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The Ministry of Integration

The Cabinet of the South Pacific

The Ministry of Integration (MoI) is a ministry of the Cabinet of the South Pacific. It is tasked with integrating new nations into the South Pacific’s community via many platforms such as dispatches, telegrams,…

How to participate
Our work happens in the #executive-planning channel of our region’s Discord server, viewable by any citizen. No sign-up or application is required. If you are interested in our work, just hop in!


Agenda for November 2023 term

  • Simplify and update the beginner dispatches:
    • Simplify and update dispatches that explain the Assembly, the Cabinet, the High Court, and independent bodies
    • Create a diagram about TSP government structure for the Government Introduction dispatch
  • Discuss with individual ministries on their own recruitment needs to formulate improvements
  • Simplify the welcome telegram
  • Reorganize main scripts and software MoI relies on into the TSP GitHub Organization and improve the documentation of these items
  • Finalize the Pathways to Engagement initiative

Permanent staff

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All of your agenda items sound like worthy projects, but this one stood out to me as particularly valuable. As a new member, a visualization of the government would have been very helpful in quickly getting up to speed on how things worked / the relationships between different government entities. And it would have made the written dispatch descriptions of each entity more accessible if I could have easily pictured how whatever I was reading about fit into the overall government structure. I look forward to seeing it!

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