Regional Communications Act

Regional Communications Act

An act clarifying proper communication by government officials

1. Scope

(1) Modes of mass communication covered include
a. Mass Telegrams to the region using Regional Officer powers,
b. Dispatches pinned to the regional World Factbook Entry,
c. changes to the regional World Factbook Entry, and
d. any other form of communication, apart from the Regional Message Board, that is directly visible on the NationStates website by the in-game region at large.

(2) Any individual capable of engaging in mass communication with the region as described above shall be subject to the regulations contained herein.

2. Mass Communication

(1) Communications to the region shall be
a. respectful,
b. honest,
c. restrained to a reasonable frequency of notifications, and
d. neutral with respect to political ideology or debate.

(2) Communications to the region shall not
a. mislead the public,
b. attack or otherwise diminish other officials,
c. attack or otherwise diminish the South Pacific or her allies,
d. directly or indirectly threaten the security apparatus of the South Pacific or her allies, or
e. deliberately influence a regional election in favour of or against specific candidates.

(3) The World Factbook Entry must visibly contain:
a. a link to the off-site forums and Discord server of the Coalition,
b. a request for nations to endorse the lawful Delegate,
c. a request for nations to endorse the Coral Guard and a link to a Dispatch containing the current membership of the Coral Guard,
d. a link to information about the endorsement cap.

(4) The Delegate may, at their discretion, enact further restrictions, guidelines, or approval processes on the use of mass communications.

(5) The Council on Regional Security may temporarily suspend the provisions contained herein for themselves or any duly chosen surrogates for purposes of regional security.

3. Infractions

(1) Infractions may be brought before the High Court in a court case. For the duration of the court proceedings, the Delegate may suspend the mass communication capabilities of the accused.