The Union of Democratic States

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Thanks for the update! Congrats to phoenix on winning another term!

The Union of Democratic States
June Embassy Update
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Howdy Folks, I’m Kade Vasentius, the Delegate for the Union of Democratic States and recently assigned ambassador for TSP. Please find below our June/July update.

Presidential Statement: AC Alex Elected Ma’dam President of the UDS

Howdy folks! Madam President Alex here,

I wanna say first, thank you the voters of The Union for trusting Phoenix and myself to lead the executive branch of our government. It’s an honor to be given this trust within our storied region, and I intend to make good on that trust! As I said during the campaign, there are several things I want to do to vitalize The Union - reach out to current and potential friends, engage the residents we have in discord and game side, expand our defender military capabilities, and utilize the grand endorsement program our Delegate has made to further democratic values within the World Assembly.

The most important work first is that vitalization within The Union. Recruiting new folks to the region, getting them involved in our Regional Message Board, entice them with cultural activities and shiny things, and then trap invite them to continue the cycle. Already there has been several individuals reaching out to get involved in bringing activity to The Union, and our team has been hard at work fine tuning our recruitment process to bring forth all those who value democracy.

The flip side of this is our region reaching out to and engaging with our existing friends in the world. Games, events, festivals, tournaments - all grand events that I know I always look forward to, we can bring forth to our allies! With an increased recruitment and larger group of active and interested players, I want to give special attention through our ambassadors to our allies and their needs. The more inter-regional cooperation that we have, the better we can work together on improving everyone’s experience here!

On that note of knowing our ally’s needs and inter-regional cooperation, one pilot program I’m starting up with the UDSAF is our Foreign Volunteer Company! Any individual or region who wants to partake in the defense of regions around NationStates are invited to work under The Union’s banner and take advantage of the military infrastructure that we have in place. All those who wish to join, please reach out to myself [East Chimore] to find out more.

I am very excited to be working with everyone in The Union and in NationStates, and I hope to bring a positive impact to all y’all here.

Establishment Of The Committee on General Assembly Affairs
By The Second, (AKA Aarman)

In mid-May, the Council of State passed a resolution to establish the Committee on General Assembly Affairs. The proposal, put forth by me, was a response to an amendment made to the Constitution of the UDS. This amendment, proposed by Kanglia, notably dissolved the Senate and replaced it with the Council of State, granting the Council the power to issue vote directives to the region’s World Assembly Delegate. These directives dictate whether the WA Delegate should vote in favor of, against, or abstain from voting on a resolution in the GA.

According to the resolution, the committee’s responsibilities include evaluating General Assembly resolutions up for a vote or in the queue, reviewing bills related to directing the WA Delegate’s voting stance on General Assembly resolutions, and providing the Council with their recommendations on directing the WA Delegate. The resolution passed with a vote of 0-6. Following the committee’s establishment, there was a period of inactivity until I was recently appointed as the Chairperson of the Committee. I plan to kick-start the committee by appointing members soon. While I proposed and now head the CGAA, I have hopes that it will succeed, but naturally, I have my doubts. Nonetheless, it is always interesting to observe how these things unfold and influence others.

End of Term Awards
By Guess and Check

In the Union, it is always a tradition for Presidents to give out awards at the end of every term, to formally show their gratitude to the people who made their initiatives during their terms possible. President Phoenix’s ending term speech is no different.

The Union generally gives out four rewards: “Service Medals” for general service, “Legions of Honour” for specific executive work, a roleplaying award, and a recruitment award.

Of those who received the Service Medals, Anelyn/Night Parrots, Alex/East Chimore, and Aarman received the highest class of Service Medals - First Class; the first for her work in bolstering Union culture, the second for her work as Minister of the Census, and the third for their growing involvement in the region (particularly as Deputy Minister of World Assembly Affairs). Alpine State and The New United Astrodomean Republic received the Second Class Service Medal - Alpine for their work as Attorney General, Astrodomean for their work as Speaker of the Council of State (the Union’s legislature). Ostro/The Union Of Democratic Ostros was given the Third Class Service Medal for their budding yet active service in the UDSAF.

Various Legions of Honour were given for various Ministries. For Census, the award went to Alex and Guess and Check. For Culture, it went to Anelyn. For Roleplay, it went to Orvos and Chewbaccon. For World Assembly Affairs, it went to Aarman. And for Defense (I.e. the Ministry that oversees the UDSAF), it went to Alex.

For the Roleplaying Award, Arty and moveit002 (known via the same forum names) alongside Astrodomean received the award for their overly awesome roleplaying efforts. Guess and Check would receive both the Recruitment Award and be named Manual Recruiter of the Month.

Welcoming a New Honorary Citizen
By Guess and Check

One of the largest honors the Union can bestow on an individual is that of Honorary Citizen, which essentially grants an individual the right to hold citizenship without being a resident (although regular citizenship is still necessary for rights pertaining to government like voting or serving in office). Alongside that, said individuals get entered into the Union’s Hall of Fame - a list of all Honorary Citizens to date. This honor is reserved for individuals who have made noted impacts upon the Union’s community and deserve to be remembered for the Union’s existence.

It is this very honor that the Union’s Council of State has decided to bestow upon Alex, also known as East Chimore. The motion was presented to the Council by Alpine State on June 6th of this year; after some debate, it passed Council vote and was signed into law by President Phoenix on June 19th, 2023.

