Sector A1-0 Diplomatic Hub: Meridian

Meridian System

Babylon Cincture around Epsilon Meridiani.

Shortly after the ceasefire at the of War of Terran Appraisal in 0 BBT, the Stoinian Star Kingdom surprised the entirity of Sector A1-0 with an unusual announcement. It would sign its peace with the Venterran Federation inside the Tiyanki Territories, an isolated region notorious for its treacherous entry paths. It invited every star nation as well as its known contacts, even if Stoinian prejudices normally wouldn’t have, to not only witness the peace accords brokered by the Treecuu Star Empire, but also to unite and stipulate universal agreements on rules of warfare, diplomacy, trade & sapient rights. All of this within the legendary star system of Meridian, holding the long lost archivist world of the mythical Galree.

Henceforth, the Meridian System, or more specifically Babylon Cincture, became the diplomatic hub & discourse forum of Sector A1-0 for all star nations both large & small.

Epsilon Meridiani

Epsilon Meridiani is the fourth planet of the Meridian System and is the fabled lost archive world of the Galreesh Technocracy. Not only holds this world numerous data archives of the Galree, but it simulates its data on the surface with the mimickry of techno-organic flora & fauna collected. It’s surface holds unique secrets of techno-organic matter & engineering marvels of the Galree that perplexes even the most advanced civilisation of A1-0. Beneath its surface lies billions upon billions of computers & databases aimed to preserve knowledge and perhaps the Sector’s largest computational processor.

Yet Epsilon Meridiani is not desolate of sapient life. The Galetrons are the ancient automatons left by the Galree to maintain the planet & its ring for its future owners, though no one has yet been allowed to delve into the vaults of knowledge hidden beneath the planet’s crust just yet. Nor are scans allowed of the techno-organic elements on the planet, otherwise the Galetrons risk responding with force. Not even the charisma of the legendary High Legate Sinclair has persuaded the Galetrons just yet. For now, the Galetrons continue their mysterious calculations…

Babylon Cincture
Surrounding the techno-organic planet lies Babylon Cincture. Colloquialy also called Babylon Station or Meridian Station, it serves as the primary settlement within the Meridian System with the settlement of other celestial bodies prohibited by the Galetrons. It is on this station the Stoinian Star Kingdom hosts its diplomatic hub.

Originally discovered in Operation Farsight by the Joint Exploratory Fleet to map the Tiyanki Territories, the warp field drives allowed acces through a treacherous path previously unknown to the region’s inhabitants. The discovery of the system was a careful endeavour and its claiming more so as the Treecuu were insistant to claim it as well. Yet, through diplomatic persuasion & thearrival of the 163rd Fleet under Admiral Kalervo Hämäläinen who was assigned to protect Terran interests in the Tiyanki Territories, the Royal Star Navy enforced the Star Kingdom’s claim on the star system.

Now the world is governed over by the legendary diplomat High Legate Sinclair who oversees the Special Economic Region (SER) on behalf of the Stoinian Star Kingdom. Although a strong military presence of over 2,500 RSN warships, Babylon Cincture has already welcomed a billion of pioneering Stoinian & Treecuu merchants, investors, urban developers & diplomats as it transitioned to become a true trade & diplomatic hub for Sector A1-0 in High King Andrei III’s vision of an Aureate Path towards peaceful coexistence. Now it awaits billions more from evey corner of Sector A1-0 to join in this astropolitical undertaking.

Babylon Cincture has a circumference of over 35,000 km & a width of 180 km. It hosts a massive maglev pre-existing train system running through its entire circumference in the middle of continuous urban slice of the inner ring, allowing for a fast public transportation system across the entire space station. The sheer size of the orbital ring allows for an atmosphere to exist inside the station with an inner metalic glass layer that shudders close every 24 hours, allowing for a consistent day & night cycle for its residents that could reach up to 80 billion.

The station is also connected with two equatorial space elevators to Epsilon Meridiani’s surface, allowing various excursions. Its outer ring (facing away from the planet) hosts numerous infrastructre for shipyards with an extensive docking network and several established branches of renowned Stoinian ship manufacturers.

The inner ring has been further divided in segments with a dedicated role. Furthermore, these are also subdivided to host diferent atmospheric compositions & gravitational fields so that all species can have a comfortable living space on Babylon Cincture. There are five main segments that divide the inner ring.



