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The ERN has Commissioned the Heavy Missile Cruiser, ERNS Miners Rock CGN-30, the first nuclear powered vessel of the ERN.

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Ikaranarean foreign minister as well as 5 military officials who served alongside Izaakian soldiers arrive at Izaakston for the funeral of former president Blanc.
Unannounced, “Stalmark” Empress Xěra of Narus has also been reported to arrive in the city.

The National Assembly is deliberating on whether to in postmortem grand Blanc the title “Vanta Stalrex” or “Worthy of a king/queen

In other news, Garovo Alertz has awarded every soldier to serve in the Rycco-Cordilian War the “Honor of the Black Shield,” a 1st level military honor in Ikaranara. About 5000 soldiers have also been given the “Great Nuřos” award for exceptional service to the Ikaranarean people. The Ikarnian Emperor is to honor these awards at 6:00 P.M today.

The Head Governor has announced that funeral services for all of the Ikaranareans killed during the war will be held across the country some time next week. He is also going to give a dedicated speech about the war that day.


The three candidates for the Yttrian election have been chosen. The focus of all three campaigns is on what to do with all the open land.

Conservative Candidate: Michael Rilv
“Fellow Yttrians! Our economy is still in shambles. How many of us are jobless? How many of us are suffering? I promise you that I will use that land to make farms. We will create jobs for everyone. We will provide food for everyone. We will create an economy that will allow your children to have a livelihood of their choice. Help me bring us into an age of prosperity!”

Liberal Candidate: Ava Sheath
"When we cut ourselves off from the world, we cut ourselves off from technological advancements, potential alliances, and the chance to avoid the poor economy we face today. We must build more cities. The construction projects will lessen the amount of Yttrians live without jobs and bring more jobs along with it. It will bring tourism, immigrants, and prosperity!

In-Between Candidate: Albert Leant
“When I look at our neighbors, I see steel, cement, and smoke. We live in a world where nature is quickly being consumed by human greed. We have the opportunity to stop this. I will keep our open lands natural. We will make nature reserves and national parks. We will become renown for our natural beauty. Tourists and honeymooners will flood into the nation. We will show the world that there are ways to make money without belching out sludge!”

The counting of the ballots has concluded in the Sallodesian Presidential election and the results are as follows:

  • Tyler Burton - 2.45%
  • Dameon Miller - 3.76%
  • Minata Kintao - 15.32%
  • Connor Tanner - 26.82%
  • Jana Van Den Bergh - 51.66%

This marks the first time in Sallodesia’s history that a presidential candidate wins with a majority in the first round. In her victory speech President-Elect Van Den Bergh stated: “I’m thankful for the overwhelming support in this historic moment. Truly Sallodesia has chosen a path to mean something to Pacifica and we’ll make sure that happens. Now as the world further decays, Sallodesia needs to shine its virtue!”


Prytanis Boutros Georgiou and Viceprytanis Gisella de Luca arrive at Izaakston for the funeral of president Branc, together with generals that served in the rescue mission of Romordia in the NaGB conflict and offerings for the Izaakian government.

The funeral of President Stella Blanc takes place.

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Qaweritoyu: Prime Minister Garcia and Deputy Prime Minister Walton have completed their structuring of the year ahead in Government and have contacted the Speaker, who has been re-elected to his constituency, to inform him they are now ready for the introductory Parliamentary sittings.

Qaweritoyu: Opposition Leader Lorraine Drake has assigned Rogelio Medina as Shadow Backbencher. She has announced that all other Shadow Cabinet assignments will remain the same as the Shadow Ministers involved were re-elected to Parliament. Medina replaces Katie-Louise Tran who retired after last Friday’s General Election.

Amberholde: Ruairí Ferrari has been elected the new Speaker of the Minor House. Kaidan Guerra has been elected the new Deputy Speaker of the Minor House.

The vote to give Blanc the postmortem title of Vanta Stalrex has passed 285-15.

After the proceeds of the funeral, the Ikaranarean foreign minister handed the appropriate Izaakian officials a gift- an official Shield of the Black Night, the official symbol of Ikaranara usually only given to Head Governors after their terms and to deceased Stalmarki. This will mark the first time in Ikaranarean history that such a gift is given to anyone not of Ikaranarean decent.

