[SPACE] Donate cards to receive valuable cards (Experimental)

In order to get cards to fund cultural event rewards and similar activities, the South Pacific Card Exchange Program (SPACE) is seeking legendary and epic card donations from anyone (TSP citizens or not) who is interested. In return, you may receive a valuable card as a reward at the end of this month if you donate a lot. This is just an experiment is not yet an official program. You are welcome to give your opinions and suggestions on this program on this thread.

How do I participate?
It is very easy, you just need to gift any legendary and epic card to this nation (SPACE Monthly Storage) then put the links to cards you have donated and the nation to receive the reward into this form. That is it!

How does this work?

  1. You and others will donate cards to the SPACE Monthly Storage nation and put the links to cards you donated in the form. Individual donations can be tracked here.
  2. At the end of the month, we will count how many cards one has donated in the month and create a score: 3*Number of legendary cards donated + Number of epic cards donated
  3. We will rank donators by this score. The nth-highest score donator will receive the nth-highest value card donated in the month in the storage nation.
  4. 40% of the cards donated to the storage nation in the month will go back toward the donators as rewards (E.g. if there are 20 cards donated in total in the month, 8 reward cards will be given out to 8 donators that have the highest score). The remaining cards will be used as rewards for cultural activities, RMB awards, SWAN awards, and get sent to the Southern Fort Knox as backup.

Disclaimer: This is a donation program, you will not always receive a reward card that is more valuable than all the cards you have donated.

Tip: Use Containerise and RCES’s scripts (NsIssueOpener, NsIssueCompactorRand, NsDilemmaAutoClose, and Puppet links sheet) to massively speed up your farming work.


Thanks to all of you who have donated! The form has been closed as the month has ended. The scores have been calculated here: SPACE Card Donation (Responses) - Google Sheets

Donators will have a week to verify that the sheet correctly lists all the cards they have donated and the scores are correctly calculated before the reward cards are sent. (Donated cards’ value ranking)

We will take a month break to analyze the data and discuss more about the initiative before doing another month. Discussions about the program will happen in this thread: Reviving the Card Program (a.k.a. SPACE)

I’m not sure where to put this (or how to verify?), but I’d like to confirm that all the cards I donated (listed under Koganei) are accounted for (I even updated it whenever I sent a card every time).

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