The League of Cordilia Negotiations

The League of Cordilia negotiations are a series of international talks for the agreement for the creation of an united Cordilian front started on September 25, 2022 in New Pzárya, UPRAN.


Grand Korie Hotel, Suite 1205
New Pzárya, UPRAN

It was supposed to be his suite. Except the delegation members had multiple papers and food all around the room, he had to get another one connected to it. He didn’t slept on that one though, he spent his time preparing.

Sleeves rolled up, and glasses on. He took a large portion of the night surrounded in documents and papers to ensure Huawan was prepared in the upcoming talks. A formation of the League of Cordilia is a perfect momentum to stabilize the power structure from the CE or superpowers like Ryccia and Izaakia, and Huawan needed the edge.

The main agenda was indeed security against bombings and foreign interventionism, but he knew that it won’t be the only agenda. The upcoming talks of a Cordilian League would automatically make Free Market Enemies into Partners, crafting a multitude of agreements to warm seats for those that might sit in it, delegations Huawan doesn’t want to sit next to.

He had told some of the delegations to get some needed rest, whilst he and a couple of the trusted entourage continue a long night of deliberations. The Royal Premier’s work was tantamount to the success of The Peocracy, yet Sima Yi knew the importance of this league. Indeed, it may be his legacy until the upcoming elections.

He sat down as he heard some of the diplomats bicker. He was like a schoolboy doing his homework at the very last minute, yet his anxiety only drives him further to prepare and prepare. The Peony entrusted him to deliver all by himself, and he wasn’t going to squander this tremendous chance.

So Lord Sima Yi stood, and continued to mark the scattered papers Infront of his desk. Everything needed to be perfect, that was the type of person he was. Rest was recommended, but he survived once without them. He called room service for some coffee, they were in for a long night.

So that when daybreak came hours later, they were primed.


Prior to arrival:

Head of State, Iakov Xhuglini: “Any more interesting ideas from my dear daughter arrived today?
Representative for Central Cordilian Relations, Kemal Oprestinu of Clan Fihti: “The first official CCU negotiations are to be held at Grand Korie Hotel in New Pzárya this week, Founder. Operating under the official name of ‘League of Cordilia’. We are expected to at least send a delegation.
Iakov Xhuglini: “Excellent. I will lead our delegation… Frederick, inform the ambassadors to Tekarai and TechGen that they may either send observers which are to be part of Viliakmon’s delegation or opt for a briefing upon my return.” Before already beginning to draft a plan he also mentioned to his personal assistant and everyone else present; “Also tell Tayna that she is to be granted Temporary Extraordinary Control over Viliakmon until my return.
This, to say the least, did shock the Office of the Head of State, though they continued the daily routine as usual.


The Delegation of Viliakmon was comprised of:
-Kemal Oprestinu-Fihti & 4 of his highest-ranking subordinates, each specializing in different sections of Central Cordilia.
-5 of until then unknown V.A.F. special forces as personal guard.
-The Head of State of (the) Associates Clans of Viliakmon, Iakov Xhuglini.

The Delegation arrived earlier than others by a car column. Xhuglini himself always walked ahead of others in the delegation, against advice of his personal guard. Upon greeting the Host of the first negotiations, he introduced himself and presented a decorative gift, “It is , at least in Viliakmon, considered basic courtesy that when you arrive at someone’s home for the first time as guest, you bring them an expensive gift.” he explained quickly. Indeed, it was simple decorative item with golden and sapphire ornaments.


Xhuglini handed a letter of recommendations to the host when he arrived, one of which was that each delegation is to speak by alphabetical order of their main representative. This would, naturally, put him last to speak. By no means was this a haste decision, it would put him as the last delegation to speak, something he desired and probably the first thing which was drafted.
The “old man” as some in international relations called him finally had an avenue to show the world why it was him that has crafted modern day Viliakmon himself.
For now, an aura of “firm and quick” surrounded him. Indeed, he did walk very fast for his age. Two more important things could for now be noticed; an almost hypnotizing stance of charisma & an extremely good knowledge of how to utilize language to the best of its’ advantage, almost as if words were his weapon, almost as if speeches and delivering on them was what got him where he was today.


Vice Chancellor Prince August of Lichtenburg-Hochezollern adjusts his tie and suit. He, alongside Weisserstein’s foreign delegates, had just arrived in New Pzárya.
Alongside him is the ambassador Tillmann Schöner, recently gaining said position.

