The North Pacific Embassy

TNP Summer Update

Hello all,

First, let us say that we are hopeful that we can get back into doing these at least once a month moving forward. One of the goals we have moving forward is that we can continue to be a positive example for NationStates in providing regular updates to our allies and friends abroad.

The last few months have been challenging ones for the North Pacific. We have strived to ensure that our beloved Independence maintains its prominent position while also ensuring that we can effectively and actively counter threats as they pop up.

To that end, this past term we concluded the Pax Polaris Occidens (with the Pacific and the West Pacific) which you hopefully have already heard about. We also recently ratified another agreement, the Modern Gameplay Compact (with Europeia, Balder, the Pacific, and the West Pacific) which ensures that our interests are protected and that the North Pacific begins to take a bold step in the face of the upcoming Frontier/Stronghold update.

Additionally, while it was not mentioned due to time constraints on behalf of the Minister and his team, the North Pacific also hosted a festival in late June with Europeia celebrating Pride. We were thrilled to have such an awesome time with our long-time friends and allies in Europeia celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community! Another cultural centerpiece this past term was the revival of the Northern Broadcasting System, which broadcast an an RP spotlight and reading with Prydania and a news show with Vivanco and Hulldom.

Exciting developments should also be on the horizon too with our Defense and Cards Ministries as they gear up for what should hopefully be an exciting fall in TNP!

On the agenda very recently were our September general elections, wherein the positions of Delegate, Vice Delegate, and Speaker of the Regional Assembly were up for grabs.

Two of the races were unopposed:

  • Pallaith (Ghost) was elected Delegate of the North Pacific for a fifth term overall and his second term in this stint. Ghost received 56 votes to 15 abstentions, with 23 of those 71 votes calling for nominations to be re-opened.
  • Hulldom was elected Vice Delegate of the North Pacific for his first term in that office. Hulldom received 51 votes to 20 abstentions, with 27 of those 71 votes calling for nominations to be re-opened.

The office of Speaker of the Regional Assembly was marginally more competitive as Sil Dorsett received 53 votes to 9 for his opponent Bobberino, with only 5 of those 71 votes calling for nominations to be re-opened.

We hope that you will join us in congratulating the victors of our most recent elections. The next ones we have on tap are in November as the three seats of the Court will be up for election in what is often an incredibly exciting and competitive set of elections.

Lastly, we want to inform you who everyone is in our new Cabinet so you can get to know us a bit more beyond whoever’s posting this in your region!

For his fifth term as Delegate, Ghost (Ghost#8872) selected:

  • Hulldom (@QuatuorPlusOne#9419) as his Minister of Foreign Affairs. Hulldom is entering his second term as Minister of Foreign Affairs. You may recognize him from his earlier terms as Minister of World Assembly Affairs.
  • Kastonvia (@Kasto#3705) as Minister of Home Affairs. Kastonvia is, among other things, our former Lead Gameside Advocate for the past two and a half terms and our departing three-term Vice Delegate.
  • Cretox State (@Cretox#0125) as Minister of Defense. Cretox has done it all in TNP. This will be his second go at the Ministry of Defense, having previously served twice as Vice Delegate and twice as Minister of World Assembly Affairs.
  • Kaschovia (@Kasch#1455) as Minister of Culture. Kasch, like Cretox, has done it all in TNP throughout the years. He brings a new set of eyes to the team, having only recently returned from an extended absence, but Kasch has been excellent since returning to Cabinet near the end of last term.
  • Card Kingdom (Rewan, @Rewan Demontay #4498) as Minister of Cards. Rewan is now in his second term as Minister of Cards, having served with distinction last term and in terms previous as a Deputy Minister. We look forward to seeing what he does to keep cards fun and interesting as we patiently await Season 3, and last, but certainly not least,
  • Chipoli (@Sir Lingardinho#0001) as Minister of World Assembly Affairs. Chipoli is starting his first full term at the MoWAA, having shot up the ranks very quickly as a quick learner and eager beaver. We are excited to see what he does with one of our centerpiece Ministries when given a full term to imprint his vision.

Additionally, foreign officials will be glad to know that our Gameside is in good hands with Ethnon taking over for a full term as Lead Gameside Advocate. If you have any needs regarding our gameside (say a pesky spammer from TNP, or the menagerie of ducks, axolotls, tea drinkers, and others on our RMB have escaped to your region!), he is your man, but any of the Cabinet would be happy to talk to you about that, or any other matter for that reason.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to reach out about anything! Our door is always open.

