[Res.] world forum intervention in Ludville

Honorable delegates,
We are still all shocked because of recent events. The use of a nuclear weapon is a inhuman act and a act of genocide. This act has caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocents and because of that requires a answer. in that name we propose the next resolution.
We hope that it gets adopted swiftly and is put into practice as fast. Thank you

Eva Anastoti,
representative of the Thalapadian Congressional Republic to the world forum

World Forum

RES 18 (2023)

Emblem of the World Forum

Assembly of the World Forum

Distr.: General

Resolution 18 adopted by the Assembly on DD Month YYYY

World Forum reaction to the use of nuclear weapons by Ludville

Section A — Standard Measure(s) Adopted

  1. A condemnation according to WFR 1d Sec. F Subsec. 2 Ltr. g

  2. The calling of the International Court according to WFR 1d Sec. F Subsec. 2 Ltr. h

  3. Implementation of severe economic sanctions according to WFR 1d Sec. F Subsec. 2 Ltr. j

  4. the implementation of a international blockade according to WFR 1d Sec. F Subsec. 2 Ltr l

  5. The calling of a WF peacekeeping Mission according to WFR 1d Sec. F Subsec. 2 Ltr. m

Section B — Explanation of Necessity and Proportionality

  1. The use of a nuclear weapon is a terrifying and brutal act of genocide and human rights violation. A invasion of Emerald, in which numerous acts of war crimes are likely to be committed based on previous actions by The LNAC, is also expected. Due to that this is emergency situation in which sanctions according to WFR 1d Sec. F Subsec. 2 Ltr. a-f cannot be considered effective. Therefore they are skipped in accordance with WFR 1d Sec. F Subsec. 1 S. 3.

  2. A condemnation will alarm the international community that Ludville is a nation in breach of international law and human rights and encourage them to cut all ties to it . By doing that it will further the goal of fully isolating the already very isolated junta.

  3. The calling of the International Court shall help in opening a case against any war criminal from the LNAC. The WFIC is also able to suggest or impose necessary sanctions, this Assembly cannot pass. As the LNAC has not shown respect to general international law, human rights and the Grovne Convention, it is questionable, whether the calling of the WFIC will have much of an effect during the conflict and will not just play a huge role after the end of it. Therefore the Assembly shall pass additional standard measures.

  4. The suspension of LNAC from the world forum shall be skipped as it is not part of the organization

  5. Severe economic sanctions on the LNAC will weaken their position by starving them of key resources it needs to operate it’s armed forces as well as produce new weapons. This measure will also weaken it’s economy, and consequently it’s armed forces. By doing this it provides strong leverage against LNAC, as well as only effecting their side. Weakening the LNAC’s armed forces will make the conclusion of the conflict swifter as well as making the transition to a democratic government chosen by the people easier

  6. The measure of severe diplomatic sanctions is to be skipped as the LNAC is already diplomatically isolated so their effect would be minimal.

  7. A international blockade further isolates the LNAC as well as helps contain their military assets as well as apply further pressure on it, making it a effective measure

  8. By using nuclear weapons the LNAC has proven itself a threat to the whole of Pacifica. Because of that a peacekeeping mission is to be called to neutralize the threat and restore peace and order. The LNAC has proven time and again that it is not willing to negotiate to seek a peaceful solution so this measure is necessary to bring stability and security back to the region.

Section C — Implementation

  1. For the repeated violations of international law and human rights, including the use of a strategic nuclear weapon on the city of Edwardia, killing hundreds of thousands of innocents, the World forum officially condemns the Ludvillian Junta

  2. Hereby the World Forum assembly forwards preparation to file a case at the WFIC against the war criminals and leaders of the Ludvillian Junta to the INL. The international court shall bring justice to everyone responsible for the crimes committed by Ludville.

  3. Member states of the World forum are to implement severe economic sanctions to Ludville, including, but not limited to, an embargo on all military equipment and equipment that can be used by the military, all steel and steel products, all electric chips, implemented circuits and semiconductors, all oil and oil derivatives like gasoline, kerosene and diesel.

  4. The assembly of the world forum hereby calls for a international blockade to be established around Ludville, which is to be managed by the armed forces of the Kingdom of Emerald. The blockade is to prevent all Ludvillian military vessels to leave the blockaded area, resorting to force if necessary. The blockade is also to stop any civilian vessel trying to pass trough and search it to prevent smuggling military supplies to Ludville and smuggling key people and potentially dangerous items that could be used against any nation out of Ludville.

