The Region That Has No Big Banks - Embassy

Hi everyone!

Thank you for letting us open this embassy on your forum/onsite & allowing us to officially establish relations with The South Pacific.

I will regularly keep this forum updated on the regional happenings in TRTHNBB and share our latest version of our Regional Newspaper (The Social Reformer) here too. Our latest edition was published on the 1st of March. If you are interested, check it out here NationStates | Dispatch | The Social Reformer - Twelfth Edition - March 1st, 2024

In addition, TRTHNBB holds monthly games nights which any Citizens from The South Pacific would be welcome to attend.

March Games Night; Our next Games Night is on Saturday 23rd March; we will be playing Gartic Phone,, Chess, and a variety of discord games. See info here: NationStates | Dispatch | TRTHNBB Games Night: Saturday 23rd March

Bankless Chess Arena on Saturday 27th April we are hosting our first standalone inter-regional blitz chess competition, seeking to bring together chess players across NationStates to participate - any Citizens from TSP would be very welcome :slight_smile: NationStates | Dispatch | Bankless Chess Arena - Saturday 27th April

Very nice to meet you all, and I hope to make many new friends and work closely with y’all into the future!

Kind regards
New United Common-lands


Thank you for the inaugural update! We look forward to several more!

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The Social Reformer, Thirteenth Edition Released - 1st April 2024
The News You Would Rid Your Big Banks For

Good morning TSP,
Our entire cabinet just resigned. Read more here, (and upvote if you enjoyed!) NationStates | Dispatch | The Social Reformer - Thirteenth Edition - April 1st, 2024

Kind regards
New United Common-lands
Former MoFA for TRTHNBB

TRTHNBB April Games Night
Hello TSP! Another NBB game night’s on the horizon; it’s this weekend as a matter of fact! Check out the dispatch & our discord if you’re interested!

-Kind regards from NUCL, MoFA and Ambassador from NBB to TSP