A Day in the Holy Imperium of Trianar

(OOC: this is going to be a series of calmer stories in Trianar that i’m making because it requires significantly less worldbuilding than other ones, allowing me to post more frequently and providing some insight into the inner-workings of Trianar. It also gives me practice on writing for this canon in general.)

Penma Alkatrition,
15th of Ûnatö, 2 BBT, Hour 15
A New Imperö

Penma had been sworn in on the first of Ûnatö, as was traditional for a new Imperö- The dawn of a new year, a new leader for the Imperium to serve. Penma was chosen by the Imperium’s Council just a few dozen days ago. She actually hadn’t planned on candidacy, but the Council had insisted it were to be her- that meant that the Gods had truly wanted her as Imperö. They felt that it was of vital importance to the state, for Ikaranareans, and for all of the Lower Races.

Penma couldn’t help but think that perhaps the Gods were wrong.

She was the youngest Imperö in Trianar’s history at only 22 years old, and what’s more, she had to deal with the previous Imperö’s mistakes. The previous one had been hastily ejected after he had been declared possessed by Demons following his treatment of Mekanakûl, especially those in Mekagrûl. Mekanakûl in both Hemmerhaldia and Mekagrûl. This created a dangerous instability in the Imperium, not due to any revolts- but the opposite. Mekanakûl were a high portion of the Trianarö population and thus were important for the industry- but they were feeling repressed and were unmotivated to serve. This was a major problem, as the Humans in Hemmerhaldia couldn’t meet the region’s quotas on their own, sending their economy spiraling down. Her first acts of law were to undo essentially everything the previous leader had done. Hemmerhaldia was their largest and most populous region- Economics there was of vital importance to the state. It seemed that Penma had her work cut out for her.

A knock on the door of her office. She motioned for them to come in. It was her Economics Advisor, a shorter woman who was of slightly lighter tone than common for an Ikaranarean. She knelt before Penma, as was customary for one to do before the Imperö. Still, they had little time to waste.

La Impêras, thank you for your time,” she spoke with a mix of Neo-Indavral and regular Trianarö as she rose and took her seat. “I have to say, my lady, you have already started to ease the minds of many in the government and on the ground in your 14 official days as our Imperö, It seems the coming years will be pleasant in comparison to, ah, our… misguided former leader.” Saying such things about a former Imperö, even one corrupted by demons, would have been looked down upon outside of the Cluster, but of course, the Ikaranareans were the policymakers and the ones whose hands were guided by the gods- they could stand to recognize such things.

Penma shook her head. “I’ve only done what’s logical, so far. Now we need to do more to ensure the prosperity of the Lower Races.”

The Advisor nodded. “I agree. Right now, there’s not much we can do to increase production in Hemmerhaldia besides waiting for your laws to take effect, but I assume you’ve been briefed on the pirate situation.”

Penma nodded in return. “The lack of military production in the region has forced it to use antiquated technology to deal with these pirates- and these pirate ships are armed to the teeth somehow. We think most of the weapons are coming from Kruxkil, Syckruko, and to a lesser extent Sûtra… Our economically poorest regions.”

"All correct, "the Advisor said. “We have two plans of action, I think. First, we need to deal with the Pirates directly… The Hemmerhaldian forces are clearly inadequate, so i suggest we send in the Locale Defense Force of the region. They’re armed the same as the rest of your forces, and I wouldn’t think that you would want to use the true military for something like this.”

Penma gave her assent to this plan.

“Next, we need to improve the economies of the regions you just highlighted. More economic opportunities in those areas will decrease the need for illegal pirate activity. How would you like to start out in doing this?”

Penma thought for a moment. “We should improve the information and services industries. Funding goods or mining will only give pirates more to steal, which would counterbalance the military’s efforts. Production will be a priority after we’ve cleared out the pirates.”

The Advisor nodded, as if she herself may have not made the connection. “Very smart, la Impêras. As you will it, it is done. I will make the necessary preparations with the Military and our investors.”

After the Advisor left, Penma sat back. She hoped she was truly up for this monumental task. She felt that Trianar would soon be at a crossroads- one that could save the country or destroy it. She thought back to her ancestor- she was from the direct line of Garovûr Alerzö. He had saved their country from the aggression of the Sûtrans and became the first Imperö. She wondered if she would face a similar test.