The Presidium is the astropolitical hub of Sector A1-0, despite only consisting of 10% of the station’s inner slice surface. It is here that the Babylon Treaties were signed and every star nation hosts large embassy complexes. Thousands upon thousands of bureaucrats & societal elites live in service of their star nations here. Agreements brokered, travel advice given, politicking, governmental negotiations, … All these things happen in the most luxurious segment of Babylon with occasional art expositions & exclusive restaurants.

Interstellar Council

Starhall, the assembly room of the Interstellar Council.

The Interstellar Council is a voluntary forum for star nations’ diplomats to hold debates or make announcements. Although the Interstellar Council currently has no binding power, it serves as the principle diplomatic body on Babylon Station.


A casino bar in the Otium.

The Otium is the recreational segment of Babylon Cincture. It hosts four districts with each their dedicated entertainment sector.

Babylon Gardens
These are the natural parks onboard the station. Whether for a leisurely stroll through neatly kept gardens to hunting reserves, Babylon gardens has the perfect recreational escapades for any species. Be they bipedal, aquatic or avian.

Astro Paradise
Recreational parcs are also present on Babylon Station. With numerous rollercoasters & waterslides with varying g-forces, it hosts the best rides for all the adrenaline junkies of the Sector. Or visit lavish casino’s of you seek a different style of thrill.

A typical street in the Otium residential area.

Stalwart Escape
Physical activity is the focus of Stalwart Escape. A place for each star nation’s unique sports for all to try. From interspecies football to historical martial arts in arena’s, Stalwart Escape holds it all.

For audiovisual entertainment, Recplex holds vasts megaplexes from traditional movies to holotheaters. Interactive holoarcades are also found herr. In addition, living arts are thrive daily here with renowned Stoinian orchestra’s holding grandiose opera’s to obscure Drakari folk dances. It is in Recplex that Sector A1-0’s cultures truly thrive in-between the wide boulevards filled with restaurants with the most prestigious cuisine from across the Sector.

To sustain the station’s population, the exterior slices of the habitational ring are dedicated to agricultural efforts. With advanced techniques, these lands are amongst the most fertile in the entire Sector. These are further divided into districts with each hosting the crops of various star nations that are grown on the station.

Aquea District
This is the onboard sea dedicated to aquaculture & fishing where the aquatics of Sector A1-0 grow their foods.

Valeria District
The district where all fruits are grown ranging from heavily produced to most exotic.

Roria District
A vast district dedicated to the viticulture of all star nations.

Ossia District
The vast area dedicated to grow grains from across the Sector to fuel food production.

Neria District
A large area with the focus of humanely growing terrestrial locomotion livestock for meat production.

Aillia District
A district dedicated to the cultivation of avian animals.


In true entrepreneurial spirit, the Star Kingdom has dedicated roughly 45% of the inner slice to commerce. The beating heart of the Special Economic Region lies in the Commercium. It is here that anyone from the largest megacorporations to mere independent contractors can pursue their interstellar business careers. With the help of Kirillian financial experts who have previously established the central exchange of the Tiyanki Territories, Babylon Cincture is ready to form the centre of interstellar trade with the largest multinational stock exchange through the use of the proposed Interstellar Credit (₹) as the baseline of interstellar trade.
Given the nature of Babylon Cincture as a SER, reduced regulations apply compared to the Stoinian Star Kingdom and traders enjoy extended economic freedoms.

Trade Regulations
A mere tariff of 2.5% applies to any transaction made onboard Meridian Station with no general taxes (including income, estate & capital gains) applied to stimulate economic development of the SER. However, limitations do exist. As such only licensed weapons manufacturers may trade with off-station delivery, registration in biomedical, pharmaceutical, private military contracting, narcotic & stimulant sectors are mandated to legall operate and any transaction linked to slavery or sapient assets remain illegal.

Commercium Districts
The Commercium is divided into four commerce districts to their dedicated sectors named after important hubs of Sector A1-0. Daonlathas District is the financial heart of the Commercium as interstaller titans of the financial sector concentrate the branches near the Meridian Interstellar Stock Exchange (MIX). Meanwhile Ladon Districts forms the hub of companies dealing in consumer goods while technolgy is concentrated in the Candact District. For the remainder large business service sectors, Virtue District is the place for you interstellar services.

