The Wormhole War (Galactya Coalition Vs Technocratic Federation of Serniani)

A1-0 World War Entertainment
This War is scheduled for… 'til a treaty ends it? Hans grab za popcorn, we are in for the long haul!

In the Purple Corner, weighing in at several star nations we have the Galactya Coalition, composed of the Union of Emerald, Akropii Republic, The Drakari Celestial Imperium, The Gill-Atarnië Calerost, and of course, The Celestial Empire Of Galactya!

Sitting in the other somewhat purple corner (what a coincidence) is The Technocratic Federation of Serniani (Substate Anchor Point + Rosepoint), hailing from Serniani weighing in at 1 star nation.

Who will win? Who will die? Will there be any consequences for our actions? (No)

Will we overcome our pride and prejudice? (Maybe)

Anyway, FIGHT!

The following statements were out of character


Taivaallinen space station, 4 days after the attack

Tangandon walks down the halls of the space station, escorted by 4 centurions. He had a armored vac suit on, as ever since the Serinari brake in he didn’t feel safe going on the station without one. He had 2 weapons on him: a handheld mirion pistol, set to stun, and a plasma sabre. He was walking to the meeting room. He had planned out 3 operations to do in the time since the the Serinari attack onto the station. In a case with him he carried portable storage devices with plans mapped out on them. Soon he entered the meeting room and took his seat.

“Is everyone here? Can we begin?”


Karheismas and Nixhoeils, sat around the table in their two way larger chairs, dwarfed everyone around them with their almost titanic stature. Because of the current events, the two Galactyan Emperors weren’t feeling very… great, but it was nice to see so many friends come to their aide. There was also an unaccounted presence, but they were happy of it regardless.

"Apparently and luckily, yes."

"Again, we're sorry for dragging you guys in all of... this."

It was a two-fold sensation. On one hand, they were incredibly happy at the idea of having so many alien friends. But, on the other hand, they were sad to make them fight in this war. They didn’t want to put a strain on their nations. To be completely honest though, their allies didn’t have much of a choice. The net of alliance and trade they all had basically depended on Galactya, who organized most of their first contacts and boosted their relations. For the alliance net to suffer such damage, meant economical regressions and impoverishment, and given the presence of the invading nations of the East, those things were to avoid at all costs.


Anchor Point RKV Station, 1 Day After The Attack

“Attention! RKV Authorization received. Targets are painted, release of weaponry is granted.”

“Targets: ABH-003 Farside all planets. Painted.”

“Releasing RKVs. Tracking via waypoint system via realspace.”

“Fire at will.”

The holding station began releasing 15 RKVs. The long distance missiles, each triangulated to arrive at the same time via realspace. Each planet would be hit quadrice. 1 Probing, 4 Actual.

During the boost phase, they are nearly undetectable. Tracking is nearly impossible. 2 to destroy a planet, 1 to destroy a moon. They would be proving their effectiveness today.

4 Days after the Attack

Every ship in the TFS Battle Fleet received the same notification at near the same time.

“General Quarters! General Quarters! Attention, RKV Strikes incoming towards nearby planets. All craft near planetary bodies ABHP-001, ABHP-002, and ABHP-003. Leave immediately. Incoming in 5 minutes.”

5 Minutes Later…

The same alarm sounded again…

“General Quarters! General Quarters! All ships Brace! Now!”

For all to see, several blinks of light entered and exited within seconds of each other. The chosen planets were, to the best knowledge of the Serniani, currently uninhabited, and thus, posed no risk of civilian losses. It was a big show of force, but hopefully would deter any attack.


"A threat to galactya is a threat to all of us. Who says that the damn xenos would stop at Taivaallinen, there are many black holes and possible wormholes in our empires. Beleg Lumë also was observed to have strange properties for example, but we doubt it’s a wormhole. Anyways, let’s begin.

He takes the portable storage device and plugs it in. On the screen a map of the system pulls up, along side a projection of a spark class corvette

"under my current command is the INS Spark in Darkness II, a name that should be very familiar to Galactyans, as the original spark in darkness, now a museum, was the one that made first contact with them. This ship is equiped with experimental stealth tech, the most advanced we have access to. If no weapons are fired and it’s drive is under 15% of power it is virtually undetectable. It is also equiped with powerful sensors that can detect reactor and radiation signatures of ship, so the darkness and radar block won’t be a problem to it. It’s the perfect scout craft. It also has a great magazine of missles and other weapons. Because of that i present you:
Operation silent eye - the Spark in darkness II will do a detailed scouting mission around the wormhole and catch a quick scan of it’s other side. It will also deploy strategic nuclear weapons, 10 gigatons in scale, in key spots. No mine sweeper will be able to see those bastards. When the time comes we will detonate them, destroying strategic targets, and then procede emediately to the next phase:
operation Ba

Alarms go off. All. Of. Them. Tangandon quickly opens the situation screen: the sensors placed all over the system have detected something, somethings in such a place that they can’t intercept them



Suddenly, new lights appearing in the void of space can be seen from the Station’s windows, as if many new stars had just come into existence. In a couple of seconds, hundreds of emergency calls started hailing from all around the system: all of the system’s orbital stations and fleets were sending maximum distress messages. An emergency of this scale could only mean one thing…

The Emperors, incredulous, hastily opened one of the distress calls. It was from a research station in orbit around Thaievia. Before anyone could say anything, the research station’s head scientist started screaming. They were in a complete panic.


