The Crucible - Sparring Operations - SDR-TCP [1 ABT]

The Crucibles are a set of planets, moons, stations, and other celestial phenomena in SDR and TCP space. The Crucible Program works to provide a way to train military units in realistic environments that a service member could be tasked with.

But why such realism? Why not simulations? The Crucibles, work to improve skill of all, Serniani, Mandi, Human, Vanti, whoever wishes to improve their skill. And if simulation is all you get, simulation is all you expect. Real world conditions harden a soldiers senses, allows them to think on their feet. Those currently in The Crucible Program are: The Scientific Directorate of Rosecordia and the Colonus Pact.

What is a Sparring Operation? Sparring Operations refer to an operation conducted on a Crucible Program Planet. Usually, the territory that owns the Crucible area is defense, the visiting group is offense. Sparring Operations can be anything from Capture the Flag to Tactical Withdrawal. Sparring Operations usually use specific weapons that don’t inflict injury, but mimic the real weapon system.

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Crucible Spar One - Rosecordi Space, Planet Olivina

“Planetary Assault School”

This Crucible World is dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of performing a planetary assault. In this exercise, it is assumed in this case, glassing is impractical and Relativistic Kill Vehicles are unavailable. Only conventional forces are available for the fight. The terrain is rocky, and clearing are few and far between. The areas of operation contain medium amounts of MSASS assets, MBTs and a few Mounted Artillery pieces, along with infantry assets.

The Ball is in OPFOR’s court


Bolts of energy sliced through the sky, striking the defenses. As the area was being saturated with emps, little fires appeared in the atmosphere.
And they grew
And grew
Until the invasion force broke through the upper atmosphere.

The Ram Fighter escorts broke off to engage the defenses and divert fire from the drop pods.


MSASS Outpost 1

Despite the main connection being severed, most LRSD are TELAR (Transport Erector Launcher Radar), and after being switched off the next, switched on their own radars and immediately began a volley fire of missiles, Technical destroying some drop pods before running out of missiles in tube and stopping to reload. ASA (Anti Starcraft Artillery) then fired, while infantry were directed to any drop zones, just to call in artillery, using ARCMBTs to hide behind while making calls for supporting fire.


As the drop pods began to be eliminated, it became clear further action was quickly needed to save the infantry. Several squadrons of emp ram fighters broke off from the attack and returned to the pods. Through a series of connections, they linked up to boost towards the ground faster. In the meanwhile, the drop pods activated their turrets, to limited effect.

The remaining kinetic ram righters began targeting the anti-aircraft cannons.


SASF Airbase

“Their fighters are mopped trying to get the ASA and MSASS down! Get Xacto’s Airborne!”

MSASS Outpost 1

LRSD & ASA battery imploded as the air went silent, before the sky filled with more explosives, albeit briefly. Xacto’s aren’t known for their payload. This would be decided on the ground.


 As the troops began reaching the ground, they wasted no time setting up base. The mandi drones began digging tunnels into the ground to establish strongholds. The drop pods would be repurposed for tools and tunnel supports. In the meantime, the mandi soldiers oversaw the establishment of above-ground bases to avoid getting trapped. The dirt from tunneling and trenches would be used to create a high-ground for the enemy infantry to struggle over. Snipers nests would also be constructed, and scouting teams patrolled the perimeter, at least until the temp. bases were complete.


It was raining on Olivina. Not actual rain, of course, but 90mm Artificer HE-FT. Sniper nests identified and blown away. Surface strongholds hammered away at by hundreds of 90mm HE-FT, and the occasional 45cm HE shell deleting earthworks of any kind.


 The soldiers were not prepared for such wanton destruction of the bases, and were quickly blown away. Ram Fighter squadrons were once again sent in to neutralize the attackers while the Mandi drones prepared for underground combat


Xacto’s and remaining MSASS Batteries made the sun come out early. Pincer maneuvers and S/A CSM-329’s and the testing of the ILC Anti Fighter System began shredding Ram fighters. As the gunfire dwindled slightly, a lull in the fighting, for the briefest period, the flash of 90mm illuminated the surface and broke down many surface positions, Rosecordi Marines prepared to storm positions, after learning the deadly consequences of not being behind cover, infantry began to wait.


 With the surface positions all but gone, the mandi began turning their tonnuls into a living hell. They had lost their edge, and they wanted it back. Their only regret was that the bullets weren’t real, that the traps were nonlethal.
 A message came down through the nueral net. All connected soldiers felt a moment of shame as they were scolded by the observing command. Colonus had already embarrassed itself, this was no time for toxic pride.


“So, they dug underneath us?”

“Yeah, and now we have to clear it.”

“3000 Tunnel Rats of Lisa Cicero, my ass.”

“Why don’t we gas them out?.”

“My sister in science, that’s cruel and unusual!”

“Okay. Get ready for breach and clear.”

“Flashbang out!”


 The flashbang echoed throughout the tunnel, as though some primordial beast was roaring from deep underground. There were no mandi at the entrance to be blinded, no soldiers to be deafened. Either the Rosecordi were going to have to crawl into the tunnels, or the Mandi were going to get some much-needed time to regroup and reinforce their base.


“Im not crawling through there.”

“Im a forward observer for a reason…”

“Redleg, Redleg this is Boardwalk, request one round adjustment fire over.”

“Boardwalk, this is Redleg. One round adjustment fire, over.”

“Redleg, altitude 2246 meters.”

“Boardwalk. Altitude 2246 meters.”

“Redleg, heading 345 degrees.”

The forward observer and their crew expedited a retreat as the first 45cm landed. Technical killing a large part of their complex. The Forward Observers and crew did not intend on clearing such a tight space, at least not today


 The Colonian command was furious. This was an embarrassment, a stain on their pride. As they watched their forces fail on the surface, they felt their scales grow cold. This couldn’t happen.
 Never again. They’d make sure of that.


Action Reporting Station (ARS), Rose Nexus, directly over Olivina

2 Planetary Rotations later…

Some soldiers sat in the amphitheater styled room, most attended online as a LtCMDR walked in, and patiently waited for them to silence themselves, which eventually everybody did. The young LtCMDR then spoke

“We did okay. Most areas were EMP’d in the early phases of the fight, not letting us emit early enough to take out everything, and definitely didn’t let us shoot at any motherships of the launched vessels. They’re snipers are deathly lethal, lost a lot of soldiers to standing in the open, contributed to their early success.”

He then took a brief pause

“Artillery, that was the biggest hail of fire I’ve ever seen. Xacto crews, amazing job, and infantry, just don’t get sniped. They’re dangerous, but if you stay near your IFV, you’ll live. We’ve transmitted them out a PBAR. Dismissed, new assignments will come out soon.”

Planetary Body Action Report


Losses: 2% of all Infantry Units, 15% S/AD, 2 Tanks, 54 IFVs, 4 Xactos, 2 Xacto IIs

Notes: EMPs are effective, try ARAD missiles though, anti tank weapons are a must, Counter Battery Fire Control Radars could be effective

-LtCMDR Mitchel S. Loxodon


 Colonus knew they had to win this one. Any planned revamping of the military was still at least a year off; Scytheros- High Lord Scytheros had more important matters to attend to.
 Whatever those matters were, the military didn’t want to know. Anything more important than the very military itself was unimaginable.

 This Crucible would be a battle in space, a place where the hive could better enhance the abilities of those who were a part of it.

 It had been decided that this Crucible would be held near Hexadecimal, so that they could provide The Colonus Pact and the Scientific Directorate of Rosecordia with recordings, scans, and recommendations based on the combat that would take place


Brightspace nearby Hexadecimal

The twenty ship fleet enters the arena, and drops from Brightspace, and the three tone alarm goes off

Action Stations! Action Stations! All Hands Man Action Stations!


“RNDFV Hex, all ships in TF Dagger, form and scope this place out. Roll copy.”






“Warming up from cold boot!”

RNDFV Magnetic Resonance, CiC





“Shooting Star?”

“All Clear, Fire Control all green!”

“RNDFV Magnetic Resonance ready for combat!”


 Within seconds of the Rosecordi fleet dropping in from Brightspace the fleet was turning to face it. At the same time, the frontmost fleets opened their holds and released swarms of Ram Fighters to engage the enemy.
 In the meantime, the command ship began assessing the enemy fleet.


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