Izaakia Endurance Race - Applications OOC

Izaakian Endurance Race - Applications

The Izaakian Endurance race is a 10 day largely off-road endurance rally. It contains every off-road experience, from switchback alpine roads to sandy dunes, with some glaciers and city streets thrown into the mix. Each stage is 150-400km, and is open to teams from around the world.

The results of each stage will be randomised in a way to be determined, and any lead or deficit will carry over into the next stages. At any stage cars may randomly suffer a breakdown that could either cost time, or lead to a team not being able to carry on.

Due to a high attrition rate each nation may submit up to 4 race cars, who could be multiple cars from the same team, or 4 different teams.

Please use the application form below, the deadline is March 17th and the race will start on March 18th.

Team Name:
Main Driver:
Team Colours:

Any team liveries or sketches would be appreciated if you have the time and skills but are not required, please see Extreme-E, Race to Dakar, World Rally Championship or Baja 1000 as inspiration for the base car design.


Nation: USI
Team Name: Badger Racing
Sponsors: Badger Chocolate Company / HMKC Insurance
Main Driver: Micky Chang
Co-Driver: Bobby Winters
Team Colours: Purple / Black

Nation: USI
Team Name: Ice Shark
Sponsors: Ice Shark/Cosmos
Main Driver: Alicia Santos
Co-Driver: Heinrich Gant
Team Colours: Grey

Nation: USI
Team Name: Taiga - Azure
Sponsors: Taiga Technology - Azure Telecoms
Main Driver: Charlie Deane
Co-Driver: Emily Cooper
Team Colours: Turquoise and White

Nation: USI
Team Name: Ice Fox
Sponsors: Ice Fox Automotive - Angelo Beer 0%
Main Driver: Hugo Heinriksen
Co-Driver: Astrid Iceborn
Team Colours: Orange and White


Nation: Kingdom of Stoinia
Team Name: Stoic - Dolocia
Sponsors: Dolocia Automotives - Stoic Airways
Main Driver: Florin Rotariu
Co-Driver: Kelemen Laszlo
Team Colours: Orange & red

Nation: Kingdom of Stoinia
Team Name: Sinarion
Sponsors: CFR Sinarion
Main Driver: Ilarion Olaru
Co-Driver: Cătălin Gilcă
Team Colours: Blue & red

Nation: Kingdom of Stoinia
Team Name: Tuaroni
Sponsors: Tauroni
Main Driver: Ion Blerincă
Co-Driver: Cosmin Cinca
Team Colours: Orange & black

Nation: Kingdom of Stoinia
Team Name: StoDin
Sponsors: Stoinescu Ltd. - Dinescu Vineyards
Main Driver: Iulian Heruscu
Co-Driver: Viorela Funar
Team Colours: Yellow & blue

Nation: Republic of Sallodesia
Team Name: Casarius
Sponsors: Casarius Industries
Main Driver: Andrew Ryder
Co-Driver: Adriaan De Villiers
Team Colours: Blue & grey

Nation: Republic of Sallodesia
Team Name: Gallagher
Sponsors: Gallagher
Main Driver: Desmond Reynolds
Co-Driver: Jeremy Collins
Team Colours: Green & white

Nation: Republic of Sallodesia
Team Name: Carlton Sharks
Sponsors: Carlton Armory - Sharkish Airlines
Main Driver: Tomatsu Takahiro
Co-Driver: Sakina Abega
Team Colours: Green & black

Nation: Republic of Sallodesia
Team Name: Theunson
Sponsors: Theunissen Breweries - Anderson Adventures
Main Driver: Ryan Green
Co-Driver: Cora Palmer
Team Colours: Brown & green


Nation: Federal Republic of Gianatla

Team Name: Ehrlich Racing
Sponsors: Ehrlich
Main Driver: Sebastian Funkel
Co-Driver: Maria Funkel
Team Colours: Orange-Black

Team Name: Léon X-Team
Sponsors: Léon
Main Driver: Lara Katzberg
Co-Driver: Timo Schenk
Team Colours: Silver-Mint

Nation: Republic of Snolland

Team Name: Hoshit Dreamers
Sponsors: Hoshit/Danam Takkin
Main Driver: Lars Maran
Co-Driver: Einar Diderson
Team Colours: Dark Blue/White

Nation: Republic of Hazelia

Team Name: Braun Automotive
Sponsors: Braun/Tollunak
Main Driver: Juri Meinen
Co-Driver: Samm Meinen
Team Colours: Brown


