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The United States of Izaakia, the jolly green giant, so far the only nation to whole-heartedly embrace both nature and technology in its ambition to build a fairer and more environmentally friendly world. We look into some of its key environmental strategies over the last few years. In part one of this series we take a look at Izaakias ocean strategy.
Perhaps the most uniquely Izaakian environmental policy is its ocean strategy, unsurprising perhaps for a nation with two majestic ocean creatures on its flag. The government strategy on the ocean is three-fold, firstly it aims to restore ocean habitats, like kelp forests, which have expanded 20 fold in Izaakian waters over the last 10 years. These planted underwater forests not only provide a unique and valued ecological environment, but also sequester 8 times more carbon dioxide that the tropical rainforest, providing a win win situation for a low overall cost.

The second part of this ocean strategy is to prevent overfishing and banning destructive fishing methods such as trawling, Allowing keystone species such as whales and sharks to regain their former numbers as a larger fish population can sustain these numbers. This is particularly important in the waters around Keyli, where whales migrate to every year to feed.
The final part of its ocean strategy is to prevent the land from contaminating the sea, whether it be from banning single use plastic, to moving from a combined sewer system to a 2 flow system, the Izaakian strategy on water quality has produced the cleanest waters in the region, with over 90% of waters now of bathing quality.
Overall, the USI provides leadership on the ocean ecosystem, and sadly most other nations do not follow our example, for one nation cannot sustain a nation

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Dr Stella Solstice Blanc, First Montwælda President of the United States, Mei Mei Honorary Princess of Huawan.
March 27th 1993 - October 19th 2022 - Aged 29

Born to a wealthy family Stella Solstice Blanc was a shining star from her birth to her death, exceeding all expectations, and in her short 29 years achieved more than most people would dream to achieve in a century. Throughout her early years she excelled academically, athletically and socially, her sparkling personality and strong work ethic destining her for great things.

Following graduation from university, she served in the Izaakian foreign office in as the youngest ever Ambassador to Besern and won plaudits for her response to the conflict in Besern. She was recruited by the liberal party and became an MP in a 2020 by-election before rising to the head of the party in January 2021 after the previous leadership team was embroiled in scandal.

In February 2021 Stella Blanc became the youngest ever Prime Minister after winning a general election by the largest margin in Izaakian history. Using her large majority Stella Blanc made significant reforms to Izaakias informal constitution, removing the monarch, embedding a new bill of rights and formally setting the the relationship of all three nations in the United States of Izaakia. She became the First President of the United States of Izaakia following the abolition of Monarchy.

Her premiership will be remembered not only for her constitutional reforms, but for her stabilising influence on Izaakian politics, stabilising a country that had been brought to the brink by the previous two Prime Ministers. Her major policy changes included economic and taxation reforms, revolutionising the Izaakian education system, and enhancing Izaakias environmental policies.

Abroad she will be remembered for her direct, outspoken and often showman-like behaviour, but also her fierce opposition to oppressive regimes and support of democratic values. Her premiership led Izaakia into several conflicts abroad, including the N&GB war, the Valoran War, the Ryccian War, the Emerald and Denver Civil War and the Hazelian War of Independence. These conflicts were all marked by the successful completion of conflict aims, and often with low losses of life by Izaakian servicemen and civilians, generally showing her strategic and political brilliance.

She was sadly assassinated at the Slaughter House Massacre in a brutal attack by Ryccian special forces, one of 4 assassination attempts during her premiership. She was pregnant and engaged to be married at the time of her death. Her tragic and untimely death will leave the United States of Izaakia without its most treasured daughter, the much needed medicine for a poorly nation, she has left us stronger, fairer and richer.

Vice President Godrick Hercules Kim
May 14th 1986 - October 19th 2022 - Aged 36

Brought up by a single immigrant parent in one of Izaakias poorest district, young Kim was always ambitious and driven. That drive took him into politics in a campaign for equality and opportunity for all. He became minister of defence where he oversaw the integration of Izaakian, Montacian and Brodlancian forces, and the conflicts against N&GB and Denverian Nationalists. He later became Vice President, and at the time of his death was an expectant father and engaged to be married to Dr Stella Blanc. He was assassinated at the Slaughter House Massacre by Ryccian special forces.