  5. The Assembly of the world forum hereby authorizes a peacekeeping mission to Ludville. The World Forum encourages member states to engage in military activities in strict accordance to existing international laws against LNAC forces. The national sovereignty of all nations involved is to be respected. Per that all military actions and interventions shall need to be authorized by the Kingdom of Emerald to keep the peacekeeping mission orderly and organized as well as to not counteract attempts their attempts and stop nations from pursuing personal interests.

  6. To further keep the peacekeeping mission organized a high command is to be formed consisting from military leaders of the nations involved lead by a Emeraldian high ranking military leader. The high command is to keep in check and manage all operations conducted by the peace keeping forces.

  7. a. The recommendation of military activities against the LNAC as outlined in this standard resolution shall be revoked when the following criteria are met:
    i. The recommendation of military activities against Ludville as outlined in this standard resolution shall be revoked when the LNAC forces permanently cease hostilities against Emerald, its Allies and third states.
    ii. LNAC is no longer found to be a direct and immediate threat by its neighbouring states.
    b. The recommendation of military activities against the LNAC forces as outlined in this standard resolution shall be temporarily revoked when the following criteria are met:
    i. LNAC asks for a ceasefire and negotiations toward the perpetual cessation of hostilities against Emerald and the rest of the Starhawk pact.
    ii. The ceasefire is strictly observed by the LNAC military without violation.

  8. The goal of the implemented World Forum peacekeeping mission is the removal of the LNAC from power and the return of a civil government in Ludville.


The United Provinces of Rhayna, Alla-gy and Nea-gy fully supports this resolution. We believe there isn’t enough punishment for such a cruel use of WMDs, but an action against the Ludvillan Junta must me taken immediately by the entirety of the international community.

Andreus Savvidis,
Rhaynan WF Embassador.


Members of the Forum,

The Federal Republic of Kliegme agrees to the Thalapadian proposal of acting against the Ludvillian Junta in a legal and orderly manner. Therefore, we pledge full support to this bill. However, we also have into keep in mind those who survived the blast. The World Forum must act for their quick evacuation and appropriate treatment.


The Thalapadian Congressional republic fully agrees with Kliegme on the matter of humanitarian aid. Individual nations have sent aid and rescuers, but in a situation as severe as this one the whole of the world forum should aid the survivors. Therefore we call for a resolution for a joint humanitarian mission to evacuate the survivors of the blast and people in the fallout range to be written and passed swiftly with no delays.

Eva Anastoti, thalapadian representative in the world forum


The United Kingdoms Of Emerald and Denver fully agrees with this entire resolution and requests that it is passed as soon as possible. We also agree on the matter of humanitarian aid. Ludville is currently under a rogue government, we must stomp it out before it harms more people and nations.

Howard Brown, Union Representative to the World Forum


Would the honourable ambassador from Thalapadis kindly explain to the assembly what their definition of peacekeeping is?
Is it as I hope, deploying troops between the two combatant lines to prevent further escalation of the conflict. Or, is it as I fear, a euphemism for an invasion?

Gustave Graves
Ambassador of the United States of Izaakia


By the nature of how the format of standard resolutions is made, military intervention can only im them be put under peacekeeping. We saw this before with the intervention in Ryccia. As the resolution states, the goal of the intervention is to bring back a civilian government back in power in Ludville because of the actions of the military junta which hurt both the people of Ludville and foreign nationals and are at times, like the use of a weapon of mass destruction, genocidal. The situation is the same as it was in Ryccia. I hope this clarifies the situation to the embassador of Izaakia.

Eva Anastoti, thalapadian representative to the world forum


May I remind the ambassador of Thalapadis of the first 11 words of the WF charter, and may I say the most important. “We, the sovereign nations of the world, seeking everlasting peace.” This my fellow ambassadors is the reason we are here, to bring peace, not war. We may put an obstacle between two sides of a conflict, we may put an obstacle between an aggressor and its victims. But we do not wage war, and we do not change regimes.

The nations here today may very well think it is justified to invade Ludville, and it may well be. But this is not the forum for you to try and gain some kind of moral authority to do so.

I for one, do not see a reasonable cause for international intervention. There are no longer any viable nuclear weapons according to Emeraldian intelligence, therefore there is no further threat to the international community. The cat is out of the bag, and it is now for Emerald and Denver to deal with its domestic issues.