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At the funeral, Interim President Lily Stloncht awarded the late Blanc the Medal of 1888, given to people who sacrifice their lives against tyranny in Ryccia. Although such a concession is certain to prove controversial, it is believed this award was given as a gesture of goodwill, given that her assassins were Ryccian special forces.

At Stella Blancs Funeral, King Joshua VII post-humously awarded Stella Blanc the Denvari Medal Of Freedom, a medal that has only been awarded to 2 people previously, Grand Adm. Jack Halsey(Liberated the New Colradian Islands From the Gianlucians during the GW) and President Ian Silberman(Last Elected President Of Denver Before The Civil War). During the firing of cannons at 6am, the ERNS Jylland II, Ceremonial Flagship Of The ERN, which brought over Starhawk Leaders, also fired its 20-inch cannons, in honor of those lost in the massacre.

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All land, sea and air borders have been closed by the provisional government. The reason is unknown.

After several discussions with the Minister of Continuity Astrid Iceborn. It was decided to give Stella Blanc the floral order of the plum blossom, an award to Martyrdom.

The floral order of the plum blossom is one of the “floral honours” of Huawan and can only be awarded by the Peony as the head of the Royal Empire. Other awardees include Ha’Coron Finix Fi’Shi of Phoenix and President Yena of Erinor

There are over three types of national medal/award distinctions that can be awarded in Huawan. The Floral Honours of Huawan, the Grand Distinction of the Peocracy and the Supreme Imperial Order of The Spirits.

In other news, The Peonic Royal House, a body under The Peony that helps with Royal matters, has just passed the decision to award Ati Inienn, daughter of President Vimmru Inienn of Sedunn, the title “Special Noble Peonic Princess of Vetem Bay”

This is the 3rd honorific title of Royal Distinction awarded by the Peonic Royal House under The Peony, doctor Yan’s rule. Previous awards include Izaakian President Stella Blanc and Pax Draconian Queen Hestia Drakar

The Royal Pelinese Navy and Royal Pelinese Marine Corps have expressed an interest in procuring an adapted version of the Weissersteiner Prinz louis-class “tank boat” for coastal patrols and operations in riverine and littoral waters. The craft is expected to be used in a support role for the RPMC’s Starfish-class 400 ton LCACs and other LHD/LPD-launched craft.

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The Kliegmean Federal Government has congratulated the President elect and offered to send a delegation, led by the Chairman of the Federal Senate, Sergey Rybkin, to attend the inauguration ceremony.

In other news, the Federal Senate approved the Duma’s plan for the Federal Budget for the fiscal year of 2023, which is to be 729T ₴(approx $530B)

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After the funeral of President Stella Blanc, The Peony of Huawan visited the Peonic Polar Expedition in the South Pole off the Izaakian border.

The Polar Expedition Settlement was made in the 1800s and served as a Peonic outpost to chart the polar wilderness of Keyli and the South Pole. It is one of the final outposts of civilization in the south.

Astrid Iceborn Minister of Continuity and the Return to Democracy has announced that the planned announcement on Monday on the schedule for the return of democratic governance has been postponed, following a legal challenge by the Liberal Party. The Supreme Court of Izaakia is expected to make a ruling on the Liberal case that they hold a majority in parliament and therefore the interim government has no mandate to hold another election.

The so-called Stogertin, or Charter of Execution in Austral, which is one of the two surviving copies of the charter of the unification of the five Duric city states that formed Sedunn, will be replaced by a facsimile temporarily. The copy has been on display in the Museum of Sedunnic and Duric History in Grovne and is a popular tourist attraction. The reason cited is that what is believed to be accelerated decay has been noted and the museum curators will investigate environmental factors as well as means to protect the ancient document so that it can be put back on display again. The other copy is not currently on display and is kept in the archives of Kodull city.


The Noordelik-Aarde Provincial Guard has executed a raid on an apartment building in Botshanan. The Provincial Guard has stated that the raid was to find suspected military equipment in the apartments, however some believe that the raid was racially motivated. The area of Botshanan the apartment building was in has high concentrations of Batho people, who are racially discriminated against by the government.