The Jester’s Privilege And The Monarch's (Galactya-Prukol Rebel States contact) [0BBT]

0 BBT, Prukol Rebel States, Uoplyu, Rrughrryplao barrack city, Planetary Defense Headquarters

“Sir, our relay stations have detected a vessel travelling at faster-than-light speed.”


“They are coming our direction, really fast, faster than any of our ships, or faster than any ship that we know of.”

“That’s… an error, recalibrate the relay stations, and don’t bother me, it’s hard enough already managing all these documents.”

“Yes, sir.”

The city continues it’s labors with soldiers coming in and out, doing work.

Rrughrryplao is the biggest barrack city on the planet’s surface, that meaning, the biggest conglomeration of soldiers living in a single place, with multiple billions of Trrarrusians doing life and prepared for battle, in apartment complexes of hundred of meters of height of concrete and steel.



52/03/6001 P.E.
Imperial DecaCarrier "Harbinger Of Victory"

For little over 21 standard hours, the large starship had been travelling through the interstellar void, cloaking for most of it’s journey as it travelled through foreign space, taking special care not to be spotted when briefly passing through Stoinian Space. Their sensor arrays weren’t advanced nor powerful enough to penetrate the marvels of the hybrid Galactyan-Ferristian cloaking (at least not in that relatively far away region of their Volumes), but taking further caution with them was never a bad idea. Their conflict with the Venterrans would very soon come to a close, but the “shoot first, ask questions later” mentality was still very much at play. Besides, it was widespread knowledge that Stoinians had grown a particular distaste for Galactyans in the small time they had learned of each other’s existence, so the passing of an armed and cloaked ship inside of their space would not help diplomatic relations.

Sure, a more curved trajectory above it would have proved to be less problematic, seeing how the space of most nations extended only 100 light years top-to-bottom in the galactic disk, but they had already taken a sizable deviation from the more efficient straight trajectory due to the presence of the Ventuu Badlands, so they found it best to not lengthen the journey more.

A diplomatic mission lead by the PanStellar Guardians themselves was an incredibly rare occurrence that had only happened two times in the entirety of their existence: the first time was 4018 standard years ago, when a large fleet of diplomatic ships was sent to Ulinn, a star system, now in possession of the Galactyan Empire, that at the time was under the possession of the Ulnuibian Hegemony; the second time was 338 standard years ago, when an even bigger fleet was sent to Ilanor to escort the Imperial Ambassador.

And now, was the third time. The PanStellar Guardians and together the Empire, thanks to their espionage and information network, already knew that Kalgyul would soon become a matter of contention, considering Calerost’s unwillingness to properly share, or their vicinity to the Akropii Republic: they would never accept Calerost’s direct influence right on their biggest border, and they would soon start to fight over it. Thus the Emperors, the Guardians their trusted emissaries, decided to establish the Empire’s small presence as soon and as directly as possible, so that it would be stable enough to resist the inevitable fighting (and quite possibly, infighting) that would soon break out. They also decided to tell Calerost that it was to further help them out in case the Akropii decided to do anything funny. While that statement was technically true, it was definitely not the main reason.

The 10 kilometers large ship slowed down, and suddenly appeared in middle orbit of the planet. One of the communication relays activated immediately and beamed a forced transmission to all the geostationary telecommunications satellites that the radars had detected before exiting warp.




“What the f*ck do you want now?”

“Ok, geez, sorry for interrupting…”

“Just say it already.”

“We have gotten a rather… confusing message?”


“Take a look for yourself,” the assistant replied, handing his superior a screen.

“Lemme see… Ugh… This must be a prank of the new fleet we received. I knew those damned centralists would do something like this!”

He took his desk microphone, rather irritated, and spoke clearly, “This is a message that is to be sent to every damn station in this planet, Fleet Koybloyls, I know it was you f*ckers, next time I hear a prank of yours I will rip your limbs one by one and send you all back to the CKA in a box. That’s both an order, and a threat!”

“Uhhh, I’ll be leaving…”

Compared with Souby, Sâskluy was a tad more rude and angry, and he would definitely not believe that message just like that. Meanwhile, the soldiers of the Koybloyls fleet were rightfully confused as to what “prank” they had done.


The leader of this unusual mission was High Guardian Kethar, a second toposophic transapient who’s main body, a 2 kilometers wide sphere of prismatic diamondoid engraved with star charts of Imperial Space, rested still in the PanStellar Guardian’s Headquarters while ey poured a small fraction of their conscious mind into the engenerated avatar guiding the ship.

Kethar had decided to use eir favorite template for the occasion, a relatively humanoid construct wth four arms, made out of a central mass of prismatic diamondoid-computronium mash, covered by buckyfibre quartz gilded with gold outlines and plating. E had used it many times for formal events, especially when e had to be in presence of the Emperors, and had grown to adore it. It may not have been the most efficient of avatars, but it did have it’s own defensive and offensive capabilities, and would work perfectly for a diplomatic meeting.

