The Free Nations Federation Embassy

Oh that’s a super good look. Nice!

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Incredibly sparkly. I wonder if the Supreme Leader @Amerion will approve

From the Free Nations Federation, we extend our warmest congratulations to the Prime Minister and new cabinet members, and to the new World Assembly Delegate.

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The Free Nations Federation has signed a silly goofy treaty with our silly goofy partners over in the Alstroemerian Commonwealths. The treaty, known as the IDOL Concert is a fascinating read. Read what our wacky Minister of Foreign Affairs (my charming self) has to say about it in our embassy thread below:

Thank you for the update.

Happy Holidays from the FNF! :evergreen_tree:

It’s the time of Hanasaki - flowers are blooming, birds are singing, on days like these… The Free Nations Federation cordially invites you for three days of fun at Equiterra Central Park to celebrate the end of Clarissa’s term as President!

Join our discord below to access the event and feel free to advertise it to all your nations!

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Thanks for the update boss, I’ll see if I can swing by and check it out.

Hello again! It’s been a long time since I showed up here :P

This is not an announcement or anything, not really sorry

Seems like the OP’s format not looking too good anymore as the number of clicks on the asset shows up on the side, and a bit outdated as well. We’ll get that fixed soon!

Hello and Happy Pride Month from the Free Nations Federation! The summer sun rises on a new age in the Federation, as a President is inaugurated in the capitol city of Equiterra for the first time in our history. This shining city is a testament to the ingenuity and industriousness of the Free Nations, and stands at the center of our Federation, beside our future frontier, Hive, and our historical home, The Free Nations Region.

President Doctors Orvos was elected with 71.43% of the popular vote, alongside running-mate and now Vice President South Asians. Both hold a wealth of experience in government work dating back years. After the first exercise of the new challenge-based Minister selection procedure, President Orvos has now finalized his cabinet. Castenor has been re-appointed as Officer of Foreign Affairs, Froybia has been appointed Officer of Internal Affairs, and Mileiria has been appointed Officer of Culture.

For another historic first, the Free Nations Federation requests that all the regions with which it maintains on-site embassies open embassies with our capitol region, Equiterra. If our partners and friends wish to maintain embassies with the Free Nations Region and/or Hive as well, we invite that as well, but would like, at the very least, the core of our diplomatic relationships to be our new capitol, to blaze a new path forward together in arms with our friends and our allies.