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Nation: Federal Republic of Besern
Team Name: Engineers of Zweisaubach
Sponsors: Bersches-Teknologie and National Automotive Rally Association
Main Driver: Andein Druhersonn
Co-Driver: Fraltuhr Karmorf
Team Colours: Blue (caerulean) and red (quinacridone magenta)

IC detail about the 'Engineers of Zweisaubach'

This team has been around since 2015. Both drivers are graduates from the School of Engineering, Zweisaubach University, and are very keen about automotive engineering and motoring. They are currently employees at Bersches-Teknologie. Even though the University is not a sponsor, they have agreed to allow the team to use their name, colours and logo to represent the team; a decision made by them as they had been very enthusiastic about forming a rallying team during their time as students.


Nation: Kingdom of Holy Free
Team Name: Tropische Haaien
Sponsors: Korneel Toef
Main Driver: Korneel Toef
Co-Driver: Pier Raamsman
Team Colours: Light Blue and Clear Blue

Nation: Ikoania (Very Shortened Name)
Team Name: Warriors of Setuon
Sponsors: Henrig Rojez á Setian
Main Driver: Henrig Rojez á Setian
Co-Driver: Nouman Rojez á Setian
Team Colours: Dark blue and Silver


Nation: Sedunn
Team Name: 14V
Sponsors: Osse, ILLK, Enterprise ST
Main Driver: Lok Pikard
Co-Driver: Djordi Rajjkerr
Team Colours: Yellow and black

Nation: Sedunn
Team Name: HF Assek
Sponsors: HF
Main Driver: Vimmru Aspennienn
Co-Driver: Ron Ansallu
Team Colours: Gold and white

Nation: Sedunn
Team Name: Clemen-Inniennō
Sponsors: Clemen, Inniennō
Main Driver: Typp Haddallu
Co-Driver: Matts Kimsienn
Team Colours: Red and blue

Nation: Sedunn
Team Name: All Electric Racing
Sponsors: EP, Bellvinn
Main Driver: Hevv Nillet
Co-Driver: Paksarr Glenienn
Team Colours: Pink


Nation: Ryccian Federation
Team Name: Azuraline Racing
Sponsors: Rycctel, Hanblen, Likeig, Lislid, Bank of Daonlathas
Main Driver: Thomas Yanblein
Co-Driver: Danielle Thirsiyin
Team Colors: Blue, White, Light Blue


Nation: The Cimbrian Confederation
Team Name: Racerhold Et
Sponsors: Emeraldian Motors, Old Jyllandic Farms, The Cimbrian Royal Bank, Eagle-Wolf Airlines
Main Driver: Christian Lorsen
Co-Driver: Henryk Jensen
Team Colours: Red and White


Nation: Principality of Conaro
Team Name: Cúzaro
Sponsors: Prince Marco VIII Cúzaro
Main Driver: Duke Jac Cúzaro
Co-Driver: Giúseppo Barbieri
Team Colours: Blue & white (with golden motives)


Nation: Weissersteiner Empire

Team Name: Löwenlander Löwe
Sponsors: Löwenlander Motorische Werke
Main Driver: Freiherr Fritz Augustine von Glücksburg
Co-Driver: Albert Weninger
Team Colours: Black, Yellow

Team Name: Gunter-Stein Zweihänder
Sponsors: Gunter-Stein Werke
Main Driver: Erwin Ehrhardt
Co-Driver: Anton Bach
Team Colours: Black, White


Peonic Commonwealth

Nation: Arnchow
Team Name: Powerade-Minna
Sponsors: Powerade energy drinks, Minna automobiles, 10 others.
Main Driver: Langdon Xi
Co-Driver: Luong Tranh
Team Colours: Blue and Silver

Nation: Huawan
Team Name: Ruusuvuori Electric Auto
Sponsors: Ruusuvuori Electric Auto, 3 others
Main Driver: Petarin Makkiainen
Co-Driver: Laura Toivola
Team Colours: Black and Emerald

Nation: Huawan
Team Name: Jade Dragons
Sponsors: Crowdfunded
Main Driver: Zhikun Ha (Handicapped)
Co-Driver: Tomi Leppänen (Handicapped)
Team Colours: Emerald Green, Gold, Scarlet Red

Nation: Huawan
Team Name: Lotus University Team
Sponsors: Lotus University, 20 others
Main Driver: Riika Tan
Co-Driver: Silque Saito
Team Colours: Pink, Blue and White

