Maluhia for Prime Minister

Maluhia for Prime Minister of the South Pacific

Hi there! I’m Maluhia, your current Minister of Culture. I have a few things to say before we get down into my vision for the South Pacific. They are as follows:

Though my time in feeders have been relatively short, I must say, I have never experienced a region like TSP. When I first re-joined the region, people welcomed me with open-arms and compassionate voices. That’s what attracted me to stay.

I’ve served as the Delegate of Port Elizabeth, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Port Elizabeth, the Minister of Engagement of the Democratic New States, and the Minister of State of The States of Democratic Progress.

However, after leaving the office of the Delegate in Port Elizabeth, I decided to embark on new endeavors. I made a quick pit-stop in The North Pacific, however, I didn’t stay for too long. Then, I joined TSP and I haven’t looked back ever since! Shortly after joining TSP, I became a Legislator and ran for Minister of Engagement. Though I lost, I am still grateful to have had that opportunity as it has helped me in multiple ways! Then, in the Minister of Culture Special Election, I won, and have since served as the Ministry of Culture’s chief.

I’m now running for Prime Minister to attempt at new forms of engagement strategies, to maintain our foreign allies, to promote accountability, and protect our defender ties.

If elected, I will:

  • Promote integrity and accountability

I’ll be compliant with the Sunshine Act and send out monthly reports of what the Cabinet has been up to.

  • Attempt to bring new voices to the table when talking about engagement

I’ll work with others to find ways to bring people to the Forums, our Discord server, the TSPRP Discord server (if interested).

  • Work with our interregional allies

I’ll build further bonds and work with our allies. I’d help create interregional events and craft worthy treaties for the region.

  • Protecting our defender ties

I’ll work with other major defender regions, and protect our defender-values.

All questions are welcome!

conflicts of interest

**I cannot confirm if this list is fully correct as I have multiple alts I have lost track of. Reasons vary, though some include, forgetting password (if not supplied email), or simply forgetting about them.


this is a list of regions where I have alts.

I have around 30 alt nations, though I only periodically check around 10. Others I have lost track of.


I have been in:

I have served as Delegate of Port Elizabeth in the past.**

Your thread title is “fighting for democracy”. Why do you believe democracy in the South Pacific is under threat?

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Sorry, one second. That was supposed to say something else. I changed my mind earlier while editing but forgot. Hold up, thanks for pointing it out!


Sure, but the same theme of question applies. What are the threats to justice and democracy that the South Pacific is currently facing that requires a PM to ensure them?

I agree with you these are some of our core values as a region. I don’t agree they are under threat and need the Cabinet or PM to back them. (In fact, one could argue putting faith in a “we need to preserve democracy!” PM candidate runs the risk of doing the exact opposite and instead empowering a charismatic populist leader to run roughshod over the region’s government).

The problems facing the region have to do with activity, engagement, and actually seeing successful projects through to fruition. What will you do for those issues?

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Well, it’s not a threat. I just want to further promote justice, accountability, integrity, and democracy in the region. But that’s a long title.

Activity, engagement, and such are a few dilemmas in the region. Using innovative welcoming systems, like bots on especially Discord and the Forums could help. I’m not the greatest at the tech world though, FYI.

Actually having projects that come through require collaboration. The more ideas and views for said project, the better off it is. But then we need actual active nations. It’s like a cycle. But basically, I’d promote collaboration in the region, and working together.

Every Prime Minister pretty much ever has said they want to do this (including me). It doesn’t happen. Why will this be different?

The only times our welcoming systems have actually gotten a revamp or improvement was when Roavin (on Discord) or Glen (on Discourse) took action as an admin.

If we want to add a more personal element to our welcoming/engagement, I’m all ears. It’s been tried in the past and should be tried again.

That’s a very simplistic way of looking at things. More perspectives are good, but so many perspectives gums up the cogs of government to the point where nothing is accomplished.

It’s impossible to make everyone in the region happy. There is no job this is more true for than for the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister has to act as a leader. How will you know when to take leadership of a situation?

