[Res.] Resolution Establishment of the Pacifica Agricultural & Food Organisation

Esteemed members of the Assembly,

Despite the growing wealth in the world, not all share the same safeties, especially regarding nutrition. Still people starve or face malnutrition… A peril that no longers belong in these modern days. Nay, it’s time we put a definitive stop to it through continued cooperation. We therefore propose the creation of an organisation dedicated to eradicate it once and for all.

Tudor Segărceanu
Speaker of the Assembly & Ambassador of the Kingdom of Stoinia

World Forum

RES 23 (2023)

Emblem of the World Forum

Assembly of the World Forum

Distr.: General
21 January 2023

Resolution 23 adopted by the Assembly on DD Month YYYY

Resolution Establishment of the Pacifica Agricultural & Food Organisation

Section A — Purpose

  1. The World Forum recognises the threat of malnourishment around the world as a threat to humanity.

  2. The Pacifica Agricultural & Food Organisation – abbreviated PAFO – is an agency under the World Forum Committee for Health tasked with the following goals:

  1. Raising levels of nutrition and standards of living of the peoples under their respective jurisdictions.
  2. Securing improvements in the efficiency of the production & distribution of all food & agricultural products.
  3. Bettering the condition of rural populations.
  4. Contributing towards an expanding world economy and ensuring humanity’s freedom from malnourishment.

Section B — Definitions

  1. Malnourishment is defined as the lack of proper nutrition caused by not having enough to eat, not eating enough of the right things, or being unable to use the food that one does eat.

Section C — Functionality

  1. The constitution of the Pacifica Agricultural & Food Organisation will be further stipulated by the World Forum Committee for Health according to the Committee’s best knowledge consisting of a General Conference, Executive Board & the Secretariat headed by the Director-General.

  2. The Pacifica Agricultural & Food Organisation operates autonomously to combat worldwide malnourishment.

  3. Governments may request the help of the Pacifica Agricultural & Food Organisation to jointly operate in the distribution of nutrition and/or analyse the results.

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We have recently passed a resolution on creating a department of peace operations, which includes a faction under the Committee of Health that shall “fulfill basic needs by distributing aid (…) like (…) food [or] clean water”.
We do not see the need to bloat up this organisation, the World Forum, more than necessary and thus do not see at the moment, what PAFO would do, that’s not under DPO’s scope already. Therefore we unfortunately do not see the sense of broadly discussing and deciding on this resolution, at least not as long as we do not amend the aforementioned resolution as well simultaneously.

Helene Meise
Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Gianatla


If the Speaker agrees, I’d like to suggest to close the debate without a vote due to the reasons mentioned by me earlier in this resolution’s discussion.

Helene Meise
Vice-Speaker of the World Forum
Ambassador for the Federal Republic of Gianatla

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In agreement with other Members of the World Forum, the Speaker of the World Forum declares this debate closed without a vote.

Jan Saat
Speaker of the World Forum, Ambassador for the Republic of Eflad