The pair discusses their position. Prince August seems excited, he’s been preparing ever since discussions regarding the League first popped up. Meanwhile, Schöner is much more nervous, he’s new and is given quite the responsibility.

“Nervous, eh?” Prince August asked

“I-I think the Chancellor made a mistake, I’m new and shouldn’t be entrusted with such a task. I’m not experienced enough…” Schöner replied

“Well, that’s why we’re here, to make you experienced! Besides, Müller would’ve sent you alone if it was a mistake” says Prince August, “Now, we don’t have much time, I’m sure we’re not late but it’s better to arrive as early as possible” he added

“Alright, I assume you’d take charge of the meetings?” Schöner asked

“If that were the case, Müller wouldn’t have sent you to come along” Answers Prince August

The two, alongside the rest of the Weissersteiner delegates, debriefed their notes for the meeting, there are a lot of things that’ll need to be discussed. Schöner is nervous, but it appears Prince August’s enthusiasm is quite contagious.


Grand Korie, Suite 1287
New Pzárya, UPRAN

Even though Boutros was already used to being far from home everytime he had a meeting at the other side of Rhayna, he was nervous. Not because of the distance, or because he was bad at talking in international meetings, but the situation.

This day is one of the most important days for Rhayna and Cordilia, but he also felt bad that he had to provide the government to Viceprytanis Gisella in such a rush, and with a possible catastrophe looming over the capital.

His advisors already told him to rest while they sorted out all the bureaucracy, but he couldn’t pull out from his head the importance of this, added to the fact of the incoming voting statistics and the result of this decision on them, and having to meet with so many international leaders.

He just wants to reach to an united Cordilian League as fast as possible and go back to Pzárya to manage the results of Zoe sandstorm.

“Go to rest Prytanis, we’ll sort out everything in the morning.” The Foreign Affairs told him as he opens the door of the suite.

“Give me a minute.” Boutros replies while taking another sip of his coffee, as he thinks how to direct all the situations.

“Okay Prytanis.” He replies back, shrugging and closing back the door.


Grand Korie™, suite 1226

Schöner reads his notes, then covers it with his hands. He is trying his best to memorize every point of interest Weisserstein has in the meeting, meanwhile, Prince August seems to be able to memorize everything outside his head.

The two prepared, as Schöner looks more and more like a nervous train wreck, and Prince August’s enthusiasm radiates through the room.

Schöner once again opens his notes, it contains Weisserstein’s interests in a possible LoC, written entirely in Chancellor Friedrich Müller’s handwriting.

“Heh, it’s so like Müller, eh?” says Prince August

“Huh, oh the notes? Yeah, I guess…” Schöner answers nervously

As the night goes on, the stark contrast between the two becomes more and more visible. It’s almost certain that Prince August would have to carry the entire Weisserstein delegation in the negotiation table, but he doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, he seems like he is looking forward to it. Meanwhile, Schöner remains visibly nervous, his speech becomes more jittery and jumpy as he passed each point. He is on pins and needles, so to speak.

The clock strikes 10pm, Prince August seems satisfied with the day’s practices.

“I’m heading of to bed alright?” says Prince August to Schöner

“Yeah…” Schöner replied, not looking at the Vice Chancellor while responding

“Are you not getting some rest?” Prince August asked

“Oh, uh, I still plan on practicing a bit more. You know what they say, practice makes perfect…” Schöner replied. Nervous still linger in his voice, but this is the most confident he’d been all day.

Prince August remains silent before eventually replying, “Now I see why Müller chose you”

before he can explain further, Prince August left the suite to go to his own suite, suite 1225.

Hearing what the Prince/Vice Chancellor had just said sparked the ambassador’s determination, he once again opens his notes, this time with newfound vigor running through his veins. He is determined to prove the Vice Chancellor’s words, and by extension the Chancellor’s trust, are well placed.

He takes a sip from his cup of coffee. It tastes bitter, but it’s strong. And right now, Schöner needs something that’ll be able to keep him up all night.


Negotiations of the Delegation; Pre-preparation.

Hotel Grand Korie™, Suite 1,535; 0400AM

The doors were locked, the windows covered. After a period of continuous sniffing Iakov Xhuglini asked,
HoS, Iakov Xhuglini: “Representative Oprestinu, have your subordinates prepared information relating to others in Central Cordilia?
Oprestinnu-Fihti: “Yes. I haven’t time to condense them though-”
Iakov Xhuglini: “That’s alright, Representative. Tell your men to get some rest. You are dismissed.” The reply came after a 50-page document was handed to Iakov by Kemal. Upon the 5 men leaving the room he called his personal guard.
Iakov Xhuglini: “Two of you, stay awake, one by the window, one by the door. Two, get rest. One of you, sit besides me.” He ordered them.