"Yes, we can. What happe-"




The Emperors closed the call, cutting off the head scientist, and silence dropped in the meeting room. Everyone was in total disbelief. Could the Sereniani be so rushed in their decisions?! As they all started speaking with one another in total confusion, that’s when they noticed the Emperors.

Karheismas’ crystalline head started shaking, cracking and glowing with a deep crimson light. Nixhoeils’ whole body, instead, started pulsing, colorful spines emerging from his skin. On their faces were painted two of the most disturbing and wide smiles any of the had ever seen. The even more terrifying thing is that their mouths weren’t visible before.

The Empress smashed her fist onto the metal arm of her chair, bending it.

"Well, well, well, dear friends."

"It seems as though our little enemies decided to make a... decision."

"A bad one at that!"

"Sure thing honey! Now, we all know what comes next."

"We'll just have to modify our original plans just a tiny, little bit."

"So Tangadon. What. Were. You. SAYING."


"I was saying that WE. WILL. F*CK. THEM. UP. I’ll send emediate orders to the Spark in Darkness II to prepare for it’s mission, and double it’s magazines. Because of the situation i will assume we’re cutting this meeting short so the other two planned operations are:
Operation Banishment - crushing the damn toster chimeras’ fleets in the system and pushing what we can not flat out destroy to the other side of the black hole. The mirion lances will sure help us here as they will pass straight trough their puny unmodulated antimatter shields. After that, to make sure they don’t come back:
Operation walls of Jericho - a massive nuclear minefield on our side of the wormhole. If they try to pass trough, only vapor will exit.
And now after this what just happened i will also suggest operation fire of Taivaallinen, scoarch them like they scoarched our worlds. All i will request of you, your imperial highnesses, as well as all of you, dear allies, is to gather as many ships as you can in the 2 days the spark will take to do the mission. Keep them just out of the Serinari detection range, and prepare to jump in when the time of battle comes. Then we will show them what we are made of! WE WILL SHOW THEM WHAT THEY GET FOR BURNING WORLDS! WE WILL SHOW. THEM. OUR. TEETH!

He cried out, with many voices joining him. In that meeting “glory to us and death to the scum, remember Taivaallinen” became the warcry of the alliance.

Meanwhile around the mirial wormhole…

Calerost was preparing a real war fleet. From what they have seen for now the serinari had a massive fleet around the wormhole. They ware going to send one too. The fleet counted 600 ships when it was to be fully assembled with possiblity for size increase, of all classes and sizes, most notably including 2 more Aernaul-class starbrakers, as well as the INS Spirit of Death, the most powerful ship ever made by Calerost. In the fleet also notably ware 70 mirial bombardment destroyers, the whole fleet. This was going to get nasty.


ABH-003, Farside

Only one target had been struck. The other two, as would turn out later, had taken the hits, and some of the RKVs were faulty. Not good for the record.

Admiral Eliza, Medbay No. 5

It’d been four days now since this human patient had arrived. She wasn’t sure what to do anymore. He wasn’t responding to medicine, had several IVs, and nothing else had seemed to work. She was ready to give up on Mr Nielson, quite honestly. Perhaps she ought to talk to the other patient, Toslov, who was technically in her care for a concussion but really, just so Ms Faith didn’t have the guilt of sending someone out to the brig.

Speaking tiredly, she asked,

“How do you care for patients in a coma? Your friend doesn’t seem to want to wake up. Do you have any suggestions?”

Artificer Team, XWC-104 and 105, RPNV Rosegold

“Good god.”

“Retain composure, it’ll be fine.”

“You want me to fly near a fully armed 25 kilometer warship, try talking to it, and run away ASAP. Who authorizes this?”

“The Rose Senate authorizes me to do things others would consider suicide. Silence for now, please.”

RPNV Rosegold Open Channel

“Attention, this is the RPNV Rosegold. I am on behalf of my government and the government of the Federation to offer diplomats. Rosepoint would like to formally open independently of the Technocratic Federation. I request permission to track my vessel to meet anybody who is willing to meet me. Any form of hostility entered upon this vessel and my sister ships is a direct attack against Rosepoint, and will be treated as such. Thank you.”