Kethar was quite disgruntled by the response of the planet’s governor, but eir bother quickly subdued. E turned towards other guards on the main bridge, nestled near core of the ship.

“Well, it seems that we’ll have to show our presence a little more, won’t we. Since I am not willing to shoot any warning shot to make them better understand this, I say we simply descend down above the Governor’s office. Then maybe they’ll see to it that they respond more appropriately.”

“Just be aware that they’ll probably respond badly to seeing that. And by badly I mean by trying their hardest to shoot us down.”

“That won’t really be a problem for us. They could barely scratch the Calerostan ship that made first contact, and the Harbinger Of Victory is leagues of power above that ship, so I highly doubt that they’ll even be able to bother our shielding.”

“Yes, but I don’t think we want them to start suicide diving into a battle until the entire planet dies. And they will do that, given what we previously saw.”

“I’m aware that they will respond badly to our appearance, which is why we will force another communication as soon as we get above the city, and why we will turn off our autonomous defense systems. The shielding won’t even feel their presence, so I doubt the defense systems are even needed.”

“That works. And in the incredibly unlikely case that they do end up having something that can properly damage the ship, we can either warp out of the way in an instant or shoot a warning shot to make them stop.”

“Exactly. Come on Guardians, let’s do this.”

The Harbinger Of Victory quickly descended to the surface. Too big to land anywhere, it hovered above the city of barracks, placed exactly above the Governor’s office as if to mock him for his previous response to the Guardian’s message. So big in fact, that it was barely visible in it’s entirety, it’s entirety only slightly rising above the planet’s curvature, and half of it being progressively more hard to visualize due to atmospheric disturbance.

The Guardians sent another message.



Sâskluy noticed his office getting darker, as he puts down his documents on his desk.

“What the hell…”

He goes to look out of the window, and upon seeing the ship above the building, becomes baffled.

“Ha… Ha! Nope, not letting this happen, I’m going to kill them myself-!”

He stops in his tracks when it reveals to him that the ship which he thought to be a mother warpship that pertained to the “prank” didn’t correlate in size or shape with any ship in the PRS.


“Don’t tell me, I already saw it.”

“We got another message, it comes from that ship above. It’s similar to the last one, but we may prefer to read further into it,” the assistant suggested, handing him the screen back again.

Then he noticed an image that came with the message that he didn’t see the first time.

“How the f*ck…?”


“Give me the microphone.”

“Yes, sir.”

He then retransmitted another message.

"This is Sâskluy Toaploas.

If you guys have enough intelligence for that ship, you have enough to suppose that the next step is taking it off out of the atmosphere and landing a reasonable one in the very clear, flat platform just a few kilometers from this building. We do not care about how much steel you have for an unnecessarily large ship, we will destroy you if needed.

If what you xenos really want is to talk, do as said, and I will meet you in a few minutes. And don’t dare to get out of the ship until I arrive there, unless your wish is to get mauled."

“That might have been too rough…”

“If they are so technologically superior to flaunt it like this, and if what they really want is a “diplomatic mission”, they won’t attack.”

“That’s certainly optimistic…”

Sâskluy quickly exited the building and got on his hover bike, driving dangerously fast to where the unexpected visitors were supposed to land.


“Well, I guess this is better than nothing. At least they noticed us this time.”

“A drastic situation does require drastic measures after all. Besides, it’s not like we damaged anything on the surface.”

“Not sure they themselves know that though. They probably think we have. Fair enough, from what we gathered their motherships of similar size to ours aren’t capable of supporting 1 G without breaking apart.”

“Hope we’ll be able to fix that for them one day. Anyways, what are we going to use to get down the ship?”

“We could use one of the BubblePods. The fancy one, so we can even be more impressive when we get down.”

“Yeah, one of those will do just fine. We should also carry along some of the AAUs. Four of them will do the job, one for each of us. Considering the what we heard from our sources and the Governor’s current attitude, they’ll probably be a useful deterrent.”

“I suppose. They don’t look too threatening, but they could still act as a deterrent to diplomacy. Are we sure we want to do that?”

“Yeah, we have to. Diplomacy is our main goal here, but we still have to treasure our own well being. Besides, it’s not like we could do a lot of discussion and negotiation while dead.”

“Don’t worry guys, it won’t be that bad. I’ve handled worse situations in the past, and stuff rarely spirals out of control.”

“Is it wise of us to put our trust into your hands during this situation?”

“Have you ever been mistaken in doing so?”


The four Guardians stepped into the large sphere, accompanied by four Automatic Attack Units. The sphere exited from a flower-like circular opening on the ship’s front, and gracefully descended down to the platform, where it hovered a meter above the ground. A complicated series of effector frames generated a small staircase that connected to the ground, while the same effector frames made the upper part of the sphere disappear.


