rettnis could see it more clearly. The ship wasn’t completely intact: pieces of the outer coating were missing, and two turret-like structures were torn apart, with two holes filled with metal beams, pipes and cables sticking out of them, where cannons of some kind should have reasonably been. She had only seen this kind of damage on the Edhelerim’s first tries to cross the Nebulae without Galactyan technology.

But that could only mean…

“The ship isn’t from the Region.”

“Did you say anything, Supervisor?”

“I’m sorry Yirnis, but I have to go now. You and your crew keep inspecting the ship. We have a big problem on our hands.”

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UES Battle Of The Foreseas CS-1993
Captain John Xanderson
2202 PY
Unknown Space

“Where in the blazes are we?”

Captain John Xanderson, native of New Emral, is an officer in the Union Emeraldian Navy. He’s been in charge of the Battle Of The Foreseas for nearly 12 years. In those 12 Years, he’s never seen such a bad navigation glitch like this one before. The one thing he did notice however, was that they weren’t moving anymore.

“Damage Report!”

“Main Power is offline, and we have multiple hull breaches. Turrets 3 and 4 have been destroyed. We are currently running on Emergency Power, Engines, Weapons, and Shields are all offline.”

“Well then, I want Main Power back online as soon as possible. Comms, begin transmitting an Emergency Signal, full range. Sergeant, I need you to make sure the Marines and Crew all have weapons on hand. Lt. watch Scanners and Radars for anything approaching.”

“Yes Sir”

Some time later…

“Sir! We have unknown vessel approaching our Starboard Side. We can’t identify.”

“Open hailing frequencies! Attention Unknown Vessel, this is the UES Battle Of The Foreseas, we are currently with out Main Power and are currently with out Engines or Weapons, please respond!”

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Regional Galactyan Date: 21/3/6000 P.E.
Star System: Rhimus
Telluric Colony Of Nethul

Governor Latrexiuq had been in charge of the Rhimus system for over 230 years. And in 230 years, he had never been more panicked than he was now.

“Rettnis, what do you mean an alien vessel?”

”Yes Governor! It appeared on the radars and we already sent a RangerShuttle towards it. It doesn’t look like anything from Galactya or Calerost.

“How far is it from Nethul?”

“Around 7 Cosmic Units.”

“Oh my Comet this is a big problem. Ugh, what do we do…”

“The RangerShuttle has some A.I.E.Us on board. We could possibly board the vessel and explore it with them, if you wish.”

“Okay. Fine. Do… do that and keep me updated. But first try sending some signals. This could all be a misunderstanding. I can’t even tell this to the Capital, or they would come here and make this even worse! Just… just be careful and…goodluck Rettnis.”

“Thanks Governor, we will probably all need it.”

As the RangerShuttle grew closer and closer to the ship, it began transmitting messages in both Galactyan and Calerostian to the vessel.

Unknown Vessel, You are in the territory of the Celestial Empire of Galactya. We cannot identify your ship, nor your StarNation of Origin. If you can understand us, respond immediately and state your intentions.

After a few seconds, a signal started emanating from the ship as well, although they doubted it was a response.

*”⏃⏁⏁⟒⋏⏁⟟⍜⋏ ⎍⋏☍⋏⍜⍙⋏ ⎐⟒⌇⌇⟒⌰, ⏁⊑⟟⌇ ⟟⌇ ⏁⊑⟒ ⎍⟒⌇ ⏚⏃⏁⏁⌰⟒ ⍜⎎ ⏁⊑⟒ ⎎⍜⍀⟒⌇⟒⏃⌇, ⍙⟒ ⏃⍀⟒ ☊⎍⍀⍀⟒⋏⏁⌰⊬ ⍙⟟⏁⊑ ⍜⎍⏁ ⋔⏃⟟⋏ ⌿⍜⍙⟒⍀ ⏃⋏⎅ ⏃⍀⟒ ☊⎍⍀⍀⟒⋏⏁⌰⊬ ⍙⟟⏁⊑ ⍜⎍⏁ ⟒⋏☌⟟⋏⟒⌇ ⍜⍀ ⍙⟒⏃⌿⍜⋏⌇, ⌿⌰⟒⏃⌇⟒ ⍀⟒⌇⌿⍜⋏⎅!”*

“Uhmm… Yirnis?”

“Y-yes Supervisor Rettnis?”