And although the truth of her history was lost, the reality of it was not. She would either be like her ancestor or his forgotten brother, and whether this was good or bad, only time would tell.


Captain Gantir Alfamos
31st of Ûnatö, 2 BBT, Hour 10
Unexpected Engagement

Gantir was the captain of a Flagship- Specifically, a High Captain, who was trusted with such an important vessel. On his vessel was 27,196 loyal troops of the Trianarö Imperium Forces. He was a rare Kanareö officer operating in the Hemmerhaldian sector- he couldn’t breathe oxygen, or even gasses, so he wore a special suit for operation on the Flagship, where on his home planet he wouldn’t have had to wear such things. He had his suit specially made for military use, so that his soldiers could still see his face under the liquid- fish-like, the humans would have described it, but still stern, as he was a commander of a massive ship that had to be operated to the highest degree of efficiency lest they fail the new Imperö. The dawn of Penma meant that the Locale Defense Force had been mobilized in Hemmerhaldia, Kruxkil, and to a lesser extent Sykruko and Mannaö, to stop, arrest and if that didn’t work, engage and destroy, pirates who stole Civilian Arms Cleared ships (or illegally fitted non-clear ships) and used them to steal funds and resources from merchants and and resource transport vessels. Oftentimes captured resource transport vessels were even transformed into new Pirate Vessels as they came preloaded with powerful Cluster Plasma Cannons which they didn’t then need to gain illegally- they would have been expensive, compared to Superliminal missiles and regular Plasma Cannons, although they wouldn’t be military grade as their intent was to destroy obstacles the ship couldn’t maneuver away from in time, not to destroy ships.

And even though he was there to stop pirates, he couldn’t believe what he saw on the scanner.

30 Pirate vessels- 20 were admitted on the S-Chip System as confirmed Pirates, the other 10 just as stolen- were chasing 2 resource transport vessels. He had never heard of anything like this- 5-10 pirates at a time, maybe. 30 was ridiculous. The ships were engaged in a superluminal chase, heading straight in the Flagship’s direction. They got a transmission from one of the resource ships. “LDF Flagship Arklas, permission to dock? We are currently being chased by a band of armed pirates and fear destruction. The ship making this transmission is damaged and will run out of fuel before we make it away from the pirates. The other ship is similarly damaged.”

He quickly made a transmission back. “Please dock. Onboard engineers will attempt to assist yours in fixing the ships- assistant droids will come with them to speed up the process.”

The ships sped up, managing to barely outrun the pirate fleet- they must have put almost all remaining power to engines. In minutes they would maneuver up and dock, disappearing within the mass of metal that was the Arklas.

He gave orders to the other officers in the Command room. He ordered for shields to be put on 2 layers after the resource ships docked. As the pirate fleet came in range after the ships had docked, he made a transmission to all of their ships.

“Pirate-Designation Vessels, this is HC Alfamos of the Arklas. We implore you to surrender immediately- if you refuse, your sentence is death. There is no chance you will defeat this ship. We will not give you a second chance.”

There was more than 10 minutes before they got a response. It seemed like there was heavy deliberation among the pirates- but their answer shocked Gantir immensely.

“HC Alfamos, you will have to engage us in battle. We are unable to surrender.”

There were 30 ships, and from what the S-Chip system told them, they were rather well-armed for pirates, but even then, for them to challenge a Flagship was suicide. The punishment for Piracy wasn’t even death or life in prison like it was for different crimes- it was 15-30 years of prison and rehabilitation. Sure, these were powerful pirates, but flagships were known to come out unscathed when fighting entire fleets, and to say that an individual pirate ship had power of even half of a regular military ship would be an insult to any respectable Navy.

He breathed a heavy sigh from within his suit. “So be it.”

He made an announcement to the entire ship from the Command Room. “Attention, Crew of the Arklas. Go to your battle stations. We are to engage a band of 30 pirates. This is a battle code yellow, Ûferperion missiles are not to be used. Engineers, keep helping the docked trading vessels. I repeat. We are in a battle situation.”

