The Free Nations Federation Embassy

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The OP also looks a bit empty, I’ll try to fix that when I have the time!

But for now, I’ll provide recent news from us.

After the conclucion of both the General and Ministerial elections, we now have new officials on the cabinet!

For the General Elections, I’ve been elected as the new President, and Mally Piznoopia, a new citizen, has been elected as the new WA Delegate. No one ran for speaker, so I nominated FoolishTrooper.

For the Minsterial Elections, Orvos, Burgermond and Obets managed to keep their positions as Minister of Culture, Defence, and as Roleplay Delegate respectively. The previous president was then elected as Minister of Foreign Affairs. Quiameth and NCR were then elected as Minister of Internal affairs and Immigration respectively.

if anyone asks, our old embassy can be found here.


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Heyo! Our government along with The League & Concord and The Union of Democratic States has published a Joint Statement regarding yesterday’s attack in the region. We’d appreciate if you could give it a read and maybe upvote! We’d also like to thank the SPSF for assisting in the defence of the region!

Joint Statement on Rejecting Intimidation and Subversion

On behalf of everyone in The Free Nations Region, we’d like to wish The South Pacific happy holidays.

Happy holidays, boss!

Hey there! Our Minister of Culture is hosting a Pokémon Championship! To be honest, I don’t know how to explain this…

The tournament will be held at a website called Pokémon Showdown, where users can build their own teams using any Pokémon available and battle each other worldwide. Unfortunately, since I wasn’t able to post this earlier, the competition had closed entry to participants, and is already in progress. But if you’d like to watch the tournament unfold, you can join our Discord Server.

And for other news, I held a giveaway.
That’s all, cheers to the soon-to-be New Year!

Thanks for the update!

Heyo! It’s been awhile since I last posted on the thread, there’s nothing to report here really :sweat_smile:

But just to remind you that we’re still a thing, here’s a small update about recent events in the region.

Remember that Pokemon Contest thing our MoC held? Someone eventually beated the host, who was also a participant, and secured the title as champion!

We’d like to congratulate Sesame (Cherry Blossom Republic) for achieving that feat.

FNR recently turned 7 years old last sunday! We haven’t performed well last year, but we were still able to maintain some activity, and are confident that the new year will change the region’s situation.

Our General Elections had also recently concluded as I secure another term as president, and Mooab winning the position of Speaker. For his first vote, I nominated our previous speaker as my Vice President, which I’m proud to say did well.

And finally, our Ministerial & RP Delegate Elections are underway. Please expect an update regarding about that in a few days.

That’s all, see ya!

Congratulations on your victory, President Altrio!

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Thanks! :tsp_heart:

Hey there! Our Ministerial and RP Delegate elections have concluded! Though there was a slight delay due to an error with the EVC platform…

For the Ministers, the following people have been elected;

Nohol - Minister of Internal Affairs
Weatherwand (Re elected) - Minister of Foreign Affairs
Burgertopian Empire (Re elected) - Minister of Defence
Orvos (Re elected) - Minister of Culture

No one was elected as Minister of Immigration since no one ran. As our ambassador in NSUK said, they expect me to appoint one in a few days time…

And for the RP Delegate, the incumbent delegate (Obets) secured yet another term. This time however, they have nominated a Deputy Delegate, whom is currently being voted upon in the Assembly.

That’s all we have for now!

We’d like to congratulate those who are elected or re-elected after the Cabinet elections. We wish the ministers the best of luck during their terms.

For whoever secured the title of Craziest Person, we’d like to give you this cookie and a pat on the head as a gift… :cookie:

please don’t hurt me-


I appreciate your congratulations! I will also make sure your cookie reaches its intended destination

Hey there folks! FNR is going through yet again another election cycle! Only half of the cycle has gone through though, as there are discussions ongoing regarding the reform of the ministries. Due of this, Ministerial and RPD Elections have been delayed.

I wasn’t able to run for President a third time since the constitution prohibits having another term after two consecutives.

Weatherwand (the president before me) has re-secured the position.

For our WA Delegate, The Earths People had won by unanimous vote, as they were the only candidate to run.

