Pax Patronus (with the Free Nations Region)


The Free Nations Region and the South Pacific, striving for friendship and understanding between two regions committed to defending and mutual recognition of each other’s governments, have agreed to Pax Patronus.

I. Mutual Recognition.

  1. The signatories recognize the Government of the Free Nations Region, as established by the Constitution, and the Coalition of the South Pacific, as established by the Charter, as the respective official governments of the Free Nations Region and the South Pacific.

  2. The signatories agree to recognize any legal successor to the above governments as the legitimate government of the signatories’ respective regions. This shall be done through the adoption of a memorandum of understanding recognizing the new government as the successor.

  3. Both signatories recognize the commitment of the other to defenderism and defender values and seek to uphold these values in their own actions and through this treaty. Furthermore, each signatory recognizes the right and privilege of the other to engage in offensive actions consentient with their own laws and defender traditions.

II. Non-Aggression.

  1. The signatories shall not attack the home region or any territory of the other signatory.

  2. The signatories shall not seek to destabilize or overthrow, either directly or through a third party, the governance of the home region or any territory of the other signatory.

  3. The signatories shall not conduct clandestine operations, espionage, or other forms of spying against the other signatory.

  4. Both signatories pledge not to direct or encourage any person to adopt false pretenses in their counterpart’s on-site or off-site property.

III. Cultural Cooperation.

  1. The signatories will endeavor to conduct communal cultural activities, to the benefit of the people of both signatories, and to strengthen the institutions of peace, liberty, and defenderism.

  2. Both signatories will maintain in-game and off-site embassies with each other and will maintain diplomatic representatives in each other’s regions.

  3. If an illegal delegate of a signatory region closes the in-game embassy with the signatory region’s counterpart, embassies shall be restored immediately following the restoration of the legitimate delegate.

IV. Resolution for Disputes, Suspension, and Termination.

  1. Should a dispute between the two signatories to this treaty arise, every effort shall be made to settle it peacefully with a mutually acceptable solution.

  2. Either signatory may unilaterally suspend the terms of the treaty for at most thirty days. During the suspension, every effort should be made to come to a mutually acceptable solution to the cause of suspension.

  3. Either signatory can terminate this treaty in writing to the other signatory, providing at least three days advance notice to the other signatory. Such termination will not constitute an act of war or hostility by the terminating region in and of itself. Termination of the treaty may occur without prior suspension of the treaty.

V. Ratification, Deposit, and Clarification.

  1. This treaty shall be ratified by the completion of the respective legal process in each region.

  2. Both signatories shall publicly record the complete text of this treaty in its appropriate record-keeping place.

  3. At any time, the signatories may meet to clarify the terms of this treaty through memorandums of understanding, which shall be posted alongside the treaty.

This treaty was ratified by the Assembly of the South Pacific on 17 September 2020 at 19:00 UTC.