The Flagship was now officially in battle.

If HC Alfamos was to gage the “classes” of the pirate ships, it would have been as followed-

There were 8 ships that were converted personal ships. They were extremely small, and their armament was light with only Superliminal Missiles and Plasma Cannons but they had powerful engines and great mobility. He would have called them Corvettes. Corvettes were useful in a normal battle scenario, as they forced the enemy to divert necessary energy to shields and were hard to stamp out, as well as being able to perform auxiliary work, but the sheer energy reserves of a Flagship rendered these irregular corvettes borderline useless. At most they would be able to annoy them, assuming they weren’t destroyed Immediately.

There were 12 ships that were converted medium-sized mining and transportation vehicles. These were more dangerous as they were fitted with significantly more weaponry, and these types of ships generally came armed with cluster plasma cannons to destroy other debris. While these cluster plasma cannons weren’t military grade and didn’t come preinstalled with military targeting software (Military cluster plasma cannons concentrated fire, while civilian ones spread fire to affect a wider area) pirates were known to change these systems to ones more similar to that of the military. He would have called these frigates.

The next group was 9 in number: the same as the last but bigger and more armed. He would have called these heavy frigates, and if he were being extremely generous, destroyers.

The last ship was obviously the leader- and apparently a steal. It was a converted civilian cruise ship, armed to the teeth with custom weapons, and even sporting Beam plasma cannons. He wouldn’t have had to be generous to call that ship a battleship.

He also felt extremely good about their odds.

He gave them one last chance. “Take all energy from your weapons and shields and kill your engines. This is your last chance, otherwise you will all die here for resisting the Imperö’s will.”

In response, one of the “Frigates” shot a superliminal missile at the Flagship. It did basically no damage, but sent a clear message.

One of his Attack officers gave an order on the Control Console- These orders were as instantaneous as clicking two buttons and the soldiers had to do nothing but maintain the weapons.


Before they even started moving, a Hyperluminal missile struck one of the “Corvettes,” whose weak shields weren’t even fully up, destroying it instantly. It was funny, in a morbid way- The pirates shoot, nothing happens. The Arklas shoots, and a ship is destroyed.

Realizing that in fact, sitting still did not increase their chances of winning, all the ships started moving. Another two Hyperluminal missiles were shot, one hitting another “Corvette” and destroying it, the other grazing and ripping a hole into one of the “Destroyers” and seriously damaging it- if the last one had done any more damage, that pirate crew would have been at the mercy of the void.

On a code orange or red, swarmers would have been automatically deployed. While Swarmers would make this operation way easier, it would have honestly been a waste of resources.


The enemy began peppering the shields with shots. While they most likely couldn’t do real damage, they couldn’t be taken lightly lest the Flagship be damaged by its own hubris.

Another order was given.

One of of the “Frigates” and one of the “Destroyers” happened to be in range of plasma cannons and an officer had taken advantage of this. The “Destroyer” was the one that was already damaged- The impact made it spin out of control and explode. The “Frigate’s” shields managed to absorb the 3 blows that were dealt to it, but it must have taken a significant portion of energy to do so.

At this point, the Pirates seemed to be realizing how uneven a fight this truly was. The attacks became harder- They must have been realizing that their shields were doing very little. Still, the professional military-grade ones absorbed the entirety of the damage.

5 more “Corvettes” were hit and destroyed, 4 by Hyperluminal missiles and 1 by 2 regular plasma shots.

another 4 “Frigates” were destroyed by a total of 8 Hyperluminal missiles.

A “Destroyer” was destroyed when it took on the full brunt of a cluster plasma cannon barrage.

The Pirates were still fighting. The Flagship was going easy on them, truly, as the prospect of taking a few alive was still not off the table, if not just to investigate. But any reasonable individual would have at least tried to escape by now. HC Gantir was stumped. Then, he had an idea. He gave a direct order.


It was definitely overkill, but he had to be sure. PCC-O was the designation of the “Battleship.”

The Superluminal Missiles were shot first, hitting their mark. The combined hits from all plasma cannons as well destroyed the shield of this “Battleship” instantly. The five Hyperluminal missiles hit the ship with a force that could have destroyed a moon- the ship exploded almost instantly. He then sent a communication to the Pirates.

