The Adventures of Marco Baldovino

OOC placeholder: this thread will be the rp thread for the accidental visit of Marco Baldovino Laurentino Apollinare Concetto Caltabiano-Carloni Chrysalus Nertomarus Pleusicles Porphyrius Nicobulus Aurelius di San Meuccio of Rocova to Belsegallia, details are still being discussed atm


His eyes slowly opened as he began to regain conscience. He could feel pain throughout his body. Luckily, it didn’t seem like he was inflicted with any serious injuries. Slowly, he got up. Looking around him was the wreckage of a large and magnificent airship, a revolutionary, yet nevertheless experimental, way of travel. He could feel the cold freezing air around him, and instinctively grabbed as much cloths as he could to cover himself up from the harsh weather. As he finishes covering himself with enough cloth, -at least to a point where he could ignore the temperatures-, he could remember his name.

Marco Baldovino Laurentino Apollinare Concetto Caltabiano-Carloni Chrysalus Nertomarus Pleusicles Porphyrius Nicobulus Aurelius di San Meuccio

ah yes, Rocovan nobleman from the House of San Meuccio, of the Order of Serenio, not to mention explorer and diplomat extraordinaire, he thought to himself.

He covers his face with a few more cloth before leaving the captain’s cabin. Outside was layers and layers of snow, covering the entirety of the shipwreck, with bodies of dead guards scattered about. His cuirass and other parts of his armor, including his great sword, are covered by the layers of cloth keeping him warm. He took whatever supply that could help keep him warm and left the shipwreck, hoping to find whoever, or whatever, lives in this cold and snowy land.


”It’s becoming quite misty outside, isn’t it?”

Countess Angela L’irelia stood outside in a forest in the county of Dorikara with a contingent of guards as she supervised her husband, who was busy fishing for flowers to put in a garden.

”Yes. Rain is unlikely, but it will be difficult to fly home if it fails to subside.”

Countescina Fuyuko L’irelie was kneeled down at the edge of a pond so that he could inspect a collection of water lilies that lived in it. After giving one of the flowers a close look, he reached over to one of the plants and took some seeds from it.

”This is the last plant that I need; we should be able to leave now.”

”That’s nice, sweetie, but we won’t be able to see well enough to fly back home with this much mist still around; is there anything else that you want to look for while we wait?”


Just as Fuyuko said this, everybody present heard loud crash emanate from some distance into the forest.

”Was that a fir spider?”

”That didn’t sound much like a tree falling down, but there isn’t anything else around here that it could be. Did you want to go look at it while we wait for the mist to clear, sweetie?”

Fuyuko nods.


After a short walk towards the direction of the noise, the group began to encounter scattered debris in the form of broken wood planks, metal fragments, lengths of rope, and other miscellaneous scraps.

”What’s all of this from?”

”I have no idea; I certainly wasn’t informed of anything like this being here. Perhaps it might be better for you to stay here while some of the guards go ahead?”

Some time later, the guards returned with news that there was a crashed airship of unknown origin and with multiple fatalities near their location.

”Oh, my. This is something that I need to report to Duchess Priscilla, but nobody can fly in this weather. In the meantime; Fuyuko, sweetheart? Can you come over here? I want you to stay next to some guards while we wait; I wouldn’t want you to run into anything dangerous that the airship was carrying while we wait.”


Just as Fuyuko, who was standing further away from the crash site, began to walk towards Angela and the other guards, he heard a faint rustling sound emanate from the underbrush of the forest to his right and turned to see a large figure with its face obscured stumble out towards him.



Baldovino left the crash site in hopes of finding anyone or anything that can help him in his current predicament. However, all he could find is the snowy forest and bushes that his ship crashed in. He could only feel as if all hope was lost, as if he was going to die in this cold, snowy land alone, without his family or friends ever knowing what truly happened to him.

there truly seemed to be no hope, he thought to himself.