Foreign Secretary Kiki Okiko
August 6th 1962 - October 19th 2022 - Aged 60

Kiki Okiko was born in Izaakian Hai Men in 1962. The majority of her career was spent in the diplomatic service, spending 20 years as Ambassador to Huawan. She became an MP in 2004 and served as a junior foreign minister in the liberal government of the time. In 2022 she became Foreign Secretary and has been responsible for a revival in Izaakias international image. She was sadly assassinated at the Slaughter House Massacre, aged 60. She leaves behind a husband, 3 children and 7 grand children.

Chancellor Amadeus Patrick Pond
09 May 1936 - October 19th 2022 - Aged 86

Amadeus Patrick Pond was born on a Sheep Farm south of the Iceborn Alps. In 1952, aged 16 he was conscripted into the Izaakian Armed forces and served in the Great War, rising to the rank of Lieutenant and seeing action in the Keylian, Hai Men and Karnetvorian fronts. At the end of the war he volunteered to stay on in Izaakian Occupied Karnetvor where he served as Secretary to the Board of Economic Development and Re-building. This is where his passion for economics and development first begins. By the time of the transfer of sovereignty in 1965 Amadeus pond had become head of the board for development, and revolutionised the local economy, creating one of the richest areas in Karnetvor and Cordillia.
Aged 29 he returned to Izaakia and studied economics and development at New Mako University, completing a Degree, Masters and the Docotorate by the age of 36.

He was then hired as a professor at New Mako University and in 1986 gained tenure for life. He was one of the most prolific and respected economists in the world, however, often contrasted with Izaakian economic traditions which preferred libertarian economic models. He taught President Blanc and is often said to have had a major impact on her political beliefs. In 2022 President Blanc offered the 85 year old professor a role in her government, which he accepted and has since revolutionised Izaakias economy. He was assassinated by Ryccian forces at the Slaughter House Massacre. He leaves behind a widow, 2 children, 5 grand children, and 12 great grandchildren.

Home Secretary Priya Persephone Patel
September 7th 1953 - October 19th 2022 - Aged 69

Priya Persephone Patel was born in Izaakston in 1953. She was a well respected human rights lawyer for most of her career. She joined parliament in 2016, and became Home Secretary in 2022, her major legacy includes liberalising the justice system, and ending short prison sentences of less than 6 months.

Other massacre deaths, obituaries on page 12-19
Euros Volk - Education Minister
Philipe Sainz - Minister of Defence
Athena Popadomalus - Space Minister
Jerry Knight - Development Minister
34 Police personnel.
12 Household Staff.
6 Border Guards


State Funeral for President Stella Solstice Blanc

At 6am cannons were fired from castles, forts and ships across the United States of Izaakia, one shot for each of the 61 victims of the Second Slaughter House Massacre. The eerily quiet streets of Izaakston were lined with black banners embossed with silver sharks, and the route of the funeral possession busy with the pitter patter of international news crews setting up for the day.

At 8am a 2 hour documentary was broadcast across the USI and the world, showing the highlights and lives of the 61 victims of the Ryccian Assault, ending in a half hour tribute to President Blanc at 9.30am to 10am.
From 11am to midday Izaakian dignitaries, politicians and leaders from across the region including the Peony of Huawan, Valentinos Antonides of Thalapadis, and President Elliott of Qaweritoyu amongst countless others began to filter into the Pantheon of Gods in Izaakston.
The Pantheon of Gods is a very sizeable round building, in a neoclassical style with 140 Montacian columns holding up a domed roof adorned with frescos of the gods. But on this day, even this vast building seemed too small for the magnitude of this occasion.

