The North Pacific Embassy

TNP Summer Update

Hello all,

First, let us say that we are hopeful that we can get back into doing these at least once a month moving forward. One of the goals we have moving forward is that we can continue to be a positive example for NationStates in providing regular updates to our allies and friends abroad.

The last few months have been challenging ones for the North Pacific. We have strived to ensure that our beloved Independence maintains its prominent position while also ensuring that we can effectively and actively counter threats as they pop up.

To that end, this past term we concluded the Pax Polaris Occidens (with the Pacific and the West Pacific) which you hopefully have already heard about. We also recently ratified another agreement, the Modern Gameplay Compact (with Europeia, Balder, the Pacific, and the West Pacific) which ensures that our interests are protected and that the North Pacific begins to take a bold step in the face of the upcoming Frontier/Stronghold update.

Additionally, while it was not mentioned due to time constraints on behalf of the Minister and his team, the North Pacific also hosted a festival in late June with Europeia celebrating Pride. We were thrilled to have such an awesome time with our long-time friends and allies in Europeia celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community! Another cultural centerpiece this past term was the revival of the Northern Broadcasting System, which broadcast an an RP spotlight and reading with Prydania and a news show with Vivanco and Hulldom.

Exciting developments should also be on the horizon too with our Defense and Cards Ministries as they gear up for what should hopefully be an exciting fall in TNP!

On the agenda very recently were our September general elections, wherein the positions of Delegate, Vice Delegate, and Speaker of the Regional Assembly were up for grabs.

Two of the races were unopposed:

  • Pallaith (Ghost) was elected Delegate of the North Pacific for a fifth term overall and his second term in this stint. Ghost received 56 votes to 15 abstentions, with 23 of those 71 votes calling for nominations to be re-opened.
  • Hulldom was elected Vice Delegate of the North Pacific for his first term in that office. Hulldom received 51 votes to 20 abstentions, with 27 of those 71 votes calling for nominations to be re-opened.

The office of Speaker of the Regional Assembly was marginally more competitive as Sil Dorsett received 53 votes to 9 for his opponent Bobberino, with only 5 of those 71 votes calling for nominations to be re-opened.

We hope that you will join us in congratulating the victors of our most recent elections. The next ones we have on tap are in November as the three seats of the Court will be up for election in what is often an incredibly exciting and competitive set of elections.

Lastly, we want to inform you who everyone is in our new Cabinet so you can get to know us a bit more beyond whoever’s posting this in your region!

For his fifth term as Delegate, Ghost (Ghost#8872) selected:

  • Hulldom (@QuatuorPlusOne#9419) as his Minister of Foreign Affairs. Hulldom is entering his second term as Minister of Foreign Affairs. You may recognize him from his earlier terms as Minister of World Assembly Affairs.
  • Kastonvia (@Kasto#3705) as Minister of Home Affairs. Kastonvia is, among other things, our former Lead Gameside Advocate for the past two and a half terms and our departing three-term Vice Delegate.
  • Cretox State (@Cretox#0125) as Minister of Defense. Cretox has done it all in TNP. This will be his second go at the Ministry of Defense, having previously served twice as Vice Delegate and twice as Minister of World Assembly Affairs.
  • Kaschovia (@Kasch#1455) as Minister of Culture. Kasch, like Cretox, has done it all in TNP throughout the years. He brings a new set of eyes to the team, having only recently returned from an extended absence, but Kasch has been excellent since returning to Cabinet near the end of last term.
  • Card Kingdom (Rewan, @Rewan Demontay #4498) as Minister of Cards. Rewan is now in his second term as Minister of Cards, having served with distinction last term and in terms previous as a Deputy Minister. We look forward to seeing what he does to keep cards fun and interesting as we patiently await Season 3, and last, but certainly not least,
  • Chipoli (@Sir Lingardinho#0001) as Minister of World Assembly Affairs. Chipoli is starting his first full term at the MoWAA, having shot up the ranks very quickly as a quick learner and eager beaver. We are excited to see what he does with one of our centerpiece Ministries when given a full term to imprint his vision.

Additionally, foreign officials will be glad to know that our Gameside is in good hands with Ethnon taking over for a full term as Lead Gameside Advocate. If you have any needs regarding our gameside (say a pesky spammer from TNP, or the menagerie of ducks, axolotls, tea drinkers, and others on our RMB have escaped to your region!), he is your man, but any of the Cabinet would be happy to talk to you about that, or any other matter for that reason.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to reach out about anything! Our door is always open.

~~The TNP Foreign Affairs Ministry

New Ambassador from TNP

Hello all!

I wanted to take this opportunity to formally introduce myself. Some of you might have seen some of my WA drafts or threads, or my activity in the Got Issues? sub-forum, but for (most likely) the majority of you:

Greetings from Daarwyrth and Great Robertia!

As Daarwyrth, I have been a member of Forest for two years now, yet recently I joined TNP as a citizen and now as an Ambassador to TSP on my second nation Great Robertia.

So, a little bit about me… I have been actively playing NationStates since the summer of 2020, but I had hopped on and off in the years prior to that. Got Issues? and the General Assembly of the WA are where I’m most active within the game, and naturally my two home regions Forest and TNP. I’ve been fulfilling ambassadorial and border control roles within Forest, and I have been appointed as a Deputy Minister to the Minister of Foreign Affairs in TNP.

I hope to be able to interact with your community a lot and be TNP’s friendly voice amongst you! If you have any questions or feel up for a chat, feel free to contact me on these forums, in-game on either Daarwyrth or Great Robertia, or over Discord at Ryssius#8564!

Welcome @Daarwyrth! Glad to have you here and thank you for delivering the update