Just as he began to lie down and wait for Saint Death to guide him to the Creator, Baldovino heard something coming from the crash site. Ignoring it and deciding that it was his mind playing tricks on him. But the sound kept getting stronger.

the mist?.. no… that’s chattering, he thought to himself as he slowly approached the site once again. This time with a tint of hope glistering through.

He slowed to a pace as he got closer, hiding behind vegetations so that his presence was kept hidden. He could see dozens of, what seemed to be two women and a dozen guards. He could faintly hear what they were saying but couldn’t be sure. As he approached closer, he could hear these people speak, but could not understand what they were talking about. OOC: While this RP is written in English, Baldovino and the Belsedoris are speaking different languages

well, that’s certainly not a language I’ve ever heard of, he said to himself before approaching these strangers further.

He could faintly see the appearance of these strangers, the guards seems to be wearing what appeared to be enchanted metallic plate armor, and were carrying halberds, a weapon also used in Rocova. He slowed down once he is at a close enough distance to these people.


His heart skipped a beat. One of the foreigners heard the noise and approached the bush he was hiding in. The foreigner was wearing what appeared to be a white dress with white lace-trimmed gloves and long sleeves. He knew that at this moment, he might as well have lost his head. He decided, for better or for worse, to simply reveal himself before he gets into any sort of trouble with these people. But as he appears out of the bushes, the woman screamed, alerting everyone else of his presence. He quickly raised his arms, gesturing that he wasn’t holding any weapon, but it was too little too late.


Fuyuko tripped on a branch that was buried in the snow as he hastily stepped backwards away from the figure in front of him, causing him to fall into a sitting position on the forest floor only about fifteen feet away from it. He quickly covered his face and eyes with his pale blue-feathered wings almost immediately after, as much to shield himself from a physical attack as to avert his eyes from the weapons being carried by his guards as they quickly jumped in front of him. Angela soon followed with them after drawing a longsword, interposing herself directly between the figure and Fuyuko.

Angela herself was about to order the guards to attack when she noticed that, despite the heavy obscuring effect of the cloth that it was wrapped in, the figure looked somewhat humanoid. Feeling that it would be prudent to determine whether this individual was one of the airship’s crew members, she decided to cast a translation spell that Belsedori used to interact with other aerial races and see whether the figure responded to language.

”Under the authority of and as a representative of Her Majesty, I hereby order you to state your name and purpose here at once.”


Magic users, he thought to himself. He suddenly understood what these people were saying. Hoping that the intelligibility is both sided, he responded.

“Please, I mean no harm. I am Marco Baldovino Laurentino Apollinare Concetto Caltabiano-Carloni Chrysalus Nertomarus Pleusicles Porphyrius Nicobulus Aurelius di San Meuccio, from the Most Serene Republic of Rocova. I was stranded here after my ship crashed into these lands. Again, I mean no harm to any of you.”

Emphasizing the last part, he hopes that these people would spare him from whatever nasty fate he would’ve been destined to.


So it can communicate. That might make things easier, I suppose, but it still might be dangerous.

Angela lowered her blade to mildly deescalate the situation and to avoid exhausting her arm, but she still kept it in a position where she could quickly ready it again if she wanted to. Fuyuko had gotten back up from the snow and was now hiding behind her body and wings, timidly peeking around her to look at the visitor on occasion.

”W-what’s it saying? i don’t understand it at all…” said Fuyuko in a shaky voice. The translator spell only affected Angela, and he couldn’t understand anything that the visitor said or vice versa.

”Nothing that you need to worry yourself about, sweetie; just stay behind be and I’ll keep you nice and safe.”

Angela then switched to addressing Marco.

”Now, about you… I’m only somewhat familiar with the other sky islands and races around here, but I’m preeeeeetty sure that there’s nothing nearby called ‘Rocova.’ Where is it, exactly? And why are you dressed like it’s cold outside? It is the start of summer, and the weather is more than appropriate for normal clothing.”

