The Jester’s Privilege And The Monarch's (Galactya-Prukol Rebel States contact) [0BBT]

"Ah, the CKA treating us as vassals, not surprising. I have to say though that, from a standpoint of PRS and Galactyan relations, I don’t have a problem with this. However, I must ask, why? or well, more specifically, why would the Galactyan Empire agree to this kind of project with the CKA?

I don’t have access to information about your first contact with Souby just yet, so I just have to wonder, in a region that must be populated with other civilizations with much to offer, why the CSK? It would be a completely one sided project, unless there’s something we can provide that your nation would be interested in, aside from the academic matters."


“It’s a bit complicated to explain since this stems from many different factors, but I’ll try to simplify it the best I can.”

“When we learned of your existence after your first contact with Calerost, we noticed you were having some trouble advancing as a species. I don’t mean this as an insult, but comparing your technological advancement to your age as a civilization… let’s just say it’s not a very pretty look. So, we thought we could lend you all a helping hand. After all, why shouldn’t we? The Empire is basically an endless pit of resources, and we have always loved making new friends through the stars, so helping Kalgyul out of their current predicament and making it into our new friend just felt right to us. What we want from you isn’t power and resources, as we already have more than enough of those, but friendship! We aid you in technological advancement and resource availability, and you exchange your culture and other novelties in return.”

“If we’re being completely honest here though, there were also other reasons. The first one being that we were, so to say… bored. Now, don’t get me wrong : we don’t consider you a plaything or something to not take seriously of course. However we’re all immortal, and things in the interstellar scene of politics have become pretty hectic lately, so we considered helping you guys out a much more enjoyable sidework, compared to the colossal amount of administration we have to do to keep the political web of alliances and trade that the Empire forged flowing. Speaking of interstellar politics, it should come as no surprise that helping out a less technologically advanced civilization is a huge diplomatic boost with most other nations in the Sector.”

“So yeah, that should be all. As I said we’re here for you guys, not what you own.”



Sâskluy was at a loss for words. These aren’t the aliens he expected. They were even weirder than the weirdest cases the CSK had planned against for thousands of years.

“I… look, I certainly did not expect this, specially from extraterrestrials. Your nation really doesn’t want anything? We got some vacant planets, and stuff. We can even just make a dinner or something, but just receiving without giving back is… weird.”


“Well, if you could give us some cultural databases, biosphere and genome templates, we would definitely be happy. Of course, if you don’t feel comfortable giving us Kalgyulish DNA feel free not to do so.”

“A dinner would also be nice. Or even better, an official state visit! If that’s something you want to do of course. It doesn’t have to be on Kalgyul, it can be anywhere you want it to be.”

“As for the planets… well you certainly don’t have to do that, and instead we could help you terraform and colonize them. We could even try mixed colonization on those, but that’s probably not going to be for some decades at least. Regardless, if there are planets that you really don’t need, we could take a couple of them for ourselves. We could trade from those too if you like. And help with defense and resource production.”


“So… We can give you cultural and biosphere databases, whoever… genomes are a more, complicated matter…”

He fiddles with some documents at the corner of the desk.

“We can’t give you kalgyulish genomic codes, security reasons. We neither can give you genomic data on many species, but… We can relay some data on some complex lifeforms we have found along our expansion, along with all biosphere data associated with them.”

“We can agree to a state visit in Prukol too, I don’t have much problem with it,”


“Well, I do hope you’ll be able to trust us enough to give us your genomes one day. But there’s a right time for everything, and I am more than willing to wait for when you will be ready.”

“As for the state visit, I’ll just give you the direct communication codes to the High Government, so you’ll be able to properly establish when, where and how it happens.”

“Speaking of government, I also had another question. Since the orbital will functionally act as a Galactyan Embassy in Kalgyul, we should also discuss your embassy in Galactya. Would you be open to establishing one?”


“Well, wasn’t Galactya far away? Like…”

“1200 light year, around 200 days with our current technology,” one of the soldiers interjected.

“Right, thanks. It would be hard to maintain contact with that embassy. We already suffer lags in information transfers internally.”


“Our systems are able to transmit signals and information near instantaneously, so that won’t be a problem. The comms relay on your side will be built inside the orbital tube. It’ll be one of the first systems we’ll render operational, so the Embassy can be established as soon as possible.”


“… Uh.”

The thought about how different these extraterrestrials were from what he thought had finally caught up to him. Their willingness to provide for everything was at the very least eerie for him.

“Then I guess we can have one, but you would need to talk to Souby about that, since it is his administration the one controlling Kalgyul. I can tell them about it, I guess they wouldn’t have a reason to refuse. My administration could also host the embassy, but I warn you, only the PRS, CKA and ITS will actually use it.”


“Yes, we are aware of that. As of now, working with Sulgry’s State Junta and Plyusby Military Force is not our priority. From what we were told and from what we could see, they don’t seem either too fond or outsiders, too trustworthy, or possibly both. For now, the CKA, PRS and ITS are our main priorities. If those two others prove to be too… problematic we would be willing to give you a hand.”


“Welp, they aren’t as pacifist as thought… at least something to relate to…” he thinks to himself.

However, this is a golden opportunity.

“And you were told right about those guys. We will keep the offer in mind if the necessity presents itself…”


“Simulations show that the necessity will most likely present itself in the future. However, we will be ready to aid you in appropriate magnitude.”