The skyline of the Commercium’s Daonlathas District.

With technology being the distinction to become a highly advanced civilisation, Meridian Station has dedicated 17% of its inner slice to research & development. Here interstellar companies can conduct research in their specialised districts named after (pre-)Stoinian scientists & industry titans.

Typical walkway on Babylon Cincture.

Sehat District
Bio-engineering companies can be found across Sehat District. Whether its the genetic manipulation of soil, species or soil, it is here people can find the balance between nature & technology.

Feynman District
If your field of expertise lies within physics or the understanding of the universe, it is in the Feynman District that you can find the geniuses from Sector A1-0 debatting the fibres of the universe.

Kioko Dostrict
Energy is the essential blood of all star nations. Companies providing various methods to deliver & produce just that can be found in the Kioko District.

Bianchi District
The proud Stoinian engineers have made Bianchi District the centre of engineering. Here the most renowned shipbuilders & manufacture develop, build and optimise their tailored products.

Mendeleyev District
The study of atomic particles and mastery of matter are essential aspects in advanced civilisation. In Mendeleyev District you can find the titans of chemistry on a scale unseen before.


Diplomacy in Meridian
Babylon Station was inaugurated with grand diplomatic treaties written in multiple recognised trade languages. A fitting start to a long career ahead. Unlike normal Stoinian worlds, the station is a visa-free region and a Special Economic Region. Thus, every traveller has diplomatic immunity from the Star Kingdom’s travel restrictions. This however also means that synthetics & slaves are also allowed to board the station without any intereference accustomed to normal Stoinian procedures.

Babylon Treaties
The Babylon Treaties were historic treaties binding star nations to agreements necessary for durable & lasting transparent astropolitical developments besides the peace treaty between the Stoinian Star Kingdom & the Venterran Federation. Most prominent among them are the Meridian Conventions which stipulated practices of warfare & the Universal Declaration of Sapient Rights. Although the Star Kingdom itself did not sign all clausules, the primary goal of the Babylon Treaties was to have a concise centralisation of astropolitical stances through diplomatic channels.

Meridian Conventions
The Meridian Conventions are interstellar laws consisting of treaties & protocols to ensure humanitarian treatment of respective populations during warfare. There are obligatory treaties & voluntary treaties by which each star nation may adhere to. Each signatory must adhere to their own treaties as they are enforced by an Interstellar Criminal Tribune consisting of juries from non-combattant star nations whose legal punishment to war criminals signatories have bound themselves to enact.

Obligatory Treaties:

  • Rightfull Treatment of Prisoners of War
  • Rescue & Care of Shipwrecked Forces in the Void
  • Rescue & Care of Wounded Forces on the Field
  • Protection of Civilians

Voluntary Treaties:

  • Prohibition of weapons of mass destruction, planet/star killers that can achieve obliteration within on shot.
  • Prohibition of mines, distinction between land & space mines.
  • Prohibition of loitering munitions in space.
  • Prohibition of complete orbital bombardment.
  • Prohibition of biological warfare, including genetic warfare.
  • Prohibition of chemical warfare.
  • Prohibition of nuclear warfare.
  • Prohibition of digitalisation.
  • Prohibition of FTL weaponisation.

Universal Declaration of Sapient Rights
The Universal Declaration of Sapient Rights contains 7 basic principles which each star nation may or may not consider a right granted to sapient species. However, each signatory must respect the rights granted to another star nation’s citizenry when dealing with them. These are:

  • Right to Equality (discrimination, law, …)
  • Right to Free Life (born free, start a family, …)
  • Right to Freedom (thought, religion, opinion, …)
  • Right to Expression (protest, political assembly, …)
  • Right to Privacy (private life, the home, correspondence, personal genome & coding)
  • Right to Work
  • Right to Education

Each star nation may however distinguish to which categories of species it may grant its UDoSR. There are the following distinctions in interstellar law:

  • Organics:
    Beings born or created as organic beings at their inception/creation.
  • Synthetics:
    Beings createe as synthetic beings, both digital & corporeal at their creation.
  • Virtuals:
    Beings whose consciousness, regardless of inception/creation, now can transfer between multiple bodies. Extended rights are give to all of their bodies that do not share another cosnsciousness.
  • Semi-sapients:
    Beings that show some characteristics of sapience, but haven’t fully developed all of them.
  • Primitives:
    Beings that haven’t reach or no longer are capable of any form of spaceflight as a civilisation.