The Belsedori were wearing a variety of clothing; the guards were wearing shiny silver-colored mail-and-plate armor, Angela was wearing pants, a short dress, and a cloak, and Fuyuko had stockings and gloves, a short-skirted dress, and the usual consort fare (a collar, face-covering sheer veil, and hair ribbon, all bright white). However, despite the fact that there was snow everywhere and the air was clearly far below freezing point, none of them were wearing any cold-weather clothing. What’s more, none of the Belsedori seemed bothered by the cold at all; as Angela had just stated, they seemed to feel as if it was a normal day outside.


“I’m sorry, but this is what you call “Summer”?!” Baldovino exclaimed, “excuse my use of language, but this is definitely not what I would call a summer. Don’t you see the snow covering everything here? For Heaven’s sake I could only imagine what the winters here are like.” He further added.

“And yes, I am not from around here. Rocova is a Mercantile republic located I believe far west from here. I came here, alongside others, by accident when our airship crashed.” Baldovino stated as he points to the wreckage of the airship, already covered in snow. “Again, I mean no harm to you or your people.” He stressed again, knowing full well his lifespan might just be cut short by any sort of funny business with these people.


”Of course it’s summer; have you never bothered to fly above the lower cloud layer before? Look around you; don’t you see the amount of snow everywhere? If it was winter, then there would be at least twice as much as there is right now. Besides, it’s a far too mild day outside for it to be winter; not even boys are fragile and delicate enough to need warm clothing in this kind of weather.”

Angela briefly glanced back at Fuyuko, who was still busy timidly hiding behind her wing.

”On to other subjects; since your using an airship instead of flying normally indicates a long intended travel distance, and since Belsegallians never travel far from here, I believe that it would be safe to suppose that Rocova would not be known to anyone here. You seem to be bothered by the weather here; do you normally live in a lesser elevation region like the lower cloud layer?”


T-twice? Twice as much snow?! Dear Lord I feel lucky crashing here in the Summer. If not I’d probably already have frozen to death. Baldovino was baffled by the weather of this land. He was rather confused when Angela mentioned boys, just boys, no mention of girls, just boys. He kept any questions that might cause a ruckus to himself as he turns his focus to answering Angela’s questions, hoping he doesn’t get impaled or hanged by day’s end.

“Yes, Rocova is located below the cloud layer, as you call it. The weather there is more… mild, I would say. I would say that your summer is almost as cold, if not colder, than even our winters.”

He looks at the wreckage of his ship. Once proud and mighty, now lying in the snow. He looked back towards Angela.

“We were testing a new model of airships, intended for traveling at longer distances. While we Rocovans use ships the majority of times, we find air travel to be a great alternative, especially with the problems of aggressive civilizations of sea people constantly threatening the tranquility and safety of sea travel.”


”Your first mistake was doing something like travel by ocean in the first place. What kind of person would even consider doing that? Trying to fly things down onto boats and sail them around so that you can just fly them back up to where you actually want them is so tedious; it’s better to just use airships or couriers for almost any purpose that you can think of. Besides, the air gets so unpleasantly dense and heavy near the ocean that nobody should ever want to be there anyway. But I digress; since you’re from an unknown foreign nations, I’ll need to temporarily-“

While Angela was speaking, one of the guards walked up to her and whispered something into her ear. Angela herself seemed greatly upset by whatever was said for a moment before turning her full attention back to Baldovino. This time, rather than looking at him with suspicion and hostility, Angela’s general demeanor had shifted to appear incredibly… patronizing.

”Before we do anything else, I reeeeally need you to tell me something very quickly, sweetie: where’s your guardian? I need to know so that I can go tell her where you are; I’m sure she’s very worried about you being all alone here without her being able to watch you.”


The change in tone was a surprise. Baldovino was unsure of what caused the change in tone but decides to simply go along without asking too many questions.

“You mean… my guards? Unfortunately, to my knowledge all of them were killed in the crash. And I am the only survivor of said crash. They were the bravest of men I’ve knew, it’s unfortunately that they were to die the way they did.”