Having initially began her time in the Union a year ago as an Ambassador from Merciam, Alex was soon given the position of Minister of the Census to help them learn more about the Union’s Executive. She then proceeded to answer every single citizenship application for eight months straight, showing impressive dedication to the role rarely seen. In recent months, she’s also began revitalizing the UDSAF - bringing in new recruits, bringing in more liberators to Libcord operations, and incorporating the one-an-update detag operation system seen in other regions into UDSAF’s repertoire of operation types. Under her recent leadership, the UDSAF has already seen record numbers in turnout and participation, representing a level of activity not seen in years. Alex has also done extensive work in guiding newcomers in the region’s way of government without being asked to. While her time in the Union is short, it is undoubtedly impactful - enough so to welcome her as the Union’s 24th Honorary Citizen.
The Executive congratulates Alex on her new status.

Council Of State Update
By JaxsonWinter

The Council Of State, The UDS’s Legislature, In the Past Months has passed Many New Bills to Effect the UDS
A Motion to Establish a New Committee, a Bill to Archive Old Legislation from the Senate, And A Bill to Repeal The Declaration of Recruitment Standards, ECT.

In Other CoS News, The CoS Has been Experimenting with “Roleplay Legislation”, In Which Within The Chamber, Roleplay Debate is carried out by our Respective RP Characters and Delegation, which is still taken Seriously but not as much as Normal Legislation
Along With The Roleplay Legislation, The Bills being passed That are Considered RP are not Law-binding in any way, and is just a way for us to have fun every once in a while

The CoS has Also Been Passing Some Laws Recently to Amend the Constitution and the Rules of Procedures, which we await Presidential Approval

We hope that The Council of State will continue to be Efficient in Passing Laws for the UDS, and that we will also see new People join as Councilors as we Experiment with New Ways of Passing Laws

UDSAF Update: Retirements and Revival.
By Kangila

I will be pretty brief about this part as I don’t think it is what is important about the UDSAF lately. But I(Kanglia) am stepping down from the role of Commander of the UDSAF and am retiring from active duty as a member of the regional military. I believe that the time is right to have such a transition, and that there are numerous people who are incredibly capable of continuing to lead the regional military into the future. With that being said, it is incredibly evident by the continual increases in turnout to liberations, with the UDSAF seeing its highest numbers in updaters in several years in several recent operations. The UDSAF has also taken to detagging again as well, giving a reserve off update unit the ability to participate in missions as well. The health of the regional military is as good as it has been in several years, thanks to many new recruits taking initiative and becoming impactful leaders within the military system.

Congratulations to the new President and Honored Citizen!

Howdy All - Here to share our latest update from President Ostro:

Hello to all of the people reading. This is an informal summarization of the key events which have occurred in the Union over the past 2 weeks, mostly to do with events occurring today. I apologize for the informality, and will seek to make it more traditionally looking next time an update is done.

On October 8, 2023, Alfkarl and myself were elected President and Vice President of the Union, with 8 people voting for us and 4 people voting to reopen nominations. … sult.2191/

Here is what President Alfkarl had to say right after his election:

I don’t quite know how to do this so I am going to just let what I am thinking pour out.
Thank you
I have many plans, I want to make this region the best it can be but I don’t want it to lose its uniqueness. I am going to be the best I can be, it’s about time I give back I am not going to be perfect but I will damn well give it my best shot.
I can’t do this without your help but I want to make the most enjoyable experience for everyone one.

Today, on October 22, 2023, Alfkarl resigned as President. His resignation speech was as follows:

Today I have made a large error regarding the roleplay ministry I won’t go into details but it has let to me re-evaluating my presidency and my skills. I am not fit to be President that is clear. I have had so much fun here, I have also found my passion which appears to be culture events not HR. I have made arrangements for Ostro to be president a new vice president will be picked shortly. I will remain as Attorney general, deputy minister of foreign affairs and will be working as staff in culture. I hope you can forgive me for my less than ideal management.

My apologies … well.2199/

As Vice President, the Electoral Commission agreed to make me acting President for the rest of Alf’s term. This was my address to the Union after these events occurred:

Greetings to all Unionists. As you may have seen, about an hour ago, Alfkarl resigned the post of President. (Those that haven’t, … well.2199/ ). After a short period, the Electoral Commission confirmed me as the new President.

The region is in a bad spot, I’m not going to lie. Activity and recruitment are incredibly low, and we have less and less active and qualified people to serve as leadership. I do not promise to fix all this. If I did I’d be deluding myself; I am far from the best regionbuilder of all time and regions in a better spot than ours have sunk. I do promise one thing, however. I will try. I will try to fix all of the problems I just touched on, and more. I swear that I will give it every spare minute I have to regain our former glory.

But I know that I can’t do it alone, and that many heads are far, far better than one. That’s why I want - no, I need you all to help me. Together we stand, and divided we fall. If we work together, we can accomplish much, and I will do my best to be the tip of the operation.

President Ostrovskiy … skiy.2200/

The new Vice President is Phoenix, who is undoubtedly one of the most active and experienced members of our region. Here is his appointment: … enix.2201/

I again apologize for the very informal summary of information, and promise to make any and all reports in the future more standardized and acceptable.

President of the Union of Democratic States

Thanks for the update, boss.

Thanks for the update. Best of luck to the new President