Interstellar Markets Exchange Treaty
The Meridian Interstellar Market Exchange (MIME) is formed to stimulate & ease the flow of money between star nations through the creation Interstellar Credits. Additionally, the Meridian Interstellar Markets Authority (MIMA), currently operated mostly by the Kirillian League, is the body that investigates & provides rulings on case-by-case scenario’s pertaining to irregularities & fraud on the MIME and interstellar laws of trade & commerce.

Interstellar Network Accords
Agreements allowing the integration of various information networks such as StarNet & HoloNet to interface with each other so participating citizens may access each others networls. Censorship & governmental regulation may still apply depending on the star nation.

Interstellar Travel Accords
Agreements of border acces between star nations as well as a public record of publicised governmental trade & travel routes in each star nation by FTL-type. This may also include star charts.

Interstellar Council
A loose non-binding forum where each star nation can appoint a councillor to represent their views & interests. This council was detrimental to the discussions that predated the writing of the Treaties. The Council is presided over by Councillor Sinclair.

Treaty of Interstellar Relations Index
A database of official diplomatic channels as well as all pubicly available treaties existing between star nations. This database open to the public serves to document astropolitical developments and provide a concise overview.

League of Non-Aligned Worlds
The League of Non-Aligned Worlds is a loose astropolitical formation existing of smaller star nations to form an alliance with the same diplomatic weight as a large star nation. It was founded when Tiyankian star nations voiced concerns over their political power. As such, High Legate Sinclair advised them to form a large diplomatic lobbying group so as to increase their chances. The LoNAW consists of almost all the star nations of Territories with a few exceptions. The Kirillian, Arkanian, Owettan, Yakhari, Bentharian & Kelidune factions are the primary powerbrokers within this loose alliance.

Stoinian Ambassador

[Image: evwS5ug.png]

High Legate Jeffrey David Sinclair, sometimes referred to as the ‘Fighting Legate’, is the highest-ranking governmental official & governor of Meridian. Originally a carpenter’s son turned Royal Marine during the gruesome Velutarian War, Sinclair has joined the diplomatic corps to pursue peace through the High King’s Aureate Path. He served diligently as the first Stoinian ambassador on the Ryccian capital of Daonlathas for a year and became a benchmark for diplomats around Sector A1-0 despite having to overcome many cultural difficulties. He’s been noted to have formed a close friendship with his Velpan advisor Foixon Perushan, resulting in him punching Ryccian journalists, brokering several bilateral agreements, aiding the Ryccian government in rescuing Emperor Alexander from captors & forging a lasting friendship between the star nations.

With High Legate Sallow replacing him as the ambassador to the Ryccian Empire, he was the most qualified diplomat to undertake the Babylon Project at the request of the Stoinian High King. He now continues to build his legacy after having the Stoinian ambassadorial tower on Daonlathas renamed after him on Babylon Station. Not only as the offical governor & diplomat, but also as the Stoinina Councillor for the Interstellar Council. Despite his allegiance to the Star Kingdom, he has been known to deviate somewhat from hard-line expansionist stances as was the case with his advice to form the LoNAW to protect the interest of the native Tiyankians. This has resulted in wide respect for him as a true advocate of peace.

Note: Sinclair & Perushan’s father also formed the first Stoino-Ryccian company Sinushan Inc. producing high quality furniture using Kiyusni wood & Khison leather which have become a hit with officials within the Presidium. Their headquarters are in the Ladon District with the slogan: “Bringing peace to the galaxy, one couch at a time!”


Law Enforcement in Meridian
Although not all the laws of the Star Kingdom apply in the Meridian System, there are certain regulations & laws to maintain order in the system. To that end, the Meridian Security Force answers directly to High Legate Sinclair and enforces the laws of the Meridian Tribunal. The MSF, colloquially also known as m-sec, is divided in a ground station component as well as the space component and allows any individual free of criminal record to join their ranks after completing their training at Meridian Security Academy. Both branches serve directly under the Arkanian High Commissioner Thaldo Vardirr.