“What was that… thing we just heard?”

“An Alien message it seems. Judging from the tone it could be either a help request or a request to state our intentions. I don’t know though, as it could be an automated one.”

“Can you guys translate it?”

As Rettnis asked him this, Yirnis turned around to call the Department’s linguists.

“Qulgaes, Roxxibllon! Come here!”

After listening to the signal, the two scientists determined that:

”No, not at the moment. Not at all. Unknown grammar, synthetical structure and pronunciation. We would need days or weeks to do it.”

“Oh my Comet. This is awful. This is AWFUL!”

“Calm down Supervisor! There’s no need to panick.”

“Yeah, sorry, you’re right. Okay… here’s what we are going to do. You, Yirnis, board the ship inoffensively and keep me updated. Activate those A.I.E.Us you told me about. And you two linguists go and call the Exploration Commitee right now. Meanwhile, I’ll go and update Rhinus’s Defense Department, just in case.”

“Of course Supervisor.”
The three said in unison.

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UES Battle Of The Foreseas CS-1993
Captain John Xanderson
2202 PY
Unknown Space

The hail from the unknown vessels broadcasts over the bridge.

“What the hell was that? Comms, can we translate?”

“No sir, the Universal Translator is offline.”

“Hmm… Lt., can we still activate running lights?”

“Yes Sir, why?”

“Turn them on, oh, and tell the sergeant to ready the Marine Contingent for Boarding, we may be dealing with pirates”

The Running Lights on the bow flicker on, revealing the vessels name and registry number, if the aliens onboard the unknown craft can even read it. Other running lights around the vessel also turn on.


Regional Galactyan Date: 21/3/6000 P.E.
Star System: Rhimus
Between Rhimus and Interstellar Space
Orbital Ranger Shuttle n.223

As ordered by the scientists at the Surveillance Station, the Ranger’s Exploration Protocol was activated.


The Shuttle’s spotlights began scanning the ship, in search of any Airlocks or SpacePorts. Meanwhile, the scanners were scanning the ship’s surface to determine it’s materials and any features of note, to then transmit it all back to the Station. At the same time, the Exploration Units were activating and connecting to the Shuttle’s Signal Repeater, their defense modules recharging.

After 10 minutes of scanning, the Shuttle finally located a small airlock, just big enough for the Units to pass through easily. It then began the Emergency Boarding Protocol.


The Shuttle’s expandable connection tunnel began inflating with pressurized gas, it’s hydraulic arms attaching to the alien vessel. Then, after the tunnel was secured, a fusion laser started cutting through the airlock’s door. As it did so, some sort of alarm could be heard from inside the vessel. Regardless, the laser did not stop until the door was fully opened. And right after that, the Exploration Units were fully activated, and started entering the other vessel.

The airlock led to a large corridor, lined with pipes and cables. On the right, a large hydraulic door, on the left a circular room with other corridors connecting to it. But, as they reached the room, a figure ran away in one of the hallways. The Units activated their Genesis Pulse Cannons, preparing for a defensive maneuver. The Unit’s A.I. activated the bot’s voice module, sending a preset message to the unknown lide form:



UES Battle Of The Foreseas
Captain John Xanderson
2202 PY
Unknown Space

“Sir! We’ve been boarded!”


“Storage Bay 2, F Deck!”

“Send Marine Units in now! Lt.! I need the Automated turrets online now!”

Meanwhile… in the Storage Bay
Sgt. Isaac Rivers

He hid behind a weapons crate as some kind of robot said something he couldn’t understand. He radioed for backup.

“This is Sgt. Rivers, I am in storage bay 2, unknown machine ahead, I am in need of backup.”

He checked his Plasma Rifle, it was fully loaded. He leaned over the crate and opened fire.


Regional Galactyan Date: 21/3/6000 P.E.
Star System: Rhimus
Between Rhimus and Interstellar Space
Alien Vessel

A humanoid being emerged from behind a storage crate and opened fire on Unit 2. The attack, unexpected, met the Units unprepared, and heavily damaged Unit 2’s lower left limb and his attack module. Immediately, the A.I. sent a message to the Shuttle’s Signal Repeater, notifying it of the attack.



