The Imperö's Court

[OOC: This topic exists to provide in-character information about the ongoings of Trianarö politics, and unlike This topic will be almost entirely modern and Penma-centric, fleshing out her character more and providing insight on how the Trianarö government views the sector.]

19th of Triarö, Hour 8, 0 BBT
Imperium Territory, Narûs
Meeting on the Emergence of Diplomacy

Penma sat in a room in the Imperium palace on Narûs surrounded by all of her advisors. She had 5- Her military advisor was the Supreme Commander of the Trianarö Imperium Forces: Darnietz Bannowheel. Bannowheel rarely went by his first name, and instead was almost always called Commander Bannowheel. He was a 70 year old veteran of the Southern War. He was an Ikaranarean, however, so he looked much younger due to his Safarkran implants. He scared Penma immensely, although she wasn’t sure why and was careful not to let him know- or anyone else, for that matter. If it was important, the answer would be figured out in due time.

She also had her economics Advisor, Êkala Amos, her Internal Affairs Advisor, Aigan Eteran, and her Chief Religious Advisor, Êmanal Takeras. These people were all masters in their fields and extremely experienced. She put her trust that their expertise and her discretion would make their sectors fine. Military production was up, the pirate problem had been solved last year, the Hemmerhaldian economy was steadily recovering, and the Empires and their kingdoms under them had been faring completely fine since before she took office in terms of local politics. The one thing the previous Imperö didn’t mess up.

Her last advisor was a close friend Daitya Alla, another religious advisor, but of a different specialty. She was there to ensure that they all remained demon-free. After the last administration, every precaution needed to be taken to ensure that the government remained functional. With the imperativeness of the current political situation, Trianar could simply not afford another disastrous period of governance. It could not look weak to the rest of the Sector. She was also the de facto the 2nd in command of her administration; such things were not uncommon in Imperö administrations and so it didn’t ruffle any feathers.

They all sat around a table in the Narûsö Imperium Palace. Two first contacts had revealed to them nearly the entire sector. A sector full of danger. From information gathered, they understood that the vast majority of nations in the sector seemed to be run by the Lower Races. Their neighbors, the Stoinian Star Kingdom and Treecuu Star Empire were examples… The Galactyans bordered on a demon race as well, but their conduct during their first contact showed that they were perhaps just very, very misguided.

They had also learned of at least 2 demon races that populated the sector… The Venterrans had shown their nature the moment they made contact with the Stoinians, waging a brutal war without any provocation. A devastating occasion for that nation, but hopefully weakening it so that it ceased to be a threat to Trianar. The Stoinians looked an awful lot like the Hemmerhaldians, but even more extreme in their Ideology. If with the Hemmerhaldians war had been inevitable, Trianar needed to militarize even more… and then there were the Zelvans, slavers that sucked the freedom from Lower Races.

And finally, they knew of one potential Higher Race. One other than the Ikaranareans. They called themselves the Edhelrim, of the star nation known as Calerost. This potential development was of shocking significance. The existence of other Higher Races could prove a potential saving grace to Trianar in the sea of Lower and Demon races.

The Trianarö needed to figure out how to carry them through the era. This was different from during the Ikaranarean Star Empire. These states were more centralized and significantly more powerful comparatively- And they were way further apart, some with higher populations. To retaliate by conquering would perhaps cease to be a viable option for the Trianarö in the future. The Truth of the matter was that Trianar couldn’t survive as it had been before. They had to use diplomacy for essentially the first time in their history. They needed a plan on how they were going to arise diplomatically in the sector considering the strength of the nations that were in it.

They sat around a circular table. Penma spoke. “Welcome. I will forgo the formalities. You know that we are here to discuss the 11 new nations we know of, and how we are to pursue diplomacy in this new era.” The advisors nodded grimly. This was proving to be a tumultuous time for Trianar as they learned of these nations. They already knew of 2 wars ongoing that had started recently- Who knows what would come next?

The Supreme Commander spoke first, in a voice that emanated power. “First things first, la Impêras, I hope you already have plans to raise military quotas? We will need all the production we can get if we want to ensure the Imperium’s position remains intact.” Bannowheel was always straight to the point. “Of course, Commander. I have drafted an order to raise production quotas 20% over the course of 5 years.” The Supreme commander nodded, seemingly satisfied with these numbers. Trianar already had a large arsenal, so they didn’t have an insane amount to fear. He still obviously wanted to be diligent in the wake of more powerful foes.

The Chief Religious Advisor spoke. “I know you’ve read my analysis of the nations we know of, and I have to say that it is disturbing… 2 demon races, one actively engaging one of the nations made of Lower Races and the other all too close to our borders. We will need to tread carefully. All of this is much worse than we thought.” Penma nodded grimly at him. It was much worse than they thought. 2 demon races was more than they had hoped for- 1 was more than enough. And the idea that there could be more still lurking in the shadows was a terrible promise. “I have, and agree with you fully. We must be cautious against these Zelvans especially and we should take the first chance we get to enact a policy of Emancipation. We also need to establish communications with any human nations due to the Venterran threat, and we need to ensure we can adequately defend them should an incident happen.”

Penma looked at her Internal Affairs Advisor. “How do you think the civilians will take to this information? This is quite the change, after all… is there anything we need to censor or modify?” He shook his head. “While it is quite the shock for all of us, all I would say is to emphasize the existence of the demon nations. Ensure that the citizens can see them for what danger they pose. And make sure we report on any alliances we have to shed those nations in a positive light. Other than that, they are all loyal to you, La Impêras, and will follow your command unyieldingly.”

“Speaking of alliances,” her Economics Advisor chimed in, “I think we should prepare for trade. It would boost our already powerful economy and serve as a valuable way to integrate Trianar into the astropolitical situation in a way that strengthens our position. We have strong enough domestic production to ensure we do not become reliant on trade like our ancient predecessors during the late stage of pre-FTL growth.”

Bannowheel commented as well. “If we can ensure a military alliance or two, it will ensure our capability to defend ourselves and get power projection into other states… Though it may also draw us in to unnecessary conflict.” Penma nodded. "I will have to choose our allies wisely. We will get to know any first. All of you should already know who i plan to contact first as per Takeras’ report.

They all nodded and said at the same time; Calerost." The one potential saving grace in the entirety of the known sector. The one potential other Higher Race.

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14th of Xenimatö, Hour 5, 0 BBT
Imperium Territory, Ikarn
The Gate Opens

Penma was awoken early that morning by frantic members of her government. She was escorted to Ikarn to the war room, and she was extremely concerned. What she saw in the live feed from the 521st Elite Defense Fleet was even worse than any war.

In the footage, she saw a Krekenai. A demon that was thought gone since the Xanstal War. Yet out of the Gate- a wormhole like rift that appeared in Xanstal space after three mosarkran-powered machines turned on- that had appeared a few days ago, there one came. Penma couldn’t help but exclaim in Ikaranarean.

Okai aln ta. En Krekenai kan saldama.
Gods save us. The Demons have come again.