Meridian System Security Fleet
Meridian System Security Fleet, also known as Sec-Fleet, deals with the policing of off-station activities within the Meridian System. As such it’s tasked with the oversight of docking procedures, onboard inspection & anti-piracy activity. It mostly uses police-grade vessels of Stoinian design with a black & white paintjob. Its commanding officer is Commissioner-Admiral Verd Verun (Bentharian).

The Star Harpy-class starfighter.

The Star Harpy-class starfighter is the starfighter used by the Sec-Fleet as its main strike craft. Although a variant of the Starfury-class, its weaponry is less powerfull than its military variant.

A Coltellia-class police corvette.

This variant of the Sinaia-class forms the bulk of Sec-Fleet. Numbering over 650 ships, these modified starships are primarily tasked with the screening of incoming starships as well as small scale space combat.

An Enforcer-class police frigate.

For fast & lightweight operations, Sec-Fleet uses some 300 Enforcer-class frigates to pursue rogue elements with superior speed. Although interception is the primary goal of this 300m long ship, it hosts a vast aaray of advanced ship weaponry.

A Marshall-class police cruiser.

The bulk of Sec-Fleet’s strength lies in its Marshall-class police cruisers. These behemoths span the length of roughly 900m and serve as enforcers for the largest merchant ships that arrive at Meridian. As such, Sec-Fleet only operates a dozen of these ships.

Station Security Force

Amoured uniform of Meridian Security (Terran female).

On station & onboard security operations are done by Station Security Force, serving also onboard Sec-Fleet ships. These security officers are tasked with law enforcement, investigation & crowd control. They have strict non-lethal first protocols, but may use increased violence upon escalation. They wear body cams and adhere to strict procedures to enforce station security. Trained with state-of-the-art equipment, these officers are happy to help any bystanders on Babylon Station.

Meridian Tribunal

A courtroom of the Meridian Tribunal

The Meridian Tribunal is an independent courthouse that aims to settle legal disputes happening within the Meridian System. Through a unique approach of mediating between the laws of various star nations, it has become a respected institution & benchmark of interstellar law. To facilitate the vast areas, the Tribunal hosts multiple courts dealing with interstellar law, trade law & off-station law among the many various courts. Any individual who has been vetted as a justice or similar roles may apply to join the Meridian Tribunal.

At the thead of the judicial system of Meridian sits the Chief Justice who supervises the cases and serves as the ultimate legal authority onboard the station. The current Chief Justice is the Enthrallan Tegas A’karin.


Meridian Nexus
With the Meridian’s goal of stimulating interstellar trade between star nations, an initial infrastructure plan with roots in the Pan-Terran League was expanded to interested Babylon Treaty signatories. As such, in 1 ABT a number of economically powerful star nations banded together to develop a network to unify and streamline the trade routes of various FTL systems. Limitations exist as this network outlaws military transportation, though it allows law enforcement to use them in addition to being subject to the holder’s laws. Variations in management exist as some star nation allow the practice of tolls for their usage while others make them free.

Nowadays, the Meridian Nexus forms the most travelled and economically important driver that unites commerce throughout Sector A1-0 towards Meridian. Most notably, these gateways are frequented by the 134 km long Kirillian commerce juggernauts that act as nomadic city-states bringing wares from star nation to star nation while also acting as extensions of the Meridian Interstellar Stock Exchange.

A Kirillian commerce juggernaut.

Meridian Nexus Jumpgates
The Meridian Nexus consists of numerous large jumpgates manufactured by StarGate, a Stoinian gateway construction company. Theses jumpgates are based on the Middleton-Suciu Trans Light Engines that constitute the Stoinian Rift Drive. In contrast to these engines, the jumpgates have preset lanes in-between the gates along natural cosmic filaments that allow FTL transportation without the need of onboard FTL drives. By effectively launching starships on ‘railways’ in Cerulean Space, these jumpgates allow starships to travel on the Iota bandwidth which roughly translates to 6 minutes travel time for 5 LY.

Specifically, StarGate employs the Nexus Jumpgates which have a diameter of 80 km, allowing the largest commercial ships of Sector A1-0 to access the trade network. These large installations have some onboard facilities, but are generally operated automatically with a fixed entry & exit point. However, due to their large size, they come at the hefty price of ₹ 200,000,000,000,000 making them a large investment unfeasible for a majority of smaller star nations. While these jumpgates allow any ship regardless of FTL drive to use them, they are currently limited to link up with other pre-existing gateways due to differences in technology.