-Fleet Commander Tristie Claire, RPEF


Cmdr. Joshua Tolsov

(JT)“Does He still have his Dog Tag on? It should display a color, if its red, then he is probably dead, but if its yellow, it means he still is alive. Trust me, Lt. Nielson will pull through. I’m not sure how the Medical Corps does it, but more often than not, we leave the damn man alone.”

(LN)“Where the hell am I? Tolsov! You still there?”

(JT)“Speak Of The Devil, We’re in a medbay LT, and I’m right here.”

Fleet Admiral Nelson, after the RKV’s Hit the planets, pulled out his communicator.

(FA)“Rear Admiral! What the hell just happened!”

(RA)“Some kind of weapon just struck a couple of planets! What do you think the Sereniani are thinking!”

(FA)“Unknown, But prepare the 3rd Fleet for combat, remember, Neutron Missiles are approved and I am more than willing to send them towards the enemy fleet.”

(RA)“I will await for what the Galactyans will tell us sir.”

(FA)“Fine, Remember that Gamma Protocol is still in effect and thus all negotiations are still off.”

(RA)“Roger That Sir, Rear Admiral Ludov Out”

The Fleet Admiral Joins In

(FA)“Glory To Us and Death to the Scum, Remember Taivaallinen!”


“I Did-”

“For the love of the Gates, don’t move please!”

Ms Faith rushes over to Nielson

“Now I know what you’re going to ask, so let me jump the questions. You’re on the Admiral Eliza of The Technocratic Federation of Serniani. You ejected and suffered brain trauma. You were in a coma for the last few days. You still have that head injury, and it’ll probably stay with you for the rest of your life. You are in the…”

She trails off for a second before finding the word

“Taivaallinen system? Is that how you say that? Doesn’t matter. You probably could use the rest, but I know Toslov has a “concussion.” It’s fine though, he’ll live.”

She air quotes concussion

“But since you’re both conscious, how do you want me to contact your… Emerald… Emeraldian friends? Oh, and do you have any dietary problems? I need to feed you, so legally I have to ask…”


Now this was certainly interesting. A part of the technocracy wanted to negotiate peace seperately. This is a chance they couldn’t miss.

Tangandon sent a tightbeam to the ship

“Rosegold, this is contraadmiral Tangadon of the Star Empire of Calerost. We will do what is in our power to convince galactya to negotiate with you, we ourselves are opened to negotiations. We will give you meeting location and conditions shortly.”

Tangandon then quickly contacted the galactyans

“your imperial highnesses i belive you recived the message from Rosepoint. I know the anger you feel right now as i feel it too, but this is a opertunity we can not pass up. Devide and conquer is a strategy proven throughout millenia. This shows cracks in the technocratic federation, cracks we can pry into holes. We would be foolish to refuse. I will ask for your anwser to be emediate”



(LN)“I’m not sure if you even can, they probably can’t even contact us. And No, I don’t have any Dietary Problems. What kind of Injury do I have? Oh, and what exactly is happening, last thing I remember was ejecting after an alien Fighter took me out, and what is a Sereniani?”

(JT)“Yeah… I have a concussion, of course, I’m not sure how, because i’ve been conscious ever sent you a holes captured us”

(LN)“Cmdr., What do you mean by Captured?”

(JT)“These… aliens, they are not our friends, if you haven’t noticed, but our Communicators(Points to the closet where their Uniforms were being stored), have been ringing for a few days and a transmission was broadcasted via their speakers that confirmed that Gamma Protocol is in effect. We’re currently PoW’s.”

(LN)“Well then, (turns to the Medic) Thanks for trying to help”


"Yes tangadon, we received the message. We want to make use of this opportunity as well."

"But first, we'd like to know what our allies would do. After all, we're in this together."

"So, dear friends, what do you advise we do?"

As they said so, they turned to Emperor Julianus and the representatives of both the Union Of Emerald and the Akropii Republic. Even though the entire combat was going to be carried out in their territory, it was of the utmost importance to know what their allies thought and what they were favorable or opposed to. This was everyone’s war after all.

As everyone thought of a plan of action, the Emperors waited for their response.


(FA)“I don’t know, I don’t trust them at all. This could easily be a false flag to drive out attention away from the Wormhole, besides, need I remind you that these are the same people who just committed mass murder against a planets population? As per the Grovne Conventions and the Hawk Treaty, the Union Of Emerald will refuse any attempts at negotiations until they leave this side of the Wormhole and never come back… or have the ability to come back.”


"Well, Fleet Admiral, while the damaged their nation did to Thaievia is... unforgivable, the planet had already been fully evacuated, and all the remaining personnel was residing on orbital station. So, no one should have been killed in the attack. At least we hope so."

"Additionally, they seem to be detached from their nation. Perhaps we may be able to turn them to our side. The Sereniani already have to face five different nations, so any political instability or secession would be incredibly beneficial."