”Oh, that’s just awful! How could your families let all of you go off without proper supervision? A poor, precious little thing like you must be so scared and traumatized after going through such an awful thing like that; I need to take you back home right now so that you can be properly taken care of while I try to find your wife or mother!”

Angela sheathed her sword and quickly stepped forward to pull Baldovino into a hug.



Before Baldovino can finish his sentence, Angela pulled him in for a hug. Baldovino tried to resist but alas, he was not quick enough.

Eh, at least I get a bit of warmth from this, he thought to himself.

Still under the embrace of Angela, he decided to reply.

“I-I’ll have you know that both my wife and mother had given me their approvals and blessings for me to undertake this trip, so you need not to worry, ma’am. Besides, I’ve seen worse things than snows and a crashing airship.”


Angela began to squeeze Baldovino more tightly than before after his last sentence.

”You’ve seen ‘worse’? your wife clearly isn’t doing her job and taking care of you properly, but I’ll have to save the lecture for when I send her a letter of complaint; the most important thing to do first in this kind of situation is to get you back to a safe, danger-free environment where you belong. Your home environment is obviously too dangerous to send you back to even if I knew where it was, so instead I’ll be taking you back to my castle where you can stay in a nice, benign domestic setting while I sort out all of the procedural matters that arise from having a foreign visitor.”

After saying this, Angela turned her head to her left so that she could address the short, dress-wearing Belsedori that was still hiding behind her wing.

”Fuyuko, could you be a sweetheart and help Marco here get settled in when we get home? I think that he needs some help adjusting to being in a normal home environment.”

Fuyuko nodded and replied in untranslated Belsedori:

”Yū, Fuyowa; hyū ya teka-jo yo soyuka tano hame. Ani, Maruko-amie ya dana-sotabemi sa? Reshirie mabemi, ani…”
(“Yes, dear; anything for you. But, is marco really safe? He is a boy, but…”)

”He won’t hurt you, sweetie; he’ll just get to stay with you and help you with your chores. And if he does decide to act out because he’s been so traumatized and shocked, then I’ll make sure that he never does it ever again.”

After squeezing Marco even more tightly than before to emphasize her last remark, Angela began leading Fuyuko, Marco, and her guards back to the castle.

After discreetly walking to the castle overlooking the Belsedori town of Belanare in order to avoid unnecessary attention from the local populace, Angela, Fuyuko, and Marco were now in a moderately sized foyer being filled with soft blue light by a glowing crystal chandelier. The temperature inside was around the typical room temperature (by Belsedori standards) of -20° Celsius, a mild improvement over the roughly -25°C outside.

”Ahhh, it’s nice to be back home.” said Angela after recasting her translation spell. She then decided to finally release Marco, who had spent most of the trip being pulled into her, and address him.

”It’s nearly time for supper, too. This is the perfect time for you to get settled in while I have your room prepared, sweetie; Fuyuko here doesn’t know any translation magic, but a boy like you should know how to use a kitchen no matter where it is. There will be some ovens there, too, so you should stay there while I figure out how to heat a room for you.”

After Angela finished speaking, Fuyuko gently grabbed Marco’s arm and lightly tugged on it in the direction of what was presumably the kitchen.

”Hami ha hyū yo sapehami tashide; Reshije ya to-koto maje.”
(“Follow me; the kitchen is over here.”)


Before Baldovino could even muster the energy to complain, he was left alone with Fuyuko to do house chores. While Baldovino himself is “able” to cook, it was mostly due to necessity in travel, and it was mostly garbage compared to what his wife can come up with.

Looking around in the kitchen, he found himself lost to the foreign looking foodstuffs offered.

Though, some do look oddly familiar, like that one that looks like a potato, but maybe I’m just imagining he thought to himself as he grabbed the so-called “potato”

Looking at Fuyuko, Baldovino was lost. He knows he could communicate with her and he knows she wouldn’t understand any of the languages he spoke.