And for our speaker, no one ran. The position is expected to be filled soon by appointment.

That’s all!

From the folks at FNR, Happy Coalition Day!

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Joint Statement on the
Signing of the Cerulean Compact

The Free Nations Region & Thaecia

Thaecia and The Free Nations Region have enjoyed a long and prosperous alliance and friendship. Since the inception of the old Consortium, our regions have grown closer individually and as a group with our good allies of The East Pacific and The Alstroemerian Commonwealths. Although the Second Convention of Lausanne exists to bind the Lausanne regions together, the individual relationship between our regions has always been strong and worthy of individual maintenance. Lausanne brought us together, but it does not define us. This is no more evident than with the recent signing of our bilateral treaty, the Cerulean Compact. The signing of this treaty is not just a codification of our commitment to our diplomatic relationship but also a promise of future cooperation between our two regions as we look forward to prosperous development side by side.

The Cerulean Compact
Article I - Mutual Recognition

(1) Thaecia shall recognize the Government of the Free Nations Region, as established by the Constitution of the same, as the sole legitimate government and representative of the region and people of the Free Nations Region, and its dependencies.

(2) The Free Nations Region shall recognize the Government of Thaecia, as determined by Thaecian law, as the sole legitimate government and representative of the region and people of Thaecia, and its dependencies.

Article II - Diplomatic Relations

(1) Each signatory shall establish and maintain in-game embassies with one another.

(2) Each signatory shall maintain off-site embassies with one another, consistent with facilities provided to other treaty allies.

(3) Each signatory shall strive to keep the other updated on their regional happenings.

(4) The signatories shall encourage and support cultural exchanges and joint cultural events. The signatories agree to fully commit to promoting joint cultural events, and are encouraged to collaborate on the organization of such events.

Article III - Defense Obligations

(1) The signatories shall not invade or assist in a third-party invasion of the other signatory’s home region or territories. The signatories shall never to support, encourage, or engage in any attempted subversion against the other. Participating on the opposite sides of a battlefield in a third-party region does not constitute a violation of this treaty.

(2) Should a signatory come under attack by hostile forces within its home region or vulnerable territories, the other signatory shall contribute military aid to their defense or liberation.

(3) The signatories shall never direct or support any form of espionage against each other. For the purposes of this treaty, “espionage” refers to any individual acting under false pretenses in a signatory region without the authorisation of the legitimate government of the targeted region. Information received by third-party espionage of the signatory regions shall not be acted upon by the signatories unless such information betrays a security threat to the recipient signatory’s regions.

(4) If a signatory comes into possession of significant information which could threaten the interests or security of the other signatory, it must be shared with the other signatory. This includes the presence of espionage or subversion in the region, as well as plans or actions taken by nations or regions to invade the home region or territories of the other signatory.

Article IV - Amendment and Withdrawal

(1) Signatories shall strive to amend the treaty when the contents are determined to no longer serve the best interests of the alliance. Signatories may meet to discuss amendments to the treaty, and such amendments shall be legally binding only with both parties’ assent.

(2) Either signatory may exit this treaty through their internal legal processes with one week’s notice to the other signatory delivered through the embassies established by Article II of this treaty. Should one week’s notice be impossible to achieve, the repealed treaty shall remain active for one week following its repeal.

(3) In the event a signatory finds this treaty or alliance to be unsatisfactory, signatories shall engage in good faith discussions to diplomatically and reasonably resolve their grievances before withdrawing from this treaty.

(4) Clauses (2) and (3) of this article shall not apply in cases when a signatory violates the terms of this treaty. Should a violation of the treaty occur, the non-violating signatory is fully empowered to exit this treaty without prior notice or discussion, according to the internal legal processes of their region. However, the withdrawal from the treaty still must be announced through the established embassies before their cancellation, as soon as possible upon the repeal of the treaty.

(5) The repeal of any shared multilateral treaties by either signatory shall not affect the status or provisions of this treaty.

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Today, 15 July 2023, marks history in The Free Nations Region as it announces the formation of the Free Nations Federation! The announcement of the FNF can be found here:

Comments and questions are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED in the embassy thread.

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