~~The TNP Foreign Affairs Ministry

New Ambassador from TNP

Hello all!

I wanted to take this opportunity to formally introduce myself. Some of you might have seen some of my WA drafts or threads, or my activity in the Got Issues? sub-forum, but for (most likely) the majority of you:

Greetings from Daarwyrth and Great Robertia!

As Daarwyrth, I have been a member of Forest for two years now, yet recently I joined TNP as a citizen and now as an Ambassador to TSP on my second nation Great Robertia.

So, a little bit about me… I have been actively playing NationStates since the summer of 2020, but I had hopped on and off in the years prior to that. Got Issues? and the General Assembly of the WA are where I’m most active within the game, and naturally my two home regions Forest and TNP. I’ve been fulfilling ambassadorial and border control roles within Forest, and I have been appointed as a Deputy Minister to the Minister of Foreign Affairs in TNP.

I hope to be able to interact with your community a lot and be TNP’s friendly voice amongst you! If you have any questions or feel up for a chat, feel free to contact me on these forums, in-game on either Daarwyrth or Great Robertia, or over Discord at Ryssius#8564!

Welcome @Daarwyrth! Glad to have you here and thank you for delivering the update


I can’t say I’m very good at this whole speech thing. I’m much better in a more casual setting and tend to be terse, yet here we are. Before I get into the stuff I know you’re all really here for, I want to take some time to close the last chapter.

Some of you may be surprised to know that was really my first time in the big arena so to speak. I’d done FA jobs elsewhere in the past, but the stakes were never so high, and never are so high, as they are in the North Pacific. I’d like to think I did well by the region in my service there, just as I’d like to think I’ll do well by my service here. I know that the skills and relationships I’ve built over the last sixteen months at the high table will only help me. One of our points of pride as the North Pacific ought to be this: even if our leaders are only on the big stage for a year or two, they show up when the world needs them and they’re prepared. I hope to be the continued embodiment of that tradition.

I also have a few thank yous to distribute even now. To Ghost, my predecessor, you’ve been a wonderful friend and an even better example of what true leadership can look like. If I’m even half the leader Ghost is at his very best, I am very confident for the term to come. To my competitor at the elections, Vivanco, you may not have the result you might have wanted, but chin up. Merely having competition is wonderful and shows the strength of our democracy that everyone will be held to account. And of course lastly, I’m going to say thank you to the awesome individuals who agreed to be in my Cabinet. Believe it or not, I had them write the bulk of my platform. The overarching agendas were my doing but the specific policy points can only be credited to them. And to their credit, they did splendidly.

Now, for the real stars of the show, my Cabinet. [Dispensing with the usual way we do this, I would simply encourage them to see the notification here and immediately go to take their oath.]

Minister of Foreign Affairs - Wymondham
What is there to say that hasn’t already been said about Wym? Y’all, he’s very special. He’s smart, he’s kind, and he’s a wonderful example of what this region can be and can do at its very best even if he didn’t get his start here. In the crucial months ahead, I know Wym will provide me with his sage advice and almost encyclopedic knowledge of the game and continue the FA trajectory (for the most part) we’re on.

Minister of Home Affairs - Caius
Of all the appointments from Ghost’s Cabinet, I must say that Caius both surprised me the most and pleased me the most. He did a wonderful job at Home Affairs last term and even if we start tailoring things to look a little different than they have in the past, I am confident in his ability to continue to rise to the occasion as he has in the past.

Minister of Culture + Lead Gameside Advocate - Fili
Fili is a relative newcomer to the Culture Ministry. In fact, he’s the only person on this list who was not either already a Minister or a Deputy Minister, but he has shown wonderful skill already in serving as Lead Gameside Advocate. Will his role look different this term? Yes. Do I think Fili will revitalize our Culture and help show why I’m making the choice to have Culture and Gameside together? Absolutely,

Minister of World Assembly Affairs - Fregerson
Freg has done excellent work in the WA Affairs Ministry this past term, making sure that the metaphorical trains ran on time. There are changes afoot in WA, but I feel positive that under Freg’s astute tutelage we will see a return to form.

