[Res.] Resolution on Nature Conservation

Esteemed members of the Assembly,

The Kingdom of Stoinia recognises the looming threat of losing our natural ecosystems at the hands of pollution. Without our rich fields, dense Varcathian forests or Carracan coral reefs, Stoinia would lose its character. Under the continued expansion of our species, by land & sea, we’ve damaged numerous species in the process and irreversibly altered their habitats. We must take action now. Hence why we propose the following standard resolution. We believe this voluntary resolution sends the right message to whole world at large of what this institution can do for Pacifica as well. Let us band together to ensure our children can enjoy the same nature we had.

Tudor Segărceanu
Speaker of the Assembly & Ambassador of the Kingdom of Stoinia

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Resolution on Nature Conservation

Section A — Purpose

  1. The purpose of this resolution is to limit the reduction of natural ecosystems at the cause of human expansion & human-created pollution.

  2. The World Forum recognises the hazardous dangers of the eradication & reduction of existing ecosystems to the wellbeing of the planet & its inhabitants.

Section B — Definitions

  1. An ecosystem is a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment. In addition, a natural ecosystem is defined as its state prior to having contacted human expansionism & human-created pollution.

  2. Reforestation & maritime restoration campaigns are defined as intensive programs to maintain or restore natural ecosystems who have been damaged due to human expansionism & human-created pollution.

Section C — Implementation

  1. All members of the World Forum who ratify this resolution shall voluntarily implement legislation within 5 years to guarantee at least 25% of its natural ecosystems – including territorial waters – to be preserved by constituent’s laws.

  2. In addition, the Assembly of the World Forum asks the Committee for Climate & Environment to identify the most threatened ecosystems and prioritise the conservation of said ecosystems.

  3. Members of the World Forum – and their constituent companies – may apply for funding for reforestation & maritime restoration campaigns at the Committee for Climate & Environment in order to facilitate the conservation of nature.