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You’ve portrayed yourself as a “true fighter for justice” who will fight against elected officials who “say they will work for us, but don’t” and who “act as if they are above the law.”

Can you point to any actual instances of this occurring? If this a serious concern of yours, in what ways have you previously voiced this criticism and sought to hold these officials accountable? And if you believe it to be a serious issue, can you explain why you don’t believe it’s actually been significant enough to warrant, for instance, a criminal complaint?

What ‘special interest groups’ in our region are you referring to?

Have you considered… proposing this in the Assembly instead of in a campaign for Prime Minister… given that the current Charter specifically establishes the OWL as a ‘permanent executive office’ and not a ministry?

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Would your newfound responsibilities as a RP moderator ever interfere with your duties as PM? In my experience, running a RP and a region separately are extremely difficult and time-consuming jobs, especially in a region of this scale. Is there any chance those two responsibilities would ever clash?

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When we get more RP moderators, hopefully the Te Ao workload with shrink. Hopefully, that is.

However, if needed I could discuss handing over my moderator position as a last resort.

Hopefully I am able to fulfill my duties in both posts.

This is more of a general reference to American politics (not saying it happens often here in TSP). That’s kind of confusing, so I can rework that. Same with the special interest groups. Just another way (in my brain) of saying “I’ll work for the people.”

Mental health, other IRL family issues, and other important stuff has held me back. So I’m sorry I couldn’t do that.

New view on things. We could have different ideas as of now.

Oh sure. But some perspective is needed to create a full account. On taking leadership, I’ll consult with the Cabinet and other highly-trusted and respected governmental members.

I am not sure what the point of that reference is given that this isn’t America, or even real life at all, this is an online political simulation.

I’ll go further than Comfed. I agree that American politics is largely irrelevant to our politics in the South Pacific. But furthermore, let’s look at what you actually said in your campaign (emphasis mine).

Yes, I know, when you insinuated that there are elected officials who “don’t work for us” and “act as if they are above the law,” you were technically only making a vague reference to “many political settings.” That could be American politics! Who knows? But couldn’t it also include Government Island or TSP, which you mention literally right before and after that sentence?

It’s one thing to say, “I want to be a leader who works for TSP.” It’s entirely another to say, “There are many officials who say they will work for us, but don’t. I want to be a leader who works for TSP.” Just because you don’t explicitly state a relationship between those two doesn’t mean it isn’t implied. And don’t even get me started on the fact that you’re campaigning to be Prime Minister of the South Pacific, not any real-world political entity.

Thus, I must ask: even if all you were trying to say is that you’ll “work for the people,” do you believe that other candidates and elected officials don’t? If so, it would seem to me that you were talking about our region after all — and once again, I’d ask if you have any evidence or examples of that. If not, and if you aren’t saying it’s a prevalent issue in our region, how does working for the people actually set you apart as a candidate?

I mean, that’s great… do you have different ideas right now yourself?

There have been candidates in NS History who haven’t worked for the people, and used their political clout to prioritize themselves over others. Now am I saying that has happened in TSP? Not really. Maybe it has – and I remain unaware of such an event. It’s not too much of a prevalent issue here in the South, however, it is an issue that does need to be addressed (on a general viewpoint, whether that’s IC or OOC). I’m different from the average candidate mainly because, well, I’m an outsider. Well, sure. I served as a Minister. Fine. But I’ve only served really in one singular elected office here in TSP.

I’m mainly still on the brainstorming part but I have some: innovative, interactive technology that can build engagement. Maybe some award events, too.

This…doesn’t make a lot of sense.

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My brain on a Sunday afternoon rarely functions. And I apologize for that.

Added some stuff and some minor editing.

I am not sure what the point of rhetoric about fighting for democracy and justice is when you don’t actually see a problem with that in TSP. Except, of course, for populism, but I would hope that populist rhetoric alone is not sufficient to get you elected.

What do those two things have to do with OWL? I’m not saying that they don’t, but I don’t see the connection and I would like to see it elaborated.

I just want to make sure that democracy is kept in TSP and this is an equitable space.

Well…they don’t have to do with OWL. They’re generally about the Ministries themselves.