The Guardians descended, and walked towards the Planet’s Governor, impatiently waiting for them at the end of the Platform. He looked angered, but Kethar already saw his attitude changing pretty soon. Or getting a bit better at least.


Compared to the rest of trrarrusians in the scene, Sâskluy was short, pale, and looked rather less energetic. His body was covered in scars that, unlike the usual case, weren’t from swords or firearms.

He got down from his vehicle, and walked towards the four visitors. This was unlike the last two contacts that had happened in the Conglomerated States, in the sense that it wasn’t so private. The entire scene was surrounded by thousand of trrarrusians pointing their rail guns directly at them.

“So, can I get the names of the xenos responsible for gathering this mess? Also, don’t think those weapons will achieve much in the long run,” he replied, pointing at their companions.

Sâskluy was fully unarmed, and didn’t seem as worried as he was irritated by the disruption of his plans.


“Well uh, hi to you too Governor. My name is Kethar, and I am using this avatar to act as a representative of the Galactyan Empire. I can’t really tell you the names of my companions for now, but referring to them as Guardians should work.”

“As already stated in our message, we have made first contact with your “sibling” state, the Central Kalgyul Administration 8 standard 24 hour days ago.”

“Commander Souby Laltul gave our diplomats the coordinates to your planet, as well as this piece of paper. He told us that you should be able to recognize the various symbols written on it. Hope we didn’t come here for nothing after all, eheh.”

Extending forward one hand of eir avatar, Kethar levitated the slip of paper right above their palm, holding it up neatly and straightly so that Sâskluy could see and read it clearly. Of course, making the paper levitate was very much unnecessary, but Kethar - as well as the other guardians - enjoyed a bit of extravagance in eir job. They always had plenty of responsibilities on their shoulders - or the anatomical equivalent that lent itself to the same metaphorical purpose - so a little bit of harmless fun didn’t hurt anyone. Besides, being completely serious on the job wasn’t truly in the Galactyan Style of things.

“In the case that you do recognize these symbols, would we be able to open up a proper diplomatic meeting? I understand our entrance may have been a bit disruptive, but you were kind of ignoring us so we didn’t know what else to do. I considered a large holographic projection, but I fear it would have harbored similar effects.”


“Uhhh, let me see… yes, that’s definitely something Souby would do. Don’t worry about the disruption, luckily it was just that.”

In the face of Sâskluy could be noticed the confusion of looking at the diplomats once the irritation subsided a bit. Only expected.

Then he directed himself to his soldiers.

"Stop pointing, no need for it! Go back to work!

About that, yes, we can have a diplomatic meeting, we’ll go to my office, more of a secluded place than a street. We’ll take two vehicles."

Sâskluy then called to seven soldiers that were close by, who tragically had to give up their vehicles.

Sâskluy and Kethar got on one of the vehicles, while the other three diplomats got on a vehicle with one of the trrarrusians that couldn’t escape on time. Then, both vehicles hovered towards their destination.

“So, the Celestial Empire of Galactya huh? Where is that, if I can know?” Sâskluy tried to start conversation.

Sâskluy was used to commanding large numbers of personnel, but when it was about face-to-face conversation, he left much to desire.


“Well, it’s in the Galactic NorthWest, Corewards from our current location. If I’m right, we should be around 1200 light years from the closest border of the Empire.”

An hologram appeared from the sphere on the chest of Kethar’s avatar, projecting a tridimensional map of the Empire’s territories, - Nebulae included - as well as a pulsating dot and line showcasing their current position and distance from the Imperial borders.

“Yeah, we’re from very far away to say the least.”

“Soooo… you’re a planetary governor. We have those too, you know? If you don’t mind, could you tell me a bit about your duties? I’ve always been curious about alien government structures, ahah.”


"Well, I’m not really a planetary governor, I oversee many more planets, star, systems, you get the gist. I’m only here in a random supervision to see how the operations are going for our next mission.

I’m really an administration ruler, or military commander like Souby, but you can call me Sâskluy, it’s a lot faster.

In general, I make sure our forces work smoothly, when talking about trillions of individuals, you need someone to manage that, specially for operations like this one, I don’t really need to be here, but I’m quite of a perfectionist, I want to make sure nothing is out of place."

Some strange looks from soldiers could be seen as the vehicles passed by beside them in those dusty streets.

“What about you? What do you do, aside from diplomatic missions?”


“Oh, okay, sorry! We do have similar figures to what you do, called Quadrant Representatives who oversee thousands of star systems, but our government structure is much more stratified than that.”

“Well I’m part of an organization known as the PanStellar Guardians. It’s basically a special branch of the Imperial Intelligence Agency. I’m pretty high in the ranks, and I have the title of High Guardian.”