“This is HC Alfamos of the Arklas. Your destruction is imminent. If you do not cut your engines, shields, and weapons, what happened to your lead ship will happen to you. I’ve given you every chance I can afford for you to live.”

And one-by-one, the ships did as he asked over the space of about 4 minutes. He called a Sapper police team- one that could sap the ships’ energy, preventing them from attacking on their way- to escort them for investigations. He was rather proud of the Arklas’ performance- that entire engagement took place over the span of about 8 minutes itself. And while he wouldn’t know what exactly brought on these suicidal pirates, that was someone else’s job.

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HC Elrai
22nd of Fafasatö, 5 BBT, Hour 17
Pleasure and Pain

It was Trianar’s first contact with a species from outside of the Imperium. They had no clue how they had gotten there. They had landed near his Flagship, and he had almost ordered to fire on them with a singular Ûferperion missile- Something that would have destroyed their ship instantly, as their scans indicated. However, they started getting a strange transmission from the ship. They deciphered the message to find out that it was an alphabet to some language called English, as well as grammatical rules. This allowed them to decipher the alien message: HELP. OUR SHIP HAS BEEN DAMAGED ON A ROUTINE TRIP THROUGH WARPSPACE. WE DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH ENERGY TO TRAVEL. WE ARE IN NEED OF REPAIR.

Under Imperö Erûlas’s command, it would have been routine to fire anyways. But as an Ikaranarean of a Flagship, HC Elrai took his own discretion; the Imperö was under the influence of demons, and many in the Imperial Council had wanted to start a historic vote to declare it such. Even an Imperö so obviously contaminated as him did not go down easily. Trianar needed intel on aliens so they could figure out how the Lower Races were performing outside of the Imperium- and they needed knowledge of potential demon races.

He accepted the offer.

This species identified themselves as Zeltrex. They looked strikingly like humans, but their skin was not of any shade that Ikaranareans or even Hemmerhaldian humans had- pink, reds, and many colors in between. It may have been the fact that he was surrounded by uniformed soldiers day and night, but they also wore clothes that seemed… a bit too revealing to be practical. Maybe they kept their ships hotter? But then why not just cool them down to wear better clothes? A cultural thing? He couldn’t tell. Their ship had a crew and population of about 10,000. Most of the crew stayed to oversee the repairs of their ship, and a civilian cruise ship passing by took about 5000 as it was on low capacity. This left about 3000 who needed to come onto the Flagship, capacity which they could easily handle- Flagships were like moving fortresses, usually with over 20,000 crew.

The repairs were working with foreign tech, so even with standard Trianarö efficiency, it was expected to take upwards of *3 days- A repair taking even 1 day was a rarity.
*A Trianarö day is 30 hours, meaning this is actually 3 days and 18 hours.

They had quickly developed translators to and from this “English.” so that they could communicate with their guests. They integrated well enough, and were apparently very social. very social. They were lucky that Flagships were a bit lax in terms of general etiquette since the soldiers essentially lived on the ships. HC Elrai had been getting report after report after report of the Zeltrex chatting too much with soldiers on duty, and some even getting a bit handsy. These were minor enough for him to excuse since they were an alien culture- and they had gotten valuable information on the Zeltrex as a race, as well as DNA footprints for them. On the 2nd day, he went to watch his soldiers work, and a Zeltrex girl that looked about 25 by human standards. She asked them about Trianarö forms of pleasure. It was truly a strange question, but he responded as any Trianarö, even the Imperö, would have. “The greatest joy is the joy of serving the Imperium.” She seemed a bit taken aback by this statement, but she still had to be shooed away by his guards. For a moment when she was near, all he could think about was the fact that she was attractive- But then he felt a sharp surge in energy from his Safarkran implant, a sort of buzz in his olfactory system, and it was gone. He would later that night learn that it was some power of these aliens- some pheromone in their hair. They hadn’t yet figured out whether it was intentional or not.

The next incident would confirm their suspicion.