"Exactly! Even them just not participating in the War would be a massive advantage for us. Still, thanks for your opinion."

" Julianus, Litus, what do you think instead? "


“Yeah… Aliens… That’s us. To us, you’re the aliens, but I guess we go with the middling term “Human descendant.” That’s a fairer road to be on, right? And cheer up. You might be able to go back soon.”

“Right, I’m Ms Faith. Pilot’s Doctor.”

Ms Faith shot a glare at Toslov before saying

“Don’t question if you have that concussion young man, or you’ll get sent to the brig.”

Turning back to Neilson, she tried to explain what happened

". . . So when you hit your head, your brain jolted upwards. It hit your skull, and now you have brain damage. You’re very lucky you didn’t have internal bleeding. Knocked you clean out, along with your heart. Your heart stopped, I had to shock you a few times. There was a laceration on your right arm, probably from a fault in your ejection… Thing. "

“Should everything continue to be alright, you should be able to be released back to Emeraldian custody. Can you form a fist for me? I need to remove your IV, it’s almost out. You should be able to eat, though tell me if it doesn’t taste good. We have bland food, or so Toslov keeps complaining.”


The crimson behemoth (who admittedly was quite small compared to his fellow monarchs) sighed as he rubbed at his temples.

“I normally hesitate at suggesting any violent course of action, but I will not lie when I say that the fleet that glassed Thaievia must be intercepted by any means necessary. Admiral Tullius and his Edhel counterpart could lure the attacking fleet here…”

He would point a taloned finger at a barren moon near the Sereniani fleet’s current position. “…and effectively trap them between a hammer and anvil, as it were. Knocking out their primary engines will allow the Legionnaires embarked upon the Imperial fleet to board and subdue the crews, thus preventing any further harm. As for the dissenters who wish to aid us, I will not deny attempts at bringing this senseless tragedy to an end sooner.”

The blue-scaled Elysian Drakari would rise from his seat. “If that is your wish, I can return to my flagship to begin coordination efforts with the Calerostan forces.”


”Sounds like an excellent plan. We do have to get rid of all remaining enemy fleets who could still try to hit any more of the planets.”

”The shielding stations are still recharging from the Sereniani’s first attempt, and we still need to evacuate all orbital ships around Thaievia.”

The Empress turned to the blue Elysian.

”Tangadon is still in his ship, tracked at hangar D-12. You’re still in time to reach him, if you want to talk to him in person.”

She then turned back, now facing the Akropii synth in the room together with Nixhoeils.

”That only leaves you Litus.”

”What do you suggest?”


“Speak of the devil and he doth appears”
Says Tangandon entering the room

"I apologize for the interuption, but i got a message from high command. They’re sending 600 more ships with 300 more being placed in reserve in case reinforcements are needed. I am in command of this fleet. I’ve gotten notified of the exact composition of the fleet, but to not bore you i will only point out 2 things: the whole remaining fleet of 70 mirial bombardment destroyers are in the fleet, as well as 3 starbrakers, one of them being the Spirit of Death, which you should know, was designed specifically for destroying worlds and has 2 billion mirials on it’s kill count. All powerful assets.
I heard the Drakari plan over recording points to a small recording device left at his seat and i agree with it, but think that we should do no attacks before we gather inteligence. As mentioned before operation silent eye will begin in 2 days, we can afford to wait that much, especially with it planned to lay down nukes is strategic spots around the serinari fleet. Their own jammers and darkness will be their downfall. But before we continue with that, i would also like to hear what the Akropii have in mind.


“I’ve been thinking about this for a bit now, but if you truly plan on waging a full scale war against this new nation, why not open up a second front? If we can locate the real-world location of this nation, a few fleets can be sent to draw resources away from the wormhole. All we need to do to find their location is to send some sort of probe through the wormhole. Once it clears, if any of you have faster-than-light communications systems, you could use it to connect with the probe and triangulate its coordinates. And then you have yourself a second front to exploit.”

“As for this Rosepoint group, they could be used to then start an insurrection. With a second front, we would have a way of sneaking supplies to them, should they need them to perform a coup. Perhaps they’re beig enough to be considered a third front. Regardless, bringing them onto our side should prove invaluable. They might even be able to help us locate the real-world location to open the second front.”

“As for any military aid I can supply, I have been authorized to give a declaration of war for such horrific actions. My wish and the wish of my nation is to avoid causing the mass death of civilians.”

Galactan-Controlled Space - Taivaallinen System

The Ardeo sent out a message across the system, and more directly to the Sereniani fleet.

“The Akropii Republic demands that Sereniari turn over those who gave the order to glass Galactyan planets. War will formally be declared against Sereniani by the Akropii Republic, if the demands are not met in 48 hours.”