Gustave Graves
Ambassador of the USI


You should know that Everyone thought the same for the Denverian Nationalists, until they attacked Reizen, Sedunn, and the Central Islands, before quickly invading Spiras. Ludville may try the exact same tactic using its battle fleet, which may I remind you is currently unaccounted for. This invasion is necessary, it is how we defeated the Nationalists, if it was just the Starhawk Pact, we would be too evenly matched, and the war would drag on for years and years with no real end. How is that peace? A quick invasion would minimize damage to critical infrastructure, and put the war to a very quick end. All you are doing sir, is delaying peace, instead of ensuring it’s continued survival.

Howard Brown, Union Representative of the World Forum


Not intervening here, honorable embassador, will show the world that they can use weapons of mass destruction, and that the world will do nothing. That’s a dangerous message to send, embassador, because it might just give someone enough courage to repeat Ludville’s crime. Besides that, from what we have seen before and what we are seeing now, the LNAC shows no sign of stopping it’s agression. How many more people, innocent people, will need to leave their loved ones behind in the name of a slim hope that a already non existent peace, violated by Ludville, comming eventually back? Because if we do nothing there will be many. Nukes aren’t the only thing that kills embassador, there are many more weapons in Ludville’s arsenal. If the nuke was dropped on your capital you would call for the perpetrator to be punished, so would anyone in this assembly, you’d all want justice. Now let’s bring that justice to Ludville before anyone else inocent must die, let’s show the world that the WF isn’t incapable of action as many say. If we want to seek peace we will sometimes need to go bring it yourself. This is a situation like that.

Eva Anastoti, thalapadian representative in the world forum


Mr Ambassador, a Bread Knife can kill, but you do not see me invading a neighbours kitchen and killing him. This only solution to this crisis that does not end in bloodshed is a negotiated peace. Have we tried, or are we so insistent on denying the right to self determination that we haven’t bothered?


Ambassador, the Nicholas and Great Britain was also a peacekeeping mission? Because in vision of what you are saying, it was an invasion.

We beg of you, don’t slow down this proposition even more than it is already, with questions about how we should leave unanswered a nuclear genocide and the dictatorship who produced it.

Also, we have already tried to get a peace talk with the Ludvillan Junta and they were unresponsive. Can you enlighten us in how you would reach to a peace with a rogue government who has used nuclear weapons against the cities of a sovereign nation?

Andreus Savvidis,
Rhaynan WF Embassador.


Ambassador, I will not allow this assembly to declare a war without due process. To do so would be a violation of all this body aims to achieve.

If I were a small independent nation, I would also not be responsive to negotiations with preconditions that would lead my nation into a union with a historic oppressor.

The use of nuclear weapons is highly regrettable, however, once disaster should not be the root cause of another. Such a spiral of escalation is highly dangerous and irresponsible, such as the Emeraldian handling of said nuclear weapons. We should not forget that the weapons were irresponsibly owned and improperly kept by the Emeraldian armed forces before they fell into the wrong hands. Emerald must take blame for both the ludvillian possession of nuclear weapons and for putting them in a position where they felt the need to use them, do not be fooled, you do not use your only means of deterrent if you have another choice.

Regarding the peacekeeping mission in N&GB which Izaakia and UPRAN so bravely and diligently took part in, despite the opposition of this house. We did successfully put our soldiers between Nicholas and his victims, the state of Romordia still stands strong and independent, we did stop the massacre, and we did build a buffer between the oppressor and his victims, and we did build what is now a fragile but working peace.

Gustave Graves


It’s the embassador suggesting that this disaster is the fault of the nation that has been nuked?

Let’s see, we can discuss another day about how much fault Emerald truly has in the situation, but the Ludvillan Junta is the one who have used nuclear weapons in an act of terror, and leaving them without punishment it’s a danger to all the nations in the South Pacific, not just Emerald.

This isn’t a discussion about the morals of using fire to put off fire, this is a discussion for an international intervention against a terrorist government that uses nuclear weapons against sovereign nations, and they will not think twice about using them again the moment they have the opportunity.

Andreus Savvidis,
Rhaynan WF Embassador.

Historic oppressor?? THEY were the ones who signed their way into the Denverian Federation. Yes, ex-president Dinkel didn’t help things by being overly nationalistic, but that doesn’t mean its Emeralds fault! We were the ones who decided on a fair and equal treaty with Ludville, and they tore it to shreds! THEY failed to arrest the Nationalist’s, THEY failed to protect the Missiles, and THEY were the ones to FIRE a Missile. I’m sorry Ambassador, but Ludville has lost its chance for peace. This is the 3rd Ludville War, we are done with their bullcrap. We have lost too many people to Nuclear Fire, but Izaakia wouldn’t understand that, you and your “perfect” nation, how many have you lost to your own brothers! Emerald has always been trying to maintain peace on Bareland, and this invasion is the only way to maintain it.