Immediately, the remaining units activated their shield modules and, grabbing the damaged Unit 2 with them, they hid behind a wall. Unit 5 opened one of his fingertips, releasing a flurry of reparation nanobots on the damaged robot’s body. Meanwhile they could see another 15 units emerging from the corridor into the room, and signaled them remotely to hide behind the wall. Then, they all charged up their cannons, molecular-warping Genesis Energy emanating from them. And in no time, they opened fire on the unknown attacker.

A large energy blast hit the crate, converting it into glass and sending the hidden assailant flying through the corridor. As it hit the wall, a red liquid began to exit from a wound one of its upper limbs. As it had been catapulted forwards, it hit its side against an electrical panel, tearing its skin. Emitting a strange sound, it stood up again and ran into one of the chambers the corridor gave access to.

As the Units began to pursue him, they stopped. Numerous walking sounds, indicative of other hostile lifeforms, could be heard from behind one of the pneumatic doors in one of the bigger corridors. The Units hid behind the side panels, activating their shields and their Genesis Cannons.

Star System: Rhimus
Orbital Rhimusian Surveillance Station

During this fight, Yirnis and Rettnis were watching the events unfold in the Supervisor’s office. This was a bad situation, more than they could have believed. In less than two hours, the situation had degenerated so much, that thinking about how things could further develop in a day or even a week made them both shudder. And the worst part was that they couldn’t really do more than this: connecting to the Capital Line would mean that a WarShip would be sent here from the nearest military colony, and while it would destroy the threat in no time, it would cause the death of possibly thousands of people and the likely start of another Interstellar War. Neither Yirnis, nor Rettnis wanted to feel the guilt all of those things could bring. So, they only thing they could do was to watch and wait, hoping for the situation to get better, or at least stabilize.

But suddenly, Yirnis realized that the Shuttle’s systems had requested for an A.A.U.


“What’s happening Qurnium?!”

Ignoring Rettnis, the scientist ran as fast as he could towards one of the Station’s Terminals, trying to deny the Shuttle’s request: but it was too late. From one of the windows, he could see an Airlock opening on the Defense Module Sector of the Station, and the A.A.U. cannon emerging from it. Before he could even blink, the robotic unit capable of cutting a Shuttle in half flew away at superliminal speeds towards the Alien Vessel, leaving behind a trail of pink energy and a trail of tears on Yirnis face, as Rettnis (still confused) tried to console him and to get him to explain what happened.

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Sgt. Isaac Rivers

He had been launched back into a control panel, he appeared to have been injured on his left arm. What the hell even was that weapon? He ran down the corridor, hoping the Defence Turrets would activate. He turned around the corner, quickly sealing a door. He was met by the 3rd “Foreseas” Marine Regiment ready to engage whatever was behind the door. He was taken away by a medical officer.

Meanwhile on the bridge…

“Plasma discharge in Storage Bay 2!”

“Status on restoring power to weapons and shields?!”

“Engineering reports that it’ll take another 10 minutes before shields and weapons are online.”

“Where is the 3rd?”

“Currently in Weapons Bay 1, Sir, we have at least one active tank in the bay, along with half of the Regiment. Sgt. Rivers has been injured.”

“Hmm…, Look down F deck and section 4. I want those turrets online in 10 minutes! Maybe we can damage these machines.”

6 Minutes later…

“Sir! We have an unknown object coming right towards us!”

“Status on Shields and Weapons!”

“Shields are still offline, but Defence Missiles are now online! Should we fire?”

“Lock on and fire as many missiles as it takes to take down that object!”

“Locking on now, commencing firing”

3 Plasma Torpedoes(referred to as Missiles) were then launched from there turret at the rapidly approaching object.


Regional Galactyan Date: 21/3/6000 P.E.
Star System: Rhimus
Between Rhimus and Interstellar Space
Near the Alien Vessel

As it departed from the Surveillance Station for the first time in 78 years, it’s A.I. only repeated 4 things:


Travelling at 20 times the speed of light, the Attack Unit got closer and closer to the ship in less than 2 minutes. As she approached the 10 kilometers mark from it’s target, she slew down to the speed of a normal rocket. As she traveled towards the giant vessel though, three energy missiles started careening towards her at dangerous speeds.


