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There’s a lot of references in your campaign to the idea that ‘as a minister, I would oversee…’

Can you offer any more specificity about how you would aim to accomplish your goals? It strikes me as easy for any candidate to promise that they will update dispatches more regularly or get more contributors to the wiki.

You know, it just occurred to me that I forgot to make the section that talks about that lol

So I was thinking about introducing some kind of “points” system where someone gets rewarded for doing ministry work with points and you could redeem your points with like cards or something. Probably cards. I believe this would give people incentive to participate in the ministry and help with these projects I want to start.

And with the dispatches- most of that is automated nowadays, so it’s just a matter of making sure the sheet stays updated.

If, as you claim, the MoE has fallen on such hard times, do you believe cards can act as a sole solution? Are there any new projects you would be interested in implementing?

Ftr, I have literally no idea what the difference between this job and MoC is, so I could be asking this bad boy on the wrong position but here we are anyway.

Good luck!

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If you could choose just one of these things to do really well, which would it be?

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One reason why the cards project stalled was the removal of TCALS, making pull events impossible. This led to a wider drop off of interest in cards and removed one of the main benefits of having a regional cards program with lots of resources. How will you navigate this?

If graphics shouldn’t be under MoE, then how should people request graphics?


I am excited when relatively new people try out the role here so good luck to you!

An issue MoE has been facing is that while its passive mode of engagement is generally good (e.g. dispatches), we haven’t done much on active engagement yet (e.g. actively approaching newbies). We have tried to reach out to new Discord members via DM but the success rate was not as high as we expected, do you have any idea to address this? (e.g. change our target audiences?)

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You know, that I think on it more, there is an activity issue in MoE, but it’s really the opposite of what I’ve seen in other ministries. The issue with MoE seems to be that there’s not enough to do. Now, this is just what I believe and may not be what is actually happening but since there’s so little things to do in MoE it’s hard to tell. We have lots of staff that appear to be active and may want to help out, but they can’t because everything in MoE right now is automated.

I would choose to improve the activity of the ministry. If February comes and the only thing I’ve done is get people active in the ministry for the next minister, I will be happy because then MoE will actually get to do something instead of being the “change name in spreadsheet every 3 months” ministry.

It is an undisputed fact that the removal of pull events made the game of cards less desirable to some players. However, there are still things to do with cards. For example, I believe we still have not finished the TSP regional collection, which we can do with a regional cards program. Once the third season of cards comes out, there will be a renewed interest in cards and having a working regional cards program by that time will be good to have. Even if we only have the framework for a cards program that we can activate once S3 comes around, that will be good enough for me.

Somewhere else? We do have the #work-requests channel, so we can just keep that and get rid of the graphics department of MoE. I never understood why we had graphics under MoE- it just seems like someone flipped a coin to decide who it was going under. If anything, it should be under Culture.

Recruiting for the government is just like recruiting for a region. It’s time-consuming, high-effort, and has a very low recruitment rate. But every once in a while, you get someone who really wants to participate, and that’s the diamond in the rough.

We could advertise ourselves to new legislators. They are most likely to get involved in other parts of the government, and that could increase the recruitment rate. However, the most effective strategy in my opinion is to just keep trying to get new citizens into the fold. I’ve noticed people have stopped using the emojis in the outreach channel, so that signifies to me that either nobody is trying anymore or that they’re just not following the directions. I hope it’s the latter but it’s probably the former.

I love these questions. Keep em coming!