Xhuglini ordered the given paperwork by micro-regions, pulling out his own note the most important information. This was finished by 0600AM.
A pause of another session regarding the stuffed nosed took place before moving on with the paperwork.

Iakov’s Inner Thoughts: LoC will be most efficient if it operated in Commissions. For example, UPRAN would be interested in a LoC Commission for Sustainable Development & Exploration of the Cordilian Sea - this same topic would be of little interest to, say, Weisserstein, who would prefer a LoC Commission for Maritime Anti-Piracy & Safe Transfer of Cargo…

Indeed, it seems my interest in this meeting is making LoC a long-lasting institution, rather than representing Viliakmoni interests.

There’s no need to view this as a clash of interest. Viliakmon has already ensured good transport of goods with LoC and presenting these ideas would be favorable to its’ overall international reputation. I myself care little for the latter, though I will do this for the sake of “The South” as a whole.

In summary, it appears that the Viliakmoni speech will revolve more around creating institutions for LoC to be a functional and long-lasting institution, keeping in mind different interests of different nations present. It will be less revolved around presenting Viliakmon’s interests itself.


The Doge Landian delegation arrived in New Pzárya with one goal- to listen. The government was still on the fence with this “League of Cordilia”, and external factors didn’t help. So here the delegate was, doing nothing, sitting around until the meeting began.


Jarlskona Katja Murphy arrived in New Pzárya with Foreign Minister Avianna Aldridge and several other Valkyrian representatives. It was a historic moment for Valkyria, an opportunity to turn over a new leaf and live up to the national principles of peace, freedom, and democracy, words so often spoken by former Prime Minister Margaret Harrison.

However, it was also a historic moment for the jarlskona, the head of state, who will be representing the nation for the first time after having been sidelined by the previous Conservative government. It was no secret that the jarlskona did not have a cordial relationship with then-Prime Minister Stella Kaufman, the former a socialist member of the Labour Party and the latter the leader of the Conservative Party that had defeated Harrison and her left-wing government.

This time, Murphy serves alongside a Socialist prime minister, Steve Bennett, with the two leaders seeing eye-to-eye on many issues. While the two represent different parties in the Alliance of Social Democrats, the jarlskona being part of the socialist faction of the Labour Party, their views are largely the same, which makes it no surprise that Bennett called on Murphy to represent the nation at the summit.

However, the Valkyrian government walk into the summit with noticeable disappointment with military and defence cooperation being at the forefront of Cordilian regional cooperation. The government hoped to have a broader discussion on economic and environmental cooperation and possible political integration as was envisioned by the previous left-wing government that governed Valkyria under Harrison.

As it stands, the current Valkyrian government’s policy concerning the use of military force and to what extent has been ambiguous under Bennett’s government. The Kalkara War has left Valkyrians jaded, and no one in government, especially Bennett, is interested in mobilising the forces for another conflict. Nevertheless, the summit may end the new government’s strategic ambiguity on this policy.


The Ikaranarean Foreign Affairs Minister, Atritian Apham, arived in the city of New Pzárya with one thing on his mind- The Ryccians and Izaakians.

The former seemed to be an unstable mess, and the latter a Neo-Imperialist empire bent on securing more control in the region. Neither of these would do. The Izaakian base in Ikaranara would prove to be more of a detriment then a benifit in the long run if Izaakia were to provoke a war with the Ryccians, which was a possibility even after the Junta fell. The Head Governor had already discussed this in length, where he was put under pressure from the NA to accept such a deal, which he foresaw going south with Izaakia’s politically motivated harsh foreign policies regarding the Ryccians. After Blanc made her speach essentially saying that they were at war with Ryccia, nobody in the NA could deny the possibility of the Zakies pushing the Ikaranareans to war, leading thousands of Ikaranareans to die for the foolish Izaakian cause, the exact opposite effect they were looking for with that base. The base would go, but whose to say that another wouldn’t come? Izaakia was unpredictable at times, only a calmer chaos than Ryccia, and who knows what they would do next? More bases? a loosely justified invasion? They were another Ryccia. That would not happen- he would be sure of it.