The next night, he learned of an incedent regarding ensign Emand and a Zeltrex girl. It was reported that the two had “engaged in intimate relations,” a euphemism that angered HC Elrai to his core. The other incidents were bad enough, now these Zeltrex were seducing his soldiers and making them undisciplined? They needed to be taught a harsh lesson about the TIF.

He corralled all of the Zeltrex guests into one of the largest rooms on the Flagship- the Training room, where thousands of recruits could train at once. On it, he stood on a small stage, with a device that allowed him to project his voice. “I have heard of a crime of etiquette today, one that cannot be tolerated in the Imperö’s Army. Would anyone here know of such a thing?”

The girl who had done it started giggling, with no attempt to hide her crime. His anger only grew. “You think this is funny, Eh? Why don’t you come up here?” Two Sycriûn soldiers flanked her as they forced her to walk up to the stage. Although she looked a bit disconcerted, she was still laughing, maybe out of fear. Without warning HC Elrai backhanded her with a tiny bit of Safarkran energy, providing enough force to knock her over, but not to kill her. She yelped with pain. “Get up!” He yelled, his anger at this girl and the other Zeltrex for introducing a lack of discipline to this honorable ship only growing more powerful. The Sycriûn forced her to stand up.

“You have violated the sanctity of a soldier of the Trianarö Imperium Forces, bringing to him an undisciplined practice permitted only to civilians. For this, you will die.”

Before she could react, he extended his arm, dark Mosarkran energy surging through his veins- a feat that proved him Ikaranarean and just as well proved his relation to the Gods, for in any other species- even humans- having Mosarkran or Safarkran connected to their circulatory system would have killed them. Instead, the veins in his arm glowed back under his arm as the power flowed through it. A beam of complete darkness was shot at the girl’s head- and when it finished, her head was simply… gone. No trace of it to be found except in the stump of her neck. The corpse fell flat on the floor, for all to see. They witnessed the power of the Imperium, and the glory of the Ikaranareans.

“Aliens, this is my pleasure. The power to destroy such repulsive and undisciplined behavior, to ensure that my soldiers can continue to serve the Imperium. There is no greater glory, and there is no greater power. And if you object…” He pointed to the corpse. “You are in Trianarö territory, and you will face a Trianarö execution. Any objections?”

The crowd, even after what they saw, continued to get more agitated. They started yelling in anger, There was only one way to solve this hiccup. He turned off his translator and shouted. “Surround them! Open Fire!”

There were no incidents after that until it was time for the Zeltrex to leave. He almost felt bad that they had to waste a tiny bit of power cleaning up the mess.

Later he would learn that the one incident was not the only one of its kind, but that was of little concern to him- What was more important is that he demonstrated the absoluteness of the TIF, the great power it brought to Trianar, and that the TIF would not tolerate non-disciplined behavior.

He had taught them a lesson on Trianarö pleasure. Even if it cost them a bit of pain.

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Private Tenlan Manak
32nd of Lakretö, 322 BBT, Hour 12
The Last Battle: Part one, Lost Expedition

The Hemmerhaldian War. A war of aggression on the Hemmerhaldians’ part, attacking the new Trianarö state with vigor and zeal, hoping to claim everything from Sykruko to even neutral Mekagrûl. It was clear the humans’ expansionist fervor could not be contained by mere diplomacy, instead, their very society had to be reorganized if Trianar and other future states could continue to exist. The humans clearly had a lust for conquering indicative of a misguided Lower Race. Intelligence dating back to the Ikaranarean Star Empire indicated that Hemmerhaldian expansionism led directly to the extinction of at least 13 species, although figures for Sycriûn and Kanareö combined climbed to a combined 33 species- both were known to have killed primitives. Compared to Ikaranareans, who despite conquering, had not massacred entire species, and even after the annexation of Mannaö, Ikaranareans hadn’t simply pushed off labor and military practice to those they conquered- Tenlan was one such Ikaranarean who stood by the side of Kanareö and Sycriûn to defeat the Hemmerhaldian menace, despite the declining Ikaranarean population. And after 50 years of struggle and 15 destroyed Hemmerhaldian planets, they were here.

