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Anchorfield Hub
The Data Frontiers
Weather: Class One Nominal-Light Storm

Nexus Broadcasting Service - AH Service Area

The Winds are picking up regionally as a Light Front pushes through today. The town sleeps peacefully. New manufacturing bases are being set up near and around, hopefully making the newer Stockler II Rift Beam.

With us now on the Ground is Ana Grays, Correspondent for NBS.

“On the ground, construction picks up its pacing as more buildings are erected in rapid pace. Manufacturing Plants, Chip Production, other important things that keep our Nexus Safe and Secure. Ana Grays, NBS.”


The high priesthood of Ilanor has officially issued a anathema against Estaron of the house of Lanthirphen, making him the first person since the miraline war to be both dishonored and excommunicated, making him a raugellon, demon-friend. In edhel culture this is seen as the lowest of lows, the person is considered a servent of the Ogrmarim and with that a enemy to all of the Edhelrim and the gods.


[1 ABT] (Broadcast in the days preceding Araknis’s Funeral)

Tragedy strikes! High Lord Araknis has died peacefully in his sleep, leaving the throne empty for the first time in his century-long reign. The duty of ruling over the nation has fallen to his eldest son, Scytheros, and his bold plans for a strong future. For now, however, he must grapple with the loss of his father, the imminent destruction of the planet Araknis’s star, and a coronation like nothing Colonus has seen before…



The Mephemnedi Star Cluster, recognizable by it's three brightest stars Laocor, Su'umun and Qanzit, "above" the Baghrada Nebula.

After two weeks of radio silence, the Galactyan Empire has confirmed the sudden disappearance of all computational infrastructure and processing substrates within the various star systems of the Mephemnedi Star Cluster. Said structures were part of the S4 Lesser Archailect Chazaqiel, whose disappearance has also been confirmed. All non-computational infrastructure that was present in the cluster's star systems, built as part of the Archailect's ambitious colonization project, has instead remained fully intact. There have also been no further confirmed disappearances or casualties, as the only sapient entity present in the cluster at the time was Chazaqiel emself.

The nature and causes of this disappearance are not yet known, and will be subject of further investigation by the Empire. There have also been unconfirmed rumors of a mysterious metric anomaly being spotted moving at superluminal speeds towards the heart of the Baghrada Nebula.


Photo Credit: Destiny 2 Neomuna, Neptune

The Skyline of Delta Haven Hub, showing Irradiated Light mingle in the atmosphere of the Nexus

Delta Haven Hub
The Data Frontiers
Weather: Class Two Light Storm

Nexus Broadcasting Service - DHH Service Area

“…Which is why you should always be weary of Light Storms. Usually, the onset of radiation isn’t high, but a quick onset can result in exponentially higher chances of cancer. Turning back over to our host, Carol Lattice.”

“Well thanks, Carol. If you’re just joining us tonight, I’m Robert Vea, the Nexus Broadcasting Anchor for Delta Haven Hub. We were just talking about possible weather forecasts in and around DHH. Anyways, Athos, you got something for us?”

“Yeah, actually. A developing situation today, a protest occurred yesterday at Crystalina Shipyards concerning weapons use. The shipyard’s staff responded with deadly force. Around 250~ people died, another 1000~ or so were injured, and reports indicate the facility went into hard lockdown, assuming terrorists. According to official report, the station sounded the “All Hands, Prepare to Repel Boarders” alarm. Reports are still coming in as we speak. Athos, NBS.”

“Thanks, Athos. We’ll be cutting to break, thanks for listening in on Delta Haven’s Branch of the Nexus Broadcasting Service. This has been Evening News for Delta Haven Hub. We’ll see you tomorrow at 28:00.”

End of Recorded Segment

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Destinypedia - Neomuna

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New Spring erupts in Blakton Mining Area
Earlier this week, Melroy Drakulo, a prisoner working in Slobourn Mine, climbed over the Blakton Cliffs and was immediately killed when his restraints electrocuted him, causing him to fall an incredible distance, break through the bedrock, and creating a new spring of lava that he got fried in. We can contain the new spring so we can safely get moltite out of it. This will bring immense profits to our country. Czipo is good!
“Mistake Alert” under questioning after column collapse
Earlier this week, a strange alert came on the television of many people living in Rockell, Tyraescar, which cited a Chorpto verse saying “Pillars fall by the sinner”. It was scary, but it was completely innocuous before the next day, a lava column collapsed, killing a crew of 5 prisoners. It is suspected that someone was warning us of an impending event and the government tried to cover it up.
Count Teloiv secret has been revealed
Count Teloiv has a severe lung condition. It’s all been a ploy by the government to hide the fact that one of them has a severe condition that makes them unviable to serve without a severe aid. It’s going to leave the nation with a man who leave the aids doubting his abilities. He would also probably insert ideas such as “universal healthcare” and boost industries that shouldn’t be boosted! Depose this man now!
Frudring Abolished
Queen Jhorjhia has abolished the Frudring and has ordered any remaining coins or bills be given in at the recycling center, as they will be useful to make something actually important. The Frudring’s value has been declared Nullivojh and all shops will run on the Jhorjhian Value Plan from now on.