As for Ryccia, it was chaotic and unpredictable. But nobody could deny that a stable Ryccia would be a master at keeping hostile foreign influences like Izaakia at bay. But the Ryccies were controversial to say the least. After the Junta was Erradicated, it was imperative that Cordilia started to work with Ryccia. Perhaps minor denuclearization could be discussed, but if they had the Ryccies on their side, united in their goal, Cordilia would be safe from Izaakian and any foreign powers trying to control the continent. But it should be stated that Cordilia should not be under Ryccian control. A strong Ryccia was a good ally, but should they overstep their power, the region should be able to put them back in their place. A strong Ryccia had to be balanced with a strong and united Cordilia, because who knows what could happen to Ryccia next?

With a League of Cordilia, they would be able to achieve all of this and more. Not only a shield to foreign attacks, but perhaps one to stabilize the economies of the region, (Especially of Past) and other collective actions that would be more effective with many nations. It had been clear to Ikaranara for years that the World Forum was not going to be the correct path, too many differing and chaotic oppositions to one another all without enough or any commitment. The World Forum could not be effective while Pacifica was… Pacifica. But a League of Cordilia would be able to apply much more diplomatic pressure to its neighbors and force decisive action on a plethora of issues.

So, there the Minister stood in the Grand Korie, in a room on his own, his 6 assistants in their own rooms, planning the Ikaranarean agenda for this League.


Chambers of Néa-gy State, New Pzárya
26/09/2022, 7:00 PM

As every nation representatives join in the borrowed chambers of Néa-gy’s government, Boutros Georgiou, as host of the first meeting of the League of Cordilia, he walks up to the lectern in front of the chamber’s various seats with his group of aides and Rhayna’s External Affairs minister.

His assistants help him to take out and prepare the documents with the necessary basic points that he himself was reviewing and checking the night before. He nods to his assistants when the finish, and they retreat behind him.

He then prepares the microphone, and starts addressing the representatives of the cordilian nations the reason of this meeting:

“As you all may know already, we are in turbulents times: In one side, the terrorists attacks of Valora through out Pacifica, backed by the Ryccian Junta, and in the other hand, Izaakia with their threats of invading Cordilian soil and their repeated attempts to crawl their tentacles through the continent. We all suffer from their actions in one way or another, and the last straw is the recent bombings of New Mako and Point Rain.”

He takes a sip of his glass of water, and continues speaking.

"We are all worried about the instability of the current situation, and is unacceptable such barbaric actions so close to home. If we want to keep the peace and independence of central and south Cordilia, we must unite against these disruptives and external nation. Added to all this the effects of this in the region resonate through all nations of Cordilia.

Due to these reasons, as hosts of this international meeting, we present the following idea, the creation of an alliance between nations that habit the regions with more imminent danger in Cordilia, an alliance to maintain the sovereignty of cordilian nations in the continent."

He then changes to a new document that one of his aids extends to him.

"Said this, we present the rules we will have to follow to maintain the camera in peace and reasonable debate on the opinions and interests that each delegation will show:

  1. Each delegation will have alternating turns to show their proposals, opinions and decisions in alphabetical order of the nations, that being: first, Doge land; second, Huawan; third, Hystaiga; fourth, Ikaranara; fifth, Rhayna; sixth, Songren; seventh, Terelia; eighth, Valkyria; nineth, Viliakmon; and tenth, Weisserstein.

  2. We will circle through this order until we reach a decision, if the majority of nations in this meeting decide we should separate it into another, later one, end this meeting altogether, or if the host decides to end it.

  3. Once a nation has presented a proposition, each delegation will vote in favor, against or abstain, and in the next turn each delegation will be able to present their opinions about the last ones together with their own in a respectful manner and a reasonable time frame, in case this isn’t meet, the host will be able to decide the answer to the situation.

With this said, we declare the start of the international meetings for the defense and economical cooperation of the cordilian nations and the creation of the League of Cordilia.

Delegation of Doge Land, it’s your turn."

He finished this speak by going to one of the seats of the chamber with his aids the External Affairs minister and his suitcase with the documents.

The Doge Landian delegate sat up at mention of him.

"Hm? Oh. First, are we? Well, Doge Land would like to see more free trade agreements throughout Cordilia, and an easier way to transport cargo. It’s been incredibly difficult to get our products out of the nation as of late, with all of these travel bans and such which we believe hinder the economic growth of a nation. We would like to see a ban on travel bans between nations in the League of Cordilia, in addition to free trade agreements.

"We would also like to see some kind of mutual defense pact. There have been signs of Ryccian buildup on the Doge Landian border and we have reason to believe that the Ryccian junta is priming for an invasion of Doge Land in the near future. While the creation of the League of Cordilia will probably be long after a potential Ryccian invasion, we still believe it would be good to have for any possible future aggression.

