State of the Assembly — March 2024



Code Title Result
A2403.01 Impersonation Preparedness Passed
A2403.02 Resolution to Restore Regional Accountability Adopted




According to the Legislator Act, legislators fail the voting requirement if they were absent for more than one-third of the votes in the previous calendar month, or if the Assembly finished exactly two votes, and the legislator in question was absent from both votes. Legislators are also required to maintain citizenship in the South Pacific in order to keep their role. If your legislator status has been revoked, you can always re-apply.

Since 2 votes finished this month, legislators needed to participate in at least one vote, and maintain citizenship to keep their status.


The list of legislators whom the Chair revokes/revoked the legislator statuses of is detailed in the table below:

Forum Username Nation in TSP Reason
@Encaitar Land Without Shrimp Failure to meet voting requirement
@Sodacan123 Republic Empire of Japan Failure to meet voting requirement
@tsunamy Tsunamy Failure to meet voting requirement
@TundraXD New Crios Failure to meet voting requirement

No legislators where warned this month.

TSP Legislative Activity - March 2024.pdf (45.5 KB)