[Res.] Resolution Reforming the IACO

Dear Ambassadors,

“Knowledge is power” is a very famous saying, and it still holds truth. We have now seen this power exerted in the recent investigations following bomb attacks in Nicholas and Great Britain. The fact that the investigation has pinned Romordians as the perpetrators gives the impression that the investigations are not truthful. The World Forum currently doesn’t have the capability to launch an independent investigation. However, to ensure stability and provide necessary protection in cases such as those mentioned, it is time that the International Anti-Criminal Organisation really becomes what it should have been from the start.
The following resolution is set to reform the IACO into a usable, impartial, and independent international police cooperation organisation.
I hope we can work together towards improving and passing this resolution.
Thank you.

Jan Saat
Ambassador of the Republic of Eflad

World Forum

RES 18 (2023)

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Assembly of the World Forum

Distr.: General

DD Month 2023

Resolution 18 adopted by the Assembly on DD Month YYYY

Reforming the International Anti-Criminal Organisation (IACO)

Section A — Purpose

  1. In the light of the investigations following recent terrorist attacks in Nicholas and Great Britain (N&GB) the World Forum recognises the problem of possible malicious usage of the investigations to promote a certain goal.

  2. The International Anti-Criminal Organisation (from hereon, IACO) has great relevance in the prosecution of crimes. However, its powers are heavily restricted to only pursuing arrests. The development of crimes, however, has shown that often a neutral and independent investigation is not given. This resolution aims to provide the World Forum with an opportunity to conduct such an investigation by reforming the IACO into a capable organisation.

Section B — Reforms

  1. The text of Section A shall be replaced by:
To ensure fair and impartial investigations, clarity in highly turbulent cases and to assist nations pursuing criminals, the World Forum hereby establishes the International Anti-Criminal Organisation.
  1. Section B shall be replaced by:
Section B - Goals
  1. The goals of the International Anti-Criminal Organisation (IACO) are to provide fair, impartial, and thorough investigations on subjects determined by the Assembly and to help nations pursue issued World Arrest Warrants and present violators to the International Court per international law.
  1. Section C shall be replaced by:
Section C - Organisation
  1. IACO consists of voluntary member nations.

  2. IACO is headed by a director-general who is elected by a simple majority vote in the Committee for International Law. The term length of a director-general shall be 12 months.

  3. An IACO Investigation Team’s duty is to conduct investigations on a matter decided by the Assembly or by the request of the issuing nation.

  4. An IACO Response Team’s duty is to help national forces enforce World Arrest Warrants.

  1. Section D shall be replaced by:
Section D - Definitions
  1. A World Arrest Warrant (WAW) is an international arrest warrant issued by a member nation requesting international assistance for an arrest.

  2. An incoming state is the state which issued the WAW.

  3. An outgoing state is the state in which the subject of the WAW is held at.

  4. An Investigation Request (IR) is issued by a member nation requesting international assistance for an investigation.

  5. An Investigation Order (IO) is issued by the Assembly launching an investigation.

  1. Section E shall be replaced by:
Section E - Authorities
  1. The IACO has the international authority to conduct investigations when instructed by the Assembly or requested by nations and to help nations pursue WAWs when requested by the incoming nation.

  2. All investigation-related materials gathered by the national investigation force must be handed to the IACO investigation Team immediately after the launch of an IACO investigation and when requested by the investigation Team.

  1. Section F shall be replaced by:
Section F - World Arrest Warrant
  1. A member state may issue a World Arrest Warrant against a person for any crime under the scope of IACO.

  2. All outgoing states of IACO shall be obligated to comply with the WAW and extradite an individual or individuals to the incoming state.

  3. When the offences committed are genocide, crimes against humanity, or war crimes, outgoing states shall transfer the custody of individuals to IACO.

  4. An outgoing state shall be able to refuse to recognise a WAW if:

  5. the incoming state practises capital punishment or life imprisonment,

  6. the subject or subjects of the WAW are below the age of criminal responsibility in the outgoing state, or

  7. the crime that took place within the incoming state is not recognised as a crime in the outgoing state.

  8. The validity of a WAW may be challenged by any member state of IACO and can be nullified by a two-thirds majority vote among the member states of IACO.

  1. Section G shall be replaced by:
Section G - Enforcement
  1. Any member state of IACO may volunteer their correctional facilities as venues to hold individuals convicted of violating international law.

  2. The Assembly may take standard measures against any nation or nations refusing to cooperate with IACO.

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