SPSF Ribbon Ceremony: Magna Aurea

Light blue trident in a circle on a dark blue background

In the major update of September 19, 2023, the South Pacific Special Forces, in conjunction with our military allies and partners, swept into the region of Magna Aurea, marking the end of seventeen days of raider control. This marked the culmination of tireless work by defender forces across seventeen updates of sieges, as well as seventeen updates of vigilance in anticipation of a potential attempt to refound the region under permanent raider control — a risk that ultimately materialized, and which defender forces were well prepared for.

It is an honor today to recognize the passion, dedication, and commitment that ran through these efforts: the passion to defend the native community of Magna Aurea, the dedication to arrive on the battlefield update after update, and the commitment to remain vigilant after it may have seemed the world had moved on.

To each South Pacifican receiving this ribbon today: thank you for your service. Whether this was your first operation or your thousandth, we remain forever grateful for your valiant efforts on the battlefield, and we are honored to bestow this service ribbon as a symbol of that gratitude. It is our hope that you will carry it forward as a reminder of this operation, with the colors of and a laurel wreath inspired by the regional flag of Magna Aurea, and with seventeen leaves on each branch — seventeen updates of sieges, and seventeen updates of vigilance.

Lux, Veritas, Virtus.

Faithfully yours,
The SPSF Officer Corps