Hemmûldus, capital of Hemmerhaldia. Crown jewel of their empire. And hundreds of millions of troops lined up on landing craft ready to die on the Imperö’s command. This battle would determine the fate of Hemmerhaldia once and for all. Hemmerhaldian humans could of course not bear the loss of their famed capital planet, a city that stretched the entire land area- an ecumenopolis. Hemmerhaldia would fall with Hemmûldus, and Trianar would become one of the most powerful states to ever exist.

But that was not now. That was after the battle was won.

Soon, as orders higher up were given, the craft were launched at the planet, as its impressive shields had been weakened enough to allow them to land with an expected >99% survival rate for the soldiers. Hemmerhaldians were rather weak on air defenses so the likelihood of any shuttles getting shot down in the atmosphere was minimal. He sat with fellow soldiers, in a shuttle with about 5,000 other troops. around 60,000 similar shuttles would be making the trip down to the planet, loading off troops, vehicles, armor, and even Swarmers. In his shuttle group, there were 100 tanks, 3000 “regular” troops and 1400 elite “Titam” troops who were melee units with powerful armor, spears and shields that could hold a point better than other troops who were mainly designed for mobility. There were also modern IFVs for all troops: Trianar had fielded a mostly mechanized force since the Origin War. His unit specialized in poking holes in the enemy line with their light tanks to create holes- a skill that would be put to the ultimate test in their coming battle- a battle unplanned in the larger offensive, but perhaps one of the most important in the grand scheme of the battle. Yet, it started with a horrible mistake.

As they entered Hemûldan skies, they felt a powerful impact. Lights flickered as the ship roared, and a large commotion could be heard ahead in the ship. Somehow, they had been hit. It seemed impossible, but it just happened. They felt the ship veer to the side violently away from its course. They heard a shout to “BRACE FOR IMPACT!” as they made a crash landing. Luckily, the Shuttle was designed for such things and as such the materiel was mostly unharmed. As they orderly got out, nobody was injured, but it was clear soon that their comms were broken and they had no idea how to contact the rest of the force. They unloaded the machinery and the Titam units put on their armor, however- they had to stay diligent. Tenlan was armed with his Spear-1 plasma rifle and Biv-13 pistol, along with a dagger for when it came down to it. He and the rest of the force were not dazed or disoriented by their predicament- rather only worried that they could not receive orders. But their field commander, a tall male Sycriûn named Arxalm Mxar- whose name was too hard for Ikaranareans and Kanareö to pronounce, and so therefore they simply called commander Mix- knew they couldn’t just sit and wait to be ambushed. Everyone got into their IFVs or tanks and they started rolling through the artificially made forest they landed in- even though Hemmûldus was a ecumenopolis, they had small patches of forest apparently because civilians liked them. It wouldn’t take them long to get out. The purple trees however signaled that the forest was unnatural, like the entire planet and Hemmerhaldian Empire felt, for the Hemmerhaldians had truly embraced technology in every aspect of life.

It didn’t take long for them to reach the edge of the forest and into a civilized zone of the ecumenopolis. The entire area was abandoned, most citizens probably evacuated long ago. The group saw an abandoned hospital near the outskirts of the city and set up camp there, letting themselves entrench before they fixed comms in case of a Hemmerhaldian attack.

And they didn’t know it, but these soldiers chose the correct place to put up camp. For near them was a battle objective that could have turned their apparent and decisive victory into a slog that killed billions.

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Private Tenlan Manak
35th of Lakretö, 322 BBT, Hour 5
The Last Battle: Part Two, A Furious Battle

The hospital had been fortified, Making it an effective military base in only a few days. Due to the group’s distinct lack of engineers, they hadn’t been able to fix or create any comms systems- They were still isolated. Luckily they had food for a while in the hospital, and worst case they would have to raid the abandoned homes to get food. Although how it would even come to that was debatable as there wasn’t much chance of them staying abandoned for that long in a moving battle across 8 continental fronts. Still, these 5000 soldiers worked diligently as this place could be used as a stronghold for future assaults once they linked up with more forces.

