Sector A1-0's Power Tier Debate!

Greetings everybody! This is Sector A1-0’s power tier list! I have been thinking about making something like this for quite a while, and I finally decided to make it. Here is some stuff you need to know:


  • Celestial Empire Of Galactya
  • Star Empire Of Calerost
  • Drakari Celestial Imperium
  • Commonwealth Of Ferristia
  • Union Of Emerald
  • Holy Imperium Of Trianar
  • Ryccian Empire
  • Stoinian Star Kingdom
  • Treecuu Star Empire
  • Zelvan Regime
  • Tarassian Union
  • Venterran Federation
  • Conglomerated States Of Kalgyul
  • Common Republic of Colestia
  • Colonus Pact


Any nation state can be judged on their ability to project power. Power is therefore the direct or indirect influence that one nation has over other states, and their ability to affect them. Power can be “soft” or “hard”. Soft power manifests itself through diplomacy, culture, history and economy. Hard power instead manifests itself through military intervention.

Therefore, a nation may have a very, very large military, but without any diplomatic ties or foreign influence, it gets relegated to the tier of middle power at best.

The opposite is also true: a nation might have a relatively small military but a titanic influence on multiple states obtained through diplomacy and trade, making it a great or even a super power.


  • Hyperpower
    A state that dominates all other states in every domain, and is devoid of any rivals.

  • Superpower
    State with a dominant position characterized by it’s extensive ability to exert influence or project power on an interstellar scale. It however, has rivals with similar amounts of power.

  • Great Power
    State with the ability to exert influence or project power on an interstellar scale.

  • Regional Power
    State which yields unrivaled power and influence within a specific, small region.

  • Middle Power
    State with a large or moderate influence, typically expressed in a specific dimension of state power.

  • Small Power
    State without the capacity to ever equal or surpass the influence of larger powers.

So, without further ado, discuss! Who should be in which category?


Stoinia and Galactya are superpowers
Venterra is a great power
Kalygul is a small power

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Makes sense! I’d say that Akropii is a regional power.

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Calerost is probably a great power or superpower, tho i don’t know of any major rival for it besides the same ones galactya has

I’d honestly say great power. Now, I don’t mean to toot my own horn here, but I personally don’t think Calerost’s influence, while still impressive, reaches the same scale as Galactya’s.

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maybe a great power but certainly not a superpower


I’d honestly agree there. Calerost is kinda in Galactya’s sphere. If it was on it’s own it would be a superpower, but in the curent situation great power fits better probably

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Are the drakari a hyperpower?

a great power


The drakari are kind of a sleeping giant. They’re as ancient as it comes and have by far the greatest military power in the sector, as well as a lot of soft power. If they wanted to they could easily be a superpower and greater but they’re sleeping so yeah maby currently a great power tho I’d personally at least give them the rank of superpower for their raw power

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Oh yeah, definitely a superpower.

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If they ever “woke up” then they could definitely be an hyperpower, but for now they are not unrivaled on the international stage, so they can only be a superpower imo.

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Let’s solve a easy one: Kalgyul is a minor power, they have a tech level just a bit above modern day as per zero himself, and my first contact rp with him is one of my corvettes bullying his whole fleet. Minor power suits them the best


What would Emerald be? Regional power?

Yeah, I placed it as regional power. It has influence in the COUS territory, but out of that very little

This is the current tierlist btw

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Who’s the first guy in middle power?


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If none of the COUS members were involved, Enver and Drakari sould be an even match in a war, but they definately have more sift power. I will get my flag ready by tomorrow, so then I will be put on the tierlist I hope.

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I love how distinct Trianar’s flag looks on the Tier list. Mav did a good job on it lol