Interstellar Holo Quick News

Colestian police ships patrolling the central part of the nation have found strange electromagnetic signals inconsistent with the ones produced by any celestial body coming from deep in national territory. The Grand Councilor of Technology has issued scientists to study the strange signature, which so far has yealded no results. He states that it is not a matter of public concern and won’t impact day-to-day life much.



After finalizing talks the governments of Calerost and Trianar have announced the creation of the God-born pact, a military and economic alliance between the two nations. The speed of the talks and formation of the alliance was never before seen in calerostan history, but it’s assumed that the cultural similarities and similar ideologies lead to that breakthrough.


12/5/6001 P.E.

The current look of the Starlifting Swarm around Cealynn.

The Galactyan Empire has decided to add a new external layer to the Starlifting Swarm around the blue supergiant Cealynn, located in the south of Quadrant 20. This new layer will expel enough material from the giant star to make it stable for 10 thousand years, in addition to the 15 thousand already secured by the centenary original Swarm.

With great courtesy from the Ministry Of Education, an illustrative educational chart has been made on the effects that the Type II Supernova would have on the Empire, as well as it's neighboring nations:

As is displayed, the Supernova would have tremendous effects on tens of thousands of colonies in the Empire and it's various neighbors, and while the radiation would move at subluminal speeds therefore allowing for a great deal of time to prepare for even those in the central red zone, it would still be an immensely damaging event. Luckily, the amount of mass already removed from the star's upper layers has assured Cealynn 4500 years of relative stability even without the aid of the Starlifting Swarm.


52/5/6001 P.E.

The Heshed Dyson Swarm.

The Galactyan Empire publicly announces the opening of formal trade relations with the bordering Zelvan Regime. After a diplomatic first contact between Grand Vizier Kesh na-Seter and the fourth toposophic virtual Assistance Of Form on one of the habitats of the Heshed Dyson Swarm, the Empire has began to buy a large amount of slaves from the Regime, most of which are currently being moved by a fleet of cruisers to the Heshed Swarm’s habitats. While Galactya hasn't directly declared what is going to happen to the slaves, it is expected that they won't remain slaves for long, and that they'll become citizens of the Empire.


Alien ruins have been found during a Mandi mining operation. Strangly, some of them don’t seem to have been built that long before the Mandi discovered the planet.


12/4/6001 P.E.

Piraltho, one of the star systems in the Rikjett Nebula, and part of the Rikee Star Cluster. Heplan, a Gas Subgiant, can be seen in the left of the image.

The Galactyan Empire announces the beginning of the terraformation and subsequent colonization of Piraltho, a Red Dwarf Binary System part of the Rikee Star Cluster, the group of stars located inside the small, 8 light years wide, Rikjett Nebula in the east of Quadrant 19.

Terraformation Swarms were dispatched two days ago and have already arrived to Piraltho, while a small construction fleet is already working on establishing an Hyperlane Connection. In the meantime a large number of orbital habitats is already being constructed around the inner planets from the planetary rings, attracting many citizens of the Core Worlds.

If any ally of the Empire wishes to take part in this colonization, it will be able to do so through the appropriate communication channels.



The Diplomatic Corp was officially reorganized into the Political Officers. The previous institution was highly inefficient due to the amount of skills each of the Diplomats had to posses. The Political officers are separated into two branches: Diplomatic, specializing in xeno-Envari relations and Investigative, managing Comissariat’s internal affairs. In charhe of the whole institution was put Director, previously known as Admiral, Hoxha, thanks to his succesful first contact, diplomatic mission and exposing the previous systems inefficiencies. With this reform, Comissariat’s internal and now external security is stronger than ever. All hail the Grand Comissar!

(This broadcast was created, approved and trasmitted by the State Department of Media and Communications.)


0 ABT (for those who don’t know, 0 ABT is the rest of the year that 0 BBT doesn’t cover)

Broadcast from Colonus Prime

“The passing of a parent is a pain felt deep within, a pain felt by every citizen of Colonus this morning. High Lord Araknis lived in service to his people for more than half his long life, and never wavered. The war that left him a broken man could not break his oath to us. May Zalain help him to rest in the next life.”


12/8/6001 P.E.

The Galactyan Empire, thanks in part to the combined efforts with the Ferristian Commonwealth, announces the complete eradication of Tinman Syndrome. The prion disease, that has plagued the Empire for four long months, is now absent from the citizen population, with it's only surviving specimens located inside one of the Imperial Archives.

Trade between the Empire and it's allies can now be resumed at full capacity, and all quarantines have already been lifted. However, to avoid for a new similar situation to repeat itself in the future, the Empire has asked the Ferristian Commonwealth, from which the disease originated, to improve it's containment methods and research procedures.

Additional research will be made on the effect of mutated prion diseases to make any future outbreak eradicable from the very start.



Sins of The Past Shipyard, Geosych Orbit Atlia Prime

Today, the SoTP Shipyard started mainline production of the XC-02 Firelight Corvette. The corvette, designed from the ground up with new technology, has integrated bright space drive, and Taychon Rift Lasers, and now has a new zero point reactor.