“We mostly carry out the more… dangerous and risky affairs that the Empire has to get into. Collecting data in places where one normally wouldn’t risk going, handling high profile personalities, partaking in missions on dangerous territory, stuff like that. That’s also why I couldn’t really tell you the names of my coworkers. I can be a lot less careless on the information I give about myself thanks to the fact that I’m not really here.”


“Well, I appreciate we are considered a “dangerous location”, that means we are doing a good job,” Sâskluy chuckles, “anyway, we have arrived.”

They stopped in front of a massive concrete skyscraper, where the doors were opened by a few soldiers that were close by.

They then took an elevator towards the makeshift office. Once they entered, it could be seen that the office was… just as any other room of the building, some would say even smaller, just four concrete walls, some plants in some corners, and a metal desk.

The most remarkable thing of the room was a “dog”, or the trrarrusian alternative, a ploko, which didn’t hesitate to jump to Sâskluy arms.

“Relax boy.”


“Awww! Who’s this little cutie? Look at you, you’re such a big boy!”

“It’surely an interesting animal! Can’t wait to get the DNA of his species so we can recreate some of them on our habitats. Although we will probably have to get the DNA of other species if we want to make an environment fit for them. So, do a lot of your animals have the same anatomy? You two are clearly from the same planet of origin, so it would be interesting to see a bit more examples of Kalgyulish Species.”

“May I know this cutie pie’s name?”


"Their DNA…? Anyway, his name is Brosy, we rescued him in one of our planetary invasions. He makes a good companion in these travels so far from home.

Also, yes, generally, all Kalgyul macroscopic species tend to share similar anatomic trends. We don’t export them to other planets, though. Only crops and mascots, and still with lots of limitations."


“Oh yeah, sorry if that sounded weird, it’s just a thing we Galactyans do ahah. We’re known as the best geneticists in the entire Sector. Really, we create new environments and species for fun these days. We modify the old, but also create stuff completely from scratch. Since the amounts of planets we have in our territory is limited, we like to create habitats and megastructures for our creations most of the time. In the case of Brosy’s species, they would most likely be part of a series of habitats that replicate the original environment of your home planet. However, an ever growing amount of us lives in these orbital structures and megascale engineering projects, so we mostly tend to blend in with these created biospheres.”

“I guess I shouldn’t really say “we” in this case, especially considering I don’t spend much time in physical reality, but you get what I mean.”

“Anywho, he’s really cute. He really does look like he’d be a trustworthy companion. And you know what they say! “Like pet, like master” !”


“Physical reality? What do you mean? Like, I know you aren’t technically here, but I thought this “avatar” was a remote controlled robot, or something like that…”


“Well it is, don’t get me wrong, but my real body is a two-kiloemeters wide sphere of computational processors and power generators. I’m a transapient artificial intelligence of the second toposophic. I can’t really explain what that means quickly, but let’s just say I’m very mentally capable. Anyways, I spend most of my time in virtual worlds, where the rest of Galactya’s digital population lives. When I want to, or need to get out of them and interact with stuff and people in the real world, I use a small fraction of my mind to control an avatar, like this one. This is my favorite one actually. I had it made for me some 3000 years ago.”


“Mhh… I see… We don’t have anything similar, the most we have is individual memory augmentations, even though our brain anatomy makes brain to computer interfaces specially easy. I have one of those augmentations myself,” Sâskluy replies, pointing at the dark box inserted into the back of his head with electrodes, "it makes my job easier.

Anyway, we should start the meeting."

Two trrarrusians came to the low laying metal desk, and placed 4 additional square cushions on the floor for Kethar and their companions.

“Make yourself comfortable.”


The 4 Guardians sat down on the cushions, each taking a different position due to their different anatomies. One thing that made cushions some of the most used sitting furniture before the proper development of reactive nanotechnology, was their universality. They weren’t made for a single sitting position, and anything could just plop themselves right on top.

Kethar sat in front of Sâskluy, and began talking.

“To cut it short, we came here to ask you permission for the construction of an orbital habitat around this planet. Commander Laltul told our diplomats that Uoplyu would be an acceptable spot for it. The structure in question would be a Tápò Tube, 100 kilometers long and 10 kilometers wide, placed in a geosynchronous orbit around the planet’s equator, with a Geosynchronous Cable Elevator connecting it to the surface.”

“The Tube would host a Trrarrusian-friendly environment, with Kalgyulish fauna, light and atmospheric conditions, and would act as a trading station between the Galactyan Empire and your nation. We could exchange technology, ideals, culture, novelty items and anything else you might wish.”

“We’ll construct the Tube ourselves of course. Replicating nano and bionano units coupled with autonomous drones would be the standard procedure, but if it’s to your discomfort for cultural reasons we can find another way.”