“Some kind of committee on stopping international terrorism would be preferred. We have been hit very close to home by this issue, as you probably know, and it would be amazing to have some kind of international body that will help stop any future incidents from occurring.”

With that, the Doge Landian delegate leaned back in his chair, waiting for what the other delegates had to say.


The Rhaynan Delegation votes in favor of all three proposals of the Doge Landian Delegation, though, Boutros is worried about the consequences of getting in a possible direct war with Ryccia.


Viliakmon Delegation votes on Doge Landian proposals:

Proposal 1 (regarding free trade): In Favor.
Proposal 2 (regarding mutual defense pact): In Favor.
Proposal 3 (regarding counter-terrorism): Abstain.


Ikaranara votes in favor of all 3 Doge Landian proposals.


Royal Premier Sima Yi stood up, he had some notes in the standard issue tablet. The coffee certainly made him primed, and after identifying the agendas of the other delegations through complex intermingling of interests, the Peonic delegation was prepared to present its views.


Honorable delegations, respected leaders. We of The Peocracy of Huawan appreciates the express willingness for our neighbours in cultural and geographical sisterhood to finally reunite under common ground and common interests.

We would further place emphasis on the willingness for foreign powers to commit heinous acts of terrorism and foreign intervention through the harm of innocent civilians. The Ryccian Junta saw it fit to bomb civilian areas in Termina and Izaakia, while terrorist groups saw forfeit thousands of lives in Doge Land and NaGB.

Nothing is sacred for them, and as Izaakian planes scramble over our heads and borders to commit coordinated strikes in Valora, the Ryccian Junta continues to stockpile nuclear warheads at an alarming rate, with Peonic intelligence reporting a plan to multiply current stockpiles threefold and rapidly enriching radioactive materials.

Delegates, it has been less than half a decade where the seven pillars tragedy in Reizen haunted us so. Where it saw the first usage of nuclear bombs procured by terrorist organization, an organization that sought her people’s independence from their oppressors, at the expense of the lives of people in Reizen.

Before the suggestion of other agendas. We from the Peocracy of Huawan hereby propose two agendas that should be discussed in immediacy.

  • The formation of an intergovernmental military alliance between member states of the League of Cordlia under the basis of a collective security, mutual defence against third party assault and foreign interventions outside of the league.
  • The foundations for peace treaties and agreements between Hystaiga and Valkyria from the Kalkara war.
  • The reformation of immigration policies of member states and mutual anti-terrorism policies alongside with InPolCo (International Police Cooperation) to prevent further spread of bombings and domestic terrorism.

Honorable delegates, your excellencies of the league, these are the agendas we propose. Let the past be in the past, for neither you nor I could not stop what came, but we have the opportunity to understand things when they finally change.

Now, the future is coming. and we have the opportunity to finish it. Let us seize it, honored delegates!’

Huawan therefore proclaims full agreement to the agendas proposed by the delegation of Doge Land, and hopes for support of Huawan’s agendas as well. Subsequently, we return the floor to the next delegation.

Royal Premier Sima Yi sat back down. Huawan had an abnormally strong agenda this time around, and he was about to serve it in a silver platter. Huawan wanted no more riff raff at the risk of her statesmen and the preservation of Cordilia’s unity.


Weisserstein’s delegates votes in favor of all three proposals submitted by the Doge Landian delegates.


Viliakmon Degetation votes on Paeonisian (Huawan) proposals took the longest to finalize, the issue being proposal 1:

Proposal 1 (regarding an alliance which excludes non-LoC members): Abstain.
Proposal 2 (regarding Hystaiga and Valkyria): In Favor (casted quickly).
Proposal 3 (regarding loosening migrations but also anti-terrorism and cooperation with INPOLCRO): Against (casted immediately).


The Doge Landian delegate votes in favor of all proposals by the delegation from Huawan.


Weisserstein delegates votes in favor of the first and second proposal.

The third proposal was met with mixed results. On the one hand, Weisserstein agrees to the third proposals second point regarding mutual anti-terrorism policies. On the other hand however, its first point of the reformation of immigration policy was not well understood. Perhaps a lack of explanation of what “reformation of immigration policy” actually meant.

Eventually, delegates agreed that they would still vote in favor of the third proposal, especially regarding its second point of interest.

After casting their votes, Weisserstein’s delegates applauded Sima Yi for his outstanding, and convincing, presentation.

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