Rising from the Sarcophagus [1 ABT]

For more than 1800 years, ever since the mirial wormhole was discovered, the inquisition was the only entity with power over the emperors. That changes in 1ABT. What exactly happened is to be documented in this topic.


11.2.1867. ERA OF UNITY

On this day more than 18 centuries ago Emperor Turcafinwë Adaraitalë gave the inquisition supreme power over Calerostan religion, making them almost as powerful as himself and making them the only entity that could hurt the emperor in any way. This system held for centuries and worked well. Then came the Miraline war. It set the inquisition into overdrive, turning it into a institute of hate against all that are a product of sin, be it willingly or not. Emperor Edhelgil Belaith Oialë was going to be the one that put a stop to it.

The date was chosen precisely. It was the climax of the week of celebration of the religious revolution. All major inquisitors ware in the inquisitorial palace. It was a once in a year occasion. The high council of the priestly order had written a declaration backed by scripture to accuse the inquisition of genocide. The emperor himself signed it.

The inquisitorial palace

The emperor didn’t get a moment of sleep the whole night. He was looking at the clock. 4am, it was time. Three legions of centurions including the first imperial encircled the inquisitorial palace, while ornithopters covered the sky above it. There was no entering or exiting the palace, and it would stay like that untill 7am.


5 AM

Everything was going according to plan. That was a relief. In two hours he would approach the palace and deliver the declaration, ending the inquisition’s reign of terror. It was terrifying, but it must be done. If something goes south it could cause a civil war, but for now everything was good.

He would council with his ancestors one last time beforehand. In the meditation room there ware two Laurelin trees, taken from the sacred forest, and a patch of Oloroft flowers, as the ritual required.

A oloroft flower

Cuivië, the edhel goddess of death and ruler of the afterlife

He removed the suit and sat infront of the small altar Infront of the flower bed. While reciting a prayer to Cuivië he lit a small oil lamp and prepared the dried oloroft. Then he lit it using the lamp, puts it in the pipe anchored to the table, and puts the end of it in his mouth, closing his eyes. His body is filled with the smoke soon. He lays of the pipe, and starts to meditate. After some time he feels the air around him getting cold and still, and he stops smelling the smoke. As he opens his eyes he finds himself in a dark forest illuminated by what looked like fireflies. He stands up and starts walking forwards. Soon enough he sees a blue glow. A humanoid entity made of pure blue light.



“I am doing it father, on this day the inquisition falls”

“on this day you are destroying all that your ancestors worked for” .

“On this day i am saving all the poor souls YOU condemned to a eternity of suffering in YOUR quest for immortality! I am avenging all of the innocent souls sent to the afterlife because of YOUR actions!”

“Who are you to oppose the will of the gods and dismantle the order set up by their will?”

“Don’t talk to me about opposing the will of the gods, heretic, for you have done sacralige to avoid meeting them and condemned trillions. By your decree the inquisition became nothing more than a death squad hunting for everyone that did the most minor sin. Go back to hell, father, i did not come here to consult you.”

The spirit swings it’s hand and the emperor is thrown against a tree

“You are a disgrace to your bloodline, Edhelgil, to your bloodline and your people! I should have killed you when i had a chance!”

The emperor stands up but is quickly thrown against a nother tree

“I gave you the gift of eternal life, eternal rulership, and you talk to me like that!”

“The only thing that you gave me…”

He gets interupted by a nother throw

"Do you not have any respect for your ancestors, do you think you’re anything compared to the accumulated glory of their continued work you want to destroy?! Who are you to them?!

The spirit tries to do a nother throw but is hit by a sharp headache

I am the emperor of Calerost, chosen by the gods to rule in this world in their name! I have lead this nation for longer than any of my ancestors and i have brought to it greater glory than any of them could ever imagine, hile you in your short reign only brought the biggest disaster in our history! YOU ARE NOTHING! YOU ARE A DEMON THAT HAUNTS ME IN MY NIGHTMARES! WELL I AM WAKING UP, AND YOU WILL NEVER TALK TO ME AGAIN! YOU WILL NEVER AGAIN TRY TO STOP ME IN MY DOINGS NOR WILL YOU BLOCK ME FROM SPEAKING TO MY ANCESTORS! BE GONE DEMON, ROT IN HELL UNTILL THE DAY OF RAGE!!!"

He punches the spirit with immense power, and it shatters, the fragments turning into smoke. The emperor is filled by a strong feeling of relief and victory.

Seconds later he saw many, many spirits aproach him from all around, surrounding him. But these ones were glowing yellow, and warmth spread from them. They ware the spirits of all of his ancestors. They spoke in unison:

“Go Edhelgil, emperor of Calerost, chosen to rule by the gods, go and avenge the innocent, free the prosecuted, in defiance of your father, in the name of the gods. Bring glory to your people, do what must be done.”

The emperor felt his heart fill with determination, he was ready. And then he woke up.



The emperor wakes up from his meditation and looks at a clock. He quickly dawns the suit and goes to the palace’s landing pad. A transport craft was waiting there for him. The transporter was being escorted by a large fleet of aircraft. 15 minutes later it lands Infront of the inquisitorial palace. The emperor is greeted by the commanders assigned to this mission

“Status report?”

“All is under control, the building is fully encircled. We’re in a standoff with the inquisitorial guard, as expected.”

“Good, good. Request the grand inquisitor to come out, say that i want to talk to him. Let’s end this.”



The grand inquisitor leaves the palace followed by 20 inquisitorial guards. He comes to the edge of the staircase leading down from the palace and yells:

“What is the meaning of this?! I think, my emperor that you should be aware that what you’re doing is borderline sacralige!”

“I am very much aware what I’m doing, inquisitor, but i am not here to do sacralige, but to end it!”

The emperor, followed by cameras of all major news broadcasters in the empire, unrolls a scroll and starts reading:

"With this decree, the high priesthood of Ilanor, the true and only supreme organisation of all edhel faith, finds the Supreme Inquisitive order of Calerost responsible for the deaths of multiple millions of innocent edhels by falsely sentencing them to death, thus committing the high sacralige of genocide, as well as oppression of minority groups like the Silefrim for nothing more than their genetics, and high levels of corruption present in the institution, especially in the duchy of Celebar. Because of that, the priesthood rules that the inquisition’s autonomous status and consecration is to be revoked and it put under the full authority of the high priesthood, and those responsible for the before mentioned sins and state crimes shall be put on trial. Any inquisitor that refuses to do so is to be emediately excommunicated on the spot without a trial.

High inquisitor Garavion do you peacefully accept the ruling of the high priesthood or will we have to enforce it by force?"