ProfessorHenn for Minister of Culture

Greetings. I’ve returned to run for this esteemed position once again. It is my express hope that we are able to effect some good motion forward after this election, and thus, I present my ideas for your consideration.

  1. Innovate new forum-side activities to take full advantage of the Discourse software. The move to our new forum several weeks ago brought with it a fresh start for many of our traditional sub-forums and threads, and the slate is clean to try new things with it. This will be especially useful for. . .
  2. The South Pacific’s 20th Anniversary Celebration. It’s coming up this term and it will be the Ministry’s responsibility to host a celebration for it. This is the primary reason I am running, as I fully intend to focus the entire Ministry staff on ensuring the success of this event.
  3. Coup Tuesday, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Delegate. Not just Coup Tuesdays but weekly events in general. I’m bringing this back from my original campaign in the special election, since the reasoning for its inclusion is still just as relevant: we need something to get activity going and keep people interested.
  4. Roleplay is a bulwark of stability. The incredible work that LordGianni, Qwert, and the entire roleplay community does for our three canons is worthy of great admiration. It would be foolish of me to consider affecting anything in the community without the express counsel of our roleplay moderators. I’m here to help them.

Culture continues to be the cornerstone of what makes the South Pacific great. My only other region is Selene, where I serve in an advisory role, and so I can dedicate myself to this role greatly. Thank you for reading. Let’s keep working.


Hey I have a couple quick questions and comments!

  1. The title of number 3 already gives you a point in my direction. Any Dr. Strangelove fan is a friend of mine. God I love this nerdy ass site. Anywayyyy
  2. I’m not sure how much this ball ends up in the MoC court since I don’t understand the position at all (hell yeah :sunglasses:) but would there ever be any consideration made towards joint RP between the site and forum? I’ve seen some really successful RPs run with a forum or discord aspect, would this ever be an idea to be discussed?
  3. What ideas, in more specifics, do you have for adding more engagement and innovation on the new forum? I wouldn’t ask, but your point one is pretty vague and I’m curious :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, thanks for your time, good luck!

Legislators, you can’t deliberate here! This is the Great Council!

Gameside NationStates and our forum are two entirely different beasts. Joint RP between the two would be a really difficult prospect to pull off successfully, and I don’t think it’s something worthy to really commit to, but I’m open to working on it with the community if there’s a strong pull towards that.

I left it vague deliberately, but my primary thought is that we would pull them out for the 20th Anniversary Celebration, and maybe maintain them as a weekly or monthly event afterwards if it proves to be popular. That particular brand of innovation is something I’m not very good at, but we have a very capable staff in the Ministry, and I have full confidence we will be able to organize some good events.

For additional engagement matters, we would have to work with the respective Ministry.

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Let me say this:

ProfessorHenn is the candidate to vote for. I cannot express how much of a nice, caring person they are. A dedicated MoC staffer, and such. As Minister, it was a pleasure to have been able to work with ProfessorHenn and I hope they are elected Minister when time comes voting!

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What will you do about the MoRA Chicken?

She will be restored to her rightful throne, in a small ceremony conducted by Ministry staff.

Nah I’m just kidding. We’re going partying in the Seaport if I win.

So…you support the re-creation of MoRA?

Yes, I do. Kris is referring to an old joke from the first time I was elected to the Cabinet, though.

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This is where we part ways…while I’m not totally opposed to the recreation, I do think that (for now) it’s better for the Ministries in charge of event planning and technology and welcoming, stay separate.

This is a better conversation in the Great Council or Assembly, rather than a campaign thread.

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