A Middleton-Suciu Trans Light Nexus Jumpgate by StarGate.

Tiyanki Territories

  • MG-001 - Epsilon Meridiani, Stoinian Star Kingdom (1 ABT)
  • MG-002 - Owetta, Owettan States (1 ABT)
  • MG-003 - Kirax, Kirillian Trade League (1 ABT)
  • MG-004 - Lirax, Kirillian Trade League (1 ABT)
  • MG-005 - Norax, Kirillian Trade League (1 ABT)
  • MG-006 - Zuurqin, Zuurqin Cooperative (1 ABT)
  • MG-007 - Elvon, Vren Association (1 ABT)
  • MG-008 - Kelidon, Kelidon Dominion (1 ABT)
  • MG-009 - Pantora, Panurian Ascendancy (1 ABT)
  • MG-010 - Benthawui, Bentharian Federation (1 ABT)
  • MG-011 - Thassia, Yakhari Commonwealth (1 ABT)
  • MG-012 - Vur’Ten, Vurk Communion (1 ABT)
  • MG-013 - Nau Valterra, Dunedari Free-Standings (1 ABT)

Weissersteiner Empire

  • MG-101 - TBD

Dovian Star Confederation

  • MG-201 - TBD

Treecuu Star Empire

  • MG-301 - TBD

Tarassian Union

  • MG-401 - Dissadia, Dissar System, Dissadian Mandate (1 ABT)
  • MG-402 - Nagrim, Nagrix System, Nagrim Mandate (1 ABT)
  • MG-403 - Korrim, Korrim System, Korrim Mandate (1 ABT)
  • MG-404 - Rattia, Rattia System, Rattian Mandate (1 ABT)
  • MG-405 - Finton, Finton System, Finton Mandate (1 ABT)
  • MG-406 - Shimon, Shimon System, Shimon Mandate (1 ABT)
  • MG-407 - Feesa, Feesa System, Feesa Mandate (1 ABT)
  • MG-408 - Tarassia, Tarassor System, Tarassian Mandate (1 ABT)
  • MG-409 - Onkor, Onkoru System, Onkori Mandate (1 ABT)
  • MG-410 - Thalaven, Palven System, Thalaven Mandate (1 ABT)

Ryccian Empire

  • MG-501 - TBD

Drakari Celestial Imperium

  • MG-601 - Pax Dracon, Ladon System, Pax Dracon Praetorate (1 ABT)
  • MG-602 - Terra Prime, Terra Nova Enclave (1 ABT)
  • MG-603 - Cadia, Cadia System, Cadian Praetorate (1 ABT)
  • MG-604 - Yapath, Yapath System, Yapatha High Kingdom (1 ABT)
  • MG-605 - Cascarid, Cascarid System, Carsicoid Unity (1 ABT)
  • MG-606 - Kairos, Kairos System, Kairos Praetorate (1 ABT)
  • MG-607 - Chezidek, Chezidek System, Sosan Republics (1 ABT)
  • MG-608 - Olympus, Olympus System, Olympus Praetorate (1 ABT)
  • MG-609 - Khar’shan, Kri’ghal Commune (1 ABT)
  • MG-610 - Haven, Haven System, Haven Praetorate (1 ABT)
  • MG-611 - Zorrabin, Sinthari Hegemony (1 ABT)
  • MG-612 - Typhon, Typhon System, Typhon Praetorate(1 ABT)

Stoinian Star Kingdom

  • MG-701 - Cornucopia, Cornucopia System (1 ABT)
  • MG-702 - Elysium, Elysia System (1 ABT)
  • MG-703 - Casaria, Casarius System (1 ABT)
  • MG-704 - Corillia, Corillia System (1 ABT)
  • MG-705 - Tozoria, Tozoria System (1 ABT)
  • MG-706 - Prorubia, Gagarin System (1 ABT)
  • MG-707 - Thedyria , Thedyria System (1 ABT)
  • MG-708 - Hyperion, Thoreion System (1 ABT)
  • MG-709 - Qingdao, Qingdao System (1 ABT)
  • MG-710 - Paragon, Uswa System (1 ABT)
  • MG-711 - Charia, Kilash System (1 ABT)
  • MG-712 - Csinai, Csillai System (1 ABT)

Union of Emerald

  • MG-801 - TBD