September 2023 SPSF Service Report

Hello South Pacificans!

The month of September was somewhat more quiet than August for the South Pacific Special Forces. There is a reason for this, and you all already know what the major event was, so let’s get right to it. But first here’s a captcha to prove that you’re a human reading this!

It’s okay, me and Megumi are doing enough captchas for all of you.

Monthly Statistics

Statistic This Month Trend Monthly Change Percentage Change
Updaters 21 +4 +23.53%
Updates 51 -10 -16.39%
Defences 63 -90 -58.82%
Detags 138 -108 -43.90%

Notable Operations

Magna Aurea was the talk of the month of September, for good reason. Around 34 updates, with the second half being underground stealth mode, it took to liberate the region. 19 SPSF peeps across all those participated, so congrats to all who showed (and you can see the ribbon for it here).

Also, see all those detags and defences? Not a lot huh? That said, particularly during the entire stealth mode, I took it upon myself, and with one or two other peeps elsewhere, we managed to sweep the floor of them. Special shoutouts to Sonoda Chiyoko for winning the one defence despite being outnumbered on one update! We also kicked out the intruding wolves in the prison complex of Alcatraz of which I led with my powerful Blanket Fort! Despite the wolves reinforcements, our side got more and we managed to free Alcatraz!

After the stealth mode was over, more people were freed to come right back with me to do other things afterwards! We faced the battlefields with a surge of defences, and cleaned up more detags that appeared!

One more thing! At the beginning of the month, the major of the 1st of September, we had our very own SPSF run, which was chasing practice! We visited locations and travelled down through interstates, even stopped by a Burger King!. …Wait, why are the bridges back, haven’t I solved enough captchas already?

New Members!

Hello one and all! Please give a warm welcome to Sir Zanny, Decoy, The Rob, and Benese to the South Pacific Special Forces! I’ll look forward to seeing you all sometime on the field!

Service Awards

Updates Attended

Rank Ribbon Awarded To
1 most updates Shibuya-Kanon
2 second-most updates Banexet, Of_the_Ages, Pronoun
3 third-most updates Concrete Slab


Rank Ribbon Awarded To
1 most detags Shibuya-Kanon
2 second-most detags Banexet
3 third-most detags USoVietnam


Rank Ribbon Awarded To
1 most defenses Shibuya-Kanon
2 second-most defenses USoVietnam
3 third-most defenses Banexet, Pronoun

This is a very interesting outcome…

While everyone else was busy with Magna Aurea for stealth mode, I dominated the number one positions with no one else coming close. Granted going through the haunted areas was pretty scary, and just wasn’t the same without more friends, but I did it! That said, come back to updating as normal please. Liberations and seiges are not the only things to do you know!!

Also, interesting ties in the top three this time. That said, a special shoutout to USoVietnam for making a comeback!! Nice to see some old peeps coming back into the spotlight again.

Contact and Conclusion

The stats above shows how dedicated we are. Contributions are welcome, no matter how small, so thank you! I hope to see you all again on the field! Let’s keep up our performance, shall we.

Questions? Concerns? Complaints!? Just let me know! That said, it’ll take a while for me to get to, I need to pass another 7 or so captchas every time…

If what the SPSF does looks interesting to you, we’re always welcoming new members! You can apply here.

Lux, Veritas, Virtus.

From the Minister of Defence who is not a bot (really!),

Shibuya Kanon/Kotoha Tanaka

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