If only that other lady gave Fuyuko a translation spell as well, maybe then we’d be at least able to talk he thought to himself again

But, Baldovino has contacted other peoples without magic, if he could do it once, he might be able to pull it off again. He gestured in hand signals to Fuyuko

First, he gestured his hands to make it look like he’s asking a question, he then pointed at Fuyuko and then to himself, and lastly, he gestured his hands to simulate stirring. Did it work? Only Fuyuko’s response will tell


After spending a few seconds looking up at Baldovino with a blank look on his face while he attempted to decipher what he was attempting to communicate to him, Fuyuko appeared to finally understand what was being said. Not really knowing what to do to quickly convey something like a recipe, he decided to point to ingredients and cooking stations as he explained it in words and hope that Baldovino knew enough about basic cooking to understand.

”…Oh! We’re making fried potato cakes with cheese and ham today, along with orange cream milkshakes.”

Fuyuko pointed to a pile of Yata, or potatofruit, then a cupboard with eggs, then a ham and a block of some kind of white-colored cheese, and then a frying pan as he spoke; he then clapped his hands twice before pointing to the oranges, a shelf with bottles of milk on it, and then a pitcher.

”You can start peeling these while I prepare the batter.”

Fuyuko quickly put a fruit peeler and a potatofruit into Baldovino’s hands before turning around and beginning to crack eggs into a bowl.


Feeling like he has no other option, Baldovino began peeling the alien fruit. He tried not to think about the current predicaments he’s currently in.

He watched as Fuyuko cracked eggs, reminding him of his wife.

And by God’s name, once I got out of this place, I will make sure to hug her as tightly as I can, Baldovino said to himself.

After peeling five or so of these potato-looking fruits, Baldovino handed over the peeled fruits to Fuyuko.

“What’s next?” Baldovino asked, knowing full well Fuyuko probably doesn’t a single word uttered by him.


Fuyuko took the peeled potatofruit from Baldovino and checked it; while they were adequately peeled for what he was going to use them for, he thought that they looked like they had been peeled rather clumsily. Looking up at Baldovino again, he quietly decided to not ask him to dice the fruit next like he was planning to; instead, Fuyuko handed him a bowl with the unprepared batter inside of it and motioned for him to stir it.

”Next, you can stir this for me. I’ll be making the potato cakes themselves; after that, we can batter and fry them.”

After giving a new task to Baldovino, Fuyuko turned to reach into one of the cabinets. After a few seconds of rummaging through the cabinet, which was mounted much lower than normal to accommodate the average Belsedori consort’s height, he quickly pulled out a jar filled with some kind of shimmering, colorful crystal powder.

”Here it is. It’s always important to ensure that you consume a healthy amount of magic every day, and Angela told me that you were in an accident recently, so I’ll add a little extra tourmaline to make sure that you’re not suffering from a deficiency.”

Fuyuko then put the jar on the counter, next to all of the other spices that he had found to add to the potato cakes.


Baldovino took the bowl with the unprepared batter inside. In his mind, the sooner he’s done with this whole cooking shenanigans, the sooner he would also be able to leave this place. At least, that’s what he’d hoped. He stirred as best as he can, though that probably isn’t much considering his “magnum opus” of peeled potatofruits looked more clumsy than when Alphoeus tried to flirt with Hermione in the old tales of the High Beings.

He took a quick glance as Fuyuko grabbed the jar of odd-looking crystals. It was… odd to see the jar next to all the spices on the counter, but Baldovino didn’t think too much of it. To him, his only real focus was placed on the bowl that brings him one step closer to liberty.

“A free man, I shall soon be,” he says aloud, knowing Fuyuko wouldn’t understand his tongue. “And to celebrate, I shall take my beloved Valeria and my three sons on a voyage of untold proportions! Or, maybe the mainland beachside would be a more safer option considering today.” he further added.

As he finishes with his next “magnum opus” of a mess, he handed the stirred bowl of batter to Fuyuko. Well, at least once I get out of here, I will get out not as a hungry man. he thought to himself.