While the Unit managed to dodge the first one and protect herself from the second one with her energy shields, her algorithm had been unused for too much time for it to be able to react properly to the third one. It hit her, breaking off and carbonizing one of her legs and part of her torso. In mere seconds, nanobots started to come out of several pipes crossing all of her inside components, repairing the damage in less than 40 seconds. The algorithm also adapted, having registered the speed of the missiles and now having calculated an appropriate reaction time to avoid being hit. Regardless, her Aiming Module was still slightly damaged, and her AntiScanning Cloaking device had gone unrepaired, meaning that a simple scan would have revealed her weakness to strong ElectroMagnetic Pulses.


As she held her cannon pointed towards the vessel, beams and particles of energy could be seen emanating from the mouth piece. Genesis Energy was a true power of Nature, gifted to them by the Genesis Comet.

And after thirty seconds…


The bolt of pure, absolute Genesis Energy shot out of the cannon towards the ship, ready to convert more than 20 kilograms of matter into pure, uncontainable energy. Luckily for the crew of the vessel though (and for Rettnis and Yirnis), the Aiming chip had fried itself during the missile collision and the Unit’s adaptive A.I. wasn’t still woken up sufficiently to sense the damage. So, the bolt of energy missed it’s desired target by several hundred meters and ended up hitting only a small and long antenna on the ship’s superior side, converting only 800 grams of matter instead of the desired 20000. Still, the explosion was quite destructive, badly damaging a small portion of the vessel’s hull, almost causing it to tear open.

Now that the shot had been fired though, it would take at least 20 minutes for the Unit to be able to fire at such potency, so the attackers had a very good (but short) chance at eliminating her now that she was far less dangerous.

After firing the bolt, the Unit detected and approached the Galactyan Shuttle, requesting it to open it’s side airlock to let her enter it. The Shuttle obliged, and as she stepped into the alien ship, she traced her Robotic Comrades a few halls down the improvised entrance.

Charging up her smaller Genesis Rifle, she approached the Exploration Units, who were waiting, hidden behind two panels.


Capt. John Xanderson

“What the hell?!! How was it able to survive a direct impact by our plasma torpedo? Cmdr., what’s the status on the shields?”

“Shields will come back online in a few seconds why?”

“Sir, we’ve managed to scan the object, it appears to be an attack droid, very humanoid in appearance, but most importantly, it seems that it has a weakness to a strong EMP, like the EMP caused by a Plasma Discharge by a Grenade”

“Good, once the shields are back online, that vessel’s connection tunnel, Lt. isolate that specific section, including that storage bay. We can remote detonate a grenade from here right?”

“Yes sir, with the turrets back online, one of which is a MkIII PGL Turret, I can remotely fire and then detonate the grenade, which should cause a large enough EMP.”

“Good, then do it, Also, what’s the damage after that last attack?”

“We’ve taken some severe hull damage to Decks E and D, but no breaches.”

“Now, where the hell did that Droid come from?”

Meanwhile in the Hallway outside the Weapons Bay, a turret goes online and begins targeting the Attack Droid, meanwhile the Airlock is completely shut with an Emergency Metal Plate, as the shields come back online, severing the connection tunnel of the Unknown Vessel. The Turret opens fire on the Droid.

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As she enters the room, a flurry of missiles attacks her left side, heavily damaging it. The large EMPs produced by the blasts also disabilitate most of her systems, rendering her unable to respond to the damage. With her Balance Gyroscope module completely fried, she falls to the ground and stops moving completely. Her Repair Systems are unable to properly guide the nanobots, so she is now completely unarmed.

The Exploration Units locate the hidden turret and start shooting at it to avoid further damage to the Attack Unit. By the time they close fire, the wall on which the turret stood is now a mess of glass, wood and stone.

Suddenly, the pneumatic door springs open, as the humanoid invaders start shooting at the Units, which open fire as well: many units get their entire limbs carbonised, while many of the aliens get theirs turned into Sulfur.

After the aliens’ numbers keep increasing, the Units decide to retreat to the vessel, dragging along the seemingly lifeless Attack Unit. But, as they reach the previously opened airlock, they find a metal plate blocking the way. So, as some of the remaining Units try to buy some time, the other ones activate their Welding Modules and start to try cutting through the airlock. Although they soon stop, realising that the plate severed the connection tunnel with the Shuttle.

As the invaders keep advancing and more and more Units are getting damaged beyond repair, one of the remaining ones’ A.I. decides that the only way for them to call back up and stop the invasion was to directly contact the Capital. And to do that, they only possible way they had was…

Unit 18, the last remaining one of the group, plunged his welding gun deep into the Attack Unit’s Central Processors, causing it to deactivate permanently.