Minister of Cards - Rewan Demontay
“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Rewan has served the region well as Minister of Cards and comes into his third term still with gobs of potential. I am excited to see where the continued Season 3 mania goes and where Rewan’s leadership can take this Ministry. I hope we go from a Ministry on the brink to one which has fully and sensationally made itself an indispensable core part of Government.

Minister of Legal Affairs - Pallaith
This job is effectively an advisory one with the tenor of a Ministry. Ghost will immediately get to work helping the Government fulfill its legislative agenda and help us identify areas where the Government can help improve our Legal Code. I have full faith in Ghost to keep on, keeping on, even if his role is less than it has been this past term.

Now there is one Ministry you don’t see here, the Ministry of Defense. Is it without a leader? [strike]Am I violating the Constitution?[/strike] No. For the time being, ROM will continue his excellent work in leading the Ministry. I do have a pick for Minister of Defense but their work elsewhere renders them incapable of taking the position for about ten more days. When they are finally able to step into the role, I will make the announcement formally stating who they are. And trust me, I believe you all will be as excited for them as I am about them.

Lastly for this opening address, I have a few policy notes that I want to immediately address. Changes to Delegate Directives 4 and 5 will emerge today. These changes will do the following: reorder the precedence in Cabinet and reorder the list of Chair of the Executive Council in mine and Gorundu’s absence (should such occur) and, among other things, formally abolish the one organization policy—starting today, members of other armies (save for armies of sanctioned regions) may join the North Pacific Army. There will be other changes to DD5 especially, but these are yet to be finalized.

Now, I will leave you all with a parting thought. The next four months promise to be among the greatest challenges this region has ever faced, potentially even the greatest challenge it has faced in a decade. I cannot promise that every moment will be easy or that every decision we make will appear to be the right one at the time. But I can promise that we will fight for the North Pacific both at home and abroad and that the metaphorical light of Polaris will guide us.

As always, if you have questions, concerns, or comment, please feel free to reach out via TG or Discord DM @AsquithsAngels#1924.

With hope,


New Distribution Method for TNP Communications


Due to advances in technology over the past few decades TNP has decided to alter the way in which we deliver communications to our friends and allies. Going forwards TNP will be delivering all of its communications via discord using discord’s announcement channel feature. All you need to do to get TNP diplomatic updates going forwards is to follow our #diplomatic-distributions channel in the TNP server, then any diplomatic updates will be sent directly to the channel which you have followed #diplomatic-distributions in. You can find out more regarding how to do this in the following guide from Discord
Going forwards your ambassadors will be focusing more on keeping TNP more up to date around the goings on in your region while the ministry conducts a detailed review on how to make ambassadors fit for purpose in 2023. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact our Minister of Foreign Affairs Wymondham on discord at Wymondham#3478.

Thanks for delivering this notice. We’re unlikely to subscribe to the channel because we don’t have a great place for it, but I’ll stay in touch with your Delegate and MoFA. Cheers!


Straight from our Ministry of Culture, a new edition of The North Star

In my capacity as Deputy Minister in The North Pacific’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it is my solemn duty to inform The South Pacific that following a vote of the Regional Assembly of the North Pacific, the Aurora Alliance has been been repealed. As per Section V, Clause 3 of the treaty The North Pacific officially withdraws from this treaty one week after this post.

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Thank you for the notification, Deputy Minister.

Straight from our Ministry of Communications, an edition of The North Star!
You can read it here.

Thank you for delivering this update. I applaud TNP’s dedication to a substantive media record of its internal politics

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The North Pacific has officially ratified it’s treaties with The Wellspring and Carcassonne.

Treaty of the Northern Wells Ratified

The North Pacific is delighted to announce the signing of the Treaty of the Northern Wells, which establishes an alliance between our region and The Wellspring. The relationship between our regions is unique and the treaty we have established reflects that reality. Almost immediately after the region was created, The Wellspring was successfully occupied by The North Pacific Army, and for a single update it was the only functional frontier in the game with half of the game’s new nation spawns. The decision to take control of The Wellspring was a spontaneous one, but it soon led to serious questions about how the region would develop and what precisely its relationship to us was. Most observers believed the reality was simply that The Wellspring was TNP’s frontier, a territorial extension of it, fully under its control and administration. Developing a region, and a new community to reside within it, is a difficult process, and relies on the dedication and creativity of the individuals who set out to do that work. Much like TNP’s decision to occupy The Wellspring, the creation of a new community is an organic, unpredictable process.