However, they soon spotted strange readings from their fortified medical center from one of the scouting parties. Enemy signatures from down the road. These weren’t Hemmerhaldians, however. These were droids and Mekanakûl. They apparently appeared from a base underground, one of the famous Droid Nests. There were only a few above ground now, but once they caught wind of the Trianarö they would be ordered up by the Mekanakûl… They could only hope their own forces arrived, as estimates for nest populations were up to 150,000-200,000 per nest. Normally a small amount, but against 5000? Devastating. The Trianarö had to expect the worst. The scouts luckily had not been spotted but fortification efforts had only continued, with Tenlan aiding as much as he could- even Commander Mix was helping. These fortifications were important as they would stand a better chance under siege than in decisive combat.

Within 5 hours, fortifications were nearly as best as they could hope to get them. Tenlan was assigned to a scouting party of around 500. What they saw shocked them. It appeared that the droids had noticed them, for they saw a massive droid army marching in columns towards their position. It would have been scarier if these droids were mechanized like the Trianarö- and they were lucky that they didn’t have any air support yet, or this entire army would have been torn to shreds. Actually, that was quite strange. But the scouting party didn’t care. They saw an enemy in a less advantageous position and chose to attack. They seemingly knew their location anyways, so it was better to get the jump on them and confuse them anyways.

The Trianarö IFVs fired into the mass of metal as soldiers spilled out of them, all but their drivers as the vehicles weren’t just there for transport- As such, the TIF was a truly mechanized force and not just a pretender. Every bit of machinery was used to the ultimate degree and nothing was wasted, for every aspect of them had to serve. That was the nature of Trianar.

The droids seemed confused at first- They weren’t, but the secret was their lack of independent decision making. The Mekanakûl controlled them with extreme efficiency, their mechanical bodies doing it almost unconsciously as they were connected to their droids- Thus turning thousands of soldiers into one soldier plus some industry. However, these droids didn’t have the same spirit and resolve as a real biological soldier, and were limited by their master’s competence. The illusion faded away, however, as the soldiers and IFVs alike opened fire into the droid ranks. Hundreds were destroyed in an instant as the soldiers backed up and kept rank. The droids fired but in the chaos but it was clear that the Mekanakûl were struggling to cope with the ambush. Tenlan was in the thick of it, engaging in near close-quarters combat, using his Spear-1 rifle as an actual spear, jabbing the droids in the vital spots all veteran soldiers had learned throughout the course of the war, taking on 2, 3 or 4 at a time. He then spotted the Mekanakûl.

Mekanakûl were kind of cyborgs, but more than that. Their brains were ostensibly “Human,” but that was it. All of their veins were wires and their bodies were machines. This allowed them to do things like controlling a group of droids easily. They were controversial as even though they originated from being humans they never had human bodies and many studies had shown that they had started “evolving” away from humans as they had a way of reproducing that involved splicing their genes together to simulate fertilization. Even though they seemed sacreligious many called for them to be considered a non-human species, as there was nothing inherently wrong with their behavior. But the politics didn’t really matter now- there was a battle to be won.

When the Mekanakûl saw Tenlan, he sprung into action immediately. They fought on, spear-to-spear, with Tenlan making gains on the enemy. Tenlan aggressively fought any droids trying to stop him. He eventually ducked down low, thrusting his spear up into the Mekanakûl’s head, killing him almost instantly. Many droids collapsed with him. A hearty cheer rose as this was the first true blood of the engagement, and a decisive victory. “And LAUNCH,” he shouted at his comrades, fleeing the pile of metal before they heeded his request. All of the soldiers took their grenades and at once lobbed them into the pile of useless robots, ensuring they stayed useless and taking more droids and hopefully another Mekanakûl with them. The explosions stopped the rest of the enemy dead in their tracks as the soldiers got back on their IFVs, some hanging out of the vehicles to shoot at the enemy. As was traditional for the soldier who got first blood in a group’s first engagement, Tenlan started a song, the ode to servatude.

“I see an enemy ashore,”
“An Enemy that I deplore!”
“I killed an enemy today,”
“And I hope to kill a thousand more!”

The song continued as the scouting party rushed back to base. And though this first battle was a victory, these 5000 soldiers didn’t truly know what they were in for. For the hardest part of the battle would come soon, and it would hit fast, hard, and with unrelenting force.

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