In the centre of the Pantheon was a circle of 60 coffins, the other victims of the Slaughter House Massacre, with their coffins draped in the Black Izaakian flag of mourning. These 60 coffins surrounded a round raised platform with a large fire, a lectern, a pedestal and an alter.
The seating arrangement was arranged from the centre, where family members of the deceased sat, then senior Izaakian dignitaries and politicians. Further out foreign heads of state and representatives were arranged by the seniority of their tenure. And finally in an outer ring was sat more minor members of the Izaakian establishment.

A half mile across the city, in the Houses of Parliament President Blancs body had been prepared. At exactly midday cannons fired from the palace at the sea front, and the Black Guard entered the chamber where she had been lying in wait. She was laid on an antique carved oak stretcher that to date had only been used for the funerals of Izaakian Emperors and Empresses since the 11th century.
She was carried by the Black Guard from the parliament building to a gun carriage in parliament square. The carriage was pulled by 2 experimental robot horses, and a procession began along the streets of Izaakston.
The procession was led by the First Imperial Izaakian Dragoons, followed by the highland band, famous for their drums and bagpipes, then the gun cart carrying the President and finally the Black Guard. As the procession moved along Parliament Street, many of the mourners were moved by the site of President Blancs body exposed to the elements, dressed in white with gold adornments. Two gun shot wounds were visible from where the blood had soaked into the clothes.

At Imperial Park the procession stopped in totem avenue, as the 4 Keya’Iluti tribes paid tribute to president Blanc, and dressed her stretcher with white edelweiss flowers. Surrounding her body in a halo of green and white. The procession then proceeded to the pantheon.
At the steps of the pantheon, the procession stopped, and at exactly 12.30 silence fell, and moments later the CosmosLaunch Inter-Stella Class rocket flew over on its ascent to space, followed shortly by a flyover by the IAF display team. At 12.35, the stretcher carrying President Blanc was lifted by the First Imperial Marine Guard, and to the beat of a single drum, was carried into the Pantheon, through the mourners and onto the alter at the centre.

A moments silence was observed before Admiral FitzHerbert the interim Izaakian head of state began his speech. In his speech he paid tribute to many of the fallen patriots, but in particular to President Blanc, of which he said that he “admired her courage, her directness and how she always embraced change for the better, without comprise” he later called her “Izaakias and indeed Pacifica’s bravest and most impactful leader, she stabilised a country in crisis, strengthened its institutions and built a legacy around our welfare and safety. We are now perhaps the safest and most secure we have been in over a decade, all because this brilliant woman never gave in, neither bullets nor bombs could dull her keen sense of justice and dedication, no threat would cause her question her course of action, and no adversity could dull her lust for life and her optimism, she is a inspiration to us all, the whinging example of public service, and this shall be her legacy”
He finished with an old Izaakian imperial poem, called the Road to Montacia Bay. A touching poem about the relentless toil and struggle to regain the homeland of Montaica.

As he stood down, the former Empress Astrid Iceborn took the stage in her role as head of the montaican polytheism religion and paid tribute to President Blancs service to the USI, and the many reforms she made to improve the lives of Izaakians and the developing world. She also said that her foreign policy showed compassion for the oppressed, and the wisdom of the goddess Intelligencia. She ended on the note that President Blanc and the 60 martyrs will be dining with the gods, and President Blanc will be at the head of the table with the Queen of all gods the goddess Montacia, and is probably asking “who elected you queen?”
The whole temple burst out in a chuckle.

Empress Astrid and Admiral FitzHerbert then approached the fire, and placed a letter into it, in what is an ancient Montacian tradition to send tribute to the dead to ease their passage to the afterlife. The audience was then encouraged to do the same, all filing passed 60 coffins in a circle and then the exposed tragically young body of President Blanc, many shedding tears, and placed their letters of tribute into the flames.
When all the mourners were seated again, the coffins were removed by the priests and priestesses of the temple. The other 60 bodies were to be released to their families, however the last body to be removed was that of President Blanc, where many said their last good byes. Her body was removed and flown to Montacia, where her body will be interred in the Sacred Valley of Kings, an honour never previously afforded to someone outside the Iceborn family.

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