The Wellspring didn’t just become another territory; it transformed into a vibrant and self-sustaining community in its own right. It developed its own unique government and organization, driven by its dedicated native inhabitants who were passionate about shaping its future. The transformation of The Wellspring from a promising newcomer to one of the most significant frontiers in NationStates was entirely a result of the resilience and creativity of its citizens. They breathed life into the region with their distinctive themes, ideas, and goals, all motivated by a shared vision to create a sense of belonging and purpose within The Wellspring. In the dynamic world of NationStates, innovation and community spirit can turn any opportunity into something truly extraordinary. The Wellspring is a testament to this idea, showing how far a community can come with enough individuality, ambition, and dedication.

This treaty is more than just a formality; it’s a strong bond that reflects our commitment to the security and prosperity of both The North Pacific and The Wellspring. In a world filled with challenges and shifting landscapes, this treaty stands as a symbol of our unity and strength. It reaffirms our promise to stand together against threats, determined to protect our regions’ safety, stability, and future success. Our commitment isn’t just words; it’s deeply rooted in the shared values and ideals that bring us together. Many in The Wellspring, after all, share an identity as TNPers. But the home they made for themselves is distinctly their own.

While emphasizing our shared history and membership, the treaty also reflects the unique relationship our two regions have, by providing The Wellspring an option to formally make itself a territory of our region without giving up a shred of its independence or sovereignty in how it governs itself, whenever it sees fit. To the eyes of the world, our regions are both distinct and forever intertwined, both distinct and united at the same time. Our alliance is built on this premise, as we can never forget where and how this relationship started, but we also cannot deny that The Wellspring is not an extension of TNP, and that even when it hews closer to our community, it will always have its own identity and will never be contained.

The Wellspring turned a significant challenge into an opportunity. We are proud of all they have accomplished these last few months, and proud to consider them not just friends and allies, and a home shared by many of our own citizens, but an extension of our community that goes beyond borders or formal claims of ownership. What we have is sometimes hard to define or explain, and always in defiance of expectations and historical norms for how allies or regions with a past shared history are expected to behave. Whatever it is, we like and cherish it, we fully commit to it, and we want to celebrate it with the world. You can view the treaty here.

Delegate of the North Pacific

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Aude Alliance Ratified

Today the North Pacific marks the start of a new alliance with Carcassonne and the evolution of our relationship with one of our oldest allies, Taijitu. Our partnership with Taijitu, which has been a cornerstone of our diplomatic history as one of our longest standing allies, has evolved significantly in the wake of Carcassonne’s emergence as a vibrant frontier. Over the past several months, Carcassonne has grown from Taijitu’s successor state into a distinct and vital region in the world of frontiers, and has become a major catalyst for shifts in gameplay. As we begin to consider more carefully how our own region responds to these changing times, we feel that Carcassonne’s approach and experience in this area is valuable and we can work together to pursue similar interests. The bonds that united us through our shared history with Taijitu, our common values, and the resonance of our ideas make this treaty a natural and logical progression in our diplomatic relations. It not only signifies the deepening of our friendship but also recognizes Carcassonne as an exceptionally esteemed partner within our regional network.

As Carcassonne is the successor state to Taijitu, we have adopted this new treaty to recognize the community as it exists today. We continue to recognize the significance of Taijitu, extending the treaty’s recognition and protections to it even as we recognize this treaty replaces the one we had with Taijitu. We are thrilled that this community we have known for so long, and which has been dormant and casual in recent years, can take on a new and exciting role, and that they can be a more active partner of ours as we navigate this new, ever-changing landscape together. We hope we can expand our partnership in new areas, including the World Assembly, as reflected by the new language we have adopted in this treaty to encourage greater cooperation there. Going forward we hope we can make strides here and also in frontier space, where Carcassonne can provide assistance and knowledge just as we can do the same in the World Assembly. Based on such significant friendship throughout our shared histories, we look forward to the years ahead in hope and excitement for the Aude Alliance. You can view the treaty here.

Delegate of the North Pacific

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Thank you for the updates. I think your image embed is a little busted, too.

Another edition of The North Star is out!
You can view it here.