Howard Brown

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Esteemed delegates of the World Forum,

The United Republic of Goutafelo stands strongly against this resolution. Goutafelo stands against all mobilization of World Forum peacekeeping forces as well as the promotion of the mobilization of member state forces by the World Forum. While the use of nuclear weapons by Ludville is truly upsetting, this situation is, at its core, the result of Emerald-Denver’s gross negligence and mishandling of nuclear weapons.

The chain of events that led to this event has very little to do with the government of Ludville when compared to the massive contribution that the nations of Thalapadis and Emerald-Denver did to isolate and vilify the nation of Ludville, with support from the League of Cordilia. One wonders if all those people had to die if Thalapadis had just entered negotiations with Ludville instead of orchestrating a rash operation to assassinate Van Mathis during his exile in Ludville.

In regards to the comments by the delegate from the United Provinces of Rhayna, Alla-gy, and Nea-gy, it is the opinion of the Goutafelon delegation that the government of Ludville was not given adequate time to prepare itself for peace talks, and was pressured by foreign governments an ocean away to make a decision quick or face the consequences. This falls into the recent trend of rash decisions being made by governments across Cordilia, but unfortunately that is not the point of the current discussion. One also must wonder that perhaps all those people in Emerald-Denver did not have to die if the League of Cordilia could allow the process of diplomacy to sort itself out.

In regards to the comments by the delegate from Thalapadis, it forces the consideration of what if this had happened in other places. I wonder if the Thapaladian delegation would even know, let alone care if the same situation had gone down in my home, Goutafelo, or, more likely, in Báraarde. Yes, it may just be a hypothetical, but with the pattern of decisions made by the government of Thalapadis along with the League of Cordilia at-large it is likely that they would not care about the misuse of nuclear weapons in that case. It would bring remarks of it not being important enough for them because it is not in Cordilia, yet they seem to care about this particular case.

While I may be inclined to support a resolution for the condemnation of Ludville presented by the delegate from Emerald-Denver, this resolution for the deployment of peacekeepers into Ludville by the delegate from Thalapadis will forever be opposed by Goutafelo. Two wrongs do not make a right. Now is the time that we can make history, that we can set a precedent that will stand for decades after we die. More innocent people do not have to die; I can speak from the history of my country that Ludville will likely never submit to Emerald-Denver without every last person in Ludville being either dead or dying.

Tshenolo Moeng
Ambassador to the World Forum from Goutafelo


The delegate from Goutafelo is correct on one thing, we know Ludville will not go quietly, if, the current Ludvillian Resistance didn’t exist. Yes that is correct, even the people of Ludville are against the Junta. We have tried to negotiate with Ludville, but we are either met with silence or insults. They are not willing to negotiate or make peace under any circumstances, they are dead set on taking their claimed land in Nord-Danvir and Jylland, land they agreed by treaty of give up. They gave up their claims via the Treaty Of Hawk-Copenhagen. Now they have complety abandoned that treaty which also declared that Ludville will maintain a Democracy, which this Junta has gotten rid of. C’mon man, Goutafelo and Emerald are both Denvari, why be against us?

Howard Brown

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And now we are supporting a nuclear terrorist, I swear to God what is rotten with the members of this organization? AND ONCE AGAIN THE FAULT SEEMINGLY IS FROM THE LEAGUE OF CORDILIA FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER??

I’m sickened by this organization, it’s doesn’t stand for anything.


Everyone in this organization can die to nuclear fire with their butts glued to their seats, we will not go again through the load of bullshit Cordilia it’s always blamed for.

I swear we are leaving this godforsaken organization. I can’t even BEGIN to see how Cordilia even entails in this discussion.


Andreus Savvidis,
Rhaynan WF Embassador.

We propose the extension of the intervention to Goutafelo. They have shown their ties to the regime, and they will do anything to oppose an intervention on a terrorist nation.

If the WF advocates for this, the organization should be dismantled, as its serves no purpose except giving voice to the most brain dead governments.

To the delegate from Emerald-Denver,

It is true that Goutafelo and Emerald share a common heritage, and this adds into why the most peaceful option should be pursued. It is in the nature of Goutafelo to seek out the most peaceful option to avoid bloodshed; a day where the blood of a brother is spilt is always a sad day. While you may not consider negotiations to be an option anymore, which is understandable, it is still an option. But in the end, if nothing works out, we will stand by Emerald-Denver in a defensive war- not in a war where Ludville is at the receiving end of a declaration of war.

Tshenolo Moeng
Ambassador to the World Forum from Goutafelo