“Now, I do believe we have dealt with everything of importance. Now, this may sound a bit out of the blue, but would it be possible for me and my Guardians to get a sort of… “tour” of the surrounding city or of the planet? Since we’re done discussing the main reason for our visit here on Uoplyu, it would be nice to get to know more about the place.”


“Mh, sure, I can show you a bit around, although you probably won’t find much of interest. Follow me.”

He took em outside of the office and the building. As they walk through the wide streets of the city, curious onlookers observe the diplomats from their windows. Various military vehicles come and go beside the group, lifting some dust into the air.

“This barrack city was built thousand of years ago, and it hosts multiple hundred of millions of trrarrusians. Some come and some go, but they population is relatively steady.”

The streets are filled with many people, from youngsters playing games and drawing in the sand, to adults doing mock stick fights and rapidly getting back to work once Saskluy gives them a glance.

“Any questions?”


”Was the city created for a specific purpose, or did it grow progressively around a central structure? We don’t really have cities dedicated to military purposes as our suborbital military is completely automated, so I can’t really speculate on how things evolved over here."

”Furthermore, what’s the culture like here? You know, any festivals, traditional activities and rites, etcetera."


“Well, if my database isn’t wrong, this started as a colony for resource extraction, but as it started growing at a higher rate than other bases, it gained interest for transformation into a barrack city. It isn’t the usual origin of barrack cities though, they tend to be planned, unlike this mess of a place…”

While some trrarrusians seem to be doing the double of their work, others in the groups place material for bonfires and tables in the streets, laughing and joking with the ones working.

"We don’t have any special “rites” or “festivals”, we tend to just celebrate for anything as long as we have time and food to spare for a banquet, it raises the moral of the personnel, and fills them with energy. We have celebrated good food production, battle wins, battle loses for those who survived, or anything really.

It also varies wildly from planet to planet and from administration to administration. Wouldn’t surprise me if the boys here make some huge parties tonight before leaving the planet."


”I see, interesting. I thought a planet this old would have developed a more rounded culture and/or religion, but in retrospect, it was quite wrong of me to make assumptions about xenosapient species such as yours. So far, trrarrusians have presented a potential that we have seldom found in other alien species. It’s sad to see that you haven’t had the chance to make it properly bloom yet."

”I’d like to see one of those parties, if that is not a problem. Perhaps, I could even use it as an occasion to give you some of the gifts I have brought as part of first contact protocols. Speaking of that, I do have something for you that I brought out of my own volition, Sâskluy,. Another member of your species was also gifted a similar, though far less valuable object by a Galactyan diplomat."

Kethar plunged one of eir hands inside the hitech bionano violet goo that constituted a good amount of the avatar’s internal components, and retrieved out of it a small, glowing sphere. While it looked as if it was made of simple glass, it’s insides showed a much, much greater complexity: streams and flows of particles and data moved inside the small sphere, emerging and plunging back into a central, shining core made out of a mysterious material. The object emanated power simply by looking at it.

”This is a transapienttech reality-fold holocommunicator. It’s similar in functioning to the Akropii comms cube that was gifted to the other trrarrusian, but it is far more powerful. It can transmit enormous amounts of data, and energy as well. I’m giving it to you as a gift, so if there will ever be any issue you wish to discuss before, during or after the cylinder is built, you can contact me instantaneously."

”You won’t have to recharge it, since I’ll be able to do it for you when it will start running low on energy in a millennium or so."


“I understood half of that, but I think the important part is that this thing is useful for contacting you, so I’ll take great care of it,” he replies, saving the sphere into his backpack, "you can stay in the planet for the party, if that is what you wish and what your schedule allows.


The time arrives, after a few hours of Saskluy showing Kethar around the city. Millions of trrarrusians leave to the streets to sit in the thousand of metal tables all around the city, as volunteers cook tirelessly and bring it to the tables.

“Oh man, it’s Saskluy!” one of the soldiers exclaims upon seeing him and Kethar, “And that weird guy. Come sit here!”

He and other soldiers make a space at the table for the Saskluy and the diplomats.


“I’m not giving you a break,” he replies shortly

“Welp, It was a good try,” he shrugs.


”Come on now Governor, give the man some leisure. It is a time of celebration after all, no need to make him work. Besides, what’s a small pause going to do?"

”So, what are these celebrations for exactly? I was told you were all about to depart from the planet, but I wasn’t told why. I’d be interesting and useful to get some context. A military assignment perhaps?"


“Yeah, remember those Junta guys? well, they are getting wrecked after this party! Am I right boys!?”

“Let’s cheer for the last time we fight them!”

“Cheers!” the soldiers reply before banging their metal cups to the table in unison.

“Let’s cheer for our next meal in Tolslyol!”

Saskluy hands Kethar a metal cup, and nudges him to follow.



”Ahaha, I see now. Cheers to you all, and may luck be on your side during the upcoming battle. You know Saskluy…"

Kethar turned to face Saskluy directly. While eir near featureless avatar’s face was quite hard to read, eir eyes betrayed a sort of playful deviousness that few couldn’t decipher.

”… come to think of it, up until now I’ve made lots of promises in the name of the Empire, but I haven’t showed you any proof of them being real, concrete words. To show you that what I say is truthful, how about me and my Guardians lend you a… helping hand in this battle? Might as well show the Junta as soon as possible that they are dealing with the wrong nation."