Hello, I am the new ambassador to The South Pacific from The North Pacific.


Thanks for the update, @NutmegTheSquirrel.

Nice to see you again, @Comfed. You’ve still got your old SPIT glass at the lampshade bar.


To War

To all North Pacificans,

We are officially at war.

Our Regional Assembly has passed two motions recognizing that a state of war exists between The North Pacific and both the Communist Bloc (TCB) and the Brotherhood of Malice (BoM), and has also passed a separate motion exempting them, their territories or possessions, and regions which are operated by their members and contribute to their military or support their cause, from legal prohibitions on members of the North Pacific Army performing Class B restricted actions.

In the days following TCB and BoM’s invasion of our region on August 27th with their delegate tip and the subsequent release of former Acting Delegate Chipoli’s statement “Taking A Stand” on August 29th, the Brotherhood of Malice has continued to engage in further hostilities against our community and friends, most recently in their raids against multiple treaty allies, where they openly begged for a war despite their “Vampire King” vehemently claiming it was us that wanted one. If their insatiable desire for conflict has not been made clear enough through all of the baseless, self-serving narratives they spin and push wherever they can, insulting our region and its members, their actions over the last two months definitely have. While we deliberated over the best course of action in response to these provocations, it is now the mandate of the region to recognize and act on the fact that a state of war exists between ourselves and those regions, which I intend to carry through until the end.

In the wake of our participation in the ongoing operation in Solidarity, we have seen these same conflict-seeking enemies attempt to recast us as aggressors interested in waging a war based on political ideology, and one that The North Pacific does not subscribe to. We trust that the nations of the world recognize these desperate lies for what they are, but I want to state clearly that this is not at all a war of political ideology. We engage in this conflict not only for ourselves, but for our friends and allies who have had their sovereignty violated at the hands of the Communist Bloc and the Brotherhood of Malice. The operation in Solidarity also demonstrates as clearly as possible that we not only have significant backing from our allies, the defender sphere at large, and numerous independent militaries in our counteroffensive efforts, we also have the support of many regions who have similarly suffered as a result of the aggression of TCB and BoM. Those communities too, and their allies, are just as tired of the insults, threats, and rhetoric, and have decided that we have to take a stand much greater and more impactful than ever before. We will show the world, and in particular the two regions with which we now meet on the field of battle, that we will never be discouraged by the tactics they employ, we will never back down as a community because of their threats, and we will never let our allies suffer at their discretion without consequence.

Our region has faced countless challenges throughout our history and prevailed every single time - this will be no different. This is a direct call to arms for all North Pacificans, no matter what position you hold, to show that we are united in our efforts, prepared for any eventuality, and will fight until the end. Various dispatches will be released today to highlight avenues of participation for all residents of the North Pacific. But we also call on the citizens of the world to join us in standing up to these enemies of freedom and peace. To anyone who respects the efforts of our collective residents to build a vibrant and ever-improving interregional community, and believes that the work we’ve all put into it amounts to something and is worth preserving and protecting - join us in this fight.

To the Communist Bloc and the Brotherhood of Malice: you’ve been dreaming of this moment, caught up in your web of rhetoric, itching with anticipation for a war with the North, but it’s time to wake up and face the real consequences of your aggression. You cannot expect us to do nothing while you directly attack our region and our allies, and blatantly violate our sovereignty. You cannot expect to do these things and remain unscathed and unchallenged, nor can you hold the world ransom and expect it to let you have your way with it. We carry with us the undying flame of democracy, one that has fueled our independent spirit for two decades and united thousands of North Pacificans against adversity and against anyone who dares challenge our way of life. It is the bedrock of our community, inseparable from who we are. And that flame is not ours alone, but one that we have always sought to share with the world. Not only will we carry it with us in this war, but we will bring it to every nation who believes in the same values and principles that we hold dear, and is willing to fight for them. You are only now beginning to realize that this fight isn’t just with us, and it is not the same thing as slinging mud and taunting us in gameplay. You will face the judgment of the world and the hundreds of nations you have antagonized and victimized for over a year. It is not just The North Pacific who is taking a stand and fighting back today, and it will not solely be our victory when you are but a mere footnote in this game’s history.


Delegate of the North Pacific

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the North Pacific

Thank you for delivering this very important notice. We wish the North success in its war efforts.

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