A few seconds later, the Emergency Warning Module, hidden within a special shell, activated and sent a message directly to the Capital, warning them of an Alien invasion on system Rhimus of maximum danger.



Capt. John Xanderson

“Sir, the final droid has been disabled, and shields are online. They appear to be attempting to transmit a message but the shields are preventing transmission.”

“Speaking Of Which, begin fixing the Universal Translator, It may do us well to try and communicate.”

“Yes Sir”

After a few minutes, the Universal Translator is fixed, the first message the unknowns sent is translated, and the ship sends out a broadcast in the unknown language:

“Attention to all unknown vessels in the area, this the UES Battle Of The Foreseas CS-1993, we are currently immobile and in need of assistance, please respond.”


Regional Galactyan Date: 21/3/6000 P.E.
Star System: Rhimus
Orbital Rhimusian Surveillance Station

As the mysteriously quickly translated message reached the Orbital Station, Yirnis and Rettnis, as well as the rest of the personnel on boards listened, confused and amazed.

“How… how is that possible? How could they translate it so fast?”

“Well Yirnis, sorry to break your little scientific hearts, but nobody cares about that now. Anyways, let’s send them a message back to tell them we’re going there to…talk.”


"Okay… now that that’s done, we need to actually go there ourselves. Yirnis, call the Tracking Bay personnel and order them to prepare a medium Shuttle with high-defense antimatter shields and a Superluminal Drive. We need to get there quick and we need to be protected in cases things go downhill. Meanwhile I’ll gather up some soldiers and a couple of other scientists to accompany us. "

With five soldiers and two other scientists, Rettnis and Yirnis made their way to the Tracking Bay, which was located in the middle of the Station. The Personnel had prepared for them a fighter-class Shuttle called “Golden Heart”. With everyone boarded and ready to depart, Rettnis signaled the pilot to start the Superluminal Engines and make their way to the alien vessel.

Meanwhile, on the Emeraldian Vessel…

Capt. John Xanderson

“Roger that, we will await your arrival, end transmission. Make sure the hanger is clear and have the uninjured members of the 3rd to make sure nothing happens…, make sure a few of them have Grenade Launchers as well, just In case. Lt., I want all officers equipped with Translators as soon as possible. Tactical, make sure we lower the shields when the craft approaches and immediately close them after they enter the hanger. And somebody get the engines back online!”

All: Yes Sir!"

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Regional Galactyan Date: 21/3/6000 P.E.
Star System: Rhimus
UES Battle Of The Tasternine Sea CS-1993

As the Shutte got closer and the closer to the Hangar, the shields opened themselves, signaling their permission to enter. After the Golden Heart made it’s way into the hangar, the shields rapidly closed back, as the Hangar re-pressurized. After around one minute, lots of the alien lifeforms, dressed in some sort of military attire, could be seen exiting the hallways that gave on the hangar. One stood out in particular, dressed differently and constantly followed by two armed lifeforms. Rettnis presumed it to be an important figure covering a role similar to a vessel’s captain.

It was very strange to see them in real life. They were just like the Edhelerim, but slightly shorter and with shorter, round ears, and they all looked so… similar to eachother. Instead, not a single member of the Galactyan crew looked alike, and Rettnis was the only one to even look remotely humanoid.

As the Golden Heart extended it’s landing gear, its passengers readied to descend the craft, soldiers charging their weapons and scientists straightening their cloaks.

As the doors of the Shuttle opened and the retractable ramp made it’s way to the floor, the Crew could see the humanoid aliens all looking at them with a strange expression: some seemed amazed, some horrified, but most just looked confused at what they were seeing.

And for a while, the two species just looked at each other, unsure of what to do, or say, or even think.

All until Rettnis, in a moment of confidence, managed to blurt out one, singular:



UES Battle Of The Foreseas CS-1993
Captain John Xanderson

The captain stood at the side of the hanger closest to the A/STC, with nearly half of the 3rd Marine Regiment standing beside him, most armed with Plasma Rifles, and others with Grenade Launchers. Behind him, two turrets were already online, ready to be fired if anything happened. He turned on his mobile translator.

“Greetings, welcome aboard the UES Battle Of The Foreseas. I am Captain John Xanderson, of the Union Of Emerald. As you can see, I would advise not trying any funny business. Now, down to things, Who are you? What is your Starnation? And are you all even the same species?”