Nation: Huawan
Team Name: Benri-Minna
Sponsors: Benri Holdings, Minna Automotive, 10 others
Main Driver: Diego Park
Co-Driver: Jo Mahon Seong
Team Colours: Yellow and Red

Nation: Arnchow-Huawan
Team Name: Red Kettle,
Sponsors: Tiantang Tea and Coffee Holdings, 5 others
Main Driver: Spanner Spinelli
Co-Driver: James Liu
Team Colours: Scarlet Red and Vermilion Green


Nation: UPRAN
Team Name: Ammos Eagles
Sponsors: Gelegea Mechanical, Taraforeas Packages, Sokolitano Chocolates
Main Driver: Eros Architzis
Co-Driver: Vlassis Cosmou
Team Colours: White and Blue


Nation: Antarcha
Team Name: Antarchan Wolfdogs
Sponsors: Flurtex Technologies LLC
Main Driver: Katrina Sümma
Co-Driver: Johannes Lékris
Team Colours: Light Blue/Light Purple

Nation: Antarcha
Team Name: Fur Alaza
Sponsors: Ölfénkar Suppliers INC
Main Driver: Jann Zarken
Co-Driver: Kristofur Zarken
Team Colours: Light Purple/White

Nation: Antarcha
Team Name: White Flurries
Main Driver: Marisa Króssaks
Co-Driver: Ölan Karz
Team Colours: Light Purple/Black

Nation: FiHami
Team Name: Ki Nixi
Sponsors: Kakono Fishery
Main Driver: Ha’Fi Nanoka
Co-Driver: Sa’imi Nanoka
Team Colours: Orange/Pink


Nation: Thalapadian congressional republic
Team Name: Xenides falcons
Sponsors: Xenides Panoplia, Xenides automotive
Main Driver: Aniketos Remou
Co-Driver: Sergios Lorotis
Team Colours: white and blue

Nation: Thalapadian congressional republic
Team Name: sta ouránia
Sponsors: Etomo aeronautical systems, Thalapadian airways, TAV commercial
Main Driver: Gianni Agnilis
Co-Driver: Spyro Garoulis
Team Colours: black and silver

Nation: Thalapadian congressional republic
Team Name: Light metal
Sponsors: Katapieí chocolate company, Rea Contakou
Main Driver: Xanthippi Baridi
Co-Driver: Mihalis Christidis
Team Colours: brown and silver

Nation: Thalapadian congressional republic
Team Name: X32 Vivliapoli
Sponsors: Vivliapoli racing club “X32”
Main Driver: Photios Balellis
Co-Driver: Irida Cosmili
Team Colours: black and blue


Nation: Eflad
Team Name: Trek Racing
Sponsors: Trek
Main Driver: Jan Keller
Co-Driver: Udo Meyer
Team Colours: Grey and Black

Nation: Eflad
Team Name: Grund Endurance
Sponsors: Grund engineering
Main Driver: Sonya Müller
Co-Driver: Matthias See
Team Colours: Cyan and olive


Nation: Qaweritoyu
Team Name: The Red Lions
Sponsors: Hickey Weddings
Main Driver: Rahul Andrade
Co-Driver: Kieran Carrillo
Team Colours: Red and Black.

Nation: Qaweritoyu
Team Name: The Red Lionesses
Sponsors: Caesar Sisters
Main Driver: Lilian Friedman
Co-Driver: Rita Whitney
Team Colours: Pink and Black.

Nation: Qaweritoyu
Team Name: The Colourless Gender-Neutral Animals
Sponsors: Carew Musicals
Main Driver: Lyla Mosley
Co-Driver: Eugene Armstrong
Team Colour: Grey

Nation: Qaweritoyu
Team Name: The Colourful Parrots
Sponsors: Curry Cleaners
Main Driver: Margie Curry
Co-Driver: Romeo Farrell
Team Colours: Multi-coloured

Nation: Amberholde
Team Name: Blonde Badgers
Sponsors: Terry’s Care Assistance
Main Driver: Sebastien Terry
Co-Driver: Gloria Howe
Team Colours: Red and Yellow

Nation: Amberholde
Team Name: Thunder Gods
Sponsors: Dominguez’s
Main Driver: Christina Dominguez
Co-Driver: Sadie Roth
Team Colours: Green and Red

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Nation: Federated Empires of Ikaranara
Team Name: Saaten Safarai (Falling suns)
Sponsors: Ikarn Motorways, Teksun Industries
Main Driver: Brexten Almanaro
Co-Driver: Kořko Almanaro
Team Colours: Orange(sunset), blue, black

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Applications Closed.

Official list of teams.