Veehlill Information Thread

Veehlill Information Thread

Nation: Alaevritt Fol-Eej Veehlill
Translation: Alae (trans. “All-peoples”) Vritt (trans. “Gathering”) Fol-Eej (trans. “Of Culture”).
Closest title: Realm of the Veehlill.
Closest government: Ritually-chosen feudal monarchy.
Language: The Veehlill language is a VERY simple conlang of an isolating language.
God, temple and subsequent magic: U E E N S , Mihfa , Sacrifice-Retribution oriented magic.


Key government-religious event: Ueens Fol-Ikhtis (trans. “Divinity”, “Of Guide”).
Divinity Of-Guide is the event in which, after the current “Ikhtis” (Guide, the Monarch) dies, all Veehlill offer ritual sacrifice in the Ahlehu Woods. The sacrifice consists of every fifth Household (sorted from most to least wealthy) members committing suicide by impaling themselves with a blade in the central abdomen area. Between the impaling and death, the eldest sacrifice walks to a nearby tree, after which all sacrifices form a circle around it, holding hands. The sacrificial circle begins “dancing” around the tree, jumping couter-clockwise until their death. Ueens Fol-Ikhtis ends when the last sacrifice dies, after which all Veehlill disperse in silence.
The Guide: 5 days upon the end of Ueens Fol-Ikhtis, U E E N S sends forth a 25 year old hemaphroditic Monarch, arriving by levitation from the sea into the Tdrhu River. The Guide is at first unconscious and only gains self-realization upon contact with the Veehlill, after which they lose all magical property.

Primary character: Reeha Fol Gaho
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Location: Varying
Employment: Captain of an exploration-trade ship.

Minor powers:
-1- Extended sight of 50km diametric to her body position, meaning it’s circular vision (required sacrifice: 48 hour sleep deprivation).
-2- Enhanced dexterity & mobility duration of 2 hours (required sacrifice: morbidly murdering of one of her crewmates without hesitation, warning or explanation).

Major power:
Tidal hypnosis.
Involves placing imminent hostile entities in a delirium. The delirium depicts them at the sea, with tidal waves continuously carrying and drowning them. Duration of tidal hypnosis is 24 hours, during which the hostiles are placed in a deep coma-sleep.
Required sacrifice: Infertility (permanent); Crippling fatigue lasting 14 days commenced 12 hours upon the end of tidal hypnosis; Self-inflicted major but non-lethal wound.

Great Magic:
Horn of the Ueens
Involves summoning the ghosts of dead Veehlill as vessels. Their appearance and behavior is determined by her. All non-Veehlill can see the ghosts and are convinced that they are real. However, any interaction between the ghosts and non-Veehlill is hallucinotary. Duration of Horn of the Ueens is relative to the sacrifice.
Required sacrifices:
-1-Murdering 10 innocent Veehlill allows Horn of the Ueens to be used for 3 hours. From there, murdering 100 innocent Veehlill extends Horn of the Ueens to 30 hours, with the duration cap of 500 Veehlill or 250 hours.
-2-All murdered Veehlill in the name of using Horn of the Ueens permanently haunt Reeha until her death. This haunting appears at unknown intervals, during which Reeha loses control of her body and may enter a state of possession.
-3-In the state of possession, her actions become completely randomized and unpredictable.