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Regional Galactyan Date: 21/3/6000 P.E.
Star System: Rhimus
UES Battle Of The Tasternine Sea CS-1993

“My name is Oylminux Rettnis, Supervisor of the Station from which we arrived and we… we are the Galactyans.”

“Right now we are in the Star System of Rhimus, part of the Celestial Empire of Galactya, on which you are still… trespassing, but I’m hoping you had no bad intentions in mind.”

“And yes, we are all the same species, though we understand that we develop much differently from other species like… you.”

“By the way, we are sorry for attacking your ship earlier. We didn’t really know what your intentions were, so we decided to send an Exploration Shuttle to figure it out, which…didn’t turn out so great.”

“Instead, who are you, and where do you come from?”

“You… you kind of appeared out of nowhere.”

UES Battle Of The Foreseas

“I am Captain John Xanderson, and this ship and its crew come from the Union Of Emerald, another star nation most likely located to your “north”. Whats curious, is that the Stoinians never mentioned your state, so you are probably very isolated to the galactic community. Our ship uses a Mk1 Jumpdrive, which allows us to jump to another system and basically appear out of nowhere, although, the system is very glitchy, and this was one of the worst Nav Glitches we’ve had to date. So, you are all the same species, well then, lets leave for the Meeting Room and discuss some things then.”

The Captain leads the “galactyans” to the Meeting Room, a rather large circular room with a holotable in the middle, currently displaying the Galactic Map as laid out by the Stoinians. John motions for the “galactyans” to sit down in the many chairs dotting the room and around the holotable.


As the crew looked at the “chairs” around the table, they tried to sit down on them. Their shape wasn’t built for their physiology, and even Rettnis, the most humanoid one, had trouble sitting down. Regardless, they all managed to sit, assuming strange but overall comfortable positions. Rettnis turned over to the captain and started talking.

“Thanks for the chairs I suppose. In regards to your current situation, I suppose we could “host you” temporarily on Nethul or on one of it’s stations as we call the Capital. We could also repair the ship, to make it up to you for the… damage we caused, as well as outfitting it with the proper equipment necessary to get out of the system.”

“It’s advisable for you to take our offer, not because we’ll get offended by the refusal, but because trying to cross the Nebulae right now is both improbable to succeed and very, very dangerous, as another StarBirthing Season is about to start. We calculate that it’s going to last for about 10 years, so basically little time.”
As he also talked to the Captain, Yirnis projected a Map of Galactya, illustrating the density and extent of the Nebulae.

“Although, as I mentioned, we will have to warn the Governor and in turn the Capital about this, so you probably won’t stay on Nethul for long. A TrackerRing will probably take your ship and bring it to Galactya, where you’ll be hosted in one of the Containment Stations. We should have the time to fully repair the vessel before it arrives, but you and your ship will probably be temporarily disarmed.”

“The Capital reacted decently enough the last time something like this happened with the Edhelerim, so you shouldn’t be in danger. In any case though, I’ll put my good word for you, seeing as I don’t want our… relations to become more sour than this. Even if it means omitting a couple of details from the story.”

Captain John Xanderson

“10 Years??? How the hell is that little time? Well, considering how our Jumpdrive functions and if we transfer power from weapons to shields, we could make it or Using our long range transmitter, send a signal back to Union Space and call for a vessel with much stronger shields and armor, like an Emerald Class Battlecruiser, which I know has a new fangled Mk2.5 Jumpdrive and Mk4 Shields, along with nearly 10 Inches of AAA Tritanium Armor and Mk3 Engines to boot. She could probably make it through the nebula herePoints at a spot where the nebulaec gases are much less dense, which anything above a Combat Vessel could traverse. We also have the resources available to make new equipment that could traverse it going through Jumpspace.”

“Temporarily disarmed? No can do, we are a warship and we are military personnel, and we have also sworn to never let Plasma Tech fall into the wrong hands, especially because said tech is Precursor in origin. Besides, if you seize the vessel, we could see it as an act of war, of course, if you don’t count the fact that you’ve left 20 of my best marines dead or dying, and sent an attack droid at us, and tried to transmit a message, which was stopped due to our shields. We were able to translate the message and now I’m wondering why you’re giving AI access to Military Command.”

He presses a button, and the message that was attempted to transmit was played.