The Churchdoor

Nail yer rp requests and ideas to this here door, and ye may very well catch someone’s attention.

Should real world religions and mythologies be allowed in Aurora?

  • Yes
  • No

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The General Consensus is that modern religions are to be banned from Aurora role play, but ancient mythology is allowed in Aurora role play.

anyone want to rp with shark people

Would anyone in Aurora be open to an rp raid?

Seriously, I need somebody to raid :\

So, we got the underwater plots! Yeah! The aurora map is really coming along. Since the map seems a bit more casual, I was wondering if anyone wanted to come up with drafts for sea monsters? Maybe we could even have a contest!

Fine, I’ll just raid an NPC nation or something. Yall are no fun ;-;

Reeha is OTRP and easy to prompt because she will